A cold evening on the campus

A cold evening on the campus

It was the middle of December, three days before the college broke for Christmas. The days had become really short, and if you lived in the middle of a concrete forest like I did, really cold. I was in second year then, having given the end semester examinations, and trying to enjoy the few days that remained before we all headed off for our homes. But one can only enjoy as much with an empty hostel, most of my mates having departed already inspite of the fact that college was still on. Not so for me, my parents would mail me the e-ticket right on the day the college closed.

Cursing my luck, I sat in the large hall, all mine now, the only remaining guy spending his time with his girlfriend in some secret location. I didn't have a girlfriend back then, and sitting in the empty hall made me wonder if I should have tried harder to get one. And coupled with the cold, it made me feel horny as hell. As if to mock my predicament, a gaggle of girls (it's geese I know, anyway) passed on the road outside the hostel, towards the college. I didn't recognize them, and would have ignored them but for the fact that my nose chose to assert itself at that very moment. The resultant explosion drew their attention, and on inquiring, found me hastily wiping my nose. This caused them to erupt in fresh laughter,and they went on their way.”Bitches” I thought to myself, my mind conjuring up images of the girls naked on their backs, being fucked hard by my.....

The clock told me another hour had been deleted from my lonely existence. I was still sitting with a running nose, as alone as before. To make matters worse, I discovered that I was now sneezing at short intervals,and headed off to the medicine closet to get something. This done, I headed back to my room to freshen up, deal with the copious phlegm and decide what I'd do for the rest of the day. This took me another hour, for the sneezes proved to be too resilient for one tablet to work. WHen I was finally done, I decided, against better sense, to head to the college and see if anyone was around.

Informing the warden, I set off towards the almost desolate college, looking boring and somewhat haunted in the fading daylight. To add to this mysterious dimension was the presence of a single bike in the parking lot, the concrete expanse showing no other signs of recent use. More surprisingly, it was a girl's bike, all pink and lavender, with a basket up front. Wondering which girl could be spending her time so fruitlessly (even the library had closed by now), I headed in, past the foreboding gate and the equally suspicious glance of the gatekeeper, into the main building.

Now our college was built in the 50s, when colonial architecture had gone out of fashion but artistic sense had not yet taken its place in the minds of architects. The result was a Soviet-style block of concrete that had narrow slits for windows, more for use as nesting places for birds than as inlets for light, let alone warmth. In my two years here. I had come to know the structure and its interior by heart, though each passage was as boring as the previous and the next, each staircase as dark and steep as the one in the next wing, and so on. I also knew that the staff would have headed off home or to the staff canteen by now, leaving the behemoth to brood by itself.

Passing through the lower part of the building, I decided to head towards the field, hoping to find someone, or at least something to do. The moment I stepped onto the grass, however, my body told me it was the wrong choice. Not only was I clad in simple sandals which left my feet at the cold mercy of tall dewy grass, but the vast expanse created a sort of Gobi desert where wind freely smashed into you, as if asking why you had dared to come at this hour. Add to it the totally empty field, and the college was starting to feel positively spooky.

I crossed the field double pace, my feet thoroughly drenched and my nose starting to protest again. So I was greatly relieved to replace the windy cold for the stony cold of the passages that opened onto the field. Fishing out my phone , I discovered the time to be around four, yet the place looked like something out of a medieval haunted castle. Finding the stony cold to be little better when it came to cheering one up, I picked up pace, deciding to head back home rather than humour the spirits that were surely wondering what this human was up to.

The pillars beside me began to whizz past as I covered the long passage. Reaching its end, I decided against taking a short cut through the building, instead going round, taking a sharp corner as I continued my lonely sojourn. I was walking so fast that my sandals were protesting, my breath coming in ragged gasps, all to keep my body warm. I was walking so fast,that I almost missed her.

I decelerated at a rapid pace, coming to stop two pillars ahead of where she half sat half against the pillar. Retracing my steps till I was standing a yard away, I realized she must be one of the freshers,for I could not recognize her. And if the chemistry textbook on her lap was any indication, she was not of my department either (I was in commerce).

