Fulfilling Her Fantasy

Fulfilling Her Fantasy

I watched her from the window. She had just gotten home and was getting out of her car. Up the drive she walked, in seconds she would be at the front door. Seconds later she was in the house. I knew her routine: leave the house at 6 am, home at 5:30 pm, shower, dinner, tv, bed. Without fail, every night. She didn’t have a husband, no boyfriend, no pets even, this lady was a shut in…which was perfect for me. See I had plans for her.

I heard the front door shut from her upstairs bedroom. I softly made my way to her closet and closed the door without latching it. I went over my supplies again in my pocket just to make sure I had everything I needed.

Sally, according to the mail on her kitchen counter, came up the stairs to her bedroom. Through the slats of the closet door I watched as she removed her work jacket and placed it on a chair back next to the bed. Her red hair was short and straight coming to just above her shoulders. The skin of her arms were pale and freckled, I hoped the rest of her was too, I couldn’t wait to taste that creamy skin. Already I was getting hard.

Sally removed her work shirt and threw it in the hamper next to her bed. Her bra was emerald green and nearly see through. She removed her skirt and placed it on top of the jacket revealing her matching emerald green lacy panties. At 5’2” she had an athletic body, firm and toned from time at the gym I suspected. Just as I’d hoped, she was creamy and freckled. I began to stroke myself through my jeans and felt my pre-cum ooze in anticipation.

In one quick motion she unhooked the bra and gave me my first look at those magnificent tits. Small, probably a 32 A, but I’m not picky. In fact, too much tit meat just gets in the way. Her tits were capped by already hard bright pink nipples that probably loved abuse. Good, cause they’re were gonna get some abuse tonight, I thought. She stepped in front of the mirror and gave them a squeeze. That’s it baby, I thought, put on a show for me. She cupped her tits and gave each nipple a rolling pinch then reached into her dresser and pulled out something I’d not even thought to check for earlier, a long slim vibrator with a control box attached by a cord. Things certainly were getting interesting. Sally set the vibrator down on the dresser and turned toward the adjoining bathroom.

Down came her panties giving me the best view of her shapely ass. My god I can’t wait to get a hold of those perfect globes, I thought. My eyes explored everything and I could have sworn her pussy was already wet, and shaved! Sally disappeared into the bathroom and I heard the shower come on. When I was certain she was in the shower I crept from my hiding place and picked up her panties. Looking in the bathroom I noticed I could see her through her shower curtain washing her hair. I took that moment to smell her panties, they were musky, a little spicy, and definitely wet. I freed my cock and used her panties for a mini jerk off session, just a few strokes while I envisioned the things I would do to her.

The shower went off. FUCK!

Quickly I turned and silently went back to my hiding place in her closet, the door swung closed just as she entered her room toweling her hair. Sally didn’t even pause, good, she doesn’t know I’m here. She went to the dresser and pulled out some pajama bottoms and a t-shirt then took them to the bed. I watched intently waiting for my moment. She bent slightly to put her left leg into the bottoms. Now!

I pushed the door open quietly, crossed the distance and wrapped my left arm around her waist trapping her arms. My right hand immediately covered her mouth muffling the scream. I lifted her into the air and held her tight. She thrashed about for a minute then slackened, sobbing, toes just out of reach of the floor.

“You know why I’m here.” I told her. “You have two choices. One: you go along with whatever I tell you, obey me and you may even come a few times. Two: resist and I’ll hurt you so bad you’ll wake up in the hospital…if you wake up.” I continued to cover her mouth for a minute to let the information sink in. “Have you decided?” I asked. She nodded still sobbing. “Are you going to fight me?” Sally shook her head.

“Good,” I told her “now, I’m going to remove my hand from your mouth. Try to scream, yell, talk, hell make noise in any way and I will hurt you.” I removed my hand and her head dropped sobbing. I reached into my pocket and removed the handcuffs. I bent Sally over the bed, brought her right hand to her back and cuffed it swiftly, then grabbed her left hand and cuffed it. Carefully I inspected the cuffs to make sure they weren’t going to hurt her then double locked them when I was satisfied. Through all this she continued crying and trembling. Then I pulled out a blindfold, can’t have her seeing me or what’s going on after all, and tied it around her eyes checking that she couldn’t see.

