Bi Fun: Strap On

Bi Fun: Strap On

Unfortunately, a few weeks after my last threesome with my cousin and girlfriend, he moved further away from us. There was a job opening at his brother's auto shop and it paid fairly well. The bills were rolling in so it seemed like a good time to find a better job. We saw him less since the drive was 45 minutes more than it had been before the move. He'd come by and hang out but it began to look like the three-way was unlikely. We all had a lot going on and a strap on waiting if the day should come. It only took Kayce a few days after our last experience to go out to the nearest adult store and buy one. Neither of us knew at the time that Brian would be moving out of the city. After nearly two months, I tried convincing her to try it out on me but she refused. I'd tell her, "Who knows when it will happen or if it will even happen. We might as well use it."

It was almost always the same response, No, we should wait. It's going to happen and when it does, we'll be glad we saved it."

I understood where she was coming from. Neither Brian nor I had been penetrated by a girl with a strap on. If patient, the experience would be better, since it would be a first for both of us. Brian was planning on taking some time off to catch up on some unfinished business, so we thought maybe he could squeeze us in to his schedule. Turned out that he was free Friday night and had nothing going on Saturday. Finally it was set. Fright Night. Kayce and I have been so busy lately that we haven't been having as much sex as we normally do. She was constantly working late or we both were far too exhausted to want to use our last bit of energy on physical activity. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to bring some life back into us. Thursday night, while I was relaxing, listening to my ipod, she ran into the room and jumped on the bed. The excitement was overflowing. "Why are you so happy?"

With a grin she said, "Well, I got something for tomorrow."

"I thought you already got the strap on?"

"I did. It's something else. A black rubber catsuit!"

Dumbfounded I smiled, "Wow. You finally bought that eh?"

"It was cheaper than I had expected and I know how much you've wanted me to get it."

"Shit, break it out! I'll fuck you in it right now!"

She laughed, "Nope! It's for tomorrow, remember? You can wait. You'll both get to see me in it at the same time."


"Aw hunny, you can wait. It's even got a zipper at the crotch. Easy access! You can fuck me and I never have to take that slick rubber suit off. Mm, I cannot wait!"

Neither could I. The images were so vivid as they filled my head, making it nearly impossible to get to sleep. She slept peacefully while I was over excited, imagining myself licking her rubber clad body. When the morning came, I was exhausted. My eyes didn't want to stay open. Work seemed never ending at first but around 1, everything seem to speed up. In no time, I was on my way home where Kayce and Brian were waiting. We all sat down and had a nice meal, talked about how busy our lives had been and how stressful work could be. They had some wine but I stuck with a beer.

"Well, guys, I think I'm going to go upstairs and change. I'll be right back."

I turned to Brian, "Did she tell you what she is going to be wearing?"

"Yeah she did. It sounds very hot. I can't wait to see it."

"It is hot. I snuck a peak at it in her closet. I'm sure she will look amazing in it."

The stairs creaked as a pair of black boots came into sight, slowly making their way down the stairs. We both had our heads turned, just staring in awe. Kayce was covered in rubber from neck down. Gloves wrapped tightly around her small hands as the suit squeezed her, showing off her large breast. A lit cigarette dangled from her lips before she softly gripped it with her slick fingers. An 8 inch rubber cock hung from her waist region, jumping up and down every time she went down another stair.

"Damn. Your girl looks hot as shit."

Without looking away I replied, "Yes. Wow. You look stunning. I'm already getting excited."

She inhaled deeply as she approached us, the end of the cigarette turning bright orange. Her hands gripped my chin as she opened her mouth slightly, letting smoke flow out as she moved in and kissed me. The smoke floated through my mouth.

"Good. I want you boys fucking rock hard!"

The light glimmered off her catsuit as she sat down in a chair next to the couch we occupied, the cigarette resting firmly between her soft lips.

"Tonight, we are going to change things up."

"How is that hun?"

"Well, we won't be needing the porn. I'm going to get you boys hard without it."

The Marlboro was clenched between her teeth as she unzipped the crotch region of her outfit, revealing her shaven pussy. Her fingers slowly moved around her body before making their way to her wet snatch. It was dripping as she started penetrating herself.

"Mm, don't you boys just sit there. Pull those cocks out for me."

Her fingers glistened with pussy juice, which she ran along the length of her rubber dick. Her hand gripped tightly around the head before moving down the length of the shaft. You'd swear it was real with the way she was jerking it along with the faces of pleasure she made.

"Take each others cocks in your hands. Good. Make them rock hard for me. Watch me play with my big dick. Rub your cousin's cock. Stroke it for me."

