Tropical Vacation_(1)

Tropical Vacation_(1)

Tropical Vacation

It was a quiet night at the resort, being off-season and mid-week. But that's why we were there - we saved a bunch of money that way. After dinner we decided to get a couple of tropical drinks and head over to the hot tub on the nude side of the resort. When we arrived there was another couple already there, which sort of bummed me out - I was hoping to have sex with my wife under the stars. But we recognized them as Tom and Nancy, who had met the previous day at the nude pool so we said hello again and chatted casually while getting ready to get in the tub.

We dropped our robes and got into the tub slowly - the water was pretty hot. It always surprises me to see how natural my wife can act in a completely unnatural situation. She's very self conscious about her body (although I always tell her she's an absolute MILF), but tonight she looked like someone who goes nude all the time. So here we were, naked and trying to get under the water as quickly as possible while continuing to chat. I noticed that Tom gave my wife's body more than a casual look, and his wife gave us both a big smile.

When we were finally settled in, I took a sip of my drink and started engaging Tom in a conversation we had started the day before about business. My wife (Tricia) and Nancy were discussing where we went to dinner the previous night. And so the evening progressed with pleasant chat and fruity drinks. When Tom had finished his drink he volunteered to get another round, which we all gratefully accepted. I couldn't help but steal a look at his soft cock and low hanging balls as he walked up the steps of the spa. He paused slightly on the step with his balls dripping a few inches above the water. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed my wife glance in his direction and then quickly avert her eyes. I made my cock twitch a little to wonder if she was thinking about him.

I decided to join Tom to help him carry the drinks and as I was putting my robe on I thought I saw him look at my crotch. Another twitch - I always enjoy showing off. We walked the short distance to the bar and Tom ordered. While we waited he asked, "Have you and Tricia been here before?" I told him this was our first time at this resort. "This is our second time", he said, and "we're really enjoying it. It's great to be able to take your clothes off and feel natural around other naked people." I agreed, adding that it seemed very comfortable and that everyone we'd met was really nice.

"I couldn't help but notice your wife is really hot." Tom's comment took me a bit by surprise for its boldness but I tried to be casual. "Yeah, I think so. I tell her all the time but she never seems to take me seriously." "Well I'd do her anytime, and you can tell her so." Again this comment surprised me but definitely made my dick twitch again - I'd often fantasized about watching my wife being fucked by another man. "I'll tell her, but I don't think you stand much of a chance. I've always wanted to see her do someone else but she refuses to entertain the idea."

Our drinks came and we started back to the spa. "Nancy has a great body too"' I heard myself say. "Yeah, she's hot. Just looking at her gets me going", Tom responded. "We've swapped a couple of times but the mood and the people have to be just right." I was excited hearing this, knowing that the woman in the spa with my wife had fucked other men in front of her husband. "You're a lucky guy", I said. "Women like that are hard to find."

By now we were at the hot tub again and our wives were sitting side by side on the edge of the tub, apparently cooling off a bit. We distributed the drinks and Tom shrugged off his robe and started back into the water. This time I watched my wife's face to see if she would give his crotch another look. She did look in his direction but I couldn't tell if she was really looking at his equipment. Feeling a bit disappointed I dropped my own robe and got back in the water.

Tom waded over to Nancy and kissed her thigh, then took a sip of his drink and sat down. I noticed his hand on her leg, gently caressing her shapely calf and lower thigh. I sat down next to where Tricia's legs dangled into the water and sipped on my drink. "So what have you two been talking about?", Tom asked. "About the two of you of course", his wife replied. Tom responded "And?" "And nothing, we were just talking girl talk." "Well I thought for sure you'd be bragging about how great I am", Tom joked. "We're both lucky ladies" my wife responded. "Mmmmmm" said Tom as he stood up between Nancy's legs, leaned forward and kissed her tanned midriff. Then he slid his head down to her small patch of hair and pushed his face into her pussy.

"TOM!" Nancy exclaimed. "Stop!" He lifted his head and smiled, then he chuckled "You know you love it!" and he lowered his head down for more. This time Nancy let him lick her for a minute before she told him to stop again. He came up for air and kissed her belly again, this time tonguing her navel before he went back down between her legs. Now it was Nancy who said "mmmmmm" as Tom's tongue went back to work. I glanced at Tricia who was watching Tom eat his wife's pussy, and she looked at me and smiled nervously. I could tell she was a bit uncomfortable with what was happening but I could see that part of her was enjoying being a voyeur.

