One Bold Night---part 2

One Bold Night---part 2

Part 2

Matt stood there for another moment or two, his back to us. I couldn't see his face, didn't know what he was thinking. My new friend was looking at me, glancing at Matt, trying to sort out the tension. Finally, Matt spoke again, without turning around. "You guys do this often?", he asked. I couldn't quite read his tone of voice, but it still didn't seem angry. "No, we just met tonight. Like I said, this just sort of happened. I was jerking off in the shower, thinking I was alone."

Matt slowly turned back towards us and as he did he asked, rather quietly, "Do you enjoy this, Tyler?" He made eye contact with me. He definitely wasn't angry. His eyes dropped briefly to my cock which was still semi-hard and then he looked back at my face, waiting for my answer. I went for it. "Yes. I do." His eyes flickered to my new friend and back to me. I didn't quite understand the look I saw on his face. Was he jealous? Could that possibly be it? I'd already been bolder than usual this evening and I decided to go for broke. "You could join us, you know." Matt stared at me and then the corners of his mouth turned up into an intrigued smile. "Seriously? You really want me to? I don't want to interrupt." But he was smiling at me more broadly now and his eyes ran down my body. My penis responded with a little twitch.

"I'm sure," I said, "if...this guy doesn't mind." I looked at my new friend and smiled. "Sorry, I don't even know your name."

"I'm Sean," he said, "and I definitely don't mind. You guys obviously are friends. You a couple?"

"Matt's my best friend," I said, "but we're not a couple. We've never done anything like this."

"No..." agreed Matt. "But I've thought about it," he added quietly and glanced at my face to see my response. I was shocked and my mouth fell open. "Holy shit," I said and stared at Matt. "I've thought about it every time we've talked about sex with girls," I said. "I had no idea you ever thought the same thing."

"Yeah," he said. "Didn't know how to bring that up. Figured I'd freak you out." And at that point he took of his shirt to reveal that muscled chest I had always liked. Matt was about fifteen pounds heavier than me, though we were the same height. He kicked his shoes to the side, took off his socks and then slid his sweat pants down his muscular legs. The bulge in his boxer briefs told me he was into this. He slid them down and his erection sprang out. It was as big as I'd imagined. His dick was cut and was straight as an arrow. It angled up slightly and had to be a good eight inches. I'd always enjoyed sneaking a peak at Matt's meaty dick when we'd showered at the gym together or when we'd spent the night at each other's house and would dress in front of each other. Matt had always been comfortable being naked around me. And I'd certainly noticed the bulge in his pants before when we would talk about sex or watch porn. And I'd fantasized about what his penis would look like erect. And now I was really seeing it in person.

Matt stepped into the shower and walked towards us, his hardon bobbing up and down. I was so damn excited. My dick was fully erect again and straining. "I cannot fucking believe this is actually happening," breathed Matt as he walked up to me. He pulled me to him and went straight for my mouth, kissing me firmly as he pulled my body to his. "Me, either", said in between kisses. Our tongues frantically wrestled as our hands explored each other. I felt Sean put his arms around both of us as we made out under the warm shower. We kissed for what seemed like forever before I pulled back.

I stared at Matt's handsome face for a moment, beads of water dripping from his dark hair. Then I lowered myself to my knees. My tongue reached out and touched the tip of Matt's cock. He shuddered. I looked up at his face. He was staring down at me. Sean was behind him, nuzzling his neck and rubbing Matt's back and ass. I slid my mouth over my friend's dick and began to suck it, pulling him into me. I licked, sucked, and savored my best friend's rigid shaft. I swirled my tongue around his engorged head, enjoying bringing my friend pleasure. I was so incredibly turned on by the thought of blowing my best friend that I started jacking myself furiously and could have easily cum very quickly if Matt hadn't pulled his dick out of my mouth quickly, breathing "not yet, not yet. Damn I'm close." He was obviously intensely excited, as well.

I stood back up and we kissed again. Sean got down on his knees and we both turned a little sideways so the tips of our dicks were touching. Sean began licking both of our cocks and took first one and then the other in his mouth, alternating. Occasionally taking both of us in his hot mouth at once. Matt and I stood side by side, occasionally kissing, occasionally watching Sean bob up and down on best friend's dicks. It was surreal. "This is so fucking hot, Matt," I said, as my hand caressed his firm ass. "Fuck yeah, Tyler," he said. "I've wanted to explore with you." Sean was working furiously on Matt's tool and he began moaning. My right hand was still working on his ass and my left hand was jerking my cock. He moved my hand off my cock with his and began jerking me. The feeling of my best friend jerking my dick was indescribable.

