Let’s Play Piggy

Let’s Play Piggy

As a high school freshman, Sara had become very curious about not only guys, but lately her own sexual satisfaction. She had planned on visiting her best friend Amy on that Saturday morning but Amy and her mom had plans to go shopping most of the day. Another reason why Sara wanted to go next door was she noticed Amy and her Daddy often played a game called "Piggy".

Every once and a while she would watch them play together and it usually involved him touching her, sometimes in naughty places and other times him butting up right next to her when she knew he was all HARD in his pants. She didn't have that type of Daddy action at home and she was envious of her friends' fun with her Dad.

It was finally getting warmer and her parents were going to go buy some plants and seeds, but she wasn't that interested. They seldom would allow her to be home by herself, but as luck would have it . . . her Dad called Big Peter his neighbor next door and wondered if she could hang out at their place. Peter immediately agreed, not making mention that Amy and her mom were not going to be there and he would have Sara all to himself. He had longed to be with Sara, wondering how far the developing teen would be willing to go . . . to help feed his sexual fantasies.

Her parents left and suddenly her new cell phone rang.

"Hello," she asked curiously never having received a call from that number before.

"Hey Sara . . . Amy's Daddy here. If you want to come on over, we could play a few games or watch cartoons or whatever you want," he suggested.

"Uh . . .okay, give me a few minutes and I will be right over."

"Awesome. See you soon," he said and hung up. Suddenly she wondered about the "games" he had in mind, and wondered whether he would play "piggy" with her if she asked. She had on a tank top and shorts, and wondered whether she should put on one of the bras her parents bought for her recently. She then fantasized about her young breasts that had begun to sprout and that maybe, Mr. Johnson would like to . . . naw that's too naughty she thought. She slipped on a pair of pink Sketchers with no socks and headed next door.

Peter Johnson had inquisitively asked his daughter about Sara recently and whether she had a bunch of boyfriends and whether she liked to be tickled and liked to play around. Amy knew her Daddy loved to do naughty things with her, especially when he came into her room the other night after everyone was sleeping . . . and hinted that her best friend would probably like to be "piggied" like he did with her. He sure hoped so. When arrangements were set for their little date, he had slipped into a loose fitting pair of thin shorts and an Under Armour short sleeve shirt that showed off his chest muscles. He heard the soft knock on the front door and quickly answered it.

"Hey Sara . . . glad you could make it. Sorry Amy had to go with her mom, but I think you and I can probably have a BUNCH of fun together this morning. It’s going to be after lunch before they return. " He immediately approved of her outfit. The pink ribbed top had spaghetti straps and scooped down towards her budding titties. She had on a pair of relaxed waist band shorts with a drawstring at the top that left just enough room by her legs . . . for his wandering hands to explore that virgin mound hidden underneath.

"So, what kinds of games do you like to play?" he asked as they went into the living room. The question caught her by surprise and just as suddenly she responded back, "maybe some . . . PIGGY games like you play with Amy," she enthusiastically suggested. There was a sudden silence in the air. Both of them were shocked by her hasty disclosure and Peter's cock slowly began to wander upwards inside his shorts.

"Well . . . that might be possible Sara . . . but those sorts of games could get me in a lot of trouble, and we certainly don't want Amy to have her Daddy in jail." The girl thought for a moment, "I like watch-in you play around together and whatever we do, is between you and me . . . if that's okay?" she asked hopefully. The man was shocked. He was all set to hopefully get a glimpse of those pert little titties and now if he played his cards right . . . he could demand even more.

"Fair enough," he said as he went behind the cute girl and placed his hands on her shoulders. "I LOVE playing piggy . . . and I think we should get started, RIGHT now." Suddenly the girl felt the man move closer to her tight little ass and gently rub up against it. What was touching up against her was hard and long, which made her wonder how he could get excited so fast. She heard boys call it a "cock" and she wondered what he wanted it called. Sara had not yet been out on a date and truly did not have much knowledge about those sorts of things.

"I would like that," she said and he backed away.

"Do you know what being piggy is all about?" he asked innocently, still gently gripping her bare shoulders.

"Like doing sexy things . . . kinda . . . isn't it?" she asked.

