Photos of Laura

Photos of Laura

I had been seeing Laura off and on for a couple years, we were fuck buddies at best, and at our worst would go weeks not talking. We had been on again for a while when Laura called and invited herself over that night. Laura was exceptionally hot, long blonde hair, blue eyes, tight body, year round tan, nice B cup breasts, and a shaved pussy that I loved to eat.

Usually when Laura came over after work she would bring a sexy outfit with her and dress up for me, occasionally we took pictures of her in various states of dress and undress that we would save and look at later. That evening was no exception. When I got home Laura was already there, she'd let herself in. She was sitting on my dining room table, bare legs dangling over the side. She was wearing a pair of my boxers and one of my dress shirts, unbuttoned.

I could see her tanned stomach through the opening of the shirt, and a hint of her breasts at the edges of the shirt, she was smiling at me playfully from across the room. As I crossed the room to her she slid her hand down the front of the boxers she was wearing, rubbed herself, pulled her hand out and stuck two of her fingers in her mouth while moaning at me. I got to her and pressed up against her, she had scooted up to the edge of the table, and was pressing back against me. The shirt opened a bit and I ran my hands up to her tits.

Laura kissed me, shoved her tongue into my mouth, and started taking my shirt off. I backed up a bit and dropped to my knees, which let her completely remove my shirt. Quickly I reached up and pulled my boxers off of her, sliding them down her legs, over her ankles, and off her feet. Her bare, shaved, tanned pussy was right in front of me and I wasted no time in putting my tongue to it. She was dripping wet, her cunt lips were glistening with her juices, and I stuck my tongue right onto her clit. Laura jumped and then started wiggling her ass around on the table, she was wiggling her pussy against my mouth and tongue.

In no time at all she came, her moans growing louder and louder until she was practically screaming. I knew all the neighbors could hear us, and I knew that Laura did too, but I think the thought of her letting everyone know how hard she was cumming turned her on more. Wanting to make her cum harder I reached up with my hands and started fingering pussy her while I sucked her clit into my mouth. I rolled her clit between my tongue and lips as I shoved two fingers inside her causing her to buck her hips against me. Her knees where on my shoulders, her hands on the table behind her, and she was holding herself up pressing her pussy against my face.

She started cumming again, and grabbed a handful of my hair with one hand and held my face against her pussy. Her moans were just as loud as the first time she came, but she was wiggling more on the table. As she started coming down, her breath coming back to her, she looked down at me and said, "Please fuck me. Fuck me now".

I stood up and Laura kissed me, sucking her own pussy juices off my tongue, while I started taking my pants off. Laura's hands moved frantically trying to help me get my pants and boxers off, she was out of control at this point, all she wanted was a hard fucking. My cock sprang free from my boxers and Laura hungrily grabbed it, slowly jerking her hand up and down the length of my shaft, still kissing me.

As I stepped out of the boxers Laura repositioned herself on the edge of the table, her wet pussy spread and waiting. She guided my cock straight to her waiting cunt, the heat her body was generating was intense. "Give me your cock", Laura said, "shove your huge cock in me".

She started kissing me again as I entered her. Both of her hands were on the table behind her, and I put my hands on her hips. Her pussy was so wet that I slid in with no resistance, and when the whole length of my cock was inside her she let out a loud moan. Immediately she started rocking her hips back and forth and I started thrusting to meet her. My cock pounded in and out of her pussy with each thrust, the sound of our bodies slamming together indicating that the whole length of my cock was inside her. Each movement brought my cock out of her pussy until just the tip was inside of her and then immediately she would slam back against me taking all of my cock.

"Yes! Fuck me! FUCK... FUCK...", Laura was moaning in time with our fucking. I knew she was doing it just so the neighbors would hear us, not that we weren't both already moaning loud enough for that. Our pace increased, our fucking becoming more fevered, both of us getting turned on by the noises the other was making and knowing that other people could hear us. She leaned back and brought her hips up off the table, using her hands as leverage, the position left her tits completely exposed and I stared at them enjoying watching them bounce in front of me.

