The Switch (Edited & Reposted)

The Switch (Edited & Reposted)

INTRODUCTION: My apologies for all the errors. I hadn’t actually meant to post it when I did. I was still editing when I accidentally posted it. I have been having some computer difficulties. I thank almost everyone for their comments (The exception being the people using stories to post comments looking for chicks? Really! Does that even work??) I am almost done with Chapter 2 (which has some nice twists in it that I hope you'll like) but stopped to clean up Chapter 1 a little and repost it. I hope that this one is easier to read. Thanks again to all who read and those who commented.


Jessica sat in her room, knuckles white from squeezing the crap out of the small statue she held in her hand. It was the only thing she received from her grandmother’s estate. In fact, it was the only thing she had ever gotten from her mom’s side of the family at all. She barely remembered her grandmother and yet she had made it a point that this little Tiki looking statue go to her granddaughter. It fit perfectly in her hand and she would squeeze it when she got angry. Somehow she always seemed to feel better afterwards. She was so mad at Ryan, her step brother, that she wanted to scream. Their Parents (Jessica’s Father & Ryan’s Mother) were celebrating their one year anniversary and taking a long four day weekend at a vineyard in Northern California, leaving the two of them alone. Their parents left Ryan in charge even though Jessica was two months older, Ryan was the “Responsible One” they said. More like a boring, ass-kissing, frucking Boy Scout oOne, if you asked her. She knew it was a school night and there was no going out on school nights. Those were the rules. No exceptions! Seriously though! Who would know? Their parents were gone and if he didn’t say anything, no one would be the wiser.

Ryan, the little goody-two-shoes, said he would tell if she went out. God! she hated living here. Jessica loved the house. I mean what’s not to love right! The house was huge, swimming pool, game room, home theatre! Great neighborhood! It was the people she couldn’t stand. Her Dad marrying “that woman”. She seemed nice enough and was very pretty. She had a good Job as a Nurse. She wasn’t actually mean but, she never let Jessica get away with anything. It was just that Jessica was used to her previous life, where she was allowed to do what ever she wanted for the most part. Her dad had to work long ours to support them. When he was home, Jessica was “Daddy’s Little Girl” and could do no wrong. Even if she did get into trouble, it was never anything that a smile and some dimples couldn’t get her out of. She had him wrapped around her little finger.

Don’t even mention having to move to a different school and make new friends. It took her all year to find and infiltrate the “A list” at her new school. Now to be told she could go out with her friends? Jessica was fit to be tied! She had watched enough CSI shows to know she’d never get away with killing him. They always get caught and with her olive complexion she would look horrible in one of the orange jump suits. She had to figure out something. She had tried everything. She even went as far as offering to set him up with one of her girlfriends. He said no! Seriously, her and her friends were easily four of the hottest girls in school and he said no. She figured he must be gay! There could be no other explanation! Jessica figured she would wait till after dinner and then she would try one more time to convince Ryan to let her go out with her friends.

Ryan was in the kitchen making dinner and muttering to himself. “What a selfish, self centered Bitch! She had no respect for their parents or this house.” The only reason they had the house in the first place was because of the lawsuit from the wrongful death of Ryan’s dad. He was a fireman and when his station responded to a structural fire at a local manufacturing plant, they had no idea that the company had not been disposing of their waste chemicals but merely stockpiling them in the basement until business picked up and they could resume having their waste disposed of properly. No one expected the fire and the fire department had no idea the amount of combustibles that were under them when they entered the building. They place went up like a roman candle taking the lives of two fireman in the process. Ryan’s father was one of them. He would gladly trade everything to have his father back. Even if for only one day.

Jessica’s mother ran off when she was just a baby. Apparently, she was a party girl and felt she was too young when she got pregnant with Jessica, So, she left her with her dad and was never heard from again. Ryan was almost 11 when his father died, It was the day before his 11th birthday, Ryan felt sorry for Jessica at times for not having a mother, but that was no excuse for treating her mother like the hired help in her own house.

Ryan had a good, strong relationship with his mother. He talked to her about everything. He had learned that if he did his chores without being told, got good grades, obeyed his mother rules without argument that he was had earned her trust. Ryan was no Boy Scout mind you! Ok! Well technically he was a Boy Scout, when he was younger. But he had also earned a few new merit badges for partying, carousing and just plain old mischief that they never had in the scouts. As long as he told his mother that he was going to a party, and if there was drinking, he had no curfew so he wouldn’t be tempted to drink and drive. He could also call his mother if he needed a ride. Any time of the night from anywhere and he would never be in trouble. Jessica used manipulation and deceit to get what she wanted and mom would catch her in her lies.

