Dinasty Mansion Diaries-Ice

Dinasty Mansion Diaries-Ice

Daddy had been at his office all day. I left him a message with his secretary to let him know I'd be on the Tyree floor watching Mr. Omar's kids. I had just put the kids to sleep when the phone rang. I ran to answer it.

"Dynasty Mansion, Tyree residence, Iesha speaking."

It was Mr. Omar telling me that he would be about two hours late. I decided to waste some time by going through his stuff.

I went in his room and sat on his bed, trying to decide where I should start. Where would a man keep anything he had to hide besides the place where he knew he would be most of the day? I thought to myself. His office. I went into his office and sat in his big desk chair and looked around. His office was pretty much like Daddy's. There was a big heavy curtain hanging over the window so that no light could come in. It looked pretty much like any private office would. It was dark with a bookcase on one wall, a globe, a desk, huge desk chair, computer, two consultant chairs facing the desk, a big loveseat in the middle of the room (which, if he was anything like my father, he fell asleep on lots of nights), a table--the norms. What was different from my daddy's office was the TV. Daddy said that a TV was nothing but a distraction for him and he refused to put one in his office. Mr. Omar's was hooked up to a V.C.R. and a DVD player.

I looked around for some tapes or DVD’s. He had a couple of unmarked tapes on the floor near the TV stand. I got up and put one of them in. It was a lot of fuzz at first, and then a picture came into view. It was a tape recorded in this very office. Mr. Omar's dog, Dutchess, was the first moving object to appear. Then I saw Mr. Omar like I had never seen him before. He was sitting on the couch butt naked with his dick in hand. The size of it surprised me even more than the fact that I was seeing it. He had at least 9 or 10 inches of hard meat in his hand and it was about as thick as my wrist. Just looking at him was making me wet. He got on his knees and called the dog.

Dutchess went over to him. He started rubbing and petting her. She licked his face and neck. Then he pushed her head to his dick. She began to lick it and I could see precum starting to form at the tip, which she gratefully licked off. Then he turned her around so that her ass was facing him. He eased up behind her and starting patting her back and legs. He lined his huge dick up with the dog's tight entrance. No Omar, I thought. I didn't think you got down like that. But sure enough he began to push his huge dick into her. She started to move away but he grabbed her by her legs and pulled her back to him. He started to move his dick in and out of her, making the way loosen up for more entry. I could feel her pain. Then I started to hear it. Dutchess started to whimper, lightly at first, then more loudly as Mr. Omar pumped her full of his hard, huge, black pole.

Then there was a sound at the door. It was Mr. Omar's other dog, Dane, trying to get in. I wondered if he could smell the sex from outside the door. This seemed to make Dutchess whimper even louder--which seemed to only turn Mr. Omar on more. He began to pump faster and harder, pulling Dutchess back to meet every one of his hard thrusts into her. Dane started running into the door. Mr. Omar was pumping Dutchess ferociously, starting to lose control. Finally, he planted himself deep inside of her and held there. After a minute, he pulled out and did it again. Then he pulled out of Dutchess completely and collapsed on the floor. Now the only sounds were his heavy breathing and Dane still trying to get in the door. Dutchess was on the floor with her head between her legs licking at her abused hole.

After Mr. Omar had got enough strength, he got up, still naked, and opened the door for Dane. Dane sniffed at Mr. Omar for a second before turning to Dutchess. As soon as Dutchess saw him, she jumped up as if preparing to defend herself. I could see that Dane's dick had unsheathed itself. It looked as big as Mr. Omar's only not as long. He trotted up behind the freshly fucked Dutchess and tried to mount her. She turned around so many times it made me dizzy. Finally, Dane got behind her and climbed up on her back. Dutchess tried to get away but Dane had a firm grip on her. He started humping at her already gaping hole but kept missing. Mr. Omar went over and put the tip of Dane's dick at the entrance of Dutchess' hole. Dane started to push himself into her. After he had gotten himself an inch or so in Dutchess's hole, he began to pump at her madly. I couldn't help but watch as he beat his dick into her mercilessly. Dutchess began to yelp loudly as her already raped hole was invaded for the second time in about two hours.

I imagined what it was like and decided that I was glad I wasn't a dog. Then I remembered. I had been watching this tape for about two hours. I got up and shot to the VCR. As soon as I pressed the eject button, I heard the front door open.

"Ice," Mr. Omar called,” I’m home." I shot out of his office and across the hall and by the time he made it to the hallway, it looked like I was coming out of the bathroom. Mr. Omar thanked me and asked me if I could come back tomorrow. I told him yeah before walking out the door never looking up.

When I closed my front door behind me, I breathed a sigh of relief. I won't ever be able to look at him the same, I thought. I went to my room and for the first time, noticed that my panties were dripping wet. I pulled them off from under my uniform skirt and threw them in the laundry basket. I was just about to turn on the shower in my bathroom when I heard my daddy's voice over the intercom.

"Iesha, come here to my office," he said. I thought about putting on some panties but hurried down there anyway without them thinking maybe I would get a break today.

I walked into his office. He was sitting at his desk as usual with his back turned to me. He turned the chair around when I walked in.

"Yes, Daddy," I asked. He was quiet.

"You called me, Da--"

"You know very well what I called you in here for," he answered calmly, cutting me off.

"Yes, Daddy, I do," I answered. "I was just wondering if maybe, just for today, I could get a break."

"Nonsense," he said. "Now come on."

I walked slowly towards the desk. I knew my pleading wasn't going to help. But I kept trying anyway.

"Daddy if I promise to give you my best tomorrow, then can we just hold it off for today?" He didn't say anything. I thought maybe he was considering it.

"Well, Daddy?"

"Ice, I'm waiting," he said, warning me that he was getting impatient. I walked behind the desk and reached for his shirt buttons. I started to unbutton them very slowly. My daddy sat there and watched everything I did. He slid his hand under my skirt and to my bare ass.

"I see you came prepared."

I couldn't say anything. I couldn't tell the truth and say that I had had to take my panties off because I had got wet watching a tape with Mr. Omar fucking his dog. So I just kept unbuttoning his shirt. When I finally got to the last button, I paused and looked at my daddy with pleading eyes, hoping that he would change his mind at the last minute. I have no such luck.

"What are you waiting for, Iesha?"

When I heard my daddy call me by my real name, I knew that I had better stop procrastinating and do what I had to do. I slowly started to unbutton my shirt. I knew what had to be done so I figured I might as well make it good. Then maybe Daddy will give me a break tomorrow. I swayed exotically to the soft music that was playing. I looked in his eyes and taunted him with my own. I opened my shirt slowly and reached behind me to unfasten my bra. I slid the bra off slowly without taking the shirt off. I moved over to Daddy and took his dick in my hand, even though he was already hard and waiting. I climbed on his lap and grinded on him slowly. I put my titties in his face and moved them in front of him to tempt him. Daddy put one hand under my skirt on my ass and one on my titty. He started caressing me and grinding back with me. My body began to respond and I started feeling hot. My already wet pussy got wetter. Daddy took his hand off of my ass and cupped my pussy. He started to rub my clitty. That made my whole body shudder. He turned his big chair around so that it was facing the desk and lifted me up to sit on it. I sat there with my legs wide open in his face and calling his name.

