Naked Day - part 7

Naked Day - part 7

"So, Sandy wants some fucking. Been there, done that", I said with a smile. Sandy flipped her middle finger at me and laughed.

"Well I need a break", I announced. I got a wash cloth for Cindy to clean her face from her double facial, then pulled a chair to the end of the bed. "I think I'll just sit here and direct. Damn, all three Monroe siblings naked on my bed. Let's get started. Johnny get up there on your back and let your sisters work on getting you hard again. Sandy, see how much of that you can get down your throat.

"Cindy, how about giving some attention to your brother's balls?"

The sisters got on either side of their younger brother. Sandy grasped his growing dick and gave it a few strokes. She then got on her knees and licked the head of his cock, sucking it and slowly working more into her mouth. Meanwhile, Cindy fondled her brothers ball sack then proceeded to lick and suck one testicle into her mouth. She worked from one to the other, then licked all around his balls and the area underneath. Sandy had managed to fit a few inches in her mouth. Coming up for air, she said, "I guess I'm not a pro cocksucker like my sister."

Cindy looked up from where she was sucking on Johnny's balls and smiled. "Practice". Johnny rested on his elbows, head back in amazement that his two sisters were giving him attention like he'd never had before. Sandy finally licked Johnny from base to head and said, "I need some of this, now." Cindy moved aside so her sister could straddle their brother. Sandy aimed Johnny's cock at her pussy and rocked back pushing his glans through her pussy lips into her vagina. She rocked back and forth slowly getting used to the feeling of his cock and enjoying the feelings shaking her body. She managed to get about 6 inches inside and seemed satisfied not to push it. Sitting up she could feel her brother deep inside her. Climbing off Jimmy, Sandy lay on her back and told her brother to fuck her good and hard. Johnny got in between his sister's legs and put her legs up on his shoulders, then bent her legs back opening her wide for him. Cindy reached in and aimed his cock at their sisters gaping vagina. He pushed forward and plowed into Sandy causing her to cry out. "OOOOOOH FUCK" "Give it to me." Fuck me hard bro, hard." Jimmy readily complied pistoning over and over into his sister. The effort was exhausting me just watching. Johnny was relentless. Sandy's breath was ragged.

"Uh, UH, UH, oh fuck. Yes YES YEEEEES" as an orgasm ripped through her. "MORE, more. aaaaaaaah"

Johnny had a sheen of sweat on him as he continued to punish his sister's cunt with his long hard cock. Then he tensed, pushed fully against Sandy's body and held a moment. In that instance Cindy reached in and squeezed her brother's balls. Johnny yelled out "Oh FUCK" and unloaded everything in him into his sister. Cindy kept the pressure on as load after load was deposited into Sandy's love canal. Sandy came again from the effort of it all and fell back exhausted. Cindy let go and Johnny pumped a few more times to be sure his sister got every drop he had. Then he lay down on Sandy and kissed her. True sibling love.

"I've got an idea", I said looking with an evil smile at Cindy. "Let's make this an all Monroe fuck. Why don't you clean Johnny out of Sandy?"

"Really? You want me to go down on my sister's cummy snatch?"

I responded with a little pout and a shrug.

"She did rub one or two out for you before. And I think it might be hot to watch."

"Hmm, Sandy? What do you think?"

"Oh I've been well and truly fucked. Nice job kid. I just need to lay here and recover. If someone wants to clean that gallon of cum out of me, I'm not complaining."

"OK then, I'll give it a go", Cindy said cautiously as she looked my way. Johnny moved to the end of the bed to watch this action. I got onto the bed for a better look. Sandy lay back exhausted while Cindy climbed up between her sister's legs. Johnny was watching in a bit of shock as Cindy leaning forward presenting her tight ass to us. From this point of view we could clearly see both sisters' pussies presented to us. Cindy's had opened a bit exposing her lips to us. Sandy's was spread wide with a good amount of Johnny's spunk now leaking out. Cindy stuck her tongue out and scooped up a large dollop of her brother's cum. Getting in closer she stuck her tongue into her sister's vagina lapping up more cum as her sister vaginal muscles pushed more out. As the cum lessened Cindy simply stuck her face right up on her sister's pussy, pulling at her inner lips, licking all around to get every drop she could find.

"This is so fucking hot", Johnny whispered to me. "I can't believe all this was in the house with me all these years." "Who knew?"

"You wouldn't have been able to handle this when you were much younger", I laughed.

