Angie's big date_(0)

Angie's big date_(0)

Shaina was excited for her date. For the first time in a few years, she was going to go out with another girl. Until recently, there was a very jealous boyfriend who Shaina didn't really want to talk about, but that was over now. She looked at herself in the mirror: Her mousey brown hair was still unmanageable, her skin still a fair white with a few blemishes here and there, breasts and butt still good-looking but nothing amazing. She looked the spitting image of the good Jewish girl her parents wished she was. Shaina was just going to meet Angie at a coffee shop, a nice casual place for a first date and she dressed appropriately; nicely but casual. A plain white bra supported but didn't flatter her breasts, a tight t-shirt showed off how slim she was (if there was one thing Shaina was proud of, it was that she didn't have a pound of unnecessary fat on her), and a loose knee-length skirt flowed around her legs. She giggled because she wasn't wearing any panties under her skirt, and there was a nice breeze on the warm spring day. A small gesture of rebellion and deviancy that gave Shaina a wonderful thrill.

Shaina drove to the coffee shop, very pleased with landing a date with such a beautiful woman. After her last relationship ended so disastrously, she would be happy batting for the other team for a while. Not that she swore off men, of course. She just wanted a little girl-on-girl time. It sounded like Angie was a full-on lesbian, though, who had never been with a man and didn't ever want to. Shaina pulled up, and walked through the door. It barely took a second for her to recognize Angie, because the woman was absolutely beautiful. Her skin was a beautiful tanned olive, hair jet-black and cut short to hang just past her chin. She was almost as thin as Shaina but when she stood up as Shaina walked into the shop, Shaina realized that Angie was about eight inches taller than her diminutive 5 foot nothing. And Angie's breasts were to die for, causing Shaina to flare with both jealousy and excitement, because they must have been DD cups. Angie was wearing a long-sleeved dress with a plunging neckline that showed enough cleavage to prove that her breasts were firm and practically defied gravity.

It took almost ten seconds for Shaina to process the beauty of the other woman, who watched Shaina patiently with a slight smile on her lips. This was not an unusual reaction for people to get when meeting her in person for the first time. Eventually Shaina came to and noticed that two cups of coffee were waiting for the women to drink them. Shaina and Angie officially met for the first time, Shaina stammering a greeting which Angie received with a cool, calm demeanour. The women sat down and started to talk, Shaina practically stumbling over herself in almost childlike excitement, Angie aloof and unruffled. Not that Angie ever acted dismissive or apathetic towards Shaina; at every step she was attentive and interested, keeping up her half the conversation with a cool wit and vast knowledge of a wide variety of subjects. As their coffee cups drew empty, potentially signalling the end of the date, Shaina stammered out an invitation for Angie to come back to her place. With another of those ineffable smiles, Angie refused, but before Shaina could feel disappointment turned the invitation around to come to Angie's place. Shaina gleefully agreed and the women went straight to Angie's car.

Shaina was ecstatic while riding in the car. She was being driven to nicer parts of town by the most beautiful woman in the city and Angie seemed to like Shaina in that distant way of hers. Angie's apartment building was upscale, the kind of expensive place that Shaina could only dream of affording, with a doorman and everything. The doorman nodded to them respectfully, and Angie pressed a bill into his hands as they passed. The elevator took them to the second-to-top floor quickly, and Shaina's knees shook. She really hoped that they would do more than have another cup of coffee and talk about little things. She was getting horny and felt like she wanted to nibble and suck at Angie's beautiful breasts for the rest of time. Angie led the way to her apartment door, opening it to Shaina's excited eyes.

The apartment was designed so perfectly Angie. The colors were muted, and the lights were low but plenty bright to see by. The whole apartment felt cool and collected, like Angie herself. There was a place for everything, and everything had its place, which was a marked difference from Angie's apartment which had papers and books strewn about everywhere. The door closed behind Angie with a click, and Angie coolly removed her shoes before gliding to the kitchen, each footstep perfectly placed to be utterly silent, her gait without a hint of a bob or sway. Shaina had more trouble with her shoes as she tried to remove them as quickly as possible, hopping on one foot a few steps as the left sneaker gave her issues. Coming around the corner to the kitchen, Shaina ran into Angie and nearly fell over, but Angie caught her in the blink of an eye, holding the smaller woman against her body. Shaina was pleased by this turn of events, because her chin nestled against one of Angie's perfect mammaries, and Angie's leg wound up between Shaina's legs, her knee pushing the skirt back deliciously close to Shaina's pussy. Angie leaned her head down to press a kiss into Shaina's forehead before releasing her, and even that small gesture sent thrills of excitement up the short woman's spine.