When dinner was ready, Ryan called up to Jessica and began to place the food on the table. When Ryan was younger he and his mom used to cook together when she was home. Sometimes they would spend all day cooking so that way they always had food ready for the rest of the week and as he got older they would take turns cooking. Each of them trying to surprise the other with some new or exotic culinary dish. Tonight he made a nice salad with walnuts and dried cranberries followed by the main course of angel hair pasta with garlic shrimp, tomatoes and zucchini with garlic bread. Nothing too fancy but it was one of Jessica’s favorites! Ok! Maybe he was hoping that this would ease some of the tension from earlier.

Jessica finished washing up and came down stairs for dinner. She immediately noticed that that Ryan had made one of her favorites. She gave a little huff to herself but apparently it was loud enough for Ryan to hear because he raised one eyebrow to her as she sat down. She was still plenty mad at him and wasn’t about to give him the satisfaction of thinking that his pathetic attempt at a peace offering was going to work on her. Jessica finished first, rinsed hear plate and placed it in the dishwasher without a word and headed up stairs to her room. Ryan heard her door slam shut.

Ryan had just finished wiping down the table and started the dishwasher when Jessica appeared and judging from her attire she was planning on going out whether she got in trouble or not. Ryan didn’t say a word. He just removed the dish towel from his shoulder and hung it up, walked passed her without so much as looking at her, and turned on the TV. You could feel the tension radiating from every pore of Jessica’s body. Her face became calm and she looked at Ryan with that air of superiority look that he had seen many times before at school, from her and her little “click” of friends, that they would direct at other students and lately she would direct it towards his mother. Jessica’s voice matched her glare to a tee. Obviously something she spent countless hours perfecting. “I am leaving” was all she said. That crap didn’t work with Ryan. He wasn’t about to take the bait. Jessica grabbed the door knob and was about to turn it to leave, when she stopped. She glared at him and spoke again. Aren’t you going to stop me or say anything? Ryan just looked at her calmly and said: “Nope! It’s your choice. I’m not your father and you are aware of the consequences” and just resumed his channel surfing.

Jessica reached into her pocket, squeezing her statue as the anger bubble up inside her. She opened her mouth and blurted the first thing that came to mind. You know, things were better before you and your mom came into our lives! That was it! The last straw! Ryan had had enough! He hated to loose his cool like this. To him anger was emotion over intelligence and usually he was smarter than to allow himself to be pulled down to her level. Please don’t let me stop you from leaving! He shouted to her! That’s when all hell broke loose. Both of them shouting at each other and Jessica dropping the “F” bomb like every third word out of her mouth. As the yelling escalated, the tighter Jessica squeezed the statue in her pocket! The tighter she would squeeze it, the hotter it got, which only help to fuel her own anger. It got to the point were both of them were screaming at the top their lungs at each other, faces beat red with fists clenched tightly. It seemed to go on endlessly, even though it was only for a couple of minutes. Just when their anger seemed to peak, they both seemed to finish their tirade with the exact same sentence! “I wish for once you could see things from my perspective “ As soon as the words left Jessica’s mouth the statue felt as if it was on fire! She released it immediately and it fell to the floor. As it struck the floor, the power went out in the entire house which was immediately followed by a blinding flash of light. Both Ryan and Jessica were knocked off their feet and then everything went dark………..

Ryan woke up feeling as though he’d been hit by a train. All the electricity in the house was out so, he had no idea how long he was unconscious, He shook his head trying to get the cobwebs out. Between the pain and the stars he was seeing, he found it difficult to get his bearings. He tried to make his way to the basement. and got turned around a few times and had to double back. Finally, he found the fuse box, ALL the breakers were triggered. So, one by one, he started to reset each breaker. When he finally flipped the last one he heard a scream from upstairs. Ryan panicked and broke out in a run. The scream he heard did not sound like Jessica. Which could only mean that there was someone else in the house? Ryan bounded up the stairs, down the hall and abruptly came to a halt in the Living Room. There would have been nothing that could have compared the shocked look upon his face with the sole exception of the shocked look on the person that now stood before him. Which was himself!!

Jessica woke up when the TV came on. She had one hell of a headache. She felt like she had a hangover with the memory of the good time. She placed her hand on the fireplace to steady herself as she tried to stand. She put her other hand on the mantle and pulled herself upright. The clocks were all flashing so she had no idea how long she was out. Jessica turned to look at herself in the mirror, then looked behind her and then back at the mirror and screamed. She then pinched herself and slapped her own face, trying to wake herself up. She heard the crash of a door followed by running footsteps down the hall. She turned to face the hall that the footsteps were emanating from, and that’s when she went from shock to horror. As she saw herself round the corner and come skidding to a stop directly before her. Doppelganger was the last though Jessica had before passing out.