Stepping back I admired my prize. Creamy skin, freckles, fiery hair, shaven dripping pussy, an asshole that was begging to be licked, and just enough meat on her ass to grab onto. This was going to be fun.

“Now, let’s get a few things straight. I am going to fuck you; it is going to happen, no matter what you do, no matter what you say you are getting fucked. I have all weekend to abuse you.” Sally let out a low moan and started sobbing anew. “Through this ordeal I will need to call you something…how about Slut? Do you like your new name Slut?” I asked her. She barely nodded. SMACK! My right hand left a nice red mark on the milky skin of her ass causing her to jump and let out a sharp squeal in surprise.

“You will answer me Slut. Do you like your new name?” She nodded slowly and croaked out “Y-yes.” This slut was going to need some training. “Yes…what?” I asked. Sally looked confused but answered “Yes… M-master?” “Good girl Slut, you answered just as I wanted.” I told her. Sally let out a soft sigh and looked slightly relieved.

I walked around to the other side of her bed. Sally’s head followed where I walked listening intently for any clue as to what was coming next. I grabbed two of the pillows on her bed and stacked them in the center. Then I went back to behind Sally. She stiffened. I picked her up as she let out a small frightened sound, lighter than I expected, and placed her face down on her bed with her stomach on the pillows propping that gorgeously fuckable rear in the air.

Standing back I was again taken at how amazing this woman looked cuffed, blindfolded and sobbing on her bed. I took this opportunity to remove my clothes. At 5’11” I spend some time in the gym myself. I’m no muscle bound meathead nor am I an emaciated marathon runner; I just have a few extra pounds of muscle and sadly a few more ounces of fat on my stomach to lose.

Staring at her sopping pussy I couldn’t hold back anymore. I got on the bed behind Sally causing her to stiffen in fear. I brought my face up to her pussy and saw her asshole tighten. I began kissing her outer lips and heard her sobbing stop. I kissed my way around her outer lips and began licking her inner lips. Her inner lips were a deep red and stuck out creating a nice hood. Taking turns I sucked on her inner lips. Sally’s breathing had changed. Her spicy scent combined with her cucumber body wash was driving me crazy. My tongue made its way to her hole. Sally breathed in sharp and held it. My tongue penetrated her pussy and explored her depths. Sally let her breath out and groaned. I take it she was liking getting raped.

“Do you like this Slut?” I asked her. “Fuck you.” She responded. SMACK! My left hand left a matching red hand print on her other ass cheek. “Wrong answer Slut.” I told her. “FUCK YOU MASTER!” She yelled. “Don’t worry, you will.” I informed her.

My tongue continued its assault on her pussy hole before moving down to her clit. I sucked her clit in and heard Sally mutter “Oh god.” As I sucked her clit she began to subtly move her hips. Then I brought my mouth up to her asshole. She could feel my breath on her back door and stiffened in response. My lips kissed her anus gently savoring the feeling of her tight rubbery ring. My tongue began to move around her asshole causing Sally to repeat “Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit” under her breath. Slowly I applied pressure to her asshole with my tongue and felt it open slightly. Little by little my tongue made its way into her as she relaxed to my oral assault.

Suddenly I got off the bed and went to retrieve the vibrator she left on the dresser. It was slimmer than my cock but a little longer. My lube was still in my pants pocket, I retrieved it and applied some to the vibrator. Back on the bed Sally listened intently craning her head this way and that. Her pussy juice was running down onto the pillows, she really was a slut!

Vibrator in hand I again approached Sally’s backside. As tip of the vibrator was placed at the entrance to her asshole she squeaked “Please no, nobody has been back there before…Master.” She added quickly. “What did I tell you before Slut, it’s going to happen, go with it.” I informed her. Her head dropped back to the bed and she began to sob again clenching her hands.