Shaina didn't want to leave the embrace. She stood up on her tiptoes and threw her arms around Angie's neck, straining to let their lips meet. After a moment where another quiet smile graced Angie's lips, she bent her head down the last inch to bridge the gap and their lips touched, sending sparks between both of them. Shaina pulled at Angie and the tall woman bemusedly let herself take a few steps before Shaina backed into a counter and lifted herself onto it, raising her to Angie's height. Shaina's tongue pressed against Angie's lips and after a moment of hesitation, Angie let the tongue through and Shaina groaned at the pleasure of properly kissing another woman. Shaina wrapped her legs around Angie's hips, pulling the other woman closer until their hips met. Shaina's eyes flew open because she felt something beneath Angie's dress that she wasn't expecting, but her horny, dripping pussy knew what it was being pressed against. Angie had a cock, and by the feel of it it was a very large cock indeed. She tried to break the kiss but Angie grabbed her head with one hand and threw the other around her hips to hold Shaina still. Now Angie's tongue pressed into Shaina's mouth, the taller woman taking the active role for the first time.

As Angie held Shaina in the kiss, Shaina felt herself coming to terms with the idea of Angie's penis, the thought that the beautiful woman could be carrying the best of both worlds. Angie broke the kiss and released Shaina, stepping back to pull at the back of her dress, triggering a quick release that dropped the garment to the floor. The only article of clothing Angie wore aside from the dress was a tight, thick pair of men's boxers. Sure enough, Angie's breasts stood tall and proud on their own, and had no sign that a surgeon's knife may have ever aided them. The boxers did their best to restrain the massive hard-on growing from Angie's otherwise feminine form, but the big cock extended several inches up past the waistband. "Suck it" came the simple command from Angie's lips, the first time she said anything with an air of command. Shaina did not think to disobey, and hopped off the counter to get on her knees in front of the taller woman and her giant, beautiful cock.

Inwardly, Angie felt a little bad for what was happening. Her cock was taking over, and there were physiological effects to the people around her, namely Shaina. But the moment Shaina's hand wrapped around the cock, grasping just beneath the head and slowly running her hand down the shaft, pushing Angie's boxers down, Angie stopped questioning it and let her lower mind take more and more control. When Shaina's hand reached the bottom of the long shaft, she wrapped her lips around the beautiful head of the cock, grasped the boxers' waistband with both hands, and pulled them down to Angie's knees. Curious about the body of her new lover, Shaina started feeling how Angie was built. Her cock extended from a spot just a little higher than most men's cocks did, and there was a big full pair of testicles beneath, but Shaina also felt a dripping wet pussy nestled behind the balls. Touching the sensitive pussy made Angie shiver and one of her hands grabbed a fistful of Shaina's hair. "Suck deeper." The second command was followed as unthinkingly as the first, and Shaina had pushed seven inches of cock into her mouth and throat before she remembered she couldn't deepthroat even an average man. It seemed like that no longer mattered as inch after inch of girlcock passed her lips and pushed into her throat as though Shaina lacked a gag reflex entirely. By the time half of the cock was inside Shaina's mouth, she thought to be worried about details like breathing, but for whatever reason her body didn't struggle against the lack of air, didn't seem to mind that her entire throat was being jammed with the thickest, longest cock she'd ever seen and even had to expand out to accommodate the massive member.

With her throat distended by another woman's cock, Shaina slid her hand up to Angie's pussy and slowly slid a finger into the wet box. From the sounds of Angie moaning, it was more sensitive than her cock, and Angie appreciated the double stimulation greatly. The sexual excitement caused Angie's cool exterior to drop more and more, her head lolling back as her pussy was fingered and her cock was sucked, and she unthinkingly pressed a second hand to Shaina's head, pulling Shaina deeper on her cock, spearing Shaina more and more until Shaina's nose pressed against Angie's hairless crotch. Angie groaned and bucked her hips weakly against Shaina's mouth, trying in vain to force her cock deeper into the warm, wet mouth bringing her pleasure. Shaina slowly slid a second and third finger into Angie's pussy, feeling the cock in her throat twitch as Angie took pleasure. When Shaina started to slowly pull her fingers in and out of Angie's tight box, Angie's hands pushed and pulled Shaina's head to the same rhythm, fucking the smaller woman's innocent-looking face while that same woman finger-fucked Angie's cunt.

It didn't take long for Angie to reach an orgasm while both of her highly sensitive organs were being stimulated. With a loud groan, Angie gripped Shaina's head tight against her crotch, bucking as waves of pleasure started to roll through her body. The big femcock swelled before shooting a thick stream of cum into Shaina's stomach. Two more jets of the salty cum filled Shaina's gut until Angie regained enough control to pull back and push Shaina's head off of the big cock so that the fourth stream filled Shaina's mouth, excess thick cum streaming from the corners of her mouth. The fifth and final sixth shots came after Shaina was pulled off of the cock entirely, spattering across the soft skin of her face and catching one of her eyes before she had a chance to shut it. Taking facials from men was something that Shaina always despised, but taking it from Angie felt right, like being a cumdump for a futa was Shaina's greatest life goal.