"You want to fuck your baby's sweet little pussy, don't you Daddy," I said, talking the way I knew he liked me to. "It's calling you, Daddy."

All I could think about was getting this over with as soon as possible. But I knew from many years of experience that it wouldn't be over anytime soon.

Daddy pushed me back so that I was lying down on his desk. He spread my legs wide and admired what he knew was all his. Then he leaned forward and started licking my pussy. He licked my tight little slit from bottom to top before he stopped to tease my clitty. He licked my clitty softly at first then he started gnawing and sucking it. I squirmed with pleasure and pushed his face into it. He pushed one finger into my tight pussy and started to move it in and out. When it was lubricated enough, he pushed the finger into my ass. I started to moan. He kept eating my pussy. He pushed his tongue into my tight little slit and started fucking me with it. My moans got louder.

Then I heard the door open. It was Destiny, our maid. She was 17 years old (two years older than me) and Jamaican. She had come to live with us when we first moved in Dynasty Mansion and were used to Daddy and my sexcapades. She had walked in on us about two years ago and my daddy acted like it was normal. She stood and stared into my hazel eyes the whole time my daddy fucked me. Eventually, he made her join in and she had become my closest friend over the years because she was the only one who knew my secret.

"Mr. Angeles just called and said he'll need you again tomorrow," Destiny told Daddy in her beautiful Jamaican voice as she looked into my eyes.

"Take off your clothes, Destiny," Daddy told her. She did as she was told. He took a brief second from eating my pussy to tell her to suck his dick. She got on her knees and took him into her mouth. I tried to watch as she sucked his dick but my eyes closed instinctively from the stimulation my body was getting. Daddy's finger in my ass had been joined by another and I felt like I was being stretched as far as I could. Then Daddy took his fingers out of my ass and stopped eating my pussy.

"Destiny," he said passionately. "Go get your dick." She nodded and went to the far side of the room.

"Daddy, could we not use both of you tonight," I asked.

"Ice, you are not a little girl anymore. You are a growing young lady. Every night we go through this and I have tried to be patient with you but I'm on edge. Now I have had enough of your whining for one night and if you make one more request, I am going to make you sorry. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Daddy," I said looking down. "Can I just ask you one thing, Daddy?"

"You just did," he said. "And the answer is 'no'."

Destiny came back to us wearing a huge 9-inch strap-on. It was nothing compared to Daddy's 11 1/2 inch dick that was almost twice as thick as Mr. Omar's. Daddy laid his desk chair back until he was fully reclined.

"Come on and ride it, Ice," he told me. I started shaking my head 'no'.

"Iesha, damnit, get over here and sit on Daddy's dick," he yelled. I walked over to him slowly. I climbed on the reclined chair and kneeled with my pussy hovering over my daddy's waiting dick. I looked into his eyes and knew that if I didn't do it myself, my daddy would rip me apart with his huge dick. I slid down slowly on it as tears started forming in my eyes.

"Please don't hurt me, Daddy," I pleaded.

"None of that," he said, “Do it!"

I put his dick at the opening to my tight little pussy and started to slowly ease down on it. He put his hands on my waist and pulled me all the way down on it, burying his huge dick into my tight little pussy. I yelled out, tears clouding my eyes from the pain. I felt as if I had been ripped apart.

"Next time you have a night like this, I'll fuck you both ways from Monday. You got it?" I could only nod my head. You already do, I thought to myself. "Now ride it like you're supposed to."

I knew it would be easier if I just did what I knew I had to do. I started moving up and down on his dick slowly, trying my best to go all the way own on it. I felt like if I put some speed to it, it would hurt all the worse for me. Daddy started moaning, so I knew I was doing good enough. Then he started rising up to meet my pussy every time I went down. He put his hands on my ass and started bouncing me on his dick faster and faster. He leaned me over and started sucking and biting on my nipples. I felt my young little pussy stretching to the extremes. I started yelling out. He fucked me with lightning speed.

I felt that explosion building up inside of me. I knew it wouldn't be long before I came--but I wondered how long it would take Daddy this time. I remembered the time my daddy had fucked me for four hours nonstop. It happened about two years ago when I was 13.

I had just gotten home from my tennis tournament and Daddy was pissed because I had just played the lousiest game of my life. Or at least I thought that was why he was pissed. He went into his office and closed the door without saying anything to me. I had taken off my clothes and was just about to get in the shower when he called me over the intercom. He told me to come to his office without hesitation. He had only fucked me two times before and they both happened late at night when there was no chance of any of the help walking in on us. It was daytime now and everyone was here so I didn't think anything before I grabbed a bathrobe and went down as quickly as I could. When I got in there, his back was turned to me.

"You called me, Daddy," I asked.

He turned his chair around and looked at me.

"Ice, I've decided to take you out of tennis," he announced to me. I felt my heart drop. Tennis was the one thing I loved over everything else. It was also one of the only sports Daddy would let me participate in.

"No, Daddy," I said. "I'll play better next time, I promise. I just couldn't concentrate today is all. I'll do better next time."

"It's more than that, Iesha," he said. "I don't like to see you parading around in those short little tennis skirts and dresses. Daddy's dick got hard watching you play today and I'm sure other daddy's were looking too."

"I can always wear longer dresses, Daddy," I pleaded. "Just please don't take me out of tennis. I'll do anything, Daddy. Please."

"There is one thing you can do," he said.

"I'll do anything, Daddy."

"Come over here to me," he ordered.

I did as I was told. I walked up to his desk. He stood up and came from behind it. I could see the bulge in his pants and even though I didn't know what Daddy had in store yet, I remember being scared. He walked over to his couch and sat down. He patted his leg for me to come over and have a seat on. I went. I sat on the edge of his knee. He picked me up and sat me right on top of his bulge. That's when I started to get the idea of what his intentions were.

"Ice, do you remember last week when you came home from school," he asked me, "and Daddy put his dick in you? Did you like that?"

I was too scared to answer.

"Iesha, if you want to keep playing tennis, you'll tell Daddy how much you liked it when he fucked you."

"I liked it, Daddy," I lied. After he gave me a look that that wasn't enough, I added, "I loved how it felt when you fucked my tight little pussy, Daddy. I belong to you for the rest of my life and I will never let another man's dick fuck me unless you tell me to." He looked satisfied with this answer.

"And if Daddy wanted to do it again in exchange for letting you keep playing tennis, would you gladly give up your sweet little pussy for your daddy to enjoy?"

"Gladly, Daddy," I lied again. I was so scared and I knew that no matter what I wanted, Daddy was going to do it again anyway. And I was scared that if I didn't say or do the right things, he would take me out of tennis.

"So if Daddy wants to have his little girl right now, she'd just love that and she'd try her very best to please Daddy and make him shoot right into her tight, tender little cunt, wouldn't she?"

I nodded. I had heard all those words on a tape that Daddy had made me sit and watch with him late one night. That was the night he first started fucking me.

"Well sweety, I have a proposition for you," he told me. "If you do Daddy a new favor tonight, I'll let you keep playing tennis."

"What's the favor, Daddy," I asked.

"You have to agree first."

"Okay, Daddy," I said. "I agree. Now what is it that you want me to do?"

"Do you remember on that tape we watched, the little girl named Mary," he asked. I nodded. She had looked only a couple years older than me.

