A pleasent surprise

A pleasent surprise

It's Friday and you are finally heading home for some well deserved rest when you

get a message telling you that you need to stop in Mobile for your run on Monday...You send

me a message asking if we can get together since you were coming through my area.... I

quickly reply saying yes and asking how long until you can be here. Mobile then you will

catch me on the way back so it's going to be kind of late if that's okay.... Of course

it's ok... We haven't been able to see one another in some time now.So, I set things in motion to

meet up with you but am catious about where to meet this time. Some things are better kept quiet.

I arrange a room at the back of the motel so you can simply pull up to me...

We message back and forth and I let you know our room number... I head out a little

early so I can set things up for you... I take out a sexy little outfit just for you... Just a short bit after I have

everything ready I hear a knock on the door... I get nervous since its been awhile... hoping that I still

peak your interests. I make sure its you and slide behind the door as i open it so you can't see anything

other than the bed pulled down waiting on an exhausted man, or will be before long. I step

out as i shut the door behind you showing this see through maroon outfit that looks

perfect. We come to each other kissing as we wrap in each other's arms holding so tightly, not wanting

to let go. we slowly slide apart as you take a second look. I reach out and start undressing

you...feeling your throbbing cock through those jeans; i lick my lips wanting to taste you,but keep my fingers

working on you for now... I wanna make sure you are completely satisfied from the start. I have you

undressed and sliding into bed as I crawl in from the foot sliding up between those legs to slide

my tongue over your hard cock...moving slowly from the base upward to the head of your stiff cock... I circle

the head and slowly slide down feeling you move down into my throat. I start moaning as I

move back up and start pumping up and down, wanting your first load emptied deep inside

my mouth... you grab my hair and move me up and down as you start to cum..."mmmmmm Oh yeah

baby" is what i hear as you tell me how close you are.. i feel your cock swelling up, wanting to explode that

hot load inside my delicious mouth. I slide down hard and deep as you start cumming...

moving quickly, riding you through the waves of excitement and exhaustion... I slide up beside you resting

for a minute or so as you start to talk a little you tell me you have a surprise for me and I should close my

eyes... You hand me a blind fold to make sure I don't peak as you climb out of bed. You pull me to the edge

and stand me up... I don't hear anything until the door opens.. I start to look and you warn me not to

because it will ruin everything. I sit back down as the door shuts... I am sitting there listening when I feel

somebody touch each shoulder... its two different people. my hands move up to the blindfold as I hear the

voices of both you and my husband, marvin..... I start to tremble as I don't know what is going

on. I have never done enything like this sober, and I have no alcohol in me yet. Marvin bends over and

tells me to relax, its ok. tonight is our night. Our night? What do you mean our night... And You slide your

hand down my back to my ass whispering if you don't want this baby we won't.... still shaking a little I

remove the blindfold to see me standing between the two of you both undressed and hard as hell...

I ask what I should do first and you tell me its Marvin's turn for a blow job and I get to

taste your sweet cunt... We agree the bed isn't the right place for this and move to the

floor atleast for now.. Each of you help me to undress... sliding the outer top down my arms to the

floor... and can see my breast waiting for the touch from both of you. You both slide it over my head

as you caress my breast and your other hand slides to my ass as Marvin's slide down

over my hot cunt but not daring to enter just yet as you remove the last piece of clothing I have on; a pair of

thongs... I slide down to my knees and start teasing marvin as i feel your tongue dancing over my

clit and back to my ass.... "mmmmmm oh yeah baby... taste my sweet cum"... Marvin grabs

my head and slides in hard, wanting to explode inside my hot mouth... suckin as much as

I can wanting to feel your hard cock inside my trembling cunt as i start cumming so

hard I can barely stay up. I feel marvin getting close to cumming as well when I feel

your cock thrust into me shoving him down into my throat.. he starts cumming as

he grabs my head holding me still as he unloads his hot cum down my throat...You grab

my hips slamming into my tight wet cunt feeling my hot cum cover your hard cock as you

slide in and out getting ready to explode again yourself. I collapse on the floor with one

on either side of me resting a few minutes before starting again...I slide ontop of

marvin placing my wet cunt over his cock wanting to feel him inside me... And I smile

at you and ask you to get the stuff out of the bag if you don't mind. Its some lubricant.. you will have to

have that if you plan on sliding up behind me and getting into this ass....I lay over on marvin as you slide

into position and start shoving gently inside me... "OH BABY"...You stop not wanting to

hurt me... I slide back against you and marvin feeling both of you slide deeper inside me... OMG...I start

cumming...you both feel me tightening down as I beg you to fuck me harder.... don't stop please don't stop..

I want to feel your hot cum.... You explode as I am shoving back against you wanting to

feel your load in my tight ass as Marvin also starts to cum deep in my wet cunt....

Our night is just beginning... but its shower time... who's joining me?

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