Nancy had her eyes closed and a look of pleasure spread across her face as she laid back onto the spa deck and let herself enjoy the sensations Tom was giving her with his mouth. I moved between my wife's legs and looked deep into her eyes. She seemed a little scared but I could tell the scene beside her was beginning to turn her on. I dipped my head down and kissed the soft patch of hair between her thighs, then flicked my tongue out to lick her. I felt her flinch just a little but she didn't stop me so I moved further down and started to run my tongue up and down the soft outer lips of her beautiful blonde pussy. She spread her legs just a little to give me better access and I drove my tongue in deeper to kiss her inner lips. After a minute of my mouth-work I could taste her juices starting to flow. I hear her sigh and she leaned back on her elbows, watching the couple beside her and then watching me between her legs. Finally she gave in to the feeling and laid back on the deck beside Nancy.

It must have been quite a scene, two gorgeous women on their backs, with their men eagerly eating them out. We continued that way for a while, the women getting hotter and hotter, their pussy juices flowing freely. I came up for air and saw that Tom was now standing and fingering his wife's pussy. He looked at me as my own hand started caressing Tricia's pussy lips, my fingers sliding in and out of her to spread those slippery juices all over. He mouthed to me "Want to switch?" without making a sound. My mind raced at the possibility and I nodded. He carefully placed his hand over mine and then replaced mine with his in my wife's pussy while I did the same to Nancy. Then he moved out from between her legs as I repositioned myself too. I felt his hard cock brush against my ass as he passed behind me to get between Tricia's legs. It was like a ballet, the two of us moving around, trying desperately not to let the women know what was happening. We seemed to pull it off though, as our ladies continued to lay on the deck enjoying the attention.

I watched as Tom went down on my wife, and I watched to see if she would notice the change. She didn't move so I assumed all was okay and I bent my own head down to the dark triangle between Nancy's legs. As we continued to pleasure each other's wives, I felt Nancy move her leg to touch my wife's leg, then placing it on top of hers. To my surprise Tricia responded by rubbing her leg against Nancy and letting out a small moan. I lifted my head for a moment to see my wife's face and suddenly she opened her eyes and saw me. For a moment she didn't react and then she seemed to realize that she was seeing her husband eating another woman's pussy, and another moment later realized that it wasn't me between her legs.
She let out a small gasp and raised up off the pool deck, looking down at the back of Tom's head in her crotch. I gave her a pleading look, not wanting this to be interrupted. Then Nancy also looked to see what was happening. She seemed surprised but not unpleasantly so, and she looked at Tricia and smiled. "He's very good" she said to Tricia, "you're a very lucky woman."

It seemed to me that Tricia didn't know how to react. Obviously the situation was unlike anything we'd ever experienced before . . . she looked at me and I could see she was uncomfortable. "Honey, it's okay. If you want to stop, we'll stop, right now or at any point you're uncomfortable" I told her. By now of course Tom had lifted his head to join the conversation. "Absolutely", he said "we stop if you say stop. We're not going to force ourselves on you."

She smiled weakly at me as if to say, "I'll go with it for a while." I smiled back at her and said "I love you." Then I lowered my head into Nancy's crotch again and put my tongue back into action. Tom did the same to Tricia and I stole a peek at her to see her reaction. She was already laying back down and letting herself focus on pleasure he was giving her.

I felt our ladies' legs rubbing together gently again, the touch of their soft skin adding to their pleasure. For a few minutes there was no sound except for the small moans from our wives and the little slurping sounds we made as we lapped up their flowing juices. I glanced up again to get another look at the scene; it was turning me on so much. I saw Nancy's hand reach over and caress Tricia's breast, her fingers circling the nipple delicately. Tricia moaned with pleasure - she was letting herself go and I loved her for it.

I reached up and cupped Nancy's breasts with my hands, running my hands over them then pinching the nipples gently. She responded by arching her back to push her pussy into my face. I pulled one hand down and softly inserted two fingers into her dripping cunt. She let out a soft cry as I began to move my fingers in and out slowly while my tongue continued to flick at her clit.

I came up for air and watched Tom and Tricia for a minute. He was licking her for all he was worth, and she was responding, spreading her legs to give him complete access to her sweet pussy. His hands were caressing her thighs, slowly getting closer to her sweetness. I saw him slip one finger in very gently and then another. My beautiful wife was enjoying it now, letting the waves of pleasure wash over her.