"Very smart girl, and sometimes playing games and doing things with the other person. In fact, I just thought of something that Amy loves to do with me in the garage. You want to try it?"

"Sure, if Amy likes it, I bet I will too," she remarked.

"Well let's go then!" he said leading the way. When they got into the garage, Sara noticed a rope that was over a double beamed joist.

"I think you will like playing this tie-em-up game. I get to be real "piggy" when we play this. Are you ready?" With a twinkle in her eye the girl said, "I sure am. Is this like cowboys and Indians or something?" she said as she watched the man go into a drawer and take out a long pair of white gloves.

"Here, put these on," said Peter. While the girl slipped on the first one, she now could see Mr. Johnson's cock was poking out the front of his shorts, and because they were so thin, she noticed a couple of damp patches in the front. As she continued to stare at his erection, she pulled on the second glove.

"Pull them up as high as they will go sweetie . . . that is important." Fulfilling his request, she realized the white gloves went up almost to her elbows.

"Very nice," he said grasping at one of the ends of the rope. "We are now going to role-play. That's when you and I pretend to be a character and then we get to do the piggy stuff." Sara did not comment but politely waited for more information.

"You are going to be the one that has important "piggy" information . . . and I have to find out what it is. Sooooo, I am going to tie your wrists together, and then string you up so that I can get that information. This is a REAL fun game. And I promise you will like it." Sara was a little scared at what he just shared, but since Amy had played this game, she believed it must be alright.

"Go ahead Mister (she used a Western John Wayne type of a voice), you won't get anything out of me. Tie me up if you must."

"You are GREAT Sara! This is going to be so much fun," he said as he circled the rope around her wrists several times and then prepared it into a knot. He did it so quickly she was sure he had done it many times before. Next, he found the other end and then began to pull.

"Honey, if at ANY time this hurts or you want to stop, let me know, Okay?"

"Sure," she said but then looking at the handsome man, got back into her character and said, "You will not get anything out of me, BIG Peter, no matter what you do." They both laughed at her choice of words, but Mr. Johnson was now in a position of control and slowly began to pull on the rope. Soon Sara's wrists were waist high, then chest high and then slightly over her head.
She was enjoying the game, and then the man pulled even harder and soon her hands were a couple feet over her head, and she realized how helpless and accessible her body was to this truly horny man. Then he tied off the rope onto a nearby hook and slowly examined her body. For some reason, his gaze caused her nipples to become very stiff, and his fantasies again began to explode.

"Alright little girl . . . so tell me what I should do, to act "piggy" with you?" The question caused a sudden stir in her moist pussy. Being held up like this was beginning to be feel VERY naughty she thought to herself. He could take off some of my clothes if he wanted to, and I could not stop him. Was this what her best friend did with her Daddy? She looked at the man and continued to focus on his rigid cock, and knew he must be very excited.

"Alright . . . Maybe if you got a little peak at my titties," she said with a shiver going down her back, “that would make you piggy." Would he really do it she thought?

"I see . . . so . . . if I pulled out this top here from your shorts . . . like this," he said, starting to pull up on the soft material at her sides, and then meticulously did the same movement around her waist until every bit of the fabric was now hanging out. " I could probably pull it up the front here, like this, and roll it up, and up and up and maybe I could see them tiny titties you are hiding from me."
The girl watched the hungry man quickly roll up her top but instead of stopping when her tits were in view for a quick peek, he kept going until he had the fabric up over her shoulders, which was the perfect spot for him to stop, since her bare chest would remain in view, with no chance of the top sliding back down and hiding her treasures. He then stepped back and stared at her perky little titties. They were similar to his daughters whose were slow to grow and resembled little lemon halves but what was remarkable were her light pink nipples that had begun to grow into stiff buds.

"VERY pretty titties, Sara. I have fantasized about seeing them like this for a few months. Ever since they began to grow I have looked forward to doing this and I thank you for sharing them with me. I wonder if I pinch them just a little bit and act “piggy”, if they would feel even better," he said. Quickly before hearing any protests, he placed the twin nipples in between both thumbs and first fingers and began to pinch and pull the eraser-like tips, somewhat gently.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh," moaned Sara, not imagining that her breasts could feel like that.

