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Cum Swallowing


I want to make a confession, when I wrote “Moving In” I was inspired by a story by Daddycums. I borrowed the house he created for the Primdales as an inspiration for a house I used. My hat is off to Daddycums for his expertise. He is in my opinion possibly the best writer on this site and has my apologies and my respect. If you readers have not sampled his stories, I highly recommend them. They are far better than my own humble efforts. That being said, all of the rest of my stories are completely original and if you...


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It was dark. It was raining. I was tired. I was also nervous. I considered calling the whole thing off, but it was too late now. She was waiting. I peered through the rain spattered windshield, between the squeaking wipers in a vain attempt to make out the names written on the overhead street signs. I really should get some glasses, I muttered to myself as my eyes squinted to see through the driving rain. This was the first time I would be meeting a girl off the internet. And although we had been exchanging emails regularly and even talked on...


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Story of relation part 2

After our night, I just.....couldn't stop thinking about Val. She was my heart. I loved her so much. Just the other day I stuffed kool-aid in our dad's coffee cup and blamed it on my sister and she was pissed for days on end and now, she loves me more than any guy at our school. But the fact that our parents won't accept this is a problem. Luckily, my parents weren't home most of the time because of work so me and Val were home alone few times a week and that just gave me opportunities to try out new...


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Angie's big date_(0)

Shaina was excited for her date. For the first time in a few years, she was going to go out with another girl. Until recently, there was a very jealous boyfriend who Shaina didn't really want to talk about, but that was over now. She looked at herself in the mirror: Her mousey brown hair was still unmanageable, her skin still a fair white with a few blemishes here and there, breasts and butt still good-looking but nothing amazing. She looked the spitting image of the good Jewish girl her parents wished she was. Shaina was just going to meet Angie...


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Next doors not so little girl

It was nearly a week later Lisa called again. “You alone”? she asked. I nodded. She strode in. “Where’s the bedroom” she asked already climbing the stairs. I followed hesitantly and showed her the main bedroom. Today she was wearing a shift dress buttoned down the front. “What do you want” I asked uncertainly “I want you to make me cum again” she replied abruptly. “I told you last time, you’re going to give me what I want & when I want it”. Still unsure, I asked how she wanted to do it. “I think the bed this time, but I...


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Mentoring Brandon Chapter 6

MENTORING BRANDON By Bob Chapter 6: The Big Game, Part 2 This was the practice to end all practices, or so we were told. The coaches were going to make sure that we all were ready for the game with Oskie. Coach Kistner, the defensive line/linebacker coach worked the varsity group, while, Coach Marsh was with Jerry and Brandon, teaching them their responsibilities in the new system. After 45 minutes, we took our first break. Brandon came over and we all knelt down trying to catch our breath. We began talking with Tom and Jerry about the defensive calls that they...


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My Girlfriend Serena

I simply walked into my apartment and handed the bag to my girlfriend and sit on the other chair across from hers and eat my salad quietly as the noise of the television filters through the otherwise silent room. I silently watch her eat as she stares at the television screen. I get up to throw away my salad. As I walk past her I can feel her eyes lingering on my body. I return to my seat silently. Even wearing an old tank top and a pair of yoga pants she's still beautiful. Her creamy soft skin shines brightly from...


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Family Beach Party Turns X Rated Part 5 Re-Issued

Family Beach Party Turned X Rated Part 5. Re-Issued by xnxx gregorthegrant True Story, Cheating Author's infos Gender: male Age: N/A Location: N/A Introduction: Continuation of Family Beach Party Turned X Rated Now Family Beach Party Turned X Rated Part 5.Re-Issued I had showered and shaved before I went back to Sandra and my bedroom to get dressed for the day. It was going to be another hot, dry day so I decided to wear jockey underwear, jean shorts, white T-shirt, and sandals. As I walked out of our bedroom and walked down the hall to the kitchen. I smelt the...


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Let’s Play Piggy

As a high school freshman, Sara had become very curious about not only guys, but lately her own sexual satisfaction. She had planned on visiting her best friend Amy on that Saturday morning but Amy and her mom had plans to go shopping most of the day. Another reason why Sara wanted to go next door was she noticed Amy and her Daddy often played a game called Piggy. Every once and a while she would watch them play together and it usually involved him touching her, sometimes in naughty places and other times him butting up right next to her...


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Taming michelle's ass

“Oh Danny I’ve waited so long for this moment – finally you’re here – I can’t believe that you’re here – tonight – I want to give myself to you. I want you to take me and make me yours all yours – kiss me and let me know that this is real.” Looking deep in to her eyes I said, “You have been locked in my dreams for so many months now – I’ve waited so long for this moment too – to finally be able to hold, gaze into your eyes, kiss you and make love to you –...


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