Wendy and Miss West iii

Wendy and Miss West iii

The third of three

Wendy was led blindfolded by Miss West towards a door to the rear of the office. Miss West inserted a key and opened the heavy oak door to what from the outside would appear to be a store room off the main office. On entering, if Wendy could see, she would have seen a small room, about 6 foot square, painted black with metal rings fastened at various heights along the walls and at various points to the ceiling. The room was lit with spot lights angled in all directions.

Wendy was stood in the centre of the brightly lit room. She was alone with Miss West while the other three women stayed outside chatting. Miss West turned Wendy to face a corner in the small room. She then fastened a tether around the cuffs on her wrists and pulled them to the ceiling so Wendys arms and body were stretched. Wendy could barely touch the floor with her dainty feet.

Miss West stood behind Wendy and removed her blindfold. Without speaking she left and closed the door behind her.
Wendys eyes reacted quickly to the lights and she was left dazzled for several seconds. Once she regained her full sight Wendy cautiously used what little freedom she had to inspect the room. She managed to spin herself around on her tiptoes. She saw how small the room was. She saw the rings on the walls and ceiling. The black paint made it look like a dungeon or interrogation room Wendy thought.

She began to feel nervous again. What was going to happen to her now she thought. Am I going to be hurt? Am I going to be forced to do things to these women again? What are they going to do to me!? Thoughts ran wild through Wendys mind.

No sooner had the door closed when it opened again. Miss West appeared through the door and closed it to be alone with her young employee.

Wendy soon noticed Miss West had objects in her hand. She struggled to see them.

“Wendy do you know what this is?” She held up a long, stiff peace of leather with an attachment at one end.

“Miss West, is it a whip?” Wendy replied nervously.

“Nearly Wendy. It is actually a crop. It is similar to a whip. I will show why in a moment. Do you know what this is Wendy?” She held up a leather strap with a red smooth ball attached to it.

“Oh, Miss West, I think it is a gag!”

“That’s correct Wendy, well done. Here hold it in your teeth so you can taste it.” Miss West placed the end of the leather strap between her front teeth and allowed Wendy to bight on to it.
With the ball gag dangling loosely from Wendys mouth Miss West carried on.

“The crop here will be used to leave marks on your skin Wendy.”

Wendy stiffened in panic as Miss West continued.

“The marks will remind you that you work for me and that you are mine. I may mark you because I can or if I don’t think you are working hard enough. Do you understand Wendy?”

“Yes Miss West.” Wendy whispered through gritted teeth.

“I am going to give you your first mark now Wendy to see how you like it. If you can take it without whimpering I shall leave the gag out. If you make a sound you will be gagged before the other ladies come in to use you. Is that ok Wendy?”

“Yes Miss West, anything for you.”

Miss West circled Wendy to build up the tension. She wanted Wendy to be nervous and anxious about been struck with the crop. As she circled her she allowed the end of the crop to stroke Wendy’s stomach and bottom.
On the third lap of the young girl Miss West took a step back and focused on Wendy’s left bum cheek. She touched it softly with the crop then slowly pulled it back. She paused. Then with an experienced hand she flicked the tip of the crop to lash at Wendy’s soft skin. Wendy could not have begun to understand how much the crop would hurt. It took the breath from Wendy’s lungs as she let out a high pitch scream. Her pain echoed around the enclosed room. The scream was what you would expect from a woman reaching the heights of passion. She had never heard herself make such a noise. She had not experienced pain like it. Her skin reddened and swelled within seconds. Tears dropped from her eyes as the pain made her adrenalin rush and her body heat. She lost grip on the gag as she sobbed.

“Did you enjoy that Wendy!?” Miss West enquired in delight as she saw the suffering she had put on Wendy.

“No! Oh no I didn’t Miss West! Please don’t do it again!”

With that Miss West pulled back the crop and struck again on the exact same place.
Again Wendy screamed an ear piercing outburst to show here pain. The tears continued to roll as Wendy sobbed and struggled against her restraints.
Miss West moved to face Wendy.