For a brief while I stood there, wondering if the girl was at all alive, it being inconceivable that someone could sleep with the wind as it was. Evidently she was alive, for her chest rose and fell gently. Wondering whether I should wake her or not, I realized that there was about half an hour till the gate was locked, and she would likely have to spend the night here. Bending down beside her, I gently cleared my throat, making an odd sound as the cold had reached my throat. She didn't respond, her features the same as before, her hair gently flying in the wind. I opened my mouth to speak, but stopped as an opportunity came to my mind.

I had no girlfriend, and it had been quite a while since I had felt a girl's touch, or to be more precise, squeezed any tits. This one had a nice pair, the contours, inspite of being dulled by triple layers of bra, blouse and sweater, telling me that she must atleast be a C cup. Forgetting the deadlline completely, I watched mesmerized as the bulge on her chest rose and fell with her breathing, standing out at all times against her flat stomach and narrow waist, partly obscured by the book.

This sight was, even before I realized it, giving me a hard-on, and I couldn't help but lean closer, close enough to feel her warm breath brush against my face, her black hair caressing my face, even as she slept in blissful ignorance. Inspite of this proximity to her face however, I found nothing very attractive about her bespectacled, slightly freckled face, my attention shifting again to her tits, which were now barely inches from my hungry hands. For a moment I held myself, my common sense stopping me from sinking my fingers into the soft bulge before me. If she woke, it would probably be the end of my studies here. On the other hand, if the wind didn't wake her....

My index finger soon rested on her stomach, poking her gently. No response. I placed the same finger on her tits, taking care to balance myself lest I slip and fall on her. In this position I was at almost no risk, but I couldn't feel anything either. Keeping an eye on her closed eyelids and making sure she was breathing as peacefully as before, I gradually placed two, three and then five fingers on the left side of her breasts, not daring to apply any pressure. Yet the very image of my hand resting squarely on her chest made me hard, making me throw caution to the winds as I went for more.

Shifting again while taking care not to press down, I was soon on top of her legs, both my hands placed on the tits, resting lightly but firmly on the heavily clothed mounds. I began to spread my fingers till they had encompassed her chest, touching each other, like two spiders getting ready to wrap round their prey. Still she showed no sign of waking, and I gathered the courage, aided by a nose that threatened to take the road of high morality should I waste too much time. Ensuring that my palms were at the base of her tits, I began to squeeze.

The tits had felt firm under my grasp, like heavy rubbery globes that were just meant to be mauled. My manhood pushing against my jeans, I squeezed harder, pushing my fingers deeper into her chest, eager to take in as much of the soft flesh as possible into my palm. Though the sweater proved to be an impediment, I soon found myself squeezing them as much as possible, loving the way the bouncy tits filled my hands and resisted my fingers as they invaded it. Suddenly I was aware of two eyes staring at me, then a shrill scream.

Hands were pushing against me, scratching me, desperate to get me off her. Her legs were kicking mine,. pushing me off balance and on top of her. I landed with softly on her, temporarily knocking the breath out of her. Ironically my landing was softened by the very tits she was trying to defend, trapping her and my hands underneath us. I freed mine first, pressing my hand against her mouth as my other tried to fend off her now free arms. This forced my to press further, allowing her to bite my fingers. In the position, I had no other option but to allow her hands to scratch and punch me, my free arm trying to free the other.

As I freed my hand however, she screamed again, making me realize that she needed to be silenced for good. Clambering up on her somehow (which incidentally pressed my knee into her rib cage) I landed a hard punch on the part of her torso available,followed by two on her heaving tits. I had no time to admire them , however, as she screamed a third time. Two slaps and another punch later though, she saw sense in closing her pouty lips. Silence descended again on the campus, with no sign of the watchman, yet. I clasped my hand on her face again. She couldn't bite me this time, nor was she willing to take any more punches, instead she looked at me with the angriest expression she could muster.