"Do you remember when she put her mouth on her Daddy's dick and how much she liked it?" I nodded. That was the part of the movie that I remembered the most. Mary's Daddy liked it a lot when she did that. She had seemed to like it a lot too.

"Would you do that for Daddy?"

"I don't know how," I told him. "I'll teach you, Princess. All you have to do is get on your knees and put your mouth on it."

I did exactly as I was told and he showed me how he liked it. (This came to be the only part of our sexcapades that I didn't really mind because it never hurted. The only problem was the way my breath would smell after I swallowed my Daddy's cum.) I licked all over the head of his dick first and pushed my tongue into his little hole. I anxiously licked the precum from the tip and then I started to nibble the head. I put my hand at the base the way Daddy had showed me and started to stroke. Then I started to suck lightly on the just the tip. I looked up at Daddy to see if I was doing it right. He had his eyes closed and his head leaned back so I guessed I was. He put his hand on the back of my head and started pushing my head down the length of his shaft.

I sucked and licked my daddy's dick the best I could and was rewarded by streams of salty, thick cum in my mouth, which Daddy told me to swallow. Daddy's cum continued to shoot into my mouth and I had to struggle to gobble it all up. It was so much it started to leak through the tight seal between my mouth and Daddy's dick and run down my chin and chest. Finally, it stopped cumming. When I looked at Daddy, he had the most satisfied look on his face.

"Baby girl," he said to me, "You did that like a pro. No one ever made Daddy feel the way you do."

"So does this mean I can keep playing tennis," I asked.

"Of course, Sweety."

I got up and turned to walk away. It was still light out and I didn't want any of the help to walk in on me covered with cum. But Daddy called me before I got to the door. I turned around to look at him to find that his dick had gotten hard again.

"Do you want me to suck it again," I asked him.

"No, Sweety," he answered. "I want you to come over here and let Daddy have some more of his baby girl."

I was hesitant about walking back over to him. I did it slowly and carefully as if I was expecting him to jump on me at any time. But he sat there and waited for me to return. I stood directly in front of him. He grabbed the tie to my bathrobe and pulled it. The bathrobe fell open, revealing my naked body underneath. I noticed his dick start to twitch as soon as he saw what he knew was all his. He pushed the robe off of my shoulders and pulled me to him. He laid me down on the couch and got between my legs. He stared into my eyes as he started to caress my body. He kissed me on my neck and chest and played with my young nubs that would soon be titties. Then he put his head between my legs and started eating my pussy. He pushed his tongue into my tight slit and moved it in and out. I started squirming under his weight. My young pussy started to get wet and I started getting hot.

Finally, Daddy picked me up and put me on my hands and knees in front of him. He bent me over at the waist and put his big dick at the lips of my tight, young, tender pussy. He put his hands on my waist and pushed himself into me. I pushed up a little to get away from the extreme width that was threatening to rip me apart. The size of it surprised me since it was the first time he had ever hit it from the back and his dick seemed to be much bigger going in this way. Daddy pulled me to him and pushed in some more. I struggled not to yell out because I knew that at that very moment, there could be someone right by the door. Daddy didn't seem to care that I was on the verge of screaming and after getting his dick in most of the way, he started fucking me like a mad man. I kept trying to move an inch or two so that his dick wouldn't go so deep or so I wouldn't feel it in my stomach but Daddy pulled my pussy to him every time he thrusted into me. I couldn't hold it in anymore. I heard myself start to moan and cry out erotically. This only served to make Daddy fuck me harder and faster. I was rocking back and forth on my hands and knees and my titties were jiggling like jello. Daddy reached his hand around me and started tickling my clitty. I couldn't hold back any longer. I felt my body start to heat up as if I were about to explode. Then wave after wave of intense orgasm swept over me and the room went away. There was just me and my daddy and his dick and my pussy and ecstasy. I was floating above everything in a land where dreams came true and they came hard. I had never felt like that before and doubted if I ever would again. I felt my pussy walls contracting around my daddy's humungous dick and then stream after stream of thick, hot cum shot deep into me.

Daddy's body went stiff as his dick continued to spasm and shoot it's love potion into me. He planted himself deep inside of me and held there. It took me a long time to realize I wasn't breathing. I took a deep breath and drifted slowly down from my wonderful dream world. When I was back in my daddy's office, I felt his dick shoot its last load into me. I waited for him to move, yet somehow hoping that it wouldn't be soon. I felt so full and complete at that moment.

Then I noticed something. Daddy's dick was still hard. After my other two experiences, I had noticed that after Daddy came, his dick was always soft and fat. This time, it stayed hard and proud. I waited for Daddy to pull out of me so that maybe then his dick would get soft. But he just sat there for a long time like he was waiting for it to get soft inside of me.

After finally realizing that he was still hard and ready, Daddy pulled his dick out of me and turned me over. He put me on his couch and climbed on top of me between my legs. I tried to scoot away from him but he gave me a look that made me be still. He put his hand down between my legs and touched my pussy.

"Even after Daddy's big dick just almost ripped you apart, my baby girl's pussy is still wet and ready," he said as he lined his massive dick up at the lips of my pussy. "See, Sweety, you were made to please your daddy."

He pushed his dick into me and I almost died. My pussy was still tender from the fucking I had just received and it wasn't nearly as wet with juice as it was with Daddy's cum. Daddy saw the painful expression on my face and pushed in a little slower. He buried it to the hilt and sat there for a minute with his head held back. I hoped that he would just cum from feeling the tightness of my pussy but I have no such luck. After a minute, he started to thrust his gigantic dick in and out of me. I cried out. He tried to do it slower and softer but it hurt anyway. Seeing how he couldn't make it not hurt, he stopped trying and just fucked me with all his might. I closed my eyes and bit my lip and took it. After about 15 minutes of intense pain, my pussy was starting to get wetter and it didn't hurt so bad anymore. Daddy sensed this and started fucking me even harder. I rode with it. I knew I had no choice so I tried to enjoy it. His dick reached deep into me, places I didn't know I had. Daddy put his hands under me and grabbed my ass. He started fucking me ferociously, pulling my pussy to him every time he thrust in. I could feel his dick in my womb. I yelled out every time and his dick went deeper every time until finally, I felt his dick erupt in my pussy. His cum load was almost twice as big as it had been the first time. It shot deep inside of me and that's what triggered my second orgasm. I wasn't wrong about not going as high as I did the first time but it was high enough. I barely had time to come back down as Daddy started to thrust into me again. He picked me up off of the couch and laid down on his back on the floor. He started pumping me into the air until I came again, almost instantly. I could tell he loved the way my pussy felt when I came. He just sat there while I spasmed on his dick. When I finally came down, I laid my head down on his chest and was still. When I felt Daddy start to move again, I almost had a panic attack.


Daddy looked at me for a moment and I didn't care as long as he wasn't fucking me. Finally, he lifted me off of his [still hard] dick and sat me on the floor beside him.

"Listen baby," he said to me. "Daddy is a man and men have to be taken care of in a certain way. If I'm not taken care of, I could get really sick. Now Daddy's dick has to be taken care of. And you have to be the one to do it. Do you understand that?"

I nodded my head reluctantly.

"Now Daddy's not going to fuck your pussy anymore if it hurts you," he said. I felt instantly relieved. "But you still have to take care of Daddy. So I want you to get on your hands and knees and wait just like that."

