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Dinasty Mansion Diaries-Ice

Daddy had been at his office all day. I left him a message with his secretary to let him know I'd be on the Tyree floor watching Mr. Omar's kids. I had just put the kids to sleep when the phone rang. I ran to answer it. Dynasty Mansion, Tyree residence, Iesha speaking. It was Mr. Omar telling me that he would be about two hours late. I decided to waste some time by going through his stuff. I went in his room and sat on his bed, trying to decide where I should start. Where would a man keep anything...


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Who knew Physics could be Fun chapter 5

Chapter 5 I floated on air the whole way back to the office. I just had great sex in a place that at least every dirty minded school child had dreamed of and I was pretty certain that I was now dating the object of my affection and lust at least. My mind was racing. I needed to really sort out the feelings that I was having for Charlie. Was I in love with him or was I in lust. Was this just going to be a short how do you do or did he really mean that he wanted to...


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Sex with a man for the first time

My sex with a man – the first time. It had been a long week of sales calls, it was Thursday night and one more day to go before heading home. I had taken a hotel in the middle of the city, most central to my customers, on a quiet side street. For years, when travelling alone, I've had a little private ceremony, celebrating myself. Tonight I needed a pick up before venturing out for dinner. My trusty dildo was in the bag. I rinsed my rear with my water bulb, lubed myself and proceeded to have anal sex, all on...


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The Matriarchy - Mrs Mckenzie

I'm a 51 year old, English, divorced mother of 2 and wasnt completely on board with the Matriarchy Regime at the onset. But at that time, I had no idea how much power one could have by changing the simple act of a sexual outlook. It was only 6 months ago that I really got into it. Being divorced, back to work, promotions and more disposable income than I'd ever had before, I hadn't had time to think about using my new toy. At the dawn of the matriarchal takeover, every girl over 18 recieved a female friendly (orgasm giving) strapon...


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Angie's big date_(0)

Shaina was excited for her date. For the first time in a few years, she was going to go out with another girl. Until recently, there was a very jealous boyfriend who Shaina didn't really want to talk about, but that was over now. She looked at herself in the mirror: Her mousey brown hair was still unmanageable, her skin still a fair white with a few blemishes here and there, breasts and butt still good-looking but nothing amazing. She looked the spitting image of the good Jewish girl her parents wished she was. Shaina was just going to meet Angie...


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Fulfilling Her Fantasy

I watched her from the window. She had just gotten home and was getting out of her car. Up the drive she walked, in seconds she would be at the front door. Seconds later she was in the house. I knew her routine: leave the house at 6 am, home at 5:30 pm, shower, dinner, tv, bed. Without fail, every night. She didn’t have a husband, no boyfriend, no pets even, this lady was a shut in…which was perfect for me. See I had plans for her. I heard the front door shut from her upstairs bedroom. I softly made my...


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A cold evening on the campus

It was the middle of December, three days before the college broke for Christmas. The days had become really short, and if you lived in the middle of a concrete forest like I did, really cold. I was in second year then, having given the end semester examinations, and trying to enjoy the few days that remained before we all headed off for our homes. But one can only enjoy as much with an empty hostel, most of my mates having departed already inspite of the fact that college was still on. Not so for me, my parents would mail me...


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One Bold Night---part 2

Part 2 Matt stood there for another moment or two, his back to us. I couldn't see his face, didn't know what he was thinking. My new friend was looking at me, glancing at Matt, trying to sort out the tension. Finally, Matt spoke again, without turning around. You guys do this often?, he asked. I couldn't quite read his tone of voice, but it still didn't seem angry. No, we just met tonight. Like I said, this just sort of happened. I was jerking off in the shower, thinking I was alone. Matt slowly turned back towards us and as...


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A Boy and his Genie - Chapter 06

At Sophie’s suggestion, Matt went home that evening. They didn’t want to risk anyone suspecting that he had a genie, so they decided that he should probably keep away from her in public for a bit. Matt agreed, although he’d have much rather he didn’t have to. Matt laid on his bed, nude, thinking about all that had happened recently. Many times in his life he’d imagined what his life would be like if he found a genie. Of course, once he’d hit puberty, his thoughts had turned to all the sex he’d have. To some extent, that had come true...


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