The Shed Club (Part 4)

The Shed Club (Part 4)

First of all, massive apologies for the delay in producing part 4.
Unexpected crisis with family flu all over the place.

Everyone better now, so I can respond to the last set of feedback.....

"Trainers" in the UK refer to sports footwear.....Nike, Adidas, Puma etc.

I don't think there are any other queries, so on with Part 4.

This involves Finn, who I still see from time to time. In fact, he fixed my PC last year. He designs websites and other technical stuff that leaves me baffled. He has no idea I'm writing this, and I've obviously changed his name (to something even more Irish than the one he has in real life)

Lovely guy.....

So, a refresher from Part 3.....

" Ten minutes later, I managed to release Tash and get to talk to her about what she'd seen. She'd seen just about everything, so it seemed, and although she wouldn't admit it at the time, years later she told me that she was quite proud of his little exhibition.".........


Part 4.....

I told Tash to make her way through next door's garden and then come round and knock at my house, as if she was returning from her "exile". She again asked me to swear that I would never tell anyone about her being there that time and, apart from sharing it all on the net now (most names changed for obvious reasons), I have kept that promise.

She asked if she could come round that evening, after the others had gone, and we both knew what for. I said yes but made sure she knew that not a lot would happen because my mum would be home, but we both knew that we would be able to at least have a silent little tickle whilst pretending to listen to music in my bedroom, and were both definitely up for the idea.

I kept lookout as she made her way around the end of the garden hedge, and waited for a few minutes until I was sure she'd made a succesful getaway before making my way up to the house to join the rest of the girls who were now gathered in the kitchen again, listening at the door and trying to suppress their giggles. I'd seen them all excitable in the past, but this had taken things to a whole new level of noise and silliness, and I include myself in all this girly behaviour, and blame it entirely on our age. That's my excuse anyway.

"Where's Jacks?", I asked, guessing she was up to something.

"They're all in there", came a reply, "Arguing about who's next".

I joined in the communal listening through the door. It sounded like they were playing "One potato, two potato" and quickly realised that the eventual loser would be soon making his way down to the shed. Suddenly there was a knock on the back door and everyone jumped out of their skin.

I opened the door and Tash stood there all red in the face, as people tend to be when they are committing some sort of deception.

"Am I allowed in now?", she asked all innocently. The girls all laughed and she immediately stepped inside, being straight away told the whole story about what they'd seen her brother just do. She looked suitably disgusted and made the appropriate noises when too much detail was given, not daring to give me a glance just in case someone might suspect something.

The living room door opened and Jackie looked at me quizzically, so grabbing the opportunity I went in and closed the door behind me before anyone tried to stop me.

"Who was that at the door?", she asked, almost whispering, "is your mum home?"

I looked around the group of lads and was immediately aware that they seemed really worried. I will admit that my mum would have found it strange that the entire gang was in the house on a beautiful sunny day, but she certainly wouldn't have thought anything more of it, after all, we were all fully dressed and there was no loud music or illicit smoking going on. Still, the lads seemed very unsettled.

"It was just Tash coming back", I replied, glancing across at Tom who could now obviously hear her being told all about it in the next room.

A general relief swept through the boys, and I decided to hang around to see what was going on. A few coughs and a bit of shuffling later, they re-grouped and carried on with their selection process.

Stevie and Tom stayed out of the standing group, along with the youngest boy in the group who sat next to them. I quickly deterined that they had been eliminated from the "potato" process, and that Tom had not been included in the first place, for obvious reasons. He sat there avoiding eye contact with me, and to be fair, I did the same with him.

It was really strange to think that only about a quarter of an hour ago, I had witnessed him in all his glory, masturbating and cumming, probably THE most private and intimate of acts, and it now felt quite surreal to be alongside him so soon after, all fully dressed and trying to act all normal.

I looked across at the three lads now resuming the game and tried not to show my excitement too much, owing to the fact that one of them was Mark, the boy who I fancied like mad. The one who'd been the recipient of my flashing session in this very room while I pretended to watch TV.