Gently I pushed the vibrator forward. It was slow going but it continued to slide into her as time passed. When she had taken about half I began to fuck her with it. At first she hissed every time it went in, but eventually she started low grunts and then she started gyrating her hips to meet my thrusts. I worked the vibrator deeper on each thrust until all that was left was the end with the wire coming out. I left the vibrator buried in her ass and picked up the control box flipping it on to the lowest setting. Sally just about jumped off the bed and began an incoherent string of words saying “Ohmygod, ohmygod, oh fuck yes, oh fuck, I never knew, oh shit!” After a minute of this Sally yelled out, “I’m coming! I’m coming!” Sally’s pussy squirted just a little bit of fluid onto her bed. A squirter, nice!

Leaving the vibrator inside her bowels, I turned it off then pulled her off the bed onto her knees. She was frightened and breathing hard still riding the aftershocks of her orgasm. I waited until her breathing slowed down then said, “It’s time you did something for me Slut.” “What do you want…Master.” She asked. I stood in front of her and placed my cock on her left cheek. She shied away. SMACK! My left hand hit her right cheek just hard enough to let her know not to move again, there was no mark this time. Again I put my cock on her cheek and began rubbing it on her face. She looked so beautiful kneeling in front of me with her lower lip trembling.

“Open.” I told her. She hesitated. SMACK! This time on her right cheek. She opened immediately. My cock stopped at the entrance to her mouth and rubbed around her open lips spreading precum on them like lip gloss, then I entered. My god her mouth was hot. She immediately began sucking and rubbing the underside of my cock with her tongue. My hands went to both sides of her head and I started to fuck her face. Slowly at first so she could get used to my girth, then a little faster. “Shit, you really know how to suck cock Slut.” I complimented her. A garbled “Mmphh ooo maffuh” was all she could manage. My cock ended up at the back of her throat and she gagged, tears were starting to appear from under the blindfold, still she didn’t give up. After a few minutes of fucking her mouth I felt it. I sped up and told her “I’m gonna come Slut, you better swallow it all.” Then I erupted. My come came out with a force I’ve only felt a few times in my life causing Sally to jerk. Again and again it spurted. I heard Sally making swallowing sounds. When I was finally done I withdrew from her well fucked mouth and sat in the chair she put her jacket on earlier.

Sally sank lower and sat on the floor. At some point the vibrator had come out of her ass. She looked abused, tired, and her mouth was red and wet. As we caught our breath I admired her body some more.

“So tell me Slut, why don’t you have a man in your life? Shit you don’t even have a pet!” I asked her. “I just don’t have time. That and I’m too shy to talk to anybody, I mean why would they even want me… Master?” she responded. “You have a gorgeous body Slut, a body meant for fucking.” I answered. “Tell me, what kind of sexual experience do you have anyway?”

Sally sighed and said, “Well, except for a few boyfriends I had in high school and college, and that one time with that girl, I really have none. Except for my vibrator Master.” Girl? I thought. “Tell me more about your girl experience Slut.” “Nothing to tell really. I was at a party in college, there was another girl there. She was funny and I thought we were becoming friends. Well, we both had a little to drink and she kissed me. It being college, I kissed her back and we ended up in a bedroom.” Her story was giving my cock a second wind. “We kept on kissing and she took my clothes off.” Her nipples were getting hard and her breathing was getting deeper. “She ate my pussy and was the first person to ever give me an orgasm that way.” Her nipples stood out stiff and proud.