"Feels pretty great doesn't it?" he asked continuing his fondling and watching the expression on her face. She closed her eyes as her young pussy began to talk to her . . . down below.

"You know what else?” he shared. “Amy loves it when I do this to her," and abruptly he leans over and engulfs one of her stiff white orbs into his warm mouth, making sure to flick his tongue several times over her rigid bud again and again . . . and then duplicating that once-over on her other breast. Soon Sara's moans were now beyond the whimper level and Peter knew he was going to have fun with this willing and very eager girl. After a few more minutes of oral delight, he moved around behind her. She couldn't see what he was doing but unexpectedly felt his hands cupping her saliva covered titties as he continued to fondle her lemon-like breasts.
At the same time, he moved up behind her and began to grind his cock all over her tight little ass. She felt the length of his staff, realizing his excitement, which added to her arousal as he continued to move his hands all over her young chest and down to her stomach. These lower traces of his fingers on her tummy slowly began to make her moist pussy tingle to even greater heights. Every so often he would allow those digits to slip into the top of her shorts which added to that anticipation and aching excitement on her clit.

"Should we stop Sara . . . or do you want to continue playing this game," he asked as he moved both hands back up to her developing titties . . . where he began to pinch and pull her sensitive nipples once again. In between her passionate moans, she uttered a quick, "I want to KEEP playing!" Upon hearing that he let go and moved back in front of her.

"So . . . what else should I do, to keep acting "piggy" with you?" he asked curiously, looking up at the wrist-tied girl, and wondering what else he would be "allowed" to do. He noticed that she had started to perspire slightly on her forehead and chest which was more evidence her body was becoming more and more excited.

"Maybe you could peek inside my shorts for a minute or two," she suggested, now suddenly mesmerized by the naked crown tip of the man's exposed cock that had been adjusted so that it protruded just over the elastic band of his shorts and in front of his shirt for full exposure to the excited girl. The dark purple color of the man’s hood was a reminder of just how aroused he had become by touching her bare skin.

This was particularly thrilling for her, because she had never seen one before. Peter moved forward and began to innocently pull apart the drawstring at the top of her relaxed shorts, opening up the front to his lewd gaze. He looked inside and saw a pair of pink panties that covered her virgin mound. Then he did something unexpected and placed his middle finger in between her legs and began to gently move all around that hidden clit inside.

"What are you doing that for?" she asked curiously beginning to wiggle slightly as his finger softly brushed against her hidden button underneath. He continued for several more seconds, not answering and then he said:

"Just getting ready to peek inside these pink panties honey . . . like you wanted me to. In fact, Amy LOVES it when I do this with my finger down below here and then pinch and pull her stiff nipples up here," and with that he kept his middle digit exciting her clit and at the same time grasped her stiff nipple with his thumb and finger and began to manipulate it as before.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, yes . . . that feels Soooooooo good!" she moaned twisting slightly to enjoy his actions even more, and with her wrists being attached above her head, for some reason she was getting extra excited which made no sense to her.

"Amy loves this too, honey . . . but she tells me . . . quite often . . . it's much more exciting when she is COMPLETELY NAKED . . . just . . . like . . . THIS!" Without any warning Peter slipped his fingers into the sides of her shorts, making sure he felt the elastic of her panties underneath and with one quick movement yanked both garments down to her ankles. He immediately was rewarded with the sight of the girl’s bare pussy directly in front of him. He was treated to the soft, intimate nakedness of her lower tummy where it started to form a gentle downward Vee, offering a subtle hint of the shape of her little mound. He felt an extra rush of blood to his already swollen cock as he slowly inspected her puffy mound and the deep crease formed by her soft hairless lips for the first time.