"But I thought you said you weren't going to fuck me anymore, Daddy," I said as he got up and went to his desk. He reached in his drawer and got something. I struggled to see what it was as I got on my hands and knees.

"No, Sweety," he said to me. "Daddy said he wasn't going to fuck your pussy anymore. If it hurts you, I won't. But I also said Daddy still needs to be taken care of. So just wait there on your hands and knees and I'll show you how you're going to help Daddy."

He started rubbing his dick as if lotioning it. I still couldn't see what he had gotten out of his desk drawer and I wasn't going to disobey him and move. Daddy started walking back over towards me, still rubbing his dick. He kneeled behind me on the floor and pulled me by my waist towards him. I was confused. I didn't think Daddy had lied to me about not fucking my pussy so I could only wonder what he was about to do.

Daddy put his hand on my young tight ass and started kneading my butt cheeks. I was still confused. Was he going to just touch me until he came? What else could he do? It all became clear to me when I felt Daddy pull my ass cheeks apart and place the tip of his humungous dick against my tight little ass hole.

"No Daddy," I yelled and tried to squirm away. "Your dick can barely fit in my kitten. How do you expect it to fit in there?"

"IESHA," he yelled so loud that it made me freeze. "If you don't want to take care of Daddy, then you can leave. But if you leave, be prepared to live in the streets where grown men that you don't know will make you take care of them all the time. Now is that what you want, Iesha?"

"No Daddy," I said. "I don't want any men using me to take care of their needs. They should use their own daughters. I'm your daughter and only you can use me." (Hey, it was the philosphy I had been fed to justify what he was doing to me.)

"That's right," he said, knowing he had won. "So are you going to take care of Daddy?"

I nodded.

"But won't that hurt Daddy," I asked, giving in but still afraid of his huge dick.

"It may at first but the more we do it, the more you'll get used to it and start to like it," he assured me. I was bought then. I held still while Daddy lined up his massive dick with my itty-bitty little hole again. He put his hands on my waist and pulled me back into him. His dick nearly split my tiny little ass apart. I screamed in pain.

"Daddy please take it out," I yelled. I could feel tears streaming down my face. But besides that, the only other thing I could feel was my daddy's dick going deeper and deeper into my bowels. I could barely believe the pain myself. He heaved and moaned as he pushed his gigantic maleness deep into his tight young daughter's incestuous little ass. I was overwhelmed to the point of passing out. I could only imagine what my little ass hole looked like being pryed open by Daddy's big 11 1/2 inch long, 2 3/4 inch wide dick.

When Daddy had pushed his whole dick in my ass, he just sat there for a moment. I opened my eyes long enough to look back and see why he had stopped. He had his head held back with his eyes closed and was mumbling to hisself.

"Daddy," I questioned, thinking maybe he had gotten stuck and was praying to be released. "Are you okay, Daddy?"

He nodded slowly. He moved his head upright and opened his eyes. They were glazed over by lust. He caressed my ass cheeks before giving me an answer.

"Your tight young ass just feels so good squeezing Daddy's dick, baby," he told me. "You don't know how hard Daddy is fighting to keep from shooting his load deep into you right now." I silently wished that he wouldn't fight so hard because this was just almost killing me.

He sat there still with his dick buried in my ass for so long that I was beginning to think that that was all there was to ass sex. Then he began to pull out. I thought for a minute that maybe it was over but then I realized that Daddy hadn't shot his sticky, hot cum into me yet. When Daddy had pulled his dick completely out except for the head, he began to push back in. I moaned in pain, even though it was not as bad as it had been the first time. After a while, Daddy's dick started to ease in and out without much resistance from my ass. He even began to pick up a pace. I could feel my now not so sore pussy getting wet again as Daddy slammed his dick into my ass over and over again. I began to moan louder, only it wasn't from pain--it was from ecstasy. My ass felt as if it were being tugged back and forth, in and out.

Daddy reached his hands around me and to my pussy. He felt that I was wet and eased his dick out of my ass. He pushed it into my tight little pussy and started fucking me like it was the end of the world. He beat my guts out wildly and mercilessly and I screamed out with pleasure and pain.

Then he took his dick out of my pussy and pushed it back into my gaping ass hole. It was well lubricated from my pussy juice so it felt good going in. I felt myself losing control as he continued to fuck my ass like a lunatic. He banged me from behind and I was on the verge of cumming when he took his dick back out and pushed it back into my pussy. This was too much for me. I screamed out as orgasm after orgasm wrecked my young innocent body and I floated to an even higher place than the first time. Daddy continued to beat my pussy from behind as I felt his dick swelling inside of me. He took it out and put it in my ass and that's when he exploded. His thick, hot cream shot deep into my bowels as he held himself deep within me. Then he pulled out and buried his spewing dick in my tight, wet little pussy. Another orgasm hit me again before I could even come down from the one I was on. His dick spurted long streams of cum deep into my womb. I could feel it touching the innermost depths of me. When he had shot his last stream of cum deep into me, I was relieved to feel that his dick was finally soft. He pulled his dick out of me reluctantly and collapsed in a heap on the floor beside me. My ass hole was gaped open and I could feel Daddy's cum slowly leaking out of it. I laid my head down on the floor and fell asleep right there in Daddy's office, naked and dripping with cum from both ends.

Now I was back in Daddy's office, only I wasn't thirteen and Daddy's dick wasn't soft. I rode Daddy's dick like there was no tomorrow. He bounced me on his dick hard and fast. His dick was reaching places far beyond my knowledge. The more I rode, the deeper it went. I was on the peak of cumming when Daddy took his dick out and called for Destiny.

"Fuck her pussy just enough to get lubricated then put it in her ass," he instructed her. Destiny came up behind me and leaned me over. I moved to the edge of the recliner so that she could have easier access. She put her hands on my waist and lined her dick up to my hot, wet slit. With us being as rich as we were, Daddy had gotten a team of sex experts to invent a strap on that allowed its wearer to feel as if the dick were really theirs. I heard her moan as she pushed into me slowly. Even though this dick wasn't as big as Daddy's, it was still big enough to make my tight little pussy stretch to accommodate its width. Destiny started fucking me slowly. I leaned back against her and let her move her hands to my titties. Even though Daddy and I had been fucking longer, I loved to fuck Destiny more. She made me feel as though I was the one that had to be pleased instead of having to please her.

"Your pussy is so tight and wet," she whispered in my ear. "I could live in it."

Her Jamaican accent speaking those sweet words to me almost made me cum alone.

"Do you like that," she asked me. I could only nod. Her dick was sending me to new heights that only she could get me to. I closed my eyes and imagined that it was just her and me in the room. I bent back over and pushed back to meet her every stroke as she fucked me perfectly from behind. She put her hands on my ass and began to caress my cheeks. I felt like I was about to cum at the very moment my daddy told her to take her dick out of my pussy and push it in my ass.