Ryan glanced at the mirror and saw Jessica’s reflection and not his own right before he saw himself falling and possibly hitting the fireplace, without thinking he sprung forward in an attempt to catch himself before he fell. He got there in time but neglected to take into account that Jessica’s body was not strong enough to lift his own and they both fell backwards onto the carpet. Ryan tried to move himself onto the couch, mumbling to himself the whole time that either Jessica needed to workout more or he needed to lose weight. Trying to move his 6’2” 205 lb. frame with Jessica 5’6” and maybe 115 lb. body was a bitch!
Ryan went into the bathroom grabbed a wash cloth and dampened it. He went into the medicine cabinet and took out the aspirin. He grabbed two for Jessica and two for himself, which he took immediately, He also got some smelling salts,

Ryan went back down stairs and placed the wash cloth on Jessica‘s head, which was actually his head and he did it with his hands which were really Jessica’s!!! This is just way to freaky he thought to himself. I should be wigging out right now or at least passed out next to Jessica, or myself or whatever. Ryan went through most or the house and set the clocks to the correct time and then went back to check on Jessica.

On his way back he stepped on something! Dam that hurt, he thought to himself while rubbing his foot. Wow, Jessica skin is really soft! Ryan’s feet were pretty rough compared to Jessica’s. Being from Southern California he spent a lot of time outside and at the beach, surfing or playing volleyball where you can’t help but get thick skinned. Ryan reached down and retrieved the item from the floor. It was about 3” long and maybe ¾ in diameter little statue that kind of reminded him of the ones he read about on Easter Island. Funny he had never seen it before so he placed it on the end table to avoid stepping on it again. Jessica was still out so he broke open the smelling salts and waved it under her/his nose.

Jessica nearly jumped out of her skin when she inhaled the ammonia smell. The first words out of her mouth were, of course, “What the fuck is going on here?” Jessica was getting more panicked with each passing moment. Ryan, unsure of what to say at this moment, saw the tears welling in her eyes, actually, it was his eyes and he was having a difficult time himself not freaking out. He made a mental note to himself to make sure he didn’t cry in front of anyone. He was hoping that it was just Jessica’s mannerism on his body that made him kind of wimpy. Not a good look for him. Ryan pulled Jessica into him, hugging her and rocking her while gently caressing her head. Ryan pulled a tissue off the end table and handed it to Jessica who took it and started dabbing her eyes with it. As her sobs slowed she said “I must look like a raccoon” and blew here nose. Ryan just said “she looked handsome and that luckily he wasn’t wearing mascara today.” Jessica gave him a light smack on his shoulder; Ryan could actually feel her smiling.

After about ten minutes, Ryan suggested that they get some sleep, it was almost 1:30 in the morning and they had school tomorrow. They were both physically and emotionally exhausted. Jessica tried to argue with him but she lacked the strength and conviction to put up much of a fight. As they walked up stairs, it suddenly occurred to Jessica to ask about the sleeping arrangements. Ryan thought about it for a few moments then suggested that he sleep in her room and she sleep in his. That way if we wake up in our own beds then we would know if we switched back. If not, then nothings changed and we can try to figure out what happened and why with clearer heads. “I don’t know about you” Ryan said. “But I still have a headache.” Jessica nodded in agreement as Ryan helped her to his room. He pulled out a pair of athletic shorts and a large soft t-shirt for her to sleep in, Ryan said goodnight and left his room and headed for Jessica’s room.

Jessica was too tired to even think about what happen today. She could barely keep her eyes open. She just stripped off her clothes put on the shorts and shirt Ryan had set out for her and flopped on the bed without even shutting off the light. She had only one fleeting thought as she got comfortable, Boy this bed is comfortable. She would have to sweet talk her Dad into getting her one of these, and then she was asleep.

