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Rider of the storm- prelog

He stood at the entrance of a massive vault in the side of a rock corey. They had called them safe zones in prewar time. But now everyone calls them treasure vaults. Back in prewar time the United States had started a program to build Safe Zones so that the high ups in society could be sheltered from the horrors of war. Now 57 years after the fallout of nukes and war the knowledge of the vaults are close to none. Population have dropped to an extreme low. No one really knows what lays inside of them now. Rumors are that...


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Constant Fucking

His strong hands slid down her shoulders and around her back as he pulled her into his body. Her nipples tightened and she wished their clothing would magically disappear leaving nothing between them but heat and skin. Dawn has a smoking hot body for a 33 year old woman, never married with a 5 year old son. She is 5'5 tall and weighs 110 pounds, with eye-popping measurements that are exactly like they are now, 34C-21-33. She has thick long bk hair, nice suckable tits and a small waist, incredible legs, and an absolutely perfect ass, she is the ultimate male...


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Forced to Fuck my brother

I sat on the couch in our living room watching the T.V. Recently there had been a lot of robberies that had been going on around our neighbourhood. My parents were out of town for the month, leaving me and my 19 year old brother home alone. Rosie? i heard him call from the front of the house. I'm in the movie room!! i called, staying in my spot, my eyes glued to the t.v. as i listened to the news reporter. I vaguely heard my brother walk into the room. what are you watching? he asked coming around the couch...


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Fantasy or Curiosity

Fantasy, Curiosity or Truth Well, where do I even begin………I’m sure, I’ll figure it out…. I have been in my relationship with a wonderful man for 3 years and I can honestly say it has been the best. He has taught me quite a few things about fucking that I never even knew existed. Food, Fruit and toys, well I can say they play a big role in having fun when it comes to sex. Let alone, a video cam corder makes it even more fun. This man, oh my god, he has got the biggest cock I have ever laid...


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Who knew Physics could be Fun chapter 5

Chapter 5 I floated on air the whole way back to the office. I just had great sex in a place that at least every dirty minded school child had dreamed of and I was pretty certain that I was now dating the object of my affection and lust at least. My mind was racing. I needed to really sort out the feelings that I was having for Charlie. Was I in love with him or was I in lust. Was this just going to be a short how do you do or did he really mean that he wanted to...


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Toman of the Cherokee 3

Atohi left me as he headed back into the village. I was still standing there beside the trail. Today had certainly been an eye opener that was for sure! Thinking about Naci's naked body I shook my head as I felt parts of my anatomy grow to painful lengths!   I heard Pops in my head.   My mouth was hanging open when I heard movement behind me on the trail. Several females were coming, stopping a moment to ask if i had seen a pair of males entering the village a short time ago. Still a little dazed I told...


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Our first love making

A dream that I had was the first time we had sex. I was a little nervous though. Thinking you don't like the way that I look and stuff like that. For some odd reason I get nervous when having sex because at not knowing a lot of sexual experience. So as I was starting to take your clothes off. I see how beautiful you are. I smile and play a little with your long blonde hair. Then once I got your shirt over your head I kiss you for a few minutes. Then I look down at your sexy black...


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Angie's big date_(0)

Shaina was excited for her date. For the first time in a few years, she was going to go out with another girl. Until recently, there was a very jealous boyfriend who Shaina didn't really want to talk about, but that was over now. She looked at herself in the mirror: Her mousey brown hair was still unmanageable, her skin still a fair white with a few blemishes here and there, breasts and butt still good-looking but nothing amazing. She looked the spitting image of the good Jewish girl her parents wished she was. Shaina was just going to meet Angie...


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My daughter Miriam chap06

Chapter 6 Jen was more then ready to put Dave’s plan into action. The next time her parents Barry and Cathy went out and left her alone she made a beeline for the hidden box of dirty movies. She picked out the girl-on-girl movie and started to watch it. Last week when she first saw it she was not that interested in watching it. Now she could not wait to see the action. She was going to put on a show for her parent that would get them very hot. As she watched that movie the action really was getting her...


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Fulfilling Her Fantasy

I watched her from the window. She had just gotten home and was getting out of her car. Up the drive she walked, in seconds she would be at the front door. Seconds later she was in the house. I knew her routine: leave the house at 6 am, home at 5:30 pm, shower, dinner, tv, bed. Without fail, every night. She didn’t have a husband, no boyfriend, no pets even, this lady was a shut in…which was perfect for me. See I had plans for her. I heard the front door shut from her upstairs bedroom. I softly made my...


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