It was incredibly exciting for him because he knew that there would be no barriers between his eyes and the naked vision of her teen pussy. It must have been incredibly embarrassing for Sara because she knew that for the first time in her life, a man was looking at her privates, with nothing in the way. Sara trembled and blushed, feeling his eyes on her nakedness but she remained still as his fingers quickly traced down her tummy and fidgeted with her moist lips down below.
As Mr. Johnson continued his fondling, he noticed she was shaking like a leaf. As a way of quieting her humiliation (or excitement?), he leaned forward to kiss her lips softly. Next, he moved his hands up from below her waist . . . still kissing her lips and supported her tiny body with his hands on each side of her chest, under her arms. She was so slim that his thumbs could easily reach her still rigid nipples and he caressed them gently as they kissed. Then he backed away.

"Why did you do that?" she asked looking down at her uncovered body and suddenly frightened at where things might go since he already had her naked. Was she going to be fucked by this horny man?

"Because this is what you wanted all along, Sara. You WANTED me to see you like this. You knew I loved to play with Amy this way and secretly wanted me to look at your NAKED and almost perfect body without a stitch of clothes on. But that isn't all that you want, is it? You have never once stopped looking at this COCK of mine (as he bunched it up in his shorts) and I will bet you want me to take it out, so that you can see it . . . don't you?" The girl wanted to shout "NO" but she noticed the fully aroused man was now grasping the girth of his shaft with his hand and slowly moving it up and down . . . but carefully keeping it hidden from her sight.

"Am I right Sara? . . . I'll bet you have not seen a man's cock before have you?" The frightened girl shook her head. Turning the opposite way, Mr. Johnson grabbed a nearby three step ladder, got on it and positioned himself in front of the girl. Then watching her anxious face, he stripped off his shorts altogether and climbed up to the second step, so that his fully erect shaft was pointed upwards in front of her face.

"This is what you want . . . isn't it Sara? This is what cute little girls like you dream about seeing and touching . . . but are afraid to ask." Her eyes were wide with surprise as she quickly examined the man's fully erect 9" shaft pointing upwards. He was holding it at the bottom of the shaft and directing it closer and closer to her cute, impish like face and lips. Something else was happening as well which was embarrassing to her. . . and that was that her dripping pussy was now fully damp with her arousal. What was he going to do with his cock she kept asking herself? She had heard of girls . . . sucking and licking cocks, but . . .

"You wanted me to act piggy with you . . . and this is what it's all about," he said slowly rubbing the very tip across her moist facial lips. She turned her head slightly sideways, so he planted the underside against her soft cheek, allowing his precum to smear all over it. Pretty soon her skin was covered with his slippery juices.

"We are going to have even more fun, playing naughty games together, but I wanted you to meet my best friend here up close and personal. But it's time to make you feel even better," he said climbing down back onto the ground.

"Remember how it felt a couple of minutes ago, when I rubbed my finger down here," he said duplicating his previous actions by gently rubbing his middle finger over her bare moist pussy lips and guiding it back and forth . . . and then replaced his hand onto her young breast and captured her nipple inside as he lightly pinched her bud until he heard her gasp in excitement. "Well here is something else that we can do," and he squatted down awkwardly replacing his finger with his long cock as he drove his shaft in between her legs . . . teasingly below the mark, but making sure the top part of it nudged against her clit as he drove it back and forth.
For the next several minutes, he thrust his cock under her pussy lips teasing her with what he would eventually hope to be an enjoyable fuck. As much as Sara should have been repulsed by his actions, she began to feel her body shake and then shiver with excitement as her first climax soon took over her whole body. While she continued to enjoy herself, he watched the expression on her face and then said in her ear:

"Let's get you down and give your arms a rest so that we can play a new game back in the house, okay?" As the girl's climax began to cease, she nodded her head, suddenly realizing her arms were almost numb from being over her head so long. After being untied, she bent down to pull up her shorts and panties, but Peter had other ideas.

"Take off your top and shorts and leave everything but your panties here on the floor. I want you to go to Amy's bedroom and find something naughty to wear and meet me in the living room.” She shook her head but then winked at the man, pulled her top up over her head and dropped her shorts to the floor in the garage. As she scampered into the house, she knew Amy's Daddy was watching her cute little butt all the way.