It didn't take long after that for me to start cumming. The feel of her tight pussy gripping my cock, the sight of her tits lewdly bouncing, and her chants of, "fuck me... fuck me...", had pushed me over the edge. Laura pushed her body hard against mine, taking my cock deep in her pussy, as I started pumping her full of my cum. She had been having one long orgasm, but she started cumming harder as I emptied my cock into her waiting cunt. We stayed like that for a minute kissing, my cock going slowly limp inside of her pussy, she was still on the edge of the table.

After that Laura and I took a shower to clean up and get rid of the sweat. In the shower she rubbed her body against mine, the soap and water making her slick, her tits pressing into my chest as she kissed me. I was starting to get worked up again watching her run her hands over her naked body and Laura smiled at my growing cock.

She kneeled down in front of me, spreading her legs, and sucked my half limp cock into her mouth. Laura moved one hand to her pussy and started fingering herself and she put her other hand on my balls. "I love it while you finger yourself and suck my cock", I said looking down at her. My cock was disappearing in and out of her mouth, she was moaning softly, and her hand was working furiously over her pussy. Watching her suck my cock and finger herself was completely erotic and I was getting hard again.

When my cock was completely hard Laura stood up and turned her back toward me. "Put your cock in me", she said looking over her shoulder at me. She put her hands on the shower wall and stuck her ass out toward me. I moved up behind her, my hard cock sticking out in front of me, and aimed right toward her pussy. She pushed back against me and I pushed my hard cock into her, sliding into her pussy easily. We spent a few minutes fucking in the shower, her ass slapping back against me as I pistioned my cock in and out of her tight cunt.

Laura came once more in the shower, but I couldn't cum again so soon so we got out of the shower and headed to my bedroom. I turned on the lights in the bedroom and got out my camera, meanwhile Laura started getting dressed. First she slipped on a black thong, followed by a pair of sheer black stockings. I started taking some pictures while she was getting dressed and Laura was flirting to the camera the whole time, bending over to make sure I got a shot of her from behind, squeezing her tits toward me.

The final piece of clothing was a purple corset which she laced up slowly to tease me. "Where do you want me?", she asked.

"Bend over the bed and stick your ass toward me", I replied. Laura bent over the bed, her heels making her stocking covered legs look great, and she wiggled her ass at me. I took some pictures of her thong covered pussy, her stockings and heels, as she looked back at the camera over her shoulder. "Hook two fingers in your thong and pull it aside, let me see your pussy", I told her.

She reached one hand beneath her, sliding it between her legs and into her thong. I kept taking pictures as she dipped two fingers into her pussy, her thong still in place. Laura never took her eyes off my still stiff cock as she worked her fingers in and out of her pussy, moaning softly as she did. Then she pushed the thong aside, revealing her wet cunt for the camera. Her pussy lips were glistening she was so wet, and I could see her clit poking out pink and puffy. I got close for some pictures as she worked her fingers back inside herself.

Laura turned slightly and arched her back, using her free hand to pull one of her tits free from the corset. I got a shot of her massaging her free tit, rubbing the nipple between her fingers, while her other hand was still buried between her legs. She continued to rub her pussy, the thong pushed aside, while I moved around to get some more pictures. "Climb on the bed and let me see you play with your pussy", I told her.

I moved to the end of the bed and kept taking pictures as she got on her knees, ass and pussy toward me. Laura slid her thong down her stocking covered legs and then returned her hand to her dripping cunt. I managed to get a few more pictures of her fingers disappearing into her pussy, her tits out of the corset and hanging beneath her, before I couldn't take it anymore. Stepping up to the edge of the bed I moved my cock to her waiting hole and slid inside of her. She started moaning again, loudly, as I fucked her from behind. I ran one hand across her ass, teasing her asshole lightly with my thumb, and she exploded in orgasm.

She came so hard she nearly pushed me back off the bed, the force of her pushing against me cause my thumb to slip inside her ass. This only drove her more wild with lust, she was completely out of control at this point, bucking against my hard cock and exploring hand. It went like this for a few minutes before I once again pumped a load of cum into her tight pussy. Laura orgasmed hard as I did, practically screaming as she came, our thrashing causing the bed to shake, before we both collapsed on the bed completely spent.

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