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True Story

Memories of a Deviant: Prologue and Ch. 1: Family Reunion_(1)

No matter where you go in the world, one thing that is almost universally considered to be a taboo is incest, and as you can see from the title of this new series even I, after all that's happened, still consider it to be such. The only difference between myself and the rest of the world is that I no longer care if it is taboo or not. What follows is the true story of how I entered into a deeply committed relationship with my cousin whom we will call Tiffany. Obviously that is not her real name and in order...


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The Wedding Surprise

It is July 24, 2014. Nora and I are attending Lenora’s friend Laura’s daughter’s wedding at a local hotel and catering hall. Nora is a mature brunette, about 5’ 3”, with an average build and shoulder length dark brown hair. She is dressed in an all-black, knee-high dress, with black stockings and black open toe pumps. She has always been the Alpha personality in the relationship. I’m just an average guy with dark brown hair. I’m dressed in a light gray suit. I’m the follower in the family. The wedding is the usual thing. It’s a boisterous party atmosphere in a...


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It was dark. It was raining. I was tired. I was also nervous. I considered calling the whole thing off, but it was too late now. She was waiting. I peered through the rain spattered windshield, between the squeaking wipers in a vain attempt to make out the names written on the overhead street signs. I really should get some glasses, I muttered to myself as my eyes squinted to see through the driving rain. This was the first time I would be meeting a girl off the internet. And although we had been exchanging emails regularly and even talked on...


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A pleasent surprise

It's Friday and you are finally heading home for some well deserved rest when you get a message telling you that you need to stop in Mobile for your run on Monday...You send me a message asking if we can get together since you were coming through my area.... I quickly reply saying yes and asking how long until you can be here. Mobile then you will catch me on the way back so it's going to be kind of late if that's okay.... Of course it's ok... We haven't been able to see one another in some time nowSo...


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Sex with a man for the first time

My sex with a man – the first time. It had been a long week of sales calls, it was Thursday night and one more day to go before heading home. I had taken a hotel in the middle of the city, most central to my customers, on a quiet side street. For years, when travelling alone, I've had a little private ceremony, celebrating myself. Tonight I needed a pick up before venturing out for dinner. My trusty dildo was in the bag. I rinsed my rear with my water bulb, lubed myself and proceeded to have anal sex, all on...


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Next doors not so little girl

It was nearly a week later Lisa called again. “You alone”? she asked. I nodded. She strode in. “Where’s the bedroom” she asked already climbing the stairs. I followed hesitantly and showed her the main bedroom. Today she was wearing a shift dress buttoned down the front. “What do you want” I asked uncertainly “I want you to make me cum again” she replied abruptly. “I told you last time, you’re going to give me what I want & when I want it”. Still unsure, I asked how she wanted to do it. “I think the bed this time, but I...


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My Grandma and me

My Grandma and me My prospective of what life was all about changed when I was seventeen. I was a senior in high school at the time, playing varsity basketball. At 6’2” and weighing 190lbs I was not bad to look at. My Dad was killed in a plane crash when I was fifteen so there was just my Mom and younger sister Helen who was fifteen. My older brother was 21 and in College back East on a football scholarship. One day my Mom asked me to stop over at my Grand mothers place after school and look at her...


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About My Wife...

I love to be sexually dominated, and I am married to a very beautiful young woman who utilizes my obedience to the maximum. She knows that when I am sexually aroused there is nothing I won't do for her. She often makes me go a few days without cumming, knowing that I will be that much more aroused and submissive. The other night I arrived home and found her laying on the couch wearing a short satin robe. As soon as I saw her I developed an immediate erection, thus becoming a slave to her desires. She ordered me onto my...


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Typical Day_(1)

This is a Semi-true story. I have changed the names and changed where and when it happened everything else is true. This is my first story, it was fairly simple to write as I live it each day. I hope you like it. Feedback is welcome! My name is Stormy, I am a 34-year-old male. I have dark hair and eyes that change color based on my moods. I have been our dog's bitch for many years now. My wife Sara, has been very supportive. She is not into sex with the dog at all. However, she has helped and watched...


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The wrong hotel room - aftermath

The Wrong Hotel Room - the aftermath Here is what really happened... After our mutual orgasms subsided we both decided to take a shower before heading off to dinner. We tried to make it quick but found ourselves lightly touching and caressing that actually applying soap. But the general idea was to have a good refreshing shower even if she didn't have a clean change of clothes. Since we hadn't mutually felt each other the close confines of the shower allowed us to explore each other a bit more fully than we'd anticipated just a short time earlier. For the first...


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