Once they got inside, Sara went down the hall to Amy's bedroom where she had been several times before. She looked in Amy's underwear drawer and something caught her attention. When she took it out, it was a small black sheer baby doll top. She giggled as she put it on, looking in the mirror. My . . . what is Amy doing wearing this outfit for her Daddy, she thought? She looked closely and could see her bare nipples poking through the sheer fabric. Realizing she probably would not be wearing it very long; she put the garment over her head and smoothed it down to her hips.
To cause even further excitement, she pinched both nipples, causing them to poke outwards even more, making the outfit very naughty. She came back down the hall and noticed that Amy's Dad had changed and was now wearing a red silk robe with a tie around the waist. He was sitting back in a leather lazy boy style chair, as she entered the room. He was a handsome man and this article of clothing made him look even more handsome, she thought . . . but she would keep that to herself.

"I have some special handcuffs, but I think we will save them for another day when we play with Amy. Let's get down to business Sara. In the garage I let you tell me what was “piggy”. Now it will be your turn to ask me what I think is "piggy" and then you will act it out . . . understand?" Sara nodded her head, but was somewhat curious what she would be made to do in front of the man. She remembered how he started the game and decided to start in a similar fashion. Pretending to be Amy, she said:

"Hi Daddy . . . what should I do, to act "piggy" for you?" This approach caused Peter to smile and look right in the young girl's eyes.

"Oh let's see. It would be piggy if you slipped off those panties of yours and just kept on that top for me," he suggested, curious whether there would be any hesitancy on her part. Her heart began pounding with his request. She was almost certain that sooner or later she would be asked to uncover her precious pussy for the man, but starting things off with her hairless cunt being on display, was not anticipated.

"My . . . Daddy must be real horny right now," she managed to say, as she turned away from him, bravely slipping her fingers into the sides of her panties and slipping them down to her ankles. Deliberately she pulled the black sheer baby doll top down as far as she could, hoping to hide her damp pussy from the man's gaze. After a minute or so, she started back up again:

"What else should I do, to act "piggy" for you?" She watched Amy's Daddy stare at her hairless pink pussy and for some reason; she slowly began to WANT to excite the man. She also was watching how far his hidden cock was poking up the material of his robe. He had of course showed it to her before . . . in fact even rubbed it up against her face, but right now being hidden added to the suspense of its length underneath.

"I love that top on you Sara . . . but it would be very piggy of you, if you slipped it off and came along side me ALL NAKED and waited for the next thing I want you to do." So much for any flirting with Amy's outfit on, she thought. But she had to admit, his direct approach was making her pussy twitch with anticipation. He watched carefully as she stripped off the sheer top and let it softly land on the floor. She smiled at him and slowly paraded over to the right side of his chair. He leaned over and whispered in her ear. When he was through with his instructions, she blushed almost scarlet in front of him as he delighted in the humiliation he was putting her through.

"Daddy . . . I want you to SUCK and LICK my titties for me," she stated wondering what her parents would think if they heard her say those words.

Big Peter placed his hand on her back and brought her closer to him. Her arms hung limply at her side, offering no resistance, giving him tacit permission to touch and orally stimulate her stiff nipples. He leaned forward and touched his lips gently to hers for a brief second and then moved his hands softly over her tiny nipples, playing with them and teasing them with a delicate light touch. Soon his teasing fingers caused less familiar sensations to her still developing breasts. He took his time allowing her to get used to the feel of his hands on her body, as her little nipples stiffened even more in reaction to his velvet touch.

Her nipples were now hard under his palms as he cupped the smooth warm puffy flesh of her tiny unripe breasts. The little girl was clearly becoming aroused as her nipples poked rigidly, temptingly out from the slight swelling of her not-quite breasts. She gasped as his lips kept moving downwards, suddenly realizing where they were finally headed. He felt her breath quicken as his lips touched each of her stiffened nipples in turn. She sucked in a deep breath when his tongue licked warm and gentle over the raised nubbins, teasing them to greater rigidity.

Then he opened his mouth, allowing each sweet swollen nipple in turn to pop between his lips, capturing and sucking gently on them. His hand glided slowly to her breast. The hard nipple lodged between his thumb and forefinger, and he stroked and fondled it reverently. Sara let out a little gasp for the first time as he kissed her throat. Then without any warning, he slid his other hand down to cup her bare sex while he continued to lick her nipple and she moaned her approval.