Shaina barely had time to be disappointed that Angie had already shot her load -- it was barely a five minute blowjob, after all -- when she felt herself being lifted and shoved over a counter, bent at the waist and her skirt pulled up and out of the way. The tip of the cock was pressed against her tight vagina, impatiently pushing the head into Shaina's small pussy, another disproportionate entry that was mysteriously painless. Shaina reached between her own legs to feel the giant cock spreading her lips wider than she'd ever been before. The tall woman leaned over Shaina, hips pushing into her, gasping for air as inch after wonderful inch of pussy wrapped around her cock, pressing Shaina into the counter, holding her in a submissive position while the cock delved ever deeper into Shaina's cunt. On an intellectual level, Shaina knew that she couldn't possibly be taking this much cock -- it had to be two feet long -- but as Angie pushed further, Shaina's intellectual mind asked less questions as her body revelled in the sex more and more.

When their hips met, Angie's cock obscenely deep inside Shaina's wet cunt, Angie leaned forward and whispered another command into Shaina's ear. "Cum," came the simple order, and Shaina's body complied. A powerful orgasm rolled through her body, starting from the giant intrusion in her fertile vagina, spreading out to her limbs. Shaina's hands grasped at air and her toes curled up tight, a scream of pure, primal pleasure bounding from her throat while her pussy gripped the massive intruder as tight as it could. Angie pulled back, removing over half of her giant cock, and slammed into Shaina hard, barking another order for Shaina to cum, and Shaina came. This orgasm was stronger than the last, and Shaina's eyes rolled back into her head as pure pleasure entered every inch of her body. Angie started to pump into her, pulling out slowly and thrusting in hard, every pump coming with a new command for Shaina to cum, every command matched by new heights of pleasure inside Shaina's body.

Shaina's body decided that it needed Angie's cum inside of her, needed to have her womb flooded by the beautiful futa sperm. When Angie slammed into her and stopped, asking a question instead of commanding Shaina to cum again, Shaina's mouth answered truthfully and immediately. "Are you fertile?" came the question and "Yes" was the response. Shaina thought she would cry immediately after, when the giant cock was removed from her cunt entirely. The tears were replaced by fears a second later, when the tip of the giant cock pressed against her anus. Shaina began to babble out her objections, begging for her womb to be filled with cum, pleading that her anal virginity not be taken by such a large cock, screaming that it'd hurt. Angie calmly placed one hand on Shaina's hair and pressed her cum-stained face into the countertop, ordering the smaller woman to enjoy every second of it. When Angie pushed against the tight ring of Shaina's anus and the cockhead started to inexorably force its way in, Shaina wanted to scream in pure agony from the massive anal intrusion, but she loved the feeling enough to overcome the pain. Angie pushed slowly but steadily deeper into Shaina's ass, stealing her anal virginity away and causing massive amounts of pain and pleasure in Shaina's body.

Eventually, Angie bottomed out, the massive cock spreading the once-virgin anus ridiculously wide, stretching it to a point that should have caused massive, agonizing tearing, but Shaina's body accommodated the intrusion. The pain slowly started to recede, leaving only pleasure in Shaina's mind, pleasure from having her ass filled with giant cock like it was meant to be, pleasure from feeling the happiness roll off of Angie above her, and when Angie started to roll her hips, making the giant cock move around inside Shaina, Shaina didn't need an order to cum. Her body knew that it was perfectly ecstatic, and her ass clenched so tight around Angie's giant cock as Shaina screamed and came. Some dam of reserve broke in Angie and she pulled back fast and slammed into Shaina hard, drawing the orgasm out longer with rough anal fucking. Angie's hands controlled Shaina's body, keeping her face pressed into the countertop and smearing cum everywhere, and grasping her shoulders to get better leverage on her long, fast strokes. Shaina couldn't tell whether she had one single orgasm that lasted as long as the beautiful cock was pounding her, or if she came a new time before each orgasm ended, but she didn't care. she loved being fucked in the ass by this giant futa cock more than she enjoyed any man in her pussy.

As soon as Angie's cock started to twitch, Shaina knew what was coming and the mere thought of it caused even greater orgasms to spread from Shaina's violated ass. With another ragged thrust, Angie speared her giant cock as deeply as possible into Shaina's ass, and the tall woman reached her second orgasm, body shivering and cock twitching as a torrent of cum shot out of her cock straight into Shaina's bowels. Shaina revelled in the feeling of the tall, beautiful woman cumming in her tight ass, the giant cock assfucking her with gusto. As shot after shot of cum filled Shaina's ass, she started to feel bloated and overfull, and loved the feeling. She could swear that her stomach expanded out slightly, pressing more against the countertop, as sheer volume of sperm stretched her out.

Shaina was utterly spent. Her body was exhausted, sex drive sated. She fell asleep on the stone countertop with Angie's big thick cock still in her ass.

When Shaina awoke hours later, it was in a large, soft bed with Angie spooned behind her. Angie's cock was still buried in Shaina's ass, still rock-hard and filling her up. When Angie noticed that Shaina had awoken, she started moving again, thrusting the big cock inside of Shaina's anus, swirling around the cum inside of Shaina from their earlier lovemaking...

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