I noticed he'd re-grouped into the circle with his back to me, and wondered whether that was intentional. Maybe he was blushing? If it was ME in his shoes, I'd have been bordering on terrified, but probably looking forward to it in a sort of masochistic way. I slowly made my way round the circle until I stood at Jackie's shoulder, to see who would be eliminated next.

Mark was the oldest of the three remaining, the other two being in the same year as Zoe, and both looking as if they would like the earth to open up and swallow them whole.

They were both popular group members, and were very funny, Finn in particular. He was the taller of the two and quite chubby, with bright red hair and freckles. His mum was a stocky, powerful Irish lady, and he definitely took after her in looks. She always called him by his full name of Finbar, which made us all laugh, but had a lovely way about her and was probably the funniest of all our parents. Finn was great at telling stories and his quick wit made him the joker of the group. The last thing I would call him was "sexy", though. Definitely not boy band material.

The other lad was called Gareth (Gary) and had just been eliminated. The look of relief on his face was a picture, and I fully expected him to do a lap of honour round the room, punching the air. He was grinning from ear to ear and went to sit down next to the other escapees. That left Mark and Finn. Mark was now working furiously to avoid eye contact with us two girls. The round started.

"One potato two potato three potato four.....five potato six potato seven potato more"...Jackie's hand banging down onto Marks fist as the last word was chanted.

He stood there for a second, not taking it in...then he looked up from his fist, to Finn who stared back as if a death sentence had just been read out. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement.

"OK, so here's the list", Jackie suddenly announced, breaking the spell. "Finn goes first, then Mark" (he saw me smile), "then Gary, then Michael" (the youngest) "and finally Steve". Everyone sort of looked and nodded at each other, as patients in a Dentists might, and they all headed for the door.

Finn held back slightly and I squeezed his arm as he took a few seconds to muster up some courage. We didn't speak, just exchanged glances that simultaneously declared "What the hell am I doing here?"(from him) and my most reassuring look that tried to convey "Don't worry, you'll be OK".

The girls gathered round as the list was read, with "Ooohs" for effect at each name, followed by a quick look at the named victim to ensure that they were blushing enough.

After the list was finished and the other lads had disappeared back into the living room, I quickly checked around outside to make sure that no neighbours were out and about, and once I'd sounded the all clear, the procession, with a very reluctant Finn being ceremonially led, made its way back down to the shed. I checked my watch. We had at least three hours before my mum was due home. Plenty of time.

Once inside, Jackie arranged for Finn to stand the other side of the table and as she was sorting the magazines from the rucksack again, Zoe hurriedly asked Finn to get undressed. She just asked out loud, and it was clear to everyone that she was really quite eager to see her classmate naked, and fast. Now, bearing in mind that up until that point most of the girls there viewed her only as some inconsequential "kid" in the group, the fact that she was now taking the lead in ordering one of the boys to get fully undressed in front of us, seemed very funny. We all stopped what we were doing and looked at her, quite amazed that she could be so openly naughty.

"What?", she asked, looking at us. "We all want to see, don't we?" She assumed her bossy look again and turned her attention back to Finn, an expectant look on her face. She may well have seen it in the past, but today was going to take this naughtiness to a whole new level. She took up her position on the seat she'd had before, and I found myself sitting down next to her again. The other girls all found their seats, signalling for the show to begin.

Finn stared back at Zoe for a few more seconds, almost pleading to be released, but was first to break eye contact and, knowing that the dreaded moment had arrived, basically did what he was told.

With not much in the way of artistry,coupled with one hell of a lot of nervous turning around and shuffling, he eventually stripped down to just his undies and trainers.

His body was nowhere near as freckly as his face, probably through lack of sunlight, and his skin was probably the whitest I'd ever seen. Podgy middle and surprisingly stocky legs, he just stood there behind the table and looked a bit lost as we all stood there waiting. This time, for some reason, it hadn't entered our heads to go knickerless for him at this point, as per the agreement. He coughed a few times, both hands placed firmly across his little package. He was waiting for something.