Matt had his head thrown back now and he bent his legs a little and arched his back as Sean continued to suck him. "Suck that cock," I said. "Fucking suck him, dude". Sean bobbed faster and Matt moaned louder. Matt never let go of my cock, firmly stroking me even as he got closer to busting. Sean stopped just a second to breathe, jerking Matt's cock. "Yeah, man, you gonna cum for me?" "Uh-huh," said Matt. "Give me your load, man" said Sean just before his lips went back on Matt's huge erection. Matt was stroking me faster. Damn, it felt good.

Matt's eyes were closed now. His side was pressed tightly against mind and he was squeezing my cock very firmly, holding on for dear life. "Fuck. Oh, fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck, I'm gonna fucking cum." I was incredibly turned on. "Oh, yeah, Matt," I said as I grabbed his ass, pushing him further into Sean's mouth. "Bust that load". "FUCK" he shouted as he came. Sean slurped and licked, taking all of Matt's load as it spurted out. "Damn, stud," Sean breathed as he took his mouth off Matt's cock. It twitched twice more, a little drop of cum appearing at the tip. "Fuck" Matt breathed again. "Damn".

After a moment, Matt slid behind me, his still semi-erect cock pressed up against my ass. He was now stroking me again with one hand and rubbing my chest, squeezing my pecs with the other. He tweaked my nipple and nuzzled my neck. He continued stroking me, my best friend's firm hand rubbing my hard cock. "I love your cock, man," he breathed in my ear. "So fucking hard."

"Yeah, Matt," I moaned. "Fucking jerk it for me. Make me shoot." "Yeah, Tyler, shoot for me," Matt said. "I want to make you bust."

The sound of my friend saying these words in my ear while he pleasured me pushed me to the edge. Sean was still on his knees, waiting for my load. He was holding my calves, looking up at us. "Shoot it, Tyler," he said. I could feel the heat rising into my face. My cock was throbbing and Matt's hand was bringing me to the verge. He continued squeezing one of my nipples. I was aware of his thick cock pressing against my ass crack. I want that one day, I thought randomly. "Shit, Matt, I'm close. Keep stroking. Fuck yeah, that's it. Jerk it. Make me cum," I begged, pressing my back against him. He was practically supporting me now. "Oh shit, oh shit. Fuck. FUCK!" I yelled. And then I came. I was in ecstasy. My dick began jerking, shooting tons of thick cum on Sean's face as Matt's hand got me off. He was jerking more slowly now, milking my cock, squeezing out a few more drops, his lips on my neck and upper back. His fingers ran along my shaft and tickled my balls as I began to relax.

Sean stood up and began to stroke his own throbbing cock. His cut dick wasn't quite as long as Matt's, but was quite thick and had a little upwards banana curve to it. I stepped over to him and ran my fingers along his rock hard abs as he jerked himself. I leaned in and kissed him, getting a little of the residual salty taste from his mouth. I'd never had cum in my mouth before. Matt was also beside him, rubbing his ass, kissing his neck. "Come on Sean. Bust one," I heard Matt whisper. "Shoot that fucking load, Sean," I said quietly in his other ear. I reached down and gently cradled Sean's heavy balls. I felt them rise in my hands. "Oh, yeah," Sean moaned, "I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna shoot." "Fuck yeah, shoot that load," said Matt. I loved hearing him say those things. "Unhhh," grunted Sean as he released, his thick dick shooting with force. Matt stuck his hand down and caught Sean's load as it squirted out. He rubbed the gooey warmth on Sean's hairless chest as Sean finished his orgasm.

"Fuck," I said, as I stepped under the warm water and rinsed off. "That was incredibly fucking hot." Matt lingered by my side and traced a finger down my abdomen and along my soft cock. "I want more," he said quietly before stepping under an adjacent shower head and soaping off.

We all finished showering and dressed quietly. As we left the dressing area, Sean said, "I hope we can do this again sometime." "Absolutely," I said, nodding at him as he flashed that gorgeous smile. I looked at Matt---"You headed home?" I asked. "Yep, hard day at work tomorrow," he said. "Catch you later." And he walked to his truck, climbed in and left.

I wondered if things would be awkward next time I saw Matt. But I knew I had to other things to explore and that Matt was who I wanted to explore with.


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