Destiny did as she was told. She pushed my ass cheeks apart and put the head of her dick at my tiny little anal hole. She put her hands on my waist and pulled me back as she pushed forward. Her big dick pushed its way into my ass. I heard her moan through my moans. She pushed deeper into me slowly and I could feel her dick in every little orifice. Even though she was trying to be gentle, it felt like she was trying to kill me. Then I felt my daddy positioning himself under me so that he could have access to my cunt. He parted my lips as Destiny buried herself into me and held there. He put his head at the opening and pushed himself in. I moaned even louder. He pulled me down and in one thrust buried his dick all the way in me. I was stuffed full with two humungous dicks in both of my tight, young, little holes. I thought about what we looked like with Daddy reclined back in his chair, me on top with my legs on either side of him and Destiny behind me, both of them with their dicks buried to the hilt inside of me. The thought was too much for me and I felt my body quake as an intense orgasm hit me. Daddy and Destiny started fucking my already shuddering body with no mercy. I was rocked back and forth as they fucked me all the way through one orgasm and into another. I tightened my holes around both of the dicks that continued to fuck me inside out and enjoyed hearing both Destiny and Daddy yell out loudly. I felt Daddy start to get stiff and in one thrust, he exploded. Destiny was banging at my stretched hole with all her might. Then she began to shudder. Her pussy juice was extracted from her pussy and into my ass through the strap on at the same time Daddy's cum shot into my depths. They continued to fuck me full of their steamy hot cum as I was hit by yet another wave of orgasms. They had lost their rhythm and were just banging at my helpless body when the phone rang. Daddy reached for it and answered it like there was no secret that he fucked his baby girl every day.

"I'll be down when I finish Omar," Daddy said before he hung up. Then he grabbed my waist and pulled me down completely onto him and held me there. I screamed out as Destiny planted her dick deep into me too and they were both still. They shot their last little bits of cum into me and then we all collapsed on top of each other.

We laid there with their now soft dicks still inside of me for what seemed like hours. Daddy rubbed my face while Destiny caressed my sides.

"You have the sweetest pussy I have ever had," Daddy told me as he continued to stroke my face and long hair. "No matter how much I fuck you, your pussy still stays fresh and young. That's why I'm glad you're my baby and that your body belongs to me. I could not imagine going a day without feeling your tight little pussy lips wrapped around my cock."

So much for a break tomorrow, I thought.

"It still amazes me how my huge fully grown dick can fit into your tight little young pussy," he went on. "And you are always going to give your body to Daddy sincerely, aren't you sweety?"

"Of course, Daddy," I said, knowing I would never have a choice. "As long as I can make you happy, I'll be glad to give you my body anytime, anywhere, and any way you want me to."

I felt Destiny get up and slowly pull her dick from my ass. I could feel that my ass was still gaped open from the huge dick that had just been extracted from it. I lifted up off of Daddy's dick and stood up only to find my legs were weak and collapsed to the floor. Daddy sat his chair up and looked down at Destiny and me on the floor.

"Destiny," he said, "why don't you clean our little angel up while I go down and see what Omar wants."

Destiny turned to me and laid me down on my stomach. She parted my legs and started licking around the opening of my gaping ass hole. Then she moved her head down and started sucking my daddy's cum from my pussy. My pussy and ass were still tender. I moaned softly as she continued to lick my ass and pussy clean of cum. She stuck her tongue into my ass and flicked it around inside of me. I pushed up onto my hands and knees to give her better access. She ate me out like she was a homeless person having their first and last meal. My moans got louder as I felt my body start to heat up again. My pussy started getting wet again and I felt horny as ever.

"See baby, that's why I love to fuck you," Daddy said from above me. "You're always ready for more. Your pussy stays wet. But I'll leave you alone for tonight. I have to go talk business with Mr. Tyree."

He walked out with a reluctant look on his face. The minute he was gone, I turned around and pushed Destiny on the floor. She allowed me to open her legs and get between them. I licked around the head of her dick and then encircled my lips around it. I sucked lightly until she started to moan and then I pushed my mouth down the length of it. She arched her back as I sucked her dick all the way in to my throat. I flicked my tongue around the head and pushed it into the hole. I could still taste her pussy juice in the tip of it and decided I wanted more. I took the strap on off of her and started eating her pussy. She was dripping wet and I could tell by the look in her eyes what she wanted. I put on the dick and positioned myself on top of her. Then I thought about it and got up. I went to the closet and put that dick back on its holder and got out a bigger one. This one was about the same size as Daddy's only a little wider. Destiny and I usually used that one when Daddy just wanted to watch us fuck. I put the bigger dick on and got back on the floor. I turned Destiny over and lifted her on her hands and knees. I put the dick at the entrance to her pussy and pushed in. I felt the tightness of her pussy squeezing the dick as if it really belonged to me. I pushed all the way into her and savored the feeling before I started to pull out. I pushed in slowly again and moaned lightly.

"I see why Daddy loves to fuck us so much," I told her. "It feels so good."

I began to fuck her slowly and deeply. She moaned lightly. I put my hands on her waist and pulled her to me. I wanted to be completely inside of her. When I heard the front door close, letting me know that Daddy was gone, I quickened my pace. I started to fuck her harder and deeper. Her tight, warm pussy felt so good around my dick. I felt like I never wanted to pull out of her. I started to fuck her harder. She yelled out.

"YES," she yelled as she pushed her pussy back onto my dick. "Oh, Ice, you know just how to fuck me."

Destiny's beautiful ass jiggled every time I beat my dick into her. I put my hand on her ass and caressed it. I could feel myself losing control. I tried to slow down so that it wouldn't end so soon but my body sped up. Now I knew what my daddy felt like when he was about to cum. I put my hands on Destiny's waist and pulled her to me every time I thrust into her. Her whole body began to shake and I knew that she was cumming. I planted myself inside of her with one big thrust and it was over. I came and I came hard.

"Yes Ice," Destiny screamed. "Shoot your beautiful juice into my womb. Fill me up with it."

And I did just that. I came until it was flowing out of her pussy and down her legs. It felt as though I had just had the biggest orgasm of my life. I leaned over and collapsed on Destiny's back. We just laid there for a long time with my dick buried in her. Her pussy was so warm and comforting that I didn't want to ever take my dick out of her. But I knew that Daddy could be back at any moment so I pulled my dick slowly out of her and laid down beside her. When she had gotten her strength back. She sat up and took the strap-on off of me. I still felt the after effects of the orgasm so I was still weak.

"Come on, silly girl," Destiny laughed. "Your dad will be back any minute now."

I nodded knowing she was right and pushed myself off of the floor. We went in my room and took a bath and got ready for bed. When I got to the bed, Destiny kissed me deeply. She pulled my night gown off to reveal my naked body underneath before turning me onto my back and climbing on top of me. She took my breast into her mouth without a word. I let her dominate me. I loved it when she took control of me like that. I put me hand on her head to hug her to my chest. She took my hand away and pinned me down. Then she kissed me all over my neck and stomach. My breathing got raspy. She moved down and forced my legs open. Then she kissed the insides of my thighs and teased the area around my clitty with her mouth and breath until I begged her to taste it. She dived in, claiming my pussy for hers. She licked, sucked, and nibbled me to an orgasm so extreme it sent me right to sleep.

When I woke up the next morning, I looked at the clock and panicked. Destiny must have been so tired after last night that she couldn't wake up in time to get me up for school. But when I turned over to wake her up, she wasn't there. Then I remembered that it was Saturday. My mind slowly calmed down and I laid in bed. I didn't have to go watch Mr. Omar's kids for another hour so I just laid there. I knew Daddy was already gone and I didn't have anything to do so I called my friend, Envy. She lives in Dynasty Mansion, too. I didn't really interact with people that didn't. I didn't really know anyone that didn't.

