The Matriarchy - Mrs Mckenzie

The Matriarchy - Mrs Mckenzie

I'm a 51 year old, English, divorced mother of 2 and wasnt completely on board with the Matriarchy Regime at the onset. But at that time, I had no idea how much power one could have by changing the simple act of a sexual outlook. It was only 6 months ago that I really got into it. Being divorced, back to work, promotions and more disposable income than I'd ever had before, I hadn't had time to think about using my new toy. At the dawn of the matriarchal takeover, every girl over 18 recieved a female friendly (orgasm giving) strapon from the new government. I hadn't looked at it twice, till one weekend in August.

It was too hot that weekend for anything but my summer dress and a sun hat. So I simply wore that and began trimming the rose bushes in my garden. On my knees, garden gloves on, elbow deep in a flower bed I heard a noise.

My daughter is at uni and her ex boyfriend still loves her. She dumped him before going because he wouldn't accept boundary 23. Her ex-boyfriend was knocking at the gate, grinning like a moron. Hes a nice boy, very handsome but equally stupid. Like most men these days.

Boundary 23 states that all sexual intercourse must be done using the government issued strapon. If the male penetrates a female with his cock he will be put into chastity. If the male refuses he will be put in chastity. No exceptions unless female is looking to bare child in which case the only position granted by the matriarchy is the amazon position. Chastity will be removed when the male in question begs for release at court or member of high society vouches for him in court.

Regardless, I stood up and brushed my grassy knees. Walked over to the gate to my walled garden and said, "Toby, shes not here, you know that dont you?" As I walked closer I could see through his Jeans that there was a mound where his cock would be. He was still in chastity, it had been 6 months. He must be aching. He nodded and asked to come in. I saw him glance down at my breasts and so I turned and walked inside. As I walked I took my gloves off and through them on to the heavy wood of the kitchen table. I clapped my hands and saw my nipples were erect. I felt suddenly exposed forgetting my lack of underwear. I told him to come inside and make himself a cup of tea. I took my sun hat off and went to my room. I looked in the mirror and wiped the sweat from my forehead. My pearl necklace dangled as I bent over and brushed my short curvy brunette hair. Despite the fact my breasts arent anything particularly spectacular, relatively small and pert I felt they needed covered up.

I went to my drawer to put on a bra and pants but saw my GIS thong (government issued strapon). I sat down and looked at myself. Still very beautiful. Lips still full, eyes gleaming. I thought fuck it. I pulled on the strapon pants under my sun dress. My purple cock made the dress rise at the crotch. It looked glorious. Inside the pants, little buttons will sense when penetrating something and come alive accordingly.

Faster if fucking fast and slowly if fucking slowly. I lifted my dress and felt it. It was a whole new world to me. I'd heard my daughter fucking some guys but I'd never done it myself. From the noises in her room it was clear she, and they enjoyed it. I stroked my purple cock and all of a sudden the buttons came on. It startled me, I let go! I tried again. My pussy felt brilliant. I sped up and low and behold the vibrations felt even better. I let go. Covered it with my dress and took a breath. Today Toby is going to get fucked.

My heart was racing and my nipples still uncovered remained sensitive. I went to the kitchen where he sat obediently. My cock was between my legs so he couldn't see what I had in store for him. He went to his knees. "Mrs McKenzie", he began, "I understand you have been promoted and are now an upstanding member of the council, please video this. I beg you to release me from chastity. I beg you to send this video to the courts asking them to release me from chastity. I wholly accept boundary 23". I looked at him. I'd never heard him speak so eloquently, I told him to stand up. "Turn around", I demanded. "Bend over on to the table".

His quizzical look told me he hadn't caught on on to what was about to unfold. I let my cock out. My dress rose like a wind sock. He gulped. "Mrs McKenzie... please fuck me. I've always had a crush on you". My heart skipped a beat. That was very nice to hear. I pulled my dress revealing my cock. He took his Jean's off willingly and turned and bent over. I took the cooking oil from the wooden surface and slathered up my cock for entry.

I put the tip of it at his entrance. His chastity cage full with a bulging cock and balls. He will be desperate I thought. My cock end flirts with his arsehole. "Please" I heard him whimper. I hold his hips. Align my hips. "Please mrs McKenzie." I slammed into him. Balls deep. He screamed in pain or pleasure I couldn't tell. My pussy filled with pleasure. My heart racing I was desperate to fuck him with pace. But I didnt. Being a mothering type. I went to his ear. "Was that good or bad" I asked, he nodded.