We all sat there waiting and wondering why he'd stopped, and then the light bulb suddenly went on in Jackie's head and she began to take off her jeans again. We all realised what was holding things up, and stood in unison to fulfil the agreement.

I found it a bit strange to be thinking about taking my stuff off for a "junior" member, and I think Jackie felt the same as she kept giving me an embarrassed look. She took off her jeans completely and we all started to fumble for our underwear so that we could take them all off together, Tash going bright red as she was now fully included in proceedings for the first time. She would have probably enjoyed doing this whole knickerless thing more, if it wasn't for the fact that this just happened to be taking place in front of Finn, her younger brother's best friend!

Jackie was much more exposed than the rest of us who wore skirts, and when she stood up straight after removing her knicks, her entire bottom half was bare. She stood facing Finn with her legs tight closed, but the V of her dark pubic hair could clearly be seen. She was by far the hairiest of us girls, some of whom were still almost bare down there.

Finn stared straight at her with mouth open. I think it was the first real "grown up" one that he'd seen in the flesh.

He looked at us all in turn, mouth slightly open. "What do I do now?", he stammered.

"You ask us to do anything you want, but you don't touch." replied Zoe, clearly taking charge again. "But you take your pants off first", pointing to his little boy Y fronts. She really couldn't wait.

Poor Finn couldn't go any redder. As we all sat down on our seats again, he shuffled around behind the table and pulled his pants down and off, almost falling over in the process of stretching them off over each of his Nike's. Eventually, he stood up to face us with one hand over his crotch.

"You can take it in turns around the circle if you like", Zoe told him. "And get as close as you like, but don't touch".

He nodded and we spontaneously giggled as he shuffled his way out from behind the table, his psychological comfort barrier now gone. He headed straight for Zoe, as she was the one he was most familiar with, I suppose.

He asked her to show him hers, and she immediately hitched up her skirt and opened her legs. His eyes widened. She leaned back in her chair, placed a hand on either side of her pussy and gently pulled her lips wide apart. Again, I think the girls, including me, were surprised at how brazen this little firecracker could be. We all found ourselves leaning in slightly to watch Finn as he bent down to get a close look. His face was now no more than a few inches away from Zoe's little clit, which sat so proud and obviously erect for all to see. Total silence reigned.

"Finn, put both hands behind you", Tash suddenly said, making us all jump. "We're supposed to see yours as well". We all murmered agreement.

He was still bent down looking at Zoe, and jumped just as much as we had when Tasha spoke, but then did as he was told, straightening himself up as he put both hands behind him. An involuntary giggle rippled round the group, and we all leant in a bit more. Zoe's eyes like saucers as she stared straight at what he had on show. The lad who sat next to her in class had obviously grown a bit since the last time she saw it. I found myself grinning at the look she had on her face, and she must have felt the vibes as she momentarily broke her gaze to flick me a wicked little smile before locking back on to this "man cock" she had right in front of her. She was still spreading herself and his eyes were still on her pussy, both of them sort of lost in wonder.

I don't know why, but Finn surprised me (and a few others) by having a full blown erection and, as he stood up straight, it bobbed out in front of him. Maybe he was intentionally flexing it, maybe not, but we just sat there mesmerised and gawping as this full adult penis bobbed up and down in front of our faces. And there was me, thinking he'd be too terrified to raise one!

It wasn't as big as Tom's, it must be said, but it was really thick. He had a light covering of what you would possibly call "strawberry blond" pubic hair around the base. Just a hint of red but not as ginger as the hair on his head. His balls, it turned out, were really tight up under him, and at first I honestly thought he didn't have any, and had to bend right down to look from underneath, noticing the other girls doing the same. Lots of giggly discussion ensued between us, all really interested to see how different two boys could be. Finn dutifully stood in silence as we verbally analysed his bits and pieces.

When I bent down again to have another look from beneath, I saw him looking down at me and he turned his body to face me. "It's your turn", he said, almost whispering.

I sat back up straight to look at him, the end of his penis just inches from my nose. I was enjoying this immensely. After all was said and done, he was a really nice lad, who'd been brave enough to keep his end of the bargain and had certainly not disappointed us so far.