When she got on the phone, I knew she had something important to tell me.

"Guess what," she said. But before I could guess, she went on. "My dad and Mr. Tyree were talking today and you'll never guess what they said. Mr. Chavers got fired."

I almost fell off of my bed. Mr. Chavers was our teacher and I knew he had to be by far the worst teacher that ever existed. We all hated him. There were 12 of us in our class and he treated all of us equally-like scum of the earth. We had made up a plan to get him fired but looked like we wouldn't need it now.

"For what," I asked.

"I don't know," she said. "Me and Khandi are going to try to find out today. Wanna come?"

"Of course," I said. Then I remembered. "Oh, I can't. I have to watch Mr. Tyree's kids today."

"Don't they have servants for that," she asked.

"Yeah," I answered, "but his kids are afraid of them."

"Well if we find anything out, I'll call you there," she said. We got off of the phone. I went to the intercom and was just about to call for Destiny when she came through my bedroom door holding my breakfast.

"What do you want to wear today, Ice," she asked.

"My red pleated tennis skirt," I told her. "And my white tummy shirt."

"With your red Skechers and ponytail holder," she asked.

"Yes on the shoes but I think I'll wear my hair down today," I said.

I ate and got ready and then headed down to the Omar floor. He was just about to leave when I got there. I still couldn't look at him. After what I had seen yesterday, I felt like I knew too much about him. Thinking about that made me want to know what was on the other tapes. I couldn't help but think it was probably the same thing. Or maybe something even juicier. But I couldn't get to them now because the kids were woke.

I spent the day playing with Justice and Daniel but no matter what I did, I couldn't get my mind off of those tapes. When seven o' clock came, I put the kids to sleep and went straight to Mr. Omar's office. This time, I didn't close the door all the way so that I could hear Mr. Omar when he was approaching the door.

I went to the T.V. and looked down. The tapes were still there and there was something I hadn't noticed yesterday. The video camera was there too. I wondered if it had been there yesterday and decided that I probably just overlooked it in my quest to go through his stuff. I picked one of the tapes up off of the floor and played it. It was Mr. Omar again only this tape wasn't at the beginning. Mr. Omar was already on his hands and knees with his huge dick buried in Dutchess. I looked at Mr. Omar's face and tried to pick up on what he was thinking. At that moment, I couldn't help but notice how good he looked. He was about 5'11 with a very built body and a beautiful skin tone. He had green eyes and curly hair and perfect teeth.

I watched as Mr. Omar continued to fuck Dutchess and I felt myself getting wet again. I had worn a thong today (Destiny's request) and I had easy access to my pussy. I put my hand between my legs and started to gently massage my clit. His butt muscles flexed every time he thrust into her and I couldn't help but wonder what it felt like to be Dutchess.

I pushed a finger into my sopping cunt and fucked myself with it. I imagined that it was Mr. Omar's dick and that I was Dutchess. I slid onto the floor on all fours to get the full affect. I flipped my skirt up on my back and slid my thong to the side. I pushed my finger back into my cunt and added another. My fingers moved ferociously in and out of my cunt. I rubbed my clit and finger-fucked my pussy with everything I had. I closed my eyes as I felt an orgasm approaching. I was in my dreamland again. I was Dutchess and my fingers were Mr. Omar.

I forgot about the here-and-now completely and put myself fully into my task. Which I guess is why I didn't hear Dane when he pushed the door open a little more and came into the room. I was being completely filled by Mr. Omar and I was on the verge when I felt something lick my pussy along with his dick. I was snatched back into reality and I realized that it was Dane licking my fingers and pussy. I snatched my fingers out of my pussy and was just about to jump up when I felt Dane's tongue lash back out and touch my pussy. His tongue parted my pussy lips and I it go into me. I froze long enough to allow him to do it again and then decided that I didn't want to move. His rough tongue felt sooooooo goooooood going into me. I stayed on all fours with my thong-covered ass in easily accessible to Dane and his fabulous tongue. Dane licked my pussy repeatedly until I felt like I was going to explode. I felt my body heat up and then waves of orgasms washed over me. I convulsed with pleasure and again forgot where I was. I floated above it all and enjoyed the feeling of his tongue even after he had stopped licking.

When I floated back down, I tried to get up but noticed that there was a weight holding me down. I hardly had a chance to wonder what it was before I felt Dane humping at me trying to get his dick into me. I tried to move my ass from its vulnerable position but Dane was holding onto me with his front legs. I tried to push the big dog off of me but when I did, I heard him growl in my ear. I turned my head to the side and caught sight of his fangs that he was bearing to warn me to be still. I weighed my options. Would I rather get my pussy ripped apart by Dane's huge doggy dick or just get ripped apart by his sharp doggy fangs?

Before I had a chance to decide, I felt Dane's dick force its way into my pussy abruptly. I yelled out loudly and then thought about the kids. If they were to wake up and come in here and see me getting fucked by their huge dog (and his huge dick), what would they think?

Just wait it out, I thought. Judging by his speed, he can't last but about five minutes.

Boy was I wrong. Dane fucked at my helpless little pussy for about thirty minutes before I decided that this was my punishment for going through Mr. Omar's stuff. My pussy had begun to respond to him and was expanding for his dick's venture into the depths of me. He fucked me fast and hard and I felt like I was losing my balance. When I tried to fall over, hoping it would pull the dog's dick out of me, Dane held my ass in place and only my chest and shoulders went to the floor. I looked between my legs and watched as the dog's dick fucked me raw. My outer pussy lips were beginning to turn red as the dog continued to rape me. I moaned under my breath so that I wouldn't wake the kids up.

After a while, I felt something trying to push its way into my already stretched to the limit pussy. I looked between my legs and saw a hump the size of a tennis ball, if not a little bigger, beating its way into me. I panicked and tried to pull away. Dane pulled my body onto him at the same time he slammed into me and the ball tore into my tight little pussy. I screamed out as I felt like I was ripped open by Dane's dick. On instinct, my pussy tightened around Dane's dick and I felt him explode. I was struck by an orgasm at the same time and I was thrown into ecstasy. My body shuddered as I felt Dane's steaming hot cum shoot deeper into my womb than Daddy's had ever went. He filled me to overflowing and I felt his cum start to leak out past his ball and run down my legs. He kept shooting into me and I couldn't stop cumming. Finally, I felt his last stream of cum shoot deep into me and we were still.

After I had gathered up my strength, I tried to move forward only to find that I was still impaled on Dane's big ball. I panicked, thinking that maybe we would be stuck like this forever. I felt tears well up in my eyes but before I had a chance to bawl, I heard the front door open.

"Ice, I'm home," called Mr. Omar. I struggled to pull Dane's ball out of me but it was no use.

"Ice," Mr. Omar called. He was walking closer. Finally, I heard his footsteps outside the door. He pushed it open and stepped inside. It took him a moment to land his eyes on us but when he did, he stopped dead in his tracks.

"So is this why you agreed to keep my kids," he asked. "So that you could fuck my dog in my office."

Tears started streaming down my face. I shook my head no.

"He raped me," I said.