I was wondering what would happen next when Nancy rose up and then slipped into the spa. She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me into a deep french kiss, pressing herself up against my now erect cock. "Mmmmmm, that feels like a really nice cock", she said. Then she turned toward Tricia and asked "Do you mind if I suck him?" My wife looked over at us, her eyes smoldering with passion. "Go for it", she responded and she repositioned herself to watch. I hoisted myself onto the rim of the spa and Nancy moved between my legs. She grasped the hard shaft of my cock with one hand while her other moved down to caress my balls. Then she licked the head, running her tongue all over it and finally took my dick in her mouth. The sensation was fantastic and I leaned back to enjoy it. There I was lying beside my wife, looking into each other's eyes while we were both being pleasured by this sexy couple.

Tricia could see the pleasure on my face and she smiled sweetly. "Is it good?" she asked. "Oh yeah", I responded "really good". We both watched Nancy's head bobbing up and down on my shaft, then Tricia leaned over next to her and put her face in my crotch too. Nancy moved down to lick my balls and allow my wife to suck my cock. The sensation of Nancy's tongue on my balls and my cock in Tricia's warm wet mouth was fantastic, and the picture before me was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. Tricia raised one leg up to continue to give Tom access to her cunt. His mouth was making her moan in delight and she was increasing the speed of her sucking me.

Tom finally had enough of my wife's sweet juices and he pulled himself out of the spa and sat on the edge. Nancy saw him, stopped licking my balls and went to her husband. She took his hard dick into her mouth and started sucking him up and down. He laid back a bit and the look of enjoyment on his face was obvious. I felt like I was ready to burst so I pulled Tricia off my cock and raised her face to mine, kissing her with a passion we hadn't experienced since our early days.

We were both really hot, burning with sexual desire. I lowered her gently to the deck and continued to kiss her, caressing her body with my free hand. I probed her pussy again, sliding a finger up and down her lips. I knew she wanted me inside her and I was yearning to feel the soft wetness of her cunt wrapped around me. I mounted her slowly, easing my cock into her waiting pussy. She took me right in, just like she always does. I'm always amazed at how well we fit together, how our bodies can find each other and melt together so quickly.

I moved in and out of Tricia's pussy slowly, fucking her deep. She moaned with pleasure as she looked down at our bodies joined together, then looked over to see Nancy still sucking her husband. His cock was really hard now, and when Nancy pulled her mouth off it was obvious he was bigger than me. Not longer, but thicker, the swollen head glistening with a drop of pre-cum. I watched my sexy wife as she looked at him now, no longer bashful, staring at his hard body and wet cock.

Nancy pushed Tom back onto the deck and straddled him, lowering herself onto his swollen shaft. Her eyes rolled back in pleasure as she sank all the way down and he was buried in her pussy. She started to slowly ride him up and down, her breasts heaving, her eyes half closed in passion. Tricia and I continued to move together and watch them. We could catch a glimpse of Tom's big hard cock, wet with Nancy's juices as she raised herself almost off of him. Then she rode him back down, their dark pubic hair meshing together almost as one.

Nancy leaned down and kissed Tom, pressing her breasts against his chest. Then she pulled away from him and leaned to the side taking Tricia's breast into her mouth. I watched my wife for signs of disapproval but there were none. I could see Nancy sucking, swirling her tongue around the nipple, first flicking the hardness of it then bathing it with soft wetness. Tricia had her eyes closed in ecstasy. When she opened them she reached out to Nancy and cupper one of her breasts in her hand. I continued to slide my cock in and out of her slowly as I watched my wife fondle another woman’s breasts. The scene was like something from my wildest dreams, but I had no idea that it was only the beginning of what was to be the most incredible night of sex ever.

Soon Tom lifted his wife off his cock and had her kneel on the deck with her ass in the air. He positioned himself behind her and eased his hardness into her from behind, pushing himself all the way into her. They began to move together, increasing the speed and intensity and soon his balls were slapping against her ass. I pulled out of Tricia’s pussy and went down on her again. She turned her head to watch the other couple and again reached out to play with Nancy’s breasts. Nancy responded by inching herself closer to us until her breast was position directly over my wife’s face. Tricia flicked her tongue out toward the erect nipples waiting above her, and Nancy lowered her breasts so she could reach them. I watched in amazement as my wife licked and sucked those beautiful tits, then I returned to eating her pussy. She was squirming, raising her hips and pressing her pubes into my face. I knew she was close to cumming but I wanted to enjoy this a little longer.

