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The Maintenance Man (another repair) 1

(This is 6 years after the Maintenance man) Mark was working on a simple relay when the call came in, Mark! Sam Mark's sister was screaming, They're gone! I was working on a sonic display here at head quarters and heard a noise when I went to check they were both gone! Mark was a little confused gone? Who? His sister was so upset she was practically babbling. I looked everywhere, you know Nissie always leaves a message! Now Mark was starting to become worried his self, calm down Sam, start at the beginning. Sam relayed all the details and...


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Trinity. The same story told from three different perspectives Cujo. The door opened and my owner poked his head around the edge. It felt like I had been staring at the closed portal for most of my life, but of course, knew that it had only been an hour or two. “Cujo; Come boy.” His head disappeared from the left open door and unfamiliar scents wafted from the room beyond. I knew that he was not alone and that the other person was female. Her perfume had leeched through the gap under the door. The chemical mixture may have been attractive...


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In The Wake of a Nympho 3

In The Wake of a Nymphomaniac Part 5 By John Morrison The girl sat in the back of the dark theater. There was only around fifteen people in the there. It was a boring Sunday afternoon. She looked around and saw a few pairs of boys and girls strewn about randomly. There was one guy only a few rows down from her sitting alone. The on screen couple started kissing and doing a little fondling. The scene cut away, its one of those things were everyone knows what happens without showing it. She gave in to temptation. She rose silently from...


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I want to make a confession, when I wrote “Moving In” I was inspired by a story by Daddycums. I borrowed the house he created for the Primdales as an inspiration for a house I used. My hat is off to Daddycums for his expertise. He is in my opinion possibly the best writer on this site and has my apologies and my respect. If you readers have not sampled his stories, I highly recommend them. They are far better than my own humble efforts. That being said, all of the rest of my stories are completely original and if you...


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Betty's Story

Chapter 1 Drat that phone! I hate it when someone just rings, & rings, & rings when I am absorbed with details for my firm’s newest sex club. Oh well, “Hello, this is Aries Talent Agency, Betty speaking. How may I help you?” “Sob, sob, Oh Betty something terrible has happened.” I recognized my best friend Jane’s sobbing voice, “Jane, slow down, take a deep breath. What is the matter dear?” “Sob, you will never believe this but Bob has left me – for a man!” Jane exploded, “And you of all people know how horny I always was, I always...


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Rider of the storm- prelog

He stood at the entrance of a massive vault in the side of a rock corey. They had called them safe zones in prewar time. But now everyone calls them treasure vaults. Back in prewar time the United States had started a program to build Safe Zones so that the high ups in society could be sheltered from the horrors of war. Now 57 years after the fallout of nukes and war the knowledge of the vaults are close to none. Population have dropped to an extreme low. No one really knows what lays inside of them now. Rumors are that...


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My Best Friend's Brother Pt 5

We arrived at school early enough to hang out in the courtyard with the other students. For everyone else, I suppose my outfit looked normal, but I felt bared to everyone, and Brandon knew it. I was pretty modest in general. I was told to trail Brandon everywhere he went, and meet him in between each class. But luckily for me we had a different lunch hour, so I would be able to sit with my friends. The day went fine, got a few comments on my “pretty legs” from the older boys in the hallway. Met Brandon between classes. Then...


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Constant Fucking

His strong hands slid down her shoulders and around her back as he pulled her into his body. Her nipples tightened and she wished their clothing would magically disappear leaving nothing between them but heat and skin. Dawn has a smoking hot body for a 33 year old woman, never married with a 5 year old son. She is 5'5 tall and weighs 110 pounds, with eye-popping measurements that are exactly like they are now, 34C-21-33. She has thick long bk hair, nice suckable tits and a small waist, incredible legs, and an absolutely perfect ass, she is the ultimate male...


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My parents were out of town for one month I had just break up so no one for sex only thing left was booze and smoke.... Ding...Dong....Ding...dong.... Freaking shit.... I quickly hid the bottles and smoke and rushed to open the door... OMG......!!!!!!!!! Was it some kind of a miracle....??? Standing in front of me was PRANALI-my mami's((maternal aunt's)) younger sister She was wearing a simple cream colour saree the colour just as same as her skin and a cream-golden coloured semi-half sleeve blouse and just earings as her jewellery... wheatish complextion more on the fair said,her hair where open and...


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