I felt a genuine thrill at the thought of my impending exposure.

"What do you want me to do?" I asked, smiling to try and put both of us at ease.

He just went red. Tash not long ago told me that he had a real crush on me, and I think he was now clamming up, just like I frequently did in front of Mark.

"Shall I bend over for you?", I asked, loving every second of this wonderful rush of power. He simply nodded. His whole body seemed to blush. He took a step back as I stood up in front of him.

I turned around, and at that moment had a naughty bit of inspiration as I saw my chair in front of me, and decided to step up onto it, so as to give him a better view. I also decided to lose the skirt, as it just got in the way last time. He took another slght backward shuffle as I undid the buttons at the waist and let it fall to the floor, my bum once again on full display to a boy.

Steadying myself by holding the shoulders of Tash and Zoe either side of me, I carefully stepped up onto my chair and tried bending over but nearly fell off, so I carefully placed a foot between the legs of Tash on her chair, and the same thing with Zoe on hers, my legs now wide apart. They both held on to my legs to steady me. Once I had got my balance worked out, I hung on to the back of my wooden chair and bent right over so far that I could see an upside down Finn his feet as I looked up at him with my head almost between my legs.

My backside was now splayed wide and was at eye level for him and, judging by the distance his feet were from my chair, he could have easily leant forward and given it a kiss.

I watched upside down Finn place one hand round his cock and immediately heard the girls make a cooing sound, obviously to acknowledge the fact that he had started his wank.

I stayed in position and watched as his hand worked up and down, and jumped slightly as his other hand came to rest on my left buttock! Immediately there was a cry of "no touching" and he withdrew it straight away. He stopped what he was doing and it was obvious that he thought that he was in trouble, so I straightened up and turned to look at him over my shoulder.

"It's OK, Finn. You can touch it if you like", and I meant it. The sudden, unexpected hand on my bum had been a real turn on for me to be honest. And anyway, we had "touched" Tom, so it was only fair.

The girls all went "woooo!" again when I said this, and seconds after I'd resumed my position, I felt his hand make contact again, as he resumed his strokes. I looked between my legs again and was just in time to see a hand reaching in from one side to cup Finn's balls, still tight as a drum up underneath him. It was obvious that Finn was going to do something soon, as he really started to wank hard and was moving around.

I got down quickly as I wanted to see, and Zoe, with her hands now free from steadying me, put them upwards and together, in front of Finn's fat cock. Three girls were now taking turns to stroke his undercarriage, and he had to be steadied himself by me and another as he got to the crucial moment. I thought he was going to fall over!

He bucked and stopped still, bucked again and shot a tiny jet of cum into Zoe's hands. He bucked again a few times, squeezing hard with his right hand, his knees totally giving way. Another great blob of cum gently pulsed its way out, to our great fascination, and gradually dripped down into Zoe's palm, and that was it, his orgasm finished.

The girls were crowded in and studying the cum, or should I say lack of cum, it must be said (when compared to Tom and the guys in the magazines).

We looked at each other, and I for one was wondering whether the other girls were thinking the same thing.

Had we just witnessed his first ever orgasm?

I was utterly fascinated by this possibility for some reason, and decided to wait until it was all over and he was dressing before asking.

"Have you ever shot before?", I asked, as casually as possible as I was buttoning up my skirt. It was obvious that several others there found this question interesting as well, as they stopped straightening their knickers and waited for the answer.

"Well, yes", he finally said, after doing all the shades of red again.

"When was the first?", I asked, not letting go.

"Yesterday", came the answer.

"So this was only your second?", I asked, eyes open in genuine surprise.

He took a deep breath and shook his head. "It's the third", he replied, looking straight at me. "But it's the first time I've actually shot anything".

He genuinely looked proud.

We all looked at each other with mouths open and then spontaneously cheered this momentuous event, little Zoe looking exceedingly pleased with her afternoon's work so far.....

Finn was told to go and tell the next one to report, and suddenly it was MY turn to get the wobbles. It was Mark up next!

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