Yet as one danger passed,another appeared : the sounds of the watchman's stick could be heard in the distance. I realized that there was no time to reason with her,. and she must be hidden quickly. Letting her face go, I grabbed her long hair in my left arm, holding onto it while I got up with the other. She found herself dragged up by her hair, yelping and crying but not screaming. Relieved that she'd not yet heard the footsteps, I made her pick up her book, then dragged her to the nearest classroom. Locked. Damn the steps were getting nearer, and she heard them too. I saw her prepare to scream, and punched her again. Dragging her to the next room before she could recover, I found it unlocked,and thanking providence, threw her inside, closing the door just as the watchman entered the corridor we had been in.

My heart was in my mouth, as I pressed the girl against the wall of the dark room, replacing the hold of her hair with a hold on her mouth, the other hand keeping her hands at bay. The sounds got nearer, and it was all I could do to keep her from pushing me away and running. Closer and closer, as I prayed that he would not enter the room. She kicked me, and almost lost balance. I punched her again, as the man passed outside the door and moved on. Another punch quietened her, and i heaved a sigh of relief as the sounds became fainter. Relieved I collapsed against her, my mouth naturally coming close to hers. Before she could scream, my lips were on hers.

Shocked, she opened her mouth, allowing my tongue to dart inside, exploring her reluctant tongue in the warmth of her mouth. Her hands tried to push me away, as her teeth clamped down, making me howl in pain. Guessing the position, I swung my hand, colliding with something soft, feeling my tongue jerk in her mouth, even something warm touched my cheek and trickled down . My tongue was released, and it trapped hers, forcing it to play, her taste organ unable to prevent me from running all over it, then taste her cheeks and teeth, all the while she passively allowing the invasion of her mouth.

Meanwhile my hands had, almost on their own,sought out her tits, and soon placed themselves on the bulge, which was aided by her efforts to get me off her chest. She responded to this new outrage by intensifying her thrust on my hands, pulling and scratching them as they held her tits captive. I was finding it hard to hold onto her mouth as she tried to say something, shaking her head. The watchman having long gone, I took the luxury of letting her mouth go, and was relieved to find only weak protests come out of her oral cavity.

Yet the focus was now squarely on her tits, one hand mauling the mounds, squeezing as deep as the position would allow, the other starting to raise her sweater. The second task proved harder, and I pushed my hand inside it. I was greeted by warm flesh, which I intentionally pinched and scraped, making her whimper and squirm between me and the wall. Presently I came to an expanse of cotton, my hand hitting an obstruction on its way up. Readjusting my hand, I pushed between bra and blouse/sweater, and was rewarded with a big mound that I cupped in my eager hand. As she had shifted to scratching the hand that had penetrated her cotton defences, I used my free hand to hold her against the wall, giving me more room to maul her boob.

Using this extra room to poke her ribs with my knuckle, I proceeded to pull down the cotton cup, replacing soft cotton for softer flesh. More arousingly still, something hard and rubbery poked my fingers, making me imprison it between my thumb and forefinger, and give it a hard twist. She let out a squeal, her legs trembling under me as her struggles stopped and renewed with greater vigor, A harder twist, and she now shifted from begging me to let her go to letting go of her nipple.

Using the opportunity given by her weakened resistance, I grabbed her sweater and yanked it up, pushing up her blouse along with it. When it was held back by her armpits, I navigated my free hand to her other tit, yanking the bra down and exposing (though I could not see them) the tits in all their glory. Before she could protest, her nipples registered theirs by becoming hard, each half an inch long, and from what I could feel, quite puffy. I welcomed this by latching onto both with my fingers, pulling and twisting them as she pushed against me. This was followed by pulling the nips upwards, forcing them to take the weight of the heavy tits. Releasing one, I gently cupped the underside of the still imprisoned other boob, squeezing it softly, loving the soft underside of her tit.

Risking further scratching, I let go of her nipple, bending down instead. Using my nose to find her tit, I took in one nipple, sucking the soft nub, almost willing it to produce milk. Instead it produced sobs and whimpers from her, though the hand in my hair wasn't pulling too hard. Wrapping my arms round her naked abdomen, I continued sucking her, alternating it with flicks with my tongue. The softer ministrations began to change the tenor of her voice, making it heavier and replacing the yelps with moans. The hand in my hair was actually stroking it now, pressing my head against her chest, wanting me to continue sucking her like a child.