Ryan walked into Jessica’s room and flipped on the light. Holy Crap! He muttered out loud to himself. The Room was a mess. I appeared that Jessica had tried on several outfits before deciding on the one what he now had on. Each previously outfit that was deemed unworthy was discarded hap-hazzardly on the floor. Ryan was in no mood to deal with this right now so he just flipped off the light and started peeling off clothes. He figured he would just go “commando“, which he usually did in the summer anyway. Everything was fine until he tried to take off the bra. Now it’s one thing to take a girls bra off of her when you were making out. He had done it many times before. Taking one off you was proving to be much more difficult and dangerous than he expected, He fell over twice trying to reach up behind himself with his hand while twisting his upper body. Fed up, Ryan walked across the hall to ask Jessica for help seeing that the light was still on. Jessica? Could you….” was all he got out. He saw himself passed out on the bed. He went over and covered her with a blanket and turned off the light. Ryan, frustrated at this point just pulled the shoulder straps off and slid the bra over his hips and he grabbed the underwear as he passed in one swoop and tossed then on the floor with the rest of the clothes. He crawled into bed and lay on his back and closed his eyes.

After the bra debauchery, Ryan found his mind wandering. The implications of what happened were just known beginning to sink in. He tried to recall all the movies he had seen where they traded bodies. Most were stupid and very unbelievable! Although Ryan had to admit that he found them quite believable now!! There had to be at least a dozen of them. Most with father and sons or mother’s and daughter’s changing places He recalled that one with Rob Snyder, although the title escaped him. He was 15 when he saw it then and remembered thinking what he would do in that situation. Ryan had always fantasized about what it would be like to be a girl, to be able to have multiple orgasms! When he was 15 it was not uncommon for him the Jack-off 3-4 times a day! If he could’ve had multiple orgasms back then, he doubted he would have ever left his room. EVER!! Now he had more self control than when he was 15 but his fantasy was just as alluring as ever. Even more so now that something, which was so far out of the realm of possibilities, was now at his very finger tips.

Ryan was literally shaking just thinking about touching Jessica’s body, which he now occupied. To feel what a woman feels! He was actually starting to freak himself out. Ryan had only though about Jessica’s body and her looks once and that was the first time he met her almost 2 years ago. She was Hot! But once he found out what a stuck-up brat she was, it turned him off completely! It wasn’t until that moment that he truly understood what the phrase “beauty is only skin deep” meant. Ryan based all his views of women on his observations of his mother. Charlotte, his mother, was a beautiful woman both inside and out. Ryan just assumed that beauty was created inside a person and radiated outward. That beauty was a reflection of the type of person they were, which made everything they did seem beautiful. A balanced of beauty, grace and harmony within one’s self. That was the main reason why Ryan rarely ever dated. He had yet to find someone with that balance that he was looking for. There were girls that he was friends with that had inner beauty but saw themselves as flawed or unattractive, it was their own insecurities that made them less attractive. Not their perceived outward appearance.

Ryan calmed himself and slowly lowered his hands to her breasts. His own excitement and anticipation was causing sensory overload. For no sooner had his fingertips touch her nipples that her body shuddered with what he could only assume was his first orgasm. He couldn’t decide which he was enjoying more? Was it the feel of her nipples between his fingertips or the feel of his soft fingers playing with her nipples? He released her nipple from his left hand and trailed is fingers down between her breasts, down over her stomach. He was panting softly as he stopped just above her mound. She had her pubic hair trimmed short in a long narrow landing strip. His toes were curling with anticipation. Ryan took his middle finger and placed at the very bottom of her slit and pushed in ever so gentry. As soon as he did that, he felt a small trickle of fluid run down between his cheeks. “Oh My God!” Ryan gasped. With all the new sensations he was having, he hadn’t realized that he was soaking wet. He brought his finger to his lips and he tasted himself. It tasted sweet with a slight tang to it. He had performed oral sex before; in fact he quite enjoyed it. There was nothing like the feeling he got from giving a girl multiple orgasms. Like snow flakes, no two tasted alike.

Ryan move his finger back to the bottom of her labia and gently eased up her slit. His right hand still gently tweaking and pinching her right nipple. As his finger drew nearer to her clit, Ryan used a little more pressure sinking in a little farther and gave a slight flick to her clit as his finger slid over it. That was all it took. His hips raised up instinctively causing even more pressure. His body convulsed and shook uncontrollably as he felt like he was being electrocuted with pure pleasure. It wasn’t until now that he realized he had been holding his breath in anticipation. Between his lungs gasping for air and his body still twitching from the orgasm, he felt as though he might pass out. Ryan just lay their catching his breath.

Holly Shit! He thought to himself, this was better than he had ever imagined and he hoped he was just getting started. Ryan definitely wanted to figure out what had caused this bizarre phenomenon but, all sense of urgency was gone. He definitely needed time to explore this further. There was a large wet spot beneath him but, he didn’t care. He just rolled over to one side and closed his eyes and actually fell asleep smiling.

To be Continued…………

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