My strapon still as deep as it could go inside him I pulled him to me. I kissed him. I was in complete control. I pulled his shirt off and his impressive body got me even hotter. I pulled my dress off as well. I pulled out of him leaving just a little inch inside him. I fucked him with just the end of it. I wanted to take it easy at first. Savour the moment of my first time taking an arse. He begged me to go deeper. I denied him that for a few minutes. I was enjoying his agony and the motion of my buttons on my clitoris.

I didnt realise as I was just riding the waves of my GIS but I felt myself getting deeper and faster. It was the claps of my hips against his arse that woke me to it. I was fucking him very hard and he and I were in shared ecstasy. I reached round to feel his huge cock in my hands but felt only the cage instead. I laughed. I dont know why, I laughed at his misfortune. He reached round himself and felt my leg as it powered into him. His hand caressed me and went further up feeling my bare arse. I loved it and spanked his. I spanked it again. "Are you going to leave my daughter alone now?" I shouted at him. His arse and my strapon were a sloppy mess. My cock sunk in and out as he yelled in pleasure, "yes, yes. Dont stop." I stopped. He bent on to the table in exhaustion. I pushed my cock extremely deep and held it there for several minutes till I pulled his hair. "That's not what I fucking asked you." I didnt know where this empowered woman had came from. "Please", he said, "please, I'll leave her alone". My pussy was aching from stopping she was definitely going to get there soon but I just wanted to teach him a lesson first. "Good boy. Turn round." I exited him. I stood back.

My hands were on my hips, I waited. He sat on the table. I pushed him on to his back. His poor cock was dripping precum. His arse was gaping. His face was red with excitement. "You are so hot Mrs McKenzie." I laughed again and put my cock to his arse. Entering it, mounting him and leaning into him. My breasts on his chest I kissed him for a minute. I couldn't help it. He was too cute. I pushed his legs back and watched as my GIS fucked him with ease. The rhythm came very naturally to me. His eyes rolled back into his head and he played with his nipples. He was too cute. He moaned with every entrance. He held his cage. His moans got louder and louder. I felt myself going too. I plunged my cock deeper and deeper till his chastity cage filled with white semen. He screamed in pleasure and fell apart in front of me. I saw and felt his arsehole grip my strapon and watched it pulse as he came. I enjoyed the watching of it so much.

Again, I didn't realise I'd started to fuck again. The little buttons were working there magic as I opened my eyes I saw just how much cum was pouring out of his cage he tried to clear it up as I was fucking him but the sensation was too much for both of us. I grabbed his throat and plugged him deep over and over again till I came. I exploded, wave after wave of orgasm flowed through me. I too screamed as he did. Banging into him with each wave it seemed to last for minutes. I let go of his throat and ran my fingers over my body and my hair. He just lay back dripping with cum. Watching his ex's mother cum inside him. I opened my eyes and saw him there. Pulled out of him and kissed him. I told him to clean his mess up. Pointed to his cum stains. And my strapon which I pulled off and gave to him. Put on some clothes I said whilst putting on the sundress again. "Will you..." he began.

I picked up my gardening gloves and before getting into the hot sun again I turned back to him. He was looking at my pert arse. "If you clean this mess up, my GIS and you promise never to speak to my daughter again. Then yes... Also... only come to this house when I want you to, then I'll speak to the council".

He dutifully did as he was told. He cleaned my GIS as good as new and gave it to me in the garden as he left. He wanted another go then and there but I told him to leave.

Since then I've went out with my girlfriends and had a few one night stands and I've been seeing a guy now for a few months. I spoke to the council and had Toby's chastity removed and had him round a few times for some fun but nothing beats that first time...


BOUNDARIES - new laws that exist for the safety of society.

GIS - It was clear to the Matriarchy that a lot of societal problems come directly or indirectly from, the patriarchy. This also meant to the Matriarchy it was clear that everything had to be turned upside down in order for society to be fairer and progress in peace and happiness. Therefore the government provided the female population over 18 with sophisticated strapon pants that would allow the user to be in control of sexual activities and would allow the user to reach climax when traditional means of intercourse, pre matriarchal boundaries, did not satisfy them. Government issued strapon (GIS) pants have devices (buttons) inside the pants that fulfill any needs.

PMB - After what's been named the, 'gender wars' of 2044 - 2046 the years started again. 2046 was the last Anno Domini year. Year 0 Post Matriarchal Boundaries (PM is the first year of the new regime.

SOCIAL STATUS SEX - sexuality is fluid so one may be heterosexual but still enjoy sex acts on members of the same sex. Since PMB more woman saddled with a GIS are finding that they have to settle social status disputes or 'pecking orders' by having social status sex with their female friends or peers.

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