"So my dog jumped on you and knocked you on your hands and knees, flipped your skirt up, pushed your thong over and raped you," he asked skeptically. I started crying harder knowing he would never believe me. I moved forward and Dane's ball slid out of my pussy, unlodging the seal that was keeping his cum inside of me. It flowed down my legs in streams and puddled on the floor. Mr. Omar looked at me disgustedly and then I remembered him and Dutchess.

"You have no room to pass judgment, Mr. Omar," I said, getting up. "I saw the tapes with you and Dutchess."

His look changed from disgusted to almost embarrassed.

"I knew you had been watching my tapes," he said. " That's why I decided to record you watching them today. Who knew I would get all this. The only difference between me and you is I have no one to answer to. Now how do you think your dad is going to feel when I tell him that you fucked my dog? Or better yet, when I show him the tape?"

My mind raced. "You can't tell my dad," I said quietly.

"What was that, Ice," he asked with a smirk on his face.

"You can't tell my dad, Mr. Omar," I said again. "And you can't show him the tape."

"Oh I can't," he asked walking over to me. He walked around and stood behind me. He ran his hands through my hair. "And what exactly is going to keep me from telling him."

I looked at him and knew exactly what he was getting at.

"I'll do whatever you want," I told him.

"I think you know what I want," he said, putting his hand on my stomach and running it up the front of my shirt to my full, pert tiddies. I did.

"Okay," I told him. "Just let me use your shower first." I acknowledged the dog cum that was still seeping from my pussy.

"Just don't make it more than 15 minutes," he said. "I'll be in my room waiting. And I'm timing you."

I went in the bathroom across the hall and turned on the shower. I thought about what I could do to keep from having to do this. Maybe Daddy would call for me when he realized I was late. I looked at my watch and saw that Mr. Omar had come home a whole 2 hours early. No chance of Daddy coming to the rescue. Maybe I could get Envy or Ivy to call and say that someone needs me. But I forgot they were on their expedition and there was no way I could know where they were right now. Maybe he would suddenly change his mind. Then again, he was a man and if I didn't know anything else, I knew men.

Wait a minute, I thought. I was just fantasizing about fucking this man, which is what got me in this situation in the first place, and now I'm trying to think of ways not to. If anything I could use this to my advantage. As far as Mr. Omar knew, I had only had sex with his dog. He couldn't know about me, Daddy, and Destiny. So he probably thought I wouldn't know what I was doing. I would play right into it. And when it came down to it, I would blow his fucking mind.

I was almost looking forward to fucking Mr. Omar's brains out when I got out of the shower. I put on a bathrobe and walked slowly down to his room. I pushed his door open and started right into my clueless role. I pushed the door closed behind me and turned the lock. Mr. Omar was laying on the bed wearing only boxers. I walked slowly and cautiously towards him. He watched my legs and anticipated. I saw his dick rise into bulge that was noticeably bulking through the thin material. I gazed at it and stopped mid-stride.

"Don't be scared, Ice," he said, noticing my cautious gaze. "If you can handle Dane, then you can handle me."

He patted the bed beside him, indicating for me to come join him. I climbed up on the bed. I sat and looked at him as if I didn't know what to do next. He looked at me as if I was some newfound treasure before pushing me back onto the pillows.

Enjoy this control now, I thought. In about an hour, you'll be screaming my name.

Mr. Omar pulled the tie to my bathrobe and pushed it open. He stared my body down and I could see the hunger grow in his eyes. He wanted me bad. (I figured he didn't get much pussy. Otherwise, he wouldn't have to fuck his dog.) I looked up into his green eyes innocently. He was absolutely enjoying the idea of having a hot, tight, clueless 15-year-old in his room to do with as he pleased.

He put his hand on my stomach and moved it up to my titty. I sucked in a sharp breath as he circled my nipple with his fingertips. I tensed up a little to play even more into the role.

"Relax," he told me. "This won't be nearly as bad as you think."

He moved his mouth towards me and started kissing me lightly on my neck and chest. Then he sucked my nipple into his mouth. I gasped and put my hand on the back of his head. He flicked his tongue around my hardening nipple and nibbled lightly on it. I made soft moaning sounds as I felt my pussy get wet. He slid his hand to my thigh and slowly began to rub my body. I arched my back and pushed him away to make him think I was scared. He looked into my eyes and I could see that his gorgeous greens were hazed over with lust. I got up on my knees and pushed the bathrobe off of my shoulders and let it fall behind me on the bed. He stared at my young, beautiful, tight body as it was presented to him. I pulled him to me and laid back. He positioned his body between my legs and I could feel his now fully hard dick pointing directly at my tight wet slit.

"Please don't hurt me, Mr. Omar," I said innocently.

"Call me O," he said as he moved his mouth to my chest and kissed me there. He kissed me on each one of my nipples before moving his mouth down to my stomach. He trailed his tongue down my stomach, stopping to lick around my belly button, then down to my cunt. I felt my body heating up as he proceeded to lick my tight little slit top to bottom and back again. I arched my back and moaned softly. He slid his tongue down a little lower and licked my rectum. I moaned a little louder. He slid his tongue between my pussy lips and teased me with it. I wiggled a little to make it seem like I was trying to get away. He put his hands under my body and cupped my ass to keep me in place. I looked down at him. He had his eyes closed and was savoring the taste of my young little slit when all of a sudden there was a knock at the door.

"What was that," I asked. He withdrew his tongue from my cunt and licked my slit one last time before getting up off of the bed.

"That was an unspoken part of the deal," he said. He went to the door and opened it. In trotted Dane.

"I'm sure you're already pretty familiar with my dog, Dane," he said smirking.

"What's he doing in here though," I asked.

"See," he started, "when you fuck me, you must fuck my dog. That's the way it works. We're a packaged deal. Ain't no fun if your friends can't have none and this would happen to be my best friend. Since you've already had a taste of what he's got to offer, you should have no problem accepting the fact of fucking a dog."

"But I already fucked your dog," I said, my pussy tingling with just the thought of my earlier experience. "Or better yet, your dog fucked me."

"But that was by choice," he said. "That was before we made the deal. When you agreed to fuck me, you agreed to fuck Dane again. Now if that's a problem, we can call this whole thing off and I can go have a quick talk with your father. I know he'd love to hear all about how his only daughter conducted herself in her neighbor's house."

He moved toward his chair where his clothes were laying.

"Wait," I said. " I didn't say I wouldn't do it. I was just wondering is all."

I could see his smile even though his back was turned away from me. He turned and walked back over to the bed.

"Good," he said.

He pulled me to the edge of the bed by my ankle and stood between my legs. He started grinding his dick on my pussy through the thin boxer material. I closed my eyes and sucked in a quick breath to make it seem like I was surprised. He leaned me back and hovered above me. I whimpered lightly as he began to grind his dick harder into my bare crotch. I was getting wetter by the second. It was time for me to take over. I pushed him away a little. He backed off. I scooted back on the bed. He climbed up on top of me. I let him kiss me on my neck for a minute before I rolled him over and climbed on top of him. He looked into my eyes and I stared right back into his intensely. I started grinding my pussy on his saluting dick before I leaned over to kiss his neck and chest. I ran my tongue down his hard chest and stomach, stopping ever so often to tease a ticklish place. I moved down between his legs and slowly pulled his boxers down.