I obliged, shifting from one tit to another, now sucking , now biting the soft tit, now forcing her tit into my mouth using my hand. She was pressing against me now, all pretense of resistance gone. Her tits were wet with my saliva, but she didn't want me to stop,protesting when I did. Heedless of her protests, I kissed her again, full on the lips, and was surprised to find her kissing back, her arms holding onto my shoulders, her wet torso pressing against my chest, her body, invisible in the darkness, nevertheless expressing its desire to be taken.

My hands shifted to her jeans, pulling the belt till it was out of the way, before undoing the button and dragging down her jeans. She realized the progress I'd made only when th cold air touched her thighs, my fingers kneading the soft expanse of flesh. She pulled away from my lips, begging me not to fuck her. "Why not ? You want me, don't you?" I asked, getting only silence in response. Yet when I resumed the tugging, she spoke in a soft voice "I'm a virgin." Really ? I asked in my mind. Today was my lucky day!

Evidently she didn't share my feelings, for she began pleading harder as I continued to pull them down, reaching her ankles soon. All she had on were her panties now. "Please, don't take my virginity."

"How will you stop me?" I taunted her, pushing one finger into her crotch, feeling the warm wetness of her vagina. Coating my finger in the soft wetness, using the liquid coating my finger as proof of her willingness, thrusting it against her nose. She remained silent. I pushed it into her mouth, and she reluctantly licked it, her tongue lapping up her own juices. But again she said "Please...." I could tell she was looking at me beseechingly, but the benefit of not being able to look into them allowed me to ignore her promises of not telling anybody if I let her go now. I replaced my finger at the warm wet crotch, poking it , loving the softness of her vulva.

In a flash, her panties were bunched round her thighs, and her bush,with the vagina concealed within, was exposed. I probed deeper, ignoring her pleas and occassional push, till I found her wet hole, parting the outer lips as I soaked in the wetness. She was sobbing quietly now,but I knew she would become aroused again if I started fucking her. Yet the position was too dificult, and we were too close to the door, so I decided to shift her.

She probably read it as a sign of my backing off, for I heard her heave sigh of relief. Taking a hold of her hand, I used the other to feel along the wall till I found the switchboard,and turning on switches at random, I waited as the tubelight flickered to light, showing me my victim for the first time in the room. She was in a mess, chunks of paint enmeshed in her hair, her top pulled up untidily and her fair skin exposed from tit to pussy and beyond. Her eyes were red and her cheeks were glistening, but I could also make out the damp spot in her panties , which was embarassing her.

My dick was getting as hard as obsidian in my pants, so I decided to free it. Her mouth opened in an O when she saw the size of it - 9 inches and a good deal thick. Truth be told I had never had sex with a girl before, having only been sucked once. Now I wanted a similar, if not better, performance from her. Advancing upon her, I grabbed her hair and, instead of the pull towards me that she expected, I pushed her to her knees, her poor bones hitting the floor with a thud. Now positioned before me with her eyes staring at me with a mixture of bafflement and fear, I ensured she was looking at my dick instead by holding it directly above her head. Moving further, I placed the dick directly above her head, taking out my phone and clicking a picture before she could object. Next I lowered my cock a little, using the long shaft to poke her in the o t face, clicking away at her intense discomfiture.

But my hormones were by now too high for me to continue clicking her, and I proceeded to fucking her. Brushing her hands away, I made it clear to her that she would be face fucked whether she liked it or not, which, if done well,I might consider as enough for the night. The stupid cunt believed me, allowing me to place the tip of my prick in her waiting mouth. I had loved her tongue on mine, but tongue on cock took it to an entirely different level. As her fleshy organ now began to lick the tip of my dick, I the tingling wet sensations spreading from the tip to my whole organ, heightening my pleasure. More pressure on her hair encouraged her to innovate, and she began to lick up and down my shaft, gently pulling the skin of my sacks into her mouth, before licking my balls and returning to my dick. If I had had only the sight of her pleasuring me, it would have sufficed, but the feeling of her tongue and lips on my dick was awesome beyond description.