She spread her legs slightly as he stroked her slick lips, easing his finger between them. When Peter's finger, wet with her juices, touched her clit, she jolted with a wild sensation. But it was time to change the game again, he thought. He moved his hands away and looked at her spit covered titties he had just lubricated.

"Time to whisper something new into your ears, honey." Sara was truly enjoying herself, before that interruption . . . getting closer and closer to a climax and this truly changed the mood somewhat and reminded her that he was in charge. She listened and if she wasn’t embarrassed last time, what she heard this time would have caused her to turn purple if that was possible. She licked her lips, stared at the man and then began:

"I think it's time to see what's hiding under your robe Daddy . . . and would it be okay if I kissed the tip of your BIG COCK?"

"You may Sara. Go ahead and bring out my very best friend right here (pointing at his hidden erection) for your enjoyment," he said, placing his hands behind his head and carefully watching the 10-year-old girl tentatively locate the tie on his robe. In the garage, she had her arms tied up over her head and when Amy's Daddy took off his pants and rubbed his cock over her face, she had a different feeling than she did at that moment. Moving the robe tie out of the way, she slowly pulled it back and almost instantly his stiff 7"cock pointed upwards. The shaft was a dark pink color and the head was almost purple with excitement.

"WOW!" she said inspecting his stiff organ. "Has Amy ever done this before?" she asked. Peter seemed surprised by the question but was certain the girl was trying to get up the courage to follow through with what he had asked.

"Oh . . . a couple of times . . . she LOVES to play with my COCK Sara. It's one of her favorite toys. She’s been playing with it for several months. Go ahead now . . . and kiss it for me," he said. Finding the courage . . . somewhere, she leaned over and placed her lips on the underside of the head for a few seconds, and then backed away. The man almost shot his load all over her face when her moist lips landed on his glans.

"That wasn't so bad, was it?" he asked.

"I guess not," she said, looking down on the shaft and seeing her moist lip print on his shaft.

"Time for some more piggy instructions honey," he indicated, opening up his hands that were still overhead and leaning towards the girls' ear. When he finished . . . again he enjoyed the embarrassing blush that ran from her face down her entire body. Again she got up the courage, and tried her best to remember the exact wording she was just given.

"Do you like looking at my NAKED body Daddy?"

"I sure do," he said.

"Tell me two places that you like the best," she proposed.

"I love these two titties on your chest," he said, reaching out with one hand, and fondling the closest breast and then pinching her nipple. At the same time, he reached down and placed his fingers over her damp and excited pussy lips, "and your little love tunnel down here that I think needs some attention." His naughty touch surprised her and a flash went through her body as he continued to molest both her breast and her pussy.

"You are right Daddy. Would it be okay if I climbed up on your lap so that you can sample with your tongue my tight little pussy?" She did not wait for an answer, but instead stood on the foot stool portion of the chair and then bending over . . . moved upwards, almost climbing on his body so that she could place her feet on either side of the man's waist. Next, she leaned forward . . . adjusting slightly so that her inexperienced muff could fit right over his lips and tongue. He stuck out his fleshy organ and then trailed down over her firm, flat belly, pausing for a moment to tease her navel, and then moving closer to the sweet aromatic moisture he was compelled to taste. Her hairless pussy mound was very warm against his mouth, and she was already moving her hips slightly.

"Lick me Daddy," Sara whimpered. Positioning himself between her legs, he soon tasted the soft, tender skin of her upper thighs, kissing, licking, touching her with his teeth, teasing her, making her think he might bite. His thumb was stroking slowly from her opening . . . to her clit, a light touch, never quite penetrating, never pressing too hard on the sensitive bundle of nerves at the top. He waited until she was panting for air and moving her hips rhythmically up and down before he allowed his curled tongue to enter her warm opening.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh Daddy, oh my God, that feels AWESOME!" she moaned.