All three of us had our hand full, rubbing the length. Brian and I were throbbing watching her fingers squeeze the rubber cock as the index and middle held onto the nearly finished Marlboro. She'd spread her lips wide open for us while spitting on her fake prick. We were both getting very turned on as she was becoming increasingly rougher with it, smacking it in between strokes.

"Mm, You love this cock? I know you boys want this big cock. My little faggot's. Fuck! Get your asses over here."

We both dropped to our knees and leaned over as she took turns feeding us. Brian would swirl his tongue around the plump head and then take it deep down his throat. She'd turn it towards me, pull my head back by my hair and shove it into my mouth, poking at the sides. Eventually she had us both licking her shaft at the same time, coating it with saliva. Brian held the cock up as I bobbed my head up and down, progressively going deeper.

"All right. Enough, boys. Brian, I want you sucking his cock while I fuck his tight little hole. Lay back so your cousin can suck your cock."

I lied back onto the floor as she was on her knees, between my legs. She shot a big glob of spit into her hand and ran it all over her dick. I spit onto my hands and traced my ass hole, then proceeded to lift my legs up into the air. The 8 inches of rubber grazed my balls before moving slowly around my anal opening. The head slowly pushed its way inside, moans escaped my mouth. Brian's warm mouth wrapped around my cock as he sucked down to the very bottom of my shaft. With each thrust she made, my dick pushed further into his mouth,

"Sucking him good Brian. Make him cream on your tongue. Mm, fuck your ass is tight. You like my fat cock inside of you?"

"Oh yes. You're so big."

"Love when your cousin sucks on you while I ream your fuck hole? Fucking incest loving bitch"

It was hard to prevent myself from cumming when my ass was full and I was receiving oral pleasure at the same time. The dirty talk wasn't helping any either.

"I see pre cum Brian. Lick that up right away!"

He poked the tip of his tongue in my piss hole and twirled it around my head, cleaning up the leaking semen. While he was doing this Kayce was plowing me hard and hitting just the right spots. As soon as Brian deep throated me, I couldn't take it anymore. I exploded into his mouth, several shots of cum poured in.

"Keep your mouth on it slut! Swallow every single drop."

Brian almost threw up. I must of shot down his throat. He managed to get all of it and she was satisfied as he pulled his head up from my softening dick.

"Good boy. An idea just came to me."

She sat down on the couch, slightly leaning back as she wiped the sweat from her face.

"Come sit on my cock, but make sure you are facing me."

He spit into his hand and smeared it along his anus before stepping up onto the couch, slowly bringing himself down. He groaned at first as the plump head stretched him but it didn't take long for him to start moaning loudly. She got really into it, she was just pumping her cock into him with her teeth gritted.

"Fucking tight ass, you little pussy bitch. You love when I fuck your ass with my cock. Faggot. Fucking sperm drinking whore."

The name calling got crueler as she fucked him harder.

"Get over here and jerk him off. While I'm deep inside, I want his cum shot all over my rubber covered tits. Cum all over them!"

I stepped towards the couch and sat down near them. His cock was rock hard and I knew it wouldn't take much. She was pounding the shit out of him, pushing her cock deep into his rectum. I gripped onto him and started slowly working his shaft, lightly grazing the head. They moaned in unison. My fingers wrapped tightly around the base of his cock as I started pumping it faster.

"Come on Brian. I know you want to cum all over my latex. I want a big fucking load all over me. Come on you dirty slut. Is your cousin not doing a good enough job? Cum for me."

I leaned down and took all of him into my mouth before withdrawing. He was close and I knew it so I started stroking the lower region as I sucked on his head. He was finding it harder to concentrate enough to ride her, but that didn't matter because she was thrusting into him anyway. His moans got louder and I didn't want to take a chance so I pulled his cock out of my mouth and jerked it hard, aiming at her breast. She stopped fucking him for a second and leaned upwards, pressing her large tits together.

"Shoot all over me!"

Two quick shots went off before cum started gushing all over her breast. It trickled down her latex catsuit as she rubbed it in, moaning.

"Baby, Brian ate your sperm, so you will eat his, won't you? Got to return the favor!"

It was scattered all over her breast and dripping down. I sucked at it and licked up the salty semen that covered her.

"Get up here and kiss me. I want to taste him."

She leaned forward and I met her half way, our tongues massaging one another's. Then she pulled Brian towards her and kissed him softly.

"Wow. That was fun. Hell, I don't even know where to go from here."

Brian smiled, "Oh, I'm sure we will come up with something."

The three of us leaned back on the couch, sweaty and exhausted. It was worth the wait.

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