She now shifted to the tip again, her lips wrapping like a red band round the tip, blowing hot breath onto my cock at short intervals. Gradually she took more and more of it into her oral hole, engulfing my dick in a warm wet orifice. Yet she stopped round half my dick, considering it impossible to go further. Frustrated, I grabbed to handfuls of her hair, pulling her head into my pubic hair, causing her tear stained eyes to widen in horror, depositing the tears I had spilled from her eyes, in my groin. I held her there for a few seconds but it must have seemed like an eternity to her. Had it not been for the fact that she was choking, I would have kept her in the position for much longer, In the event, I pulled out sufficiently to allow her to gulp in air,before pushing in again, face fucking her hard. From the tightness of her orifice, I could tell that I was penetrating deep into her throat, her gagging only increasing my pleasure.

I realized that if I continued to fuck her this way, I would cum in her throat. Unfortunately for her, I wanted to take her cherry, cumming in the hole that mattered. So I pulled out with great reluctance, allowing her to gulp in air as I backed off slightly, still admiring the saliva on my dick.
Yet when I showed no signs of letting her go, she began to plead again.

Checking to make sure the door was securely locked, I advanced upon her, too far gone to bother about her mumbling entreaties, which turned to screams when I grabbed her waist, pushing her onto the nearest bench. She prompty sat up, trying to get off the cold wood, trying to kick me away. Unfortunately for her, one of the kicks landed on my balls, giving her a momentary advantage, but earning her two hard slaps which knocked her back onto the bench. Grabbing her legs, I made short work of her panties (her jeans had fallen off), and pulled her legs wide apart, forcing her to face the reality that she would be raped. "You might as well enjoy it. " I whispered to her. pressing in the point.

Predictably, this brought forth another volley of pleas and kicks, the latter no longer effective as I was standing inches from her exposed honeypot. As for her pleas, they got louder and shriller as I poked her pussy with my dick, my dick fully hard thanks to her effort. If she had asked me to be gentle with her , I might have complied, but she kept up her "virgin" banter, interspersed by the sobs which served as a visual aphrodisiac for my cock.

She was trying to get up again, and this time I didn't stop her. Instead, I grabbed her arms, pulling her towards me, till she was sitting on the desk, her tear stained face filling my vision. Holding her with one hand, I pushed the other between the folds of her pussy, feeling for her clit. This made her plead some more, but I could tell she was getting aroused again, her pleas becoming shorter and huskier. Encouraged, I changed the angle of my hand, while the other positioned her legs round my waist. Discovering her clit, I gently touched it, making her jump, yet become wetter still. Her eyes were closed now, allowing me to concentrate on rubbing her hole as imaginatively as I could, pushing as many as four fingers into the sopping lips, but taking care to stay away from her maidenhead.

The effort gave fruit soon, her mouth now opening only to emit moans of increasing intensity, her arms holding onto my shoulders for support as she again found herself at the mercy of her sexual nature. Yet I could not go on like this forever, especially when my dick suddenly touched her thighs, causing me to almost cum in excitement. Removing my hand, I replaced it with my hand, poking gently at her hole. Yet she made no complaint now, her eyes closed still. I could wait no more, reaction or no reaction. I applied more pressure, forcing my dick just inside her folds, then deeper still, till I reached a block. Her cherry.

Her eyes snapped open, her face showing confusion as her mind fought between continuing the pleasurable experience and protecting her virginity. I enjoyed it, her mouth expressing confused words even as her pussy was fully prepared to take me in. Finally I saw the confusion clear. In a small voice, she said, "Please don't." I slammed in.

It's hard to describe the feeling of slamming into a virgin, an aroused virgin yet a scared virgin. As I filled her completely, her hole wrapped me like a tight glove, almost squeezing me as it tried to accommodate a man for the first time. Her eyes, wide in shock, only egged me on as I pushed in all the way to my balls, replacing the cold air for the warmth of a shocked female.

I held there for what seemed like eternity, my body and mind in pure bliss, savouring the sensations that moved from my groin to fill my senses, even as her eyes looked away, a tear trickling down the fair cheek to enter her mouth. As the second tear began to make its way down, I pulled out, holding it outside for a moment. There was blood on my dick, her virginal blood attesting to my conquest of her cunt. Loving the feeling, I slammed back in, causing her to jerk,her tits bouncing against my chest.