“Wendy you have dropped your ball gag! You have screamed when I told you to remain quiet and you spoke inappropriately to me. You may say ‘Yes Miss West’ when I ask you if you like it!! Now you leave me no option but to punish you!

Wendy struggled against her restraints but began to realise quickly that the more she protested the longer the punishment would go on for. She decided she must stand the pain, say what she had to say and get out as soon as possible.

“Raise your right leg so I can crop your inner thigh Wendy.”

“Yes Miss West, anything for you.”

“That’s better Wendy, good girl.”

Wendy raised her knee high and twisted it outwards to expose the inner thigh of her right leg.
She struggled to hold her balance and used the tension on her wrists to maintain her stance.

“When I crop you this time Wendy I want silence! Leave your leg like that until I tell you to lower it.”

“Yes Miss West, anything for you.”

Miss West struck the softest part of Wendy’s leg. She struck high on the thigh just two inches below her bald vagina.
Wendy was bighting her tongue to control herself. The pain on her thigh was worse than her backside but knew another outburst would only make her ordeal worse.
Without warning Miss West struck again on the same spot. Wendy let out a lung full of air but managed to keep her vocal cords still. Saliva departed her mouth in a flurry of spit. Some of it reached the floor while some of it dribbled down her chin and was left dangling precariously. Tears of pain continued down her cheeks and mixed with the saliva and took it to dribble on to her bare chest. Miss West made patterns in the wetness and traced it down to Wendy’s left nipple with the crop. She pushed and poked at her nipple with the crop and then slowly and softly began to tap her nipple until it became hard.

“Good girl Wendy. I knew you could take it. Lower your leg. Do you like the crop Wendy?”

“Yes Miss West.”

“I know you do Wendy and you will learn to love it as you get used to the pain it can cause. Know I will insert this ball gag into your mouth to make sure you don’t cry out in pain again in front of my friends!”

Miss West bent down and picked up the mouth restraint. She pushed the red ball into Wendy’s mouth and fastened the leather traps behind her head. She pulled it tight and watched Wendy as she struggled to breathe and swallow. Saliva escaped the sides of the gag.
Once Wendy had begun to relax a little into her bindings Miss West took her feet, which still had the silk ties on them, and pulled them into the air. She manoeuvred Wendy until she was facing a corner again. She pulled her feet and tied her right foot to one wall and her left foot to the adjacent wall, forcing her legs to part at a ninety degree angle. Her feet were now slightly higher than her waist so her knees were bent. Miss West then replaced Wendy’s blindfold. She was now totally restrained, gagged and blindfolded.

Miss West left the room again to summon the other ladies. Wendy was left alone with her legs spread and arms tied high.

The three ladies followed Miss West back into the small room desperate to see their new plaything all bound and gagged.
They were not disappointed with what they saw. Each of them commented on how beautiful Wendy looked suspended and naked with her legs spread.

“Ooh look at Wendy. What a slut she is just waiting there with open legs just for us!”

“Look at her vagina. I think its wet in anticipation.”

“I think she’s going to cum like she never has done before!”

“I can’t wait to let her drink my juices.”

“I want to taste her little anus whilst it’s so exposed!”

Miss West interrupted their chit chat.

“Now ladies here are the rules. Wendy pay attention as this will most definitely effect you too.
As Wendy is my girl I get to say when she cums. If she cums before I say she can she will be cropped. Wendy must remain silent throughout. You can do what you like to her. You can use any hole and you may use any of my instruments as you desire. Once you have finished using her holes we will move her so she can service you as you please. If you are going to cum I would like you to make sure as much as possible of your cum goes into her mouth.
Ladies please carry on and enjoy yourselves!”

Wendy was petrified at the rules Miss West had given! What were ‘the instruments’ she thought. What if I am in pain? I can’t speak to tell them to stop with this gag! What will I have to do to them! What are they going to do to my holes!?

The ladies moved slowly. They took their time to study Wendys naked form. They circled her without touching deciding in silence what they would like to do to her first.

The lady who Wendy had undressed first was the first to act. She bent down to Miss West instruments and picked up a tiny whip. It could best described as a ‘pocket whip’. It was only ten inches long in total. The tails were about six inches long and made of soft leather.