Cindy must have moved to Sandy's clit, as she let out a yelp, then "So good. So fucking good. Please don't stop," Not being able to resist the view, Johnny looked at me and asked if I'd mind if he got involved. "No, go for it, but is your cockrea lly ready again?" A quick look told me no, but Johnny just showed me his tongue. I moved off to the side a bit as Johnny moved on to the bed behind his sister Cindy. Cindy was still busy bringing her sister close to the edge then backing off. Johnny grabbed an ass cheek in each hand and pulled them apart to give him access. Without warning he suck his tongue right into Cindy's pussy, sucking on her outer lips. The surprise drove Cindy's face right into Sandy's pussy where she sucked on her clit. This set Sandy off and she bucked and screamed in pleasure. This caused more cum to be pushed out which Cindy happily licked from her. Meanwhile Johnny held Cindy's ass in the air while he licked all over her clit and pussy. He then pulled his head backed and plunged his tongue into his older sister's asshole. This drove Cindy to an orgasm of her own gasping over and over as Johnny fucked her ass with his tongue. I guess he is an ass guy. Johnny continued his anal assault, pulling his tongue out and kissing all over Cindy's tight little ass enjoying the feel of her firm cheeks, and the smell and taste of his sister's ass. Cindy collapsed alongside her sister. Johnny and I stood admiring the beautiful sight before us. Their wonderful bodies, fully sated resting on display for our viewing pleasure.

I said, "You girls really are beautiful. I love you both. This was incredible. Mind if we just sit here a bit and stare at your beauty?"

Sandy said, "Dude you can stare at my tits and cunt all you want, just don't touch me for a little bit" "Thanks Bro and Sis. A once in a lifetime experience."

Cindy propped herself on her elbow and looked with love at her sister. "You mean you haven't done that before."

"Hah, hardly Sis. I talk a good game but all I've had is Bobby Tucker's skinny little prick. Today I've been really and truly fucked by men's cocks. Even if one of the men is my younger brother.

"Speaking of younger brother, where did that ass massage come from?" Totally unexpected, but welcome."

"Well I do like a nice ass and yours was waving right in my face."

"What did he do?", Sandy asked her sister.

"When I suddenly latched on to your clit, he'd just stuck his tongue right up my asshole."

"Holy shit, you dirty boy, hahah. You just about had Cindy every way possible."

"I wouldn't mind taking a shot at yours Sandy. I am an ass man and yours is exceptional."

"Well no one's poking me anywhere for a little bit."

It had been a long day of sex in many ways. I was feeling about ready for some action but the girls needed a break. Oh well we still had the evening and night ahead of us. This was already a record breaking Naked Day. The girls rested. Johnny was in recover mode. I had a semi, but I could wait. Johnny and I sat in the living room talking.

"You know, John, it's not always going to be like this. You need to find a nice girl first of all. Then she'll need to be able to handle that cock of yours or you'll never be happy."

"I was thinking about asking Sandy if we could keep doing it at home. Careful of course so we don't get caught. At least I know she's not afraid of it and we'd both be able to get plenty of sex without having to deal with people outside."

"A short term solution if she's up for it. Not sure why she wouldn't be. But you will need to get out and meet people eventually. And be very careful. We don't need any incest babies."

"Yeah, I hear you. Can I ask? How many did you have before my sister?"

"A little late to be shy", I laughed, "Let's see, I was just 19 when I met Cindy. My first was when I was 16. Not someone you'd know. I'd say 5. No, six. There was Tom Porter's Mom."

"You fucked Tom Porter's MOM? How was that?"

"It was great for an inexperienced kid, but really, I much prefer a tight younger body at my age. But she appreciated that I could cum more than once quickly."

"Damn, you've done it all."

"Just lucky. And having an open mind."

We heard stirring from the bedroom. And someone walking to the bathroom.

"Don't think about it studs. I just need to pee and wash up. I feel like a cum bucket." Sandy, cracks me up.

A short while later I put together some dinner - cooking is a very dangerous activity naked - I may need to put in an "apron is allowed" rule. We ate quietly, with everyone still recovering. Johnny had pulled Sandy aside earlier. Apparently she agreed, so now he told us. These Monroe's keep no secrets.

"Sandy and I are going to see how it goes at home. For now we'll be exclusive, until one of us meets the right person. We know we'll have to be careful with the parents around, but they go out with friends and maybe you guys could help us out by inviting them for dinner now and then?"

"How could I resist having my own living breathing sex toy at home?", Sandy said looking sheepish for a change.

Cindy, "Wow, you guys. Big step. Kinda risky. But I can see why you'd do it. My life went from good to amazing when I suddenly had a sex partner ready and willing at all times. And Mom and Dad will be so happy you two are getting along!"

"So", I added, "How about we finish up with one last night of non-exclusive."

There was no disagreement.

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