A cousins lust...

A cousins lust...

Damn... another night babysitting at my aunt and uncles house. I'm dragged back and forth almost every weekend. Not that I mind so much really, free food, drinks, and weed make it a much more enjoyable experience. This started out as a normal Friday night really, but ended up being one of the oddest and most memorable times of my life.

My names Cody and at the time I was seventeen years old. An seventeen year old... babysitting you're thinking right? Well, at the time I was lacking in friends as I had just moved to the area and c'mon... free weed! Anyways I pulled up to my aunt and uncles house and already they were standing in their doorway ready to go out. "Right on Cody, everythings in place and you have our cell number if you need anything." I shook my head, letting my uncle know I understood as he walked over to his car. My aunt gave me a quick kiss on the cheek before repeating pretty much the same thing and then walking over to the car. I waved good-bye as they pulled out of the driveway and made a hasty bee-line to the kitchen. After rumaging around for a few minutes I found the strategically hidden pipe, baggie and lighter that had been stowed away for me. Man it felt good to get high after a long week of school. As I lit the bowl and took my first few hits from the pipe all hell broke loose.

Amber, Tyler and Christian... my aunt and uncles kids came roaring down the stairs. I had but seconds to stash the still lit pipe in the drawer. "Hey guys, what's up?!" I smiled and sputtered choking on my last big hit and already pretty damn blazed. Tyler and Christian, years eight and three respectively gave me a huge hug and started instantly asking what PS2 games I brought with me and when would we start playing, the normal routine. However, Amber who had just turned thirteen just gave me a funny look. Needless to say... I was nervous. In all the time I had been babysitting I had never been caught smoking weed in front of them. The other two I knew had no idea what the smell of pot was, but Amber might have been smart enough to figure it out. "Yeah guys I brought a new DBZ game and a wrestling game, go grab them out of my backback and start playing... I'll uh, be upstairs in a minute." I didn't have to say anything else, they zipped out of the kitchen, snatched my backpack and were upstairs before I could get another word out. That left me and Amber.

She's a stunner. Long, mid-back strawberry blonde hair, a petite 5'4 body, amazingly beautifuly baby blue eyes and a borderline C cup rack. Now, she's not really my cousin by blood, just by name and to be honest I really didn't start having fantasies about her untill a week or so ago. I walked in on her changing and caught a full view of her gorgeous breasts. Perky, with a small areola accompanied by average sized nipples and creamy white skin. At the time I was really fucking high, so it didn't quite enter my mind that I was staring at my topless thirteen year old cousin. What was even more of a turn on and really sealed my fate was that she didn't try to cover up or tell me to leave, I kind of just blinked a few times, said something along the lines of, "I'm sorry..." and left. Ever since then though I haven't been able to get her tits out of my mind. Even as she stood there in front of me I kept envisioning her rack, more specifically, me carassing them and nibbling on her nipples as she moaned from her body being wracked in pleasure. A voice broke the illusion though.

"So... you were getting high?" She asked the question really casually, almost too casually to be honest. I was dumbfounded to say the least. So she did know. "...yeah, I mean... it's not like I do it all the time or anything." I was making excuses for some reason and I couldn't look her in the face. "It's ok, I've tried it a few times... it makes me feel funny. Horny I guess." Again, her words were very casual. "Me too... erm, it makes me horny too." I stammered out nervously, looking at my feet like some fifth grade boy with a crush. To my horror, in all my fantisizing I had failed to notice that I was pitching a fierce tent in my pants. Holy shit, how the fuck do I explain this? Before I could even attempt to get a word in I heard a giggle. Raising my eyes to meet Amber's, I notcied that her eyes weren't on my eyes but rather on the bulge in my pants. "What's that?" She asked rather lustfully accompanied by her moist, pink tongue darting out of the corner of her mouth. "What's what?" I stupidly tried to cover my crotch with my hands, acting as if I was just casually holding my hands down. Amber walked forward and pressed her chest against mine, squashing her rack to which I could easily feel her erect nipples before gently kissing my bottom lip and pulling back with a quirky grin. "Thanks..." A frown crept across my lips as a puzzled expression furrowed my brow. "Thanks for what?" I asked her. She didn't anwser though, instead she brought the pipe to her lips and inhaled deeply. Too stunned to move I simply watched as waited a few moments before she exhaled a thick white plume of smoke and inhaled it again through her nose. "Damn, that's pretty damn skillful... how long have you been smoking?" I asked her dumbfounded. "Oh about a year now... "

Hoping that the small talk would quell my enraged cock, I snuck a peak and sighed in frustration as I was still rock hard. "What me to do something about it? Amber asked with the same quirky grin as before. By now my high was raging as hard as my dick so before reason could take hold I just shook my head. Without hesitation she walked forward and dropped to her knees while undoing the button as well as the zipper of my pants. She then slid them down to my ankles followed by my boxers and not a second after, her warm hand was wrapped around my cock. Now, I'm not the one to brag, but I'm a moderately sized guy down below with a little over six inches in length and slightly more that two inches in girth. Her hand quickly began to move up and down my shaft, all the blood in my body seemingly drained right to my member which was firmly grasped inbetween now, both of her hands. I looked down and was met with her baby blue eