My daughter Miriam chap06

My daughter Miriam chap06

Chapter 6

Jen was more then ready to put Dave’s plan into action. The next time her parents Barry and Cathy went out and left her alone she made a beeline for the hidden box of dirty movies. She picked out the girl-on-girl movie and started to watch it. Last week when she first saw it she was not that interested in watching it. Now she could not wait to see the action. She was going to put on a show for her parent that would get them very hot. As she watched that movie the action really was getting her hot. She was getting hotter then she was thought she would. The action made her long for Debbie and Miriam. She wished Miriam were there with her. She took off what little she had on and started to get into playing with herself. She could not get over how wet she was. Her pussy was already dripping and she had not even started to play with herself yet. With one hand she rubbed her clit and with 2 fingers of her other hand she finger fucked herself. From time to time she took her fingers out and licked and sucked on them. While she watched the movie she kept saying things like "lick the little slut pussy," and "I want to eat that pussy myself," or "I want to rub my horny pussy against your pussy baby." The more she fingered herself the dirtier she talked, which only got her hotter. She was dreaming of how much she loved Debbie eating her pussy. As she got close to her 3rd orgasm she just started to scream about how much she wanted to lick some little slut’s pussy. She came so hard she passed out for a couple of minutes. She had watched the whole movie and was too tired to do anything but put the movie back and go to sleep. After she got up she looked down and saw the big wet spot she left on the chair. She smiled at herself. She wished she could watch her parents while they saw their little girl begging to lick pussy.

The next morning she dressed extra sexy. She wore a loose fitting blouse and short skirt. She went without her bra and panties. She wanted to see if her parents noticed and what if anything they would say. She caught her mother looking at her a few times. When Jen leaned forward she caught her mother trying to look down her shirt. The idea that her mother was trying to see her own daughter’s tits turned her on. She tried to make it easy for her parent to see her tits; she even undid another button so that the blouse opened more. Her tits all but falling out of the shirt. She could also tell that she was affecting her father. She could see his hand shaking a little while he drank his coffee. Her father dropped his spoon on the floor, when he bent down to pick it up Jen made a point at making sure her legs where spread wide so that he got a close up look at her pussy. It took him a little longer then it should have to pick up the spoon and she knew why. She was so turned on by that time she was sure he could see some fluid dripping out of her hot pussy. Her father just gave her a kiss on the cheek and left for work. She could see that his cock was hard in his pants. After her mother also left for work Jen ran to her bedroom, jumped in bed and masturbated until she came. Which at this point took only a few minutes.

Jen went over to spend the day with Miriam. When she got there Miriam was sitting by the pool in her bikini. Jen ran over to her and gave her a big wet kiss. "What was that all about?"

"I watched the girl-on-girl movie last night. I wanted to put on a good show for my parents. Well let me tell you something, I really did get into it. I don’t know if I would have gotten so hot from watching it last week. But after what happen over the weekend I just loved the movie. I mean I got so fucking turned on I could not stop watching it and playing with myself. I came about 3 times watching it. I really wish you were there so we could have licked each other. I really want you Miriam. I want to kiss you and hold you. Let’s hop in the pool naked and make out." Jen still had on the clothes she had on in the morning. She removed her blouse and skirt and stood there naked.

"Jen you can’t just stand there naked in my back yard! That is without me." With that Miriam slipped out of her little bikini showing off her naked body. Jen reached over and pulled Miriam to her and then embraced and kiss. They then jumped into the pool and in hand. They spent the day together rubbing suntan lotion on each other and swimming. At lunch time they went inside took a shower together then had lunch. After lunch they took a nap in each other’s arms. Miriam woke to the feeling of someone licking her pussy. While Jen was licking Miriam’s pussy she moved so that Miriam could lick her pussy too. After another hour of swimming it was time for Jen to go home. She would be back tomorrow to fill her in with what happen that night.

That night her parent went out again. They did not usually leave her alone 2 nights in a row. She again opened the box of movies and found a new girl-on-girl movie. The picture of this one shows a girl with a strap on fucking another girl. This one makes her even hotter. She got naked and started to get into the movie. One of the girls put on the strap on and forced another one to suck it like a cock. Her mouth watered thinking of Dave’s cock. Then another girl with a strap on started to fuck the girl’s pussy while she sucked on the first girl’s strap on. Again she commented out loud about how much she wished to do all the same things they did in the movie. She suddenly got a wicked idea; she jumped off the chair and ran into the kitchen. When she got back she got back into position and on the chair with her legs wide apart and pointed at the camera. Then she reached for what she got from the kitchen. It was a long thick carrot. She started to rub the carrot up and down her against her pussy lips. She was masturbating with the carrot. It felt really good. After about 5 minutes she started to push the carrot into her wet pussy. As she watched the girl getting fuck with the dildo she fucked herself with the carrot. She pushed it in as far as she could. She was fucking herself with the carrot and loved it. From time to time she took it out and put it in her mouth and licked it clean. Then put it back into her pussy. She was moaning, "fuck me baby. Fuck me like the slut I am. Fuck me with that dildo you little cunt. It feels so good in my pussy. Oh I’m coming you fucking bitch, I’m coming." She really did come. She came four times like that while watching the movie. For the last act of her little performance she proceed to eat the carrot. That should drive them crazy. She pictured her father pounding her mother’s pussy good and hard as they watched their little daughter fuck herself with the carrot. She decided she wanted to sleep naked.

She woke up later that night from a deep sleep. She was not sure what woke but she looked over at the door to her room and noticed it was open and that both her parent where watching her sleeping naked. She then notice that both of the were naked. Her mother was stroking her father’s hard cock while her other hand was rubbing her pussy. "Look at the sexy body she has, I can not believe out sweet little girl is making my pussy so wet. It has been a long time since I have been with another girl. I can’t believe I’m so turned on by my own daughter," her mother said. She wanted to tell her father to "come over her and stick that hot cock in my hot horny pussy and fuck me hard like a father should." But it was too soon. Instead she started to pretend to be talking in her sleep. "Oh Miriam, I love how you lick my pussy. I want to lick your sweet pussy too! I love you Miriam. Your such a great lover Miriam." She said it just loud enough for her parent to hear. As she did this mother got down and started to suck off her husband right there in Jen’s doorway. "Oh fuck yea, suck me off while I look at Jen’s sexy body. I want to fuck her so much. I wish it was her sucking my cock." Barry said. "I’d like to watch her suck your cock too while I eat that hot pussy. I cannot believe how hot I am for my own daughter. Let’s get back to bed and fuck before we wake her up."

This was just too much for her and she started to rub herself. The she heard her parents having sex. She got up out of bed and snuck over to her parent’s room. The bedroom door slightly open, just enough so that she could see them in their bed. Her mother was suck his cock and really seem to be going wild on it. "Oh Jen, suck my cock baby, suck daddies big hard cock. I love how you suck my cock. I want to eat your sweet pussy baby, then I want to put my big hard cock into my little girls wet tight pussy." Then she heard her mother "I love sucking your cock daddy. Put that hard cock into your little girls pussy and fuck me. Fuck me good and hard." This went on for out half an hour. Jen just stood in the hallway naked and stroked her hot wet pussy. She came twice watching her parents fucking. After her father shot him cum all over her mothers face Jen went back to bed. She really wanted to suck her fathers cock clean then lick the cum from her mothers face.

She called Miriam after her parents left to tell her about the new movie and what happen during the night. Jen knew Miriam was playing with her pussy while she related all the details to her by the way she was breathing. "Miriam did you just come?" "Oh shit yea. I just came really hard. Is tonight the night I come over for that part of the plan?" Miriam asked. "It was not supposed to be so soon but I really want to do it. Can you come over and spend the night tonight?" "OK, tonight it is. we will put on a great show for your parents. It won't be long before your father's cock is pounding your pussy hard."

When Jen's parents came home they found both Jen and her friend Miriam waiting for them. When Jen asked her parents if Miriam could spend the night they both yes. They tried not to sound to eager to have her over but it was really hard. They had both talked about how Jen talked about Miriam in her sleep. The idea of catching them in bed having sex was driving them crazy. Barry wanted to fuck both his daughter and her friend. Cathy wanted both of them too. She had a strap on she was looking forward to using on both of the girls. Since it was a hot day they decided to have pizza delivered. After dinner the girls were told it was time for them to get ready for bed. The girls knew what the really meant. They got on their night gowns and went back down stairs. Once again Jen's parents had plans to go out and left the girls alone. Barry and Cathy could not wait to get home and review the tapes.

As soon as Jen's parents left they put their plan into action. Miriam got on the big chair while Jen put in a really hot movie. It was just over 60 minutes of young girls fucking older guys. They both watch while discretely playing with their pussies. When the movie was over Jen said, "Here is a new movie I just found in the my dad’s box. I watched it last night. I hope you like it." With that she put in the girl-on-girl movie.
After about 5 minutes Jen started to opening rub her pussy. A few more minutes into the movie she then pulled down her panties and spread her legs wide and started to rub her pussy. "Jen what are you doing? You do know that I can see what your doing don’t you? I really don’t want to see playing with your self. And I really don’t want to watch all this girl-on-girl action."