I lifted myself up and prepared to fuck her again but when Nancy saw my hardon she clamped her mouth on it eagerly. She sucked the head into her mouth and ran her tongue around it several times, then she took it out and licked the shaft all the way down to my balls. With her ass so high in the air, Tom’s dick was buried to the hilt inside of her and she moaned in pleasure. She lifted her head up out of my crotch and pushed herself against her husband. I moved my cock to my wife’s pussy, slowly parted her lips and slid into her wet cunt with ease. I pushed my shaft up against her clit as I moved in and out of her.

Nancy watched as my cock now glistening with Tricia’s juices moved in and out of her soft, swollen pussy lips. I felt myself close to cumming so I pulled out and my cock sprang upward. Again Nancy moved to take me into her mouth, licking Tricia’s love juices off of me. “Oh my God that tastes so good!” she exclaimed. I could see she was getting hotter and hotter, her excitement building to a frenzy.

I moved my head down to my wife’s beautiful cunt and began to lick her again. This time I wasn’t going to tease her. I flicked my tongue up and down the length of her lips, pushed it up inside of her and then up and around her erect clit. I sucked her clit into my mouth and swirled my tongue around it, then flicked it up and down. Tricia was moaning in pleasure and I glanced up to look at her. Nancy was sucking her nipples in between her own moans as Tom continued to thrust into her from behind. I could see his hand was underneath her and I knew he must be massaging her clit, driving her crazy.

Then I felt Tricia start to reach her peak, her hips bucking against my face as her orgasm sent waves of pleasure through her body. I think that must have pushed Nancy over the edge too as she began to buck wildly against Tom’s dick and shout “Yes, yes, YES!!!” My wife must have been excited by this too as she had her next orgasm very quickly.

Nancy collapsed onto the pool deck and flipped onto her back with her legs open so Tom could fuck her some more. I could see my wife’s eyes glued to his cock as it moved in and out of her. As she watched I continued tonguing her and she had another orgasm that made her quiver all over. I knelt between her legs and guided my hard cock back into her waiting cunt. We were all so hot, watching each other and fucking like crazy – it was fantastic! It didn’t take long for me to get to the point where I couldn’t hold back any more. I groaned “Oh yeah!” as I shot my load deep into my wife, my hard dick pulsing again and again. Tom increased his speed and then moaned as he rammed himself into Nancy for his own orgasm. I could see her body shudder as he filled her with his cum and I knew she must have had another orgasm herself.

We lay there for a few minutes, the four of us recuperating from our exertions. It seemed a little awkward now that it was over but I focused my attention on Tricia, nuzzling her, cuddling her a bit. Tom and Nancy obviously were experienced at this at were less uncomfortable. I lifted myself up a bit to give my wife some room to breathe without pulling out of her. When I did, Tom leaned over and kissed Tricia’s breast, then gently flicked her nipple with his tongue. She quivered underneath me, still excited. Even though I had just spent my load, the sight of another man kissing Tricia’s tits was making me very excited.

I pulled out of her and lay beside her and I took her other breast into my mouth. She lay there enjoying it, her excitement level staying high. Nancy slid out from under her husband and crawled over to be between Tricia’s legs. “Mmmmm, that looks delicious”, she said, looking at my cum oozing from her cunt. She lowered her head and began lapping it up, cleaning my wife’s pussy lips and sucking the cum out of her. The sensations must have been incredible for Tricia; within a few minutes she was grabbing the back of Nancy’s head and pushing her into her cunt as she came very hard.

Tom and I were watching as Nancy lifted her head. She licked her lips and proclaimed “Yummy!” Then she turned to Tom, pulled him to her and kissed him with a deep French kiss. I was surprised, and very turned on and I bent to kiss Tricia deeply. Apparently Nancy wasn’t completely done – she lay down next to Tricia and began playing with herself, smearing Tom’s cum all over her pussy lips and clit. She put two fingers inside of herself and began moving them in and out, fucking herself hard and fast. Very quickly she had worked herself up to the point of orgasm again and she pulled her fingers out and rubbed her clit furiously as her hips bucked up and down with her orgasm. When she was finished she sucked the cum off her fingers and lay back exhausted.

I gently kissed my wife and smiled at her, thinking that we still had three more nights before our vacation was over – what other new pleasures might we discover?

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