She stood between Wendys splayed legs and softly began to prescribe whips to her inner thighs. Wendys body jerked at the shock of these first touches.

She kept a steady pace swirling the whip from thigh to thigh giving alternate blows to each leg. Once Wendy got used to the sensation she realised it was quite pleasant. The leather felt soft and smooth and gave a nice slap as they landed.
The whip was worked along the lengths of her thighs the pace occasionally speeding then slowing again.

Meanwhile the posh lady grabbed a clear plastic dildo from the bag of instruments. It was a large dildo with ribs in it. She licked the length of the shaft and went down on her knees below Wendy. She offered it to Wendys spread labia and on into her hole.
Wendy felt it immediately and just hoped it was small and who ever was using it was caring and gentle.
She let out a whimper from behind her gag as it was pushed quite firmly into her young vagina.
As Wendy whimpered Miss West was there immediately to crop her as punishment for making a sound. She cropped the bottom of her right thigh, not far from where she was being whipped. She jolted as the harsh blow landed.

The lady pushed hard against the strength of Wendys muscles trying to repel it. A full nine inches was ploughed into Wendy, just leaving enough for the lady to hold onto. Her hand banged against Wendys pussy as she started to plunge the object in and out at quite a pace!
Wendys whole body rocked back and forth as her pussy was used roughly by the posh lady.
The lady with the whip now moved to Wendys body. She whipped her taught abdomen then moved to Wendys breasts, focusing on her tender nipples. Her breasts reddened and her nipples reacted by stiffening and pointing high.

Wendy was not used to feeling such sensations. The whip was not painful. The dildo in her vagina however was! She was not lubricated enough to take such a large phallus.
It rubbed against her tender innards and she thought she might cry again.

Miss West and Sandra watched in silence as this beautiful girl was humiliated and abused. Miss West stroked Sandras bum as they watched in delight.

Sandra watched the young girl of her desires in this threesome with these two experienced ladies. She lusted after her so much. She enjoyed watching her suffer but did not want to hurt such a tender being.
She approached the medley of women and bobbed down to her knees next to the posh lady.
She stopped Wendy from rocking by placing her hands on the bottom of her bum and grabbing hard. She slowly moved her tongue to Wendys tight anus.

Wendy felt the damp soft touch on her delicate skin around her ass. It was a lovely feeling and she used her best guess and presumed correctly that it was Sandra finishing what she had started earlier.

The exquisite feeling on Wendys anus made up for the pain the posh lady was inflicting with the dildo on her vagina.
The thought of Sandra being down their tonguing her arse started to make Wendy moist. Her pussy started to lubricate the plastic dick inside her and made its relentlessness smoother and more pleasurable.
The posh lady manoeuvred her thumb so that on the up thrust she made brief contact with Wendys clitoris. On every seventh or eighth thrust she stopped, holding the dildo deep inside Wendy whilst she circled her clitoris with her thumb and then occasionally she pushed her face closer to lick at it.
Wendy had never had two tongues working her at the same time before. She didn’t know which sensation to focus on and her pre cum ran loose leaking down the dildo and seeping towards her anus where Sandra was only too pleased to lap at the taste.

“That’s it girls lap it up! Does she taste good?” Asked Miss West.

The posh lady was first to respond as she continued to ram the dildo home.

“Oh yes, she tastes just fine for such a young girl. She had better be ready to eat my vagina now I have been so kind and licked her bud!
I bet you love me licking you Wendy. Do you want me to lick you some more?”

Wendy nodded frantically and moaned a sweet muffled sigh through her gag.

“Would you like it if I made you cum with this big phallus Wendy?”

Wendys appreciative moans continued as she began to buck and breathe deeper.

“Now now Wendy;” Miss West spoke again; “Don’t even think about cuming yet! I have not given you permission!”

Sandras tongue worked faster and faster at her anus and the dildo was thrust deeper, faster and harder. The tongue on her clitoris worked more frequently as they teased her into orgasm.