"Lets just watch it for a little while longer, I watched it last night and really got into it after awhile." Jen said. "Well it’s your house, but I’m not into that kind of stuff." Jen started to slowly slip her hand down her leg slowly till it got to her pussy. She slowly rub herself while making sure that it could be seen on the hidden camera. "Miriam I can see you playing with your pussy. I know you like what you see and don’t lie to me and say you don’t."

"I’d rather see a girl sucking for fucking a big fat cock then 2 girls licking each other. Are you really enjoying this stuff Jen? Jen? Why are you looking at me like that Jen?" Jen said, "Miriam, I really want to know how it feels to have someone lick my pussy. My pussy is just so wet and horny. I want you to lick my pussy. I saw you watching me rubbing it and I saw you rubbing your pussy too. Now get down and lick me." "Jen you know I’m not" "I said eat my pussy bitch!" with that she grabbed Miriam by the arm and started to push her down on the floor in front of her. "Jen please don’t make me do this I’m your friend Jen please stop."

Jen just pushed her to the floor then grabbed her by the hair and started to pull Miriam face to her waiting pussy. "Jen please lets me up and we can just forget all about this. I’m your friend and I love you." "I love you too Miriam, now shut up you little cunt and eat my horny pussy." With that she just kept pulling Miriam until her mouth was on her pussy. "Now stick out your tongue and start licking me. Do it now you little slut eat my wet cunt bitch." Miriam slowly started to stick her tongue out and lightly licked her pussy. "Yea like that lick me more. Lick my hot pussy you little slut. "Stop calling me that Jen I’m a good I’m not a slut, and don’t call me a cunt" "Just me my pussy and stop talking and you are a slut now you’re my slut" Miriam kept eating her pussy. The more she did it the more she got into it. She tried to be in a position so that the camera could see her tongue on Jen’s pussy.

"Oh Miriam, I love how you eat my pussy. Make me come baby make me come good and hard. I knew you would love eating my pussy you little slut. Oh fuck I’m going to come keep eating my pussy you fucking little cunt." With that she started to come all over Miriam’s face. When she was done she pulled Miriam up and they started to kiss. First Jen removed her nightgown so that she was naked. Then she reached down and pulled Miriam’s nightgown off so that she only had on her panties. Miriam started to kiss Jen again then reached to her tits and started to play with them. "That feels so good Miriam squeeze my tits and pinch my nipples. " Miriam then licked her way to Jen’s breast and started to lick them.

"Now it’s your turn baby." With that they changed positions so that Miriam was on the chair and Jen way on the floor naked in front of her. Jen reached up and pulled Miriam’s panties down. She spread her legs and started to eat her pussy. Miriam was moaning in no to time at all. "Oh my god Jen that feels so good. Fucking eat my pussy. I never felt anything like this before. I love you doing this. I love you baby. Eat my pussy little slut pussy. Eat me like that slut I am. Oh Jen I am your little slut. I am such a little slut." It was not long before she started to come. While Miriam was enjoying the feeling she just had Jen ran to the kitchen. When she got back she had another carrot in her hand.

"What are you going to do with that Jen?" Without a word Jen got down on her knees and started to rub the carrot against Miriam’s pussy lips till they parted and she was able to slip the carrot into her wet pussy. "What are you going to me with that carrot?" Jen smiled up at Miriam and said "I’m going to fuck you with it." With that she started to slip the carrot into her wet pussy as far as it would go. "That feels so good Jen. Fuck me with that carrot, fuck my pussy." Jen did not need any more encouragement. She just fucked her little pussy with the carrot. Miriam started to pump her hips in time to Jen’s movement. "Oh fuck yea, fuck my hot wet pussy. What are you doing to me? What are you trying to turn me into? I wish that was your cock fucking me. I love you Jen. I love what you’re doing to me. I’m so your little slut baby. I’m coming Jen, fuck my pussy hard and make me come all over it." After Miriam came Jen slowly too out the carrot and proceeded to lick it clean. "OK Jen. Now its your turn." With that they changed positions so that Jen was the one being fucked by the carrot. When they were done they split the carrot in half. They agreed that was the best carrot they ever had.

They then placed all the movies back and turned off the TV. They picked up their nightgowns without bothering to put them on and went up stairs holding hands. Once the got upstairs Jen said to Miriam, "well if that does not make them come in their pants I don’t know what will. Lets get in bed and go to sleep. I’m hoping we get some late night guests.

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