He said nothing. Two fingers went carefully into her entrance while his lips grabbed her clit. Probing slowly but deep inside her, he sucked her erect button into his mouth, slowly releasing it, then licking it thoroughly, and then grabbed it again. For the next several minutes he continued this pattern of foreplay and stimulation. Soon he curled his fingers and explored her inner depths. When he found the soft ridged patch inside her, he pushed and prodded with his fingertips and renewed his efforts on her sensitive clit.
A moan began deep in Sara's gut, rising in pitch and volume as her legs began to spasm against his ears. The sound changed to an eager cry as her entire body shook with orgasmic relief and utter satisfaction. After a few minutes of catching her breath . . . she slid down his body and planted a kiss on his lips. This surprised the man, and taking advantage of the opportunity, he slipped his tongue into her lips and then passionately drove it, like a COCK into her mouth. The girl began to enjoy his technique and simulated his efforts by thrusting her own smaller tongue into his mouth. His cock was somewhat slippery and sandwiched in between their bodies, but he knew he needed his own relief soon. But first he had to satisfy a fantasy he liked to do with his daughter. He broke their kiss and whispered into her ear. Without any hesitation this time, she said:

"Rub your COCK all over my titties Daddy," she said. She positioned herself so that this was possible and then felt him grasp the base of his shaft and soon the hot tip was on her nipple as he began to buck his hips. Soon he was sliding his cock from left to right, moving his organ over her tiny bump of a tit and placing the tip on her stiff nipples. This lasted a few minutes and then he knew it was time. He gently moved her down slightly and let the foot rest lower itself to the floor . . . as slowly her body slithered down his until she was kneeling in between his legs.

"It's PIGGY time my sweet. I want you to SUCK MY COCK, and swallow ALL of my cum when I shoot my load into your mouth!!!" He offered a few quick instructions to the young teen, and soon she had his cock inside her pink moist lips. After rolling her tongue around and around the tip, she slowly began to bob her little blonde head up and down on it. Wanting to please him, like he pleased her . . . after a few minutes, she was beginning to be more skilled at it.
She moved her head up and down slowly at first, running her left hand up and down the shaft with her mouth as she twirled a lock of her hair around one of her right fingers. She looked into his eyes as she sucked and slurped on his long stiff rod, moving her tongue rhythmically in time with her up and down motion. Her hot wet mouth started to flow saliva down his cock and over her hands as her eyes closed all the way and she soon lost herself in the act of committed cock sucking.

She started picking up speed, taking just his head in and out of her mouth as she grew more aggressive with her soft wet tongue. Sara wrapped both her hands around the base of his shaft, allowing strings of saliva to form and break between her hands and mouth. Like a proper little slut, he thought . . . Sara gave him the best sloppy head-job he had ever received while he leaned back against the leather of the Lazy boy. He felt sincere admiration and total excitement as his new student learned her new oral skills. He secretly looked forward to both his daughter and this new ingénue . . . trying to best each other as they attempted to be the first to have him spray their mouths and faces.

As she moved her mouth around on his cock, he closed his eyes and the first image that popped into his mind was Amy and the first time her tiny little mouth stretched around the head of his cock as she swiveled her neck to slurp on it. Her long hair fell across his hips and legs as she went deeper and deeper into her mouth with it. He reached down and tangled his fingers in Sara's hair as he began thrusting back eagerly into her, pushing his COCK into the back of her mouth.

Then . . . without any warning . . . he came . . . and came . . . and CAME into her mouth while she bobbed her head up and down against his thrusting shaft . . . her hair flailing about while she whined and hummed in a high voice.

After several moments, she slid her head backwards off of him, licking his head along the entire length of her wet soft tongue as it passed out of her throat, stopping to kiss and suck noisily on his head before leaning back onto her feet and wiping with the back of her hand a mixture of his cum and her spit as it gushed out of her mouth and down her chin. She labored to swallow up more cum and spit.

The lower half of her cute face was now a gooey dripping mess. A few more shots came from his cock and landed across her eyelashes and Sara leaned forward to take half of his cock into her mouth again (now loving the feel of a cock inside her mouth), looking up at him through the mess on her face as she bobbed her head up and down several more times. Finally, the last of his cum left the tip of his cock and she leaned in and let it land on her outstretched and dripping tongue.

"You were great Sara! I can't wait to get both you and Amy together . . . and NAKED . . . so that we can have more PIGGY-fun together!"

"How about tonight?" she offered.

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