The lady with the whip had now started to use it on Wendys face. Lightly but relentlessly slapping her face cheeks. It was almost frustrating to Wendy but as her orgasm started to build the attention and confusion sent her over the edge.
She shook her head from side to side to try to avoid the whip but also to try to make these women stop. Her orgasm was sending waves through her body. She knew Miss West would sense she was cuming and dreaded to think of the consequences.

She moaned through her gag in a confusion of pleasure and fear. Tears escaped her eyes again and the ball in her mouth almost made her gag as saliva from her heightened state was not able to be swallowed.

Miss West moved forward with her crop and gestured the lady with the whip to move so she could stand between Wendys legs.
The whip was now lashing at Wendys feet and ankles.

Miss West raised the crop and in rhythm to her words she cropped Wendys nipples. “I – HOPE – YOU – ARE – NOT- CUM - ING – YOUNG – LADY!”

Wendy shook her head wildly. The attention on her holes carried on as the orgasm sent her wild. Her whole body shook, her vagina tightened and sucked on the dildo. The posh lady had to fight to keep in control of it so she could carry on at a frantic pace. Sandra pushed her tongue further into Wendys anus and spanked her arse as she did.
Wendys cum had made her so wet that the dildo made a squelching noise as it moved inside Wendy. On the up thrust it sent out a spray of cum which covered the posh ladys hands and face as she concentrated hard on making Wendy orgasm.
Wendy was loud to say she was gagged, and it didn’t go unnoticed.

“Silence Wendy!” Ordered Miss West.

Wendy was oblivious to words now. All she could focus on was her loins and her internal fire.

“Wendy I want you to stop cuming immediately!” Miss West sounded like a school teacher now shouting orders to naughty pupils.
She knew Wendy could not control herself yet. In time Miss West would train her to be more obedient.

“Silence Wendy!” Ordered Miss West again.

Wendy reached a peak and her moans echoed in the room. She feared what punishment Miss West may administer for her disobedience as she slowly started to come back down to earth. Miss West asked the other ladies to stop.
The dildo was pulled out slowly and the four of them took great pleasure in inspecting Wendys fresh honey which coated the whole shaft. The lady with the whip being the only one not to have tasted Wendy took the dildo and slowly licked and sucked it clean.

They all stood now ready to witness Wendy receive her punishment.

“Wendy you know I must mark you now! I will first punish you for breaking your silence and then for cuming before I said you could! Do you understand Wendy?”

Wendy acknowledged with a slow fearful nod of her head.

Miss West softly tapped Wendys face cheeks. A couple of shots on either side.

“You must learn to control your noises Wendy. I asked you to remain quiet but you disobeyed me!”

She then ran the crop down to her nipples where the shots became harder.

“Do not talk or make a sound unless you are told to Wendy! Do you understand young lady!?”

The shots were hard and pained Wendys already tender nipples.
Wendy nodded quickly, hoping that the sudden response would end her suffering. It didn’t and Miss West carried on raining shots to each nipple until they were deep red.

“Now Wendy. Your little vagina disobeyed you too didn’t it?”

Wendy nodded again.

“It released your honey before I was ready Wendy. For that it must be cropped!”

Wendy shook her head violently and her body struggled and fought the restraints. She knew her efforts were futile. She knew this would be the worst pain she could possibly suffer. To have that hard leather tab assault her tender lips would be excruciating. She put up a fight in the hope that Miss West would go easy on her. She knew she had to accept the punishment and was eager to show Miss West she was keen to learn but feared the pain she was about to experience.

She allowed her body to relax and waited to receive her cropping.

“One, two, three…..” Miss West counted the cropping she dealt. The first was soft and kind. The second and third were a little harder. By the time the tenth blow came Miss West was using reasonable force to make Wendy suffer.

Wendy managed to remain silent but the pain she was in was like no other. The crop hit her labia, her clitoris and the skin between her hole and her anus. Miss Wests shots were accurate and deliberate. She knew which parts of a young girl were most sensitive.