Out, and back in again. I picked up my pace, forcefully kissing the girl,mashing her lips against mine as her tits were against my chest, her pussy walls against my dick. She had no option but to hold onto me, as my violent thrusts became faster and faster, till I was fucking her in a frenzy, our bodies slapping against each other, her mouth letting out grunts of pain and pleasure. But for me it was only blissful incomparable pleasure, my mind loving the dual sensations of having taken a girl's virginity and the more current one of fucking the shit out of her,

Grabbing her thighs, I pulled her closer, her warm presence becoming almost one with me as we mated in the empty room. She was bearing the brunt of it all, from the cold of the wood to the force of my thrusts, yet I could tell she was getting more and more aroused. The tears had continued to flow, but the crestfallen look had given way to a lustful one, her eyes betraying a desire she'd kept locked up like a good girl, till it was forced out of her, Now she surrendered completely to it, the legs round my waist gripping me with a force more than what was necessary, her lips kissing me with a hunger of their own, her eyes begging me to continue my violation. As I approached orgasm, she actually began to meet my thrusts with some of her own, her arms, now supporting her body, assisting in this expression of desire,

I was rapidly approaching my orgasm now. Her toes were pressed against my butt, pushing me up towards her; her lovely head was throwing itself back in loud moans, before coming up to meet my lips again. As I held her slender torso, she pressed harder against me, her arms pushing her towards my invading pole. My lips were moving all over her upper torso now, kissing sucking licking and biting away at her neck, chest and breasts as she moaned more frequently, her sounds of pleasure eclipsing the sounds of our slapping bodies.

Yet I could hold no more,. Pressing her hard against me, I pushed in as far as my dick would go, burying my face in her neck as I came hard, emptying load upon load of warm jizz into her once virgin cunt. She didn't resist, but took it all in, trying to bring herself to orgasm. I dimly noted her letting out a moan that was almost a scream, her hips banging hard against mine, her juices overflowing her pussy, lost as I was in the warm afterglow of my own orgasm, loving the tight velvet like warmth of her most precious place. Exhausted, I pressed my body against her, as her arms began to buckle then collapse. We landed hard on the bench, our my arms still underneath her, her legs still wrapped around mine, our tired bodies relaxing after an exhilarating experience. Unable to resist, I closed my eyes, falling asleep on top of her.

I awoke to a gentle nudging from my victim and lover, her eyes looking at me with an alarm which made me realize that I wasn't in my wedding bed, but on a cold bench in the deserted college. To make matters worse, sounds of the watchman were returning towards the door, marking the second of his three nightly circuits of the college. And it seemed he had noticed the light. Getting up quickly,my heart in my mouth, I fled to a corner, hiding behind some unused desks piled together. She wasn't so fast, and after dressing quickly, had the unpleasant job of opening the door. I spent tense moment as I saw her talk with the invisible watchman, her voice so low as to be unintelligible from my corner. For some reason, she failed to persuade him not to enter, and he pushed past her, in the process pushing her against a wall.

It took my slow brain another minute to realize she was pleading, and another before I realized she would have to give the second blow job of the night. I held my breath till I saw him lower his pants, her face appearing between his legs. Sneaking out softly, I took the bunch of keys, marveling at the watchman's lust, which prevented him from ascertaining where I was,and which now prevented him from noticing me passing inches from him. I made good my escape through the side door, leaving the keys there. As I departed, I heard a faint female scream. Poor girl, it would be a long night for her indeed.

written by Pandorius999
([email protected])

This story is written as a fantasy. The author does not condone such behavior in real life.
Constructive criticism is always welcome.

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Falling in love with Kyle - Chapter 6

Alright, here's the next part. Yay for it not taking a thousand years! I'm pretty proud of this chapter, especially considering the brain fart state of mind I've been hanging out in... Thank you, everyone who gave me some ideas. I'm still deciding on how I am going to continue this story. I most likely will, but there will probably only be a chapter or two more. But, you will all be happy to know that I am starting another story as soon as this one is over. I'm really excited to post it; I really think you guys will like...


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