Then I caught a glance of his dick. It was at least twice the size it had seemed in the movie and I was pretty sure it had been the size of my Dane's then. I started having second thoughts about the whole thing. I mean, maybe Daddy won't be so mad. Then I thought, What am I thinking. Daddy will kill me. Giving up what was rightfully declared his...and to a dog no less. I knew I had to do it. And I had to do it good. I could take it. The biggest dick that Destiny had ever fucked me with had to be at least close to this size. Then again, it almost killed me when Daddy fucked me and this was about his size. Maybe even a little bigger.

Fuck this, I thought. I'm a woman. I can do this. If it can at least fit in my mouth, then I have nothing to worry about. If it can't, I'd better be preparing to explain to Daddy why I had that dog's dick stuffed into his coochie.

So it was decided. I put my hand around the base of Mr. Omar- I mean O's- humungous shaft. My hand couldn't even fit the entire way around it! I moved my mouth slowly to it and put my lips on the head. O looked down at me as I sucked lightly on his manhood. Even if I wasn't as sure as I had been, I was starting to fool him--which was good. I pushed my tongue into the hole at the tip of his dick before I moved my mouth slowly down his shaft. (This was a good sign. At least his dick could fit in my mouth.) I heard him moan lightly before putting his hand on the back of my head. I stopped and looked at him. He looked into my eyes and quickly moved his hand off of my neck. I continued. This one act established that I was in control and if he wanted this, he was the one that was going to have to cooperate. I contined to suck his dick with all I had. I ran my fingers up and down his thighs and between his butt cheeks. I played with his balls and sucked with all my might. I felt his body tense up and he sucked in a sharp breath. I knew he was about to cum. I gave his dick one last light suck before I stopped.

I kneeled between his legs and looked at him. O looked at me as if I had just committed the biggest crime in the world. I smiled naughtily before moving my pussy back over his dick. This time, I lined his hard tool up to my tight pussy lips. I was wet and ready and he was squirming with anticipation. I pushed down slowly and felt his huge dick meeting every crevice of my tight little young almost innocent little pussy. We moaned out at the same time. I felt like I was about to cum right then. I could tell he was feeling the same when his body tensed for a second time. I felt completely filled with his huge hard meat and I was already in ecstasy.

Somehow, I managed to keep myself from creaming all over him and I rose slowly and pushed down again. I started to ride cautiosly trying to prolong the sensation. He put his hands on my ass and dug his fingers into my flesh. I began to pick up a little speed and depth as I struggled not to cum. I dug my fingernails into his chest and was so into what I was doing that I barely noticed when I felt Dane jump up onto the bed. I was on edge. O grabbed me by my waist and pulled me down on him. He planted his dick into me one last time before he erupted. I yelled out as I felt his warm cum shoot deep into my depths. Then I felt a

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You and Eve head off in the forest escaping the Knights of the Fifth Dragon. To kill the silence you ask Eve somethings about her. So how did you end up in the North Island? Eve grabbed her arms and got a look of deep thought on her face. I was young only 23 still a child by Elf standers but my tribe was murdered and nearly wiped out by a band of human settlers. I was spared because of my natural beauty and sold into slavery years later I ended up in the middle grounds where a wealthy Orintash tribes...


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Daniels Revenge Part 2

Daniels Revenge Part 2 Karen was motionless as she recovered from her orgasm. The voice taunting her about her bodys' vulnerabilty to stimulation and that she would be having more orgasms. That despised her to no end. This monster!! Taking advantage of her in that way! She knew it was only natural for her body to react to the vibrator in that way. She knew she was being raped. But how can it be that this fiend could want it to be pleasurable for her. Coward! she thought to herself. Once again she heard movement from behind her. What could possibly...


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Photos of Laura

I had been seeing Laura off and on for a couple years, we were fuck buddies at best, and at our worst would go weeks not talking. We had been on again for a while when Laura called and invited herself over that night. Laura was exceptionally hot, long blonde hair, blue eyes, tight body, year round tan, nice B cup breasts, and a shaved pussy that I loved to eat. Usually when Laura came over after work she would bring a sexy outfit with her and dress up for me, occasionally we took pictures of her in various states of...


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The two of them drove in uneasy silence until Frank offered sullenly, “I don’t see why you keeping seeing this guy!” “Don’t you realize how degrading it is for me?” “I’m sorry,” Dana replied, “but you know it can’t be helped, and by the way, today Jack wants you to watch.” “What!?!” her husband of fifteen years yelped indignantly. “I certainly will not!!!” “That’s up to you of course,” she answered evenly, “but he said if you didn’t show up he was gonna drop in at your office and beat the crap out of you.” Frank let that sink in as...


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Voyeur Mother

My brother Josh and me were on the floor playing Scrabble with Luis and Isabella Gomez at their house. Mrs Gomez was a strange one. She would sometimes sit on the sofa and watch us with a glass of orange juice, in which we all could all smell the vodka. Her clothes were always remarkable. Sometimes she would wear tight pants and a billowing blouse, sometimes she would have on a dress with a full skirt - totally inappropriate for knocking around the house. And her hair, which should have been black, was blonde but more towards orange. She always wore...


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Taming michelle's ass

“Oh Danny I’ve waited so long for this moment – finally you’re here – I can’t believe that you’re here – tonight – I want to give myself to you. I want you to take me and make me yours all yours – kiss me and let me know that this is real.” Looking deep in to her eyes I said, “You have been locked in my dreams for so many months now – I’ve waited so long for this moment too – to finally be able to hold, gaze into your eyes, kiss you and make love to you –...


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Paul the Elder

By Gail Holmes Paul was the elder of the family, having a brother and younger sister, although near reaching twenty-five he’d never lost his virginity. David, you couldn’t meet a hornier guy; he’d only to look at a girl and she’d become wet at the thought. But Kerrie now there was a girl who knew how to please. Paul’s trouble was that he was shy, okay he’d buy all the girlie magazines, and he’d even brought movies to play, trouble was he’d be on edge whenever he watched them in case any of the family came home, because of his constant...


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The Parties Next Door

Fbailey story number 777 The Parties Next Door As I grew up my family lived right next door to a wild tavern. Mom tried to class it up by calling it a bar but the sign said Tavern. Our old fence was falling apart so one spring I helped Dad install a new one. The best price on privacy fence was for five-foot tall sections. That was not going to do it for my father but financially he gave in. What he did decide was to raise it up eighteen inches off the ground. That way only seven foot tall people...


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The wrecker moves on

It had been about 8 months since Jenny had died a period that I had remained celibate, partly as a feeling that I should still be faithful to her and partly a belief that perhaps I was being punished for my previous behaviour, however being only 25 years old it wasn’t too long before I was starting to feel really horny again and looking to let the wrecker loose once more became a necessity. My upstairs flat looked out onto a new housing development that had been built on some reclaimed retail land just across the road from me, I had...


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My Best Studies Ever part 2

“Benjamin…” Samantha’s soft voice called out to me again. Oh man, this night just keeps getting better and better for me. Earlier I had gotten her to come over and study with me, my folks gone on a business trip for the next two weeks; our studies turned into so much more, she wanted to work on our ‘sexual studies’ and how those have come out!!! “Benjamin…” she calls to me once again, coming down the hall to my bedroom. Samantha is all but insatiable when it comes to sex; judging from the tone of her voice, she wants another go...


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