“Crawl toward the sound of my voice Slut.“ I commanded. She responded, “Master, my hands are cuffed, how…?” “Use your knees.” I told her. She shuffled forward. “Stop, now stand up Slut.” “I can’t Master.” I helped her stand in front of me. Her tits were at the perfect height for me to abuse them. My hands massaged her little tits and pinched a nipple. Sally’s breathing got even deeper. I sucked a nipple into my mouth and swirled my tongue around it savoring the feeling. Sally let out a soft “Ohhhhh.” My other hand tweaked her nipple as I bit into the one in my mouth. “Oh god.” Sally moaned. I asked her “Do you like your nipples being abused?” “Oh god yes Master,it makes me all gushy.” She responded. “Good.” I said and continued pulling, twisting, biting and pinching her now red nipples. All the while Sally had begun twisting, turning and moaning. Suddenly she cried, “Oh god I’m coming again!” Her knees wobbled and down she went, kneeling once again on the floor. I didn’t even know that was possible and watched in awe as she breathed through her climax. I let her recover for a few minutes before picking her back up and putting her back on the pillows on the bed.

I retrieved the vibrator and reapplied some lube on it before inserting it back into her bowels. Then I flipped on the lowest setting and kneeled behind her lining up my cock with her pussy. Sally had started moaning when I turned the vibrator on and she continued to moan. I thrust into her. She let out an “Ahhhhhhhhh! Too big, you’re too big!” as I buried myself to the hilt. Shit. She wasn’t kidding. This was the tightest pussy I’ve ever felt. I thought her mouth was hot, her pussy was practically on fire. It gripped me and wouldn’t let go.

Sitting there with my cock in her feeling the buzzing from the vibrator through the membrane separating her ass and pussy was one of the best feelings I’ve ever had. I withdrew to the tip and began fucking my prize. Two more orgasms later she was in another land when I stopped and withdrew my cock from her pussy. I pulled the vibrator from her ass shutting it off. There was one more thing I wanted to do, but I wanted her coherent for it. I went to the bathroom and cleaned the vibrator. By the time I came back Sally’s breathing had slowed again. Her hair was plastered to her head and her body glistened with sweat. Her mouth was agape and she looked tired.

I approached the bed and she croaked out, “Please,please, no more Master,no more, I just can’t take any more.” “Slut, I told you, don’t resist me.” I said. I placed the vibrator at the entrance to her pussy and pushed. It slid right in. Her pussy was raw and red from the fucking and her asshole was loosened with a slight gape. I applied lube to my cock and squirted some in her ass. Then I pressed the head against her asshole. “Please Master,not there, not there!” She pleaded with renewed strength and gave a slight struggle. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “Slut, you really need to learn your place.” I said as I smacked her bottom. Now her ass cheeks matched her pussy, red and beautiful.

Again I placed my cock at her sphincter. This time she tensed but that was all. I applied gentle pressure and felt her ring gradually give way to my lubed up intruder. She buried her face in the bed again and let out a groan deeper than I thought possible for a woman. My cock head had just popped in, there I settled for a minute. Slowly I pressed forward. Sally continued her low deep groan. My cock slid in past her ring. I started taking slow short strokes in and out getting her used to being ass fucked by a cock. Eventually I bottomed out. Sally exclaimed, “Oh my god, it’s all the way in…how?” “The body does amazing things when it’s turned on I told her.” I thought her pussy was tight, her ass practically hurt as I felt her flexing and loosening. This would not last long I knew.

I reached for the vibrator control and flipped it back on then started deep fucking her ass. Sally grunted with every thrust. Just a short minute after I turned the vibrator on she began shaking and I heard her scream her loudest yet, “HOLY SHIT I’M COMING! AHH AHHH AHHH AHHHHHH!” This was too much for me, her already tight ass clamped down on my cock repeatedly, milking my dick. Her pussy juice gushed out onto my balls soaking them. I growled and shot my come in her ass as she rode her orgasm. Gradually my orgasm gave way to pain and I withdrew from Sally’s ass flipping off the vibrator control and removing it from her pussy as I lay down beside her.

I grabbed my handcuff key and undid her right hand. She moved it up to remove the mask and smiled at me. “I have never been fucked like that in my whole life!” She exclaimed. “Thanks for answering my forum post. Is it true what you said? Do you really have all weekend?” She asked. I merely smiled and said, “Yes.” “Good,” she said as she laid her head on my chest, “cause there’s a few more things I’d like to try out.”

Thank you for reading, please let me know what you think.

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