She stopped at 15 recognising the pain Wendy must be feeling. Wendy shuddered in pain, she felt her pussy sting and the sensation drove straight through her body. She concentrated hard and managed to stifle her screams.

After several minutes of just watching her hanging in pain Miss West decided it was time to use Wendys mouth to service her and her friends vaginas. She untied Wendys feet and lowered them softly to the ground allowing the blood to flow back to them gradually. She then released the gag and asked Wendy if she had enjoyed her punishment.

“Oh yes Miss West, anything for you.” Wendy replied.

Her hands were released from the ceiling and the other women gathered round to assist getting her into her next position.

They grabbed her arms and body and caringly laid her down on the cold floor on her back. Miss West then pulled her hands together and tied her forearms to each other and pulled them so her body was tight again. Her arms were fastened to one of the metal loops which was just two inches above the floor. With her body as straight as an arrow two of the other women took Wendys legs and spread and secured them apart with a spreader bar. They attached the spreader bar to a cord and ran it through a ring on the ceiling. They then used the metal loops in the ceiling as a pulley to hoist her from the floor.

The ladys looked at Wendy, as she suspended upside down with her legs spread, so they could see right into her vagina. Wendys young firm breasts flopped only slightly towards her face. The back of her head was still on floor and her neck bent uncomfortably so the rest of her was at ninety degrees to it.

Miss West was the first to use Wendy in this position. She removed her ball gag so her mouth could be abused by her and her friends.
Miss West stood above Wendys face with he legs either side of her outstretched arms. She slowly lowered herself onto Wendys pretty face and began to gyrate her already wet pussy into her. She felt Wendys nose bang on her clitoris and her lips moving with the force of her labia.

“Use your mouth to make me cum little one. I want you to drink my cum!” Miss West instructed Wendy.

Wendy realised it was Miss West and with out delay lapped at her Mistresses vagina.
As Wendy worked on her pussy with her soft tongue Miss West grinded her arsehole onto Wendys little nose. Pushing down as hard as she could she felt the tip enter her. She moved in circles to arouse her anus while her young employee flicked her clit with a fast learning tongue.

Sandra, realising Miss West was enjoying her anus being played with bent down behind Miss West and slowly started to finger the outside of her friends anus. Miss West lifted her bum fractionally so she could do as she wished to her tight anus. Sandra wasted no time in slipping a finger into her and wiggling it around to delight her friend.

Miss Wests pre cum built up quickly and she ensured none of it was wasted. She allowed Wendy to lap at it and then fingered her hole herself to draw on the excess build up and allowed that to dribble into Wendys hungry mouth.

Wendy now enjoyed the taste and the excitement of licking Miss West. She found it so perverse and against her best judgement that she just felt so turned on. This made her lap faster and with more attention to detail. She so wanted her boss to cum hard into her mouth.

With her clitoris and anus being played with Miss West soon began to cum. She rocked her vagina on Wendys face and positioned herself to ensure her employee knew where to lick. Her juices oozed and a flood of cum left her pussy in a torrent as she moaned a lovely sigh of pleasure. Wendy continued to lick and gulped as hard as she could to take all the cum she was offered.
Miss West rubbed her soaking pussy all over Wendys face as she came down from her excitement to leave Wendy looking like she had just had a hard workout.
As Miss West stood up she revealed Wendys smiling face. She had a dirty yet innocent smile on her face as if to say ‘I just made you cum Mistress and I enjoyed every bit of it’.

“That was very good Wendy. I am sure with more practice you will become an excellent employee.” Miss West remarked.

“Thankyou Miss West!” Wendy replied, still smiling at her efforts.

The lady who had whipped Wendy now decided it was her turn for some fun.

She too adopted the same position Miss West had. Before she allowed Wendy to lick her she asked Wendy if she would like a 69.

With Wendys mouth just an inch from her pussy she not only heard Wendys reply but felt her warm breath on her pussy too.

“Yes Miss, anything for you.”

With that she lowered herself onto Wendys mouth and wrapped her arms around Wendys frame and took hold of her ass cheeks. She pulled Wendy closer and sank her own face into Wendys crease and the two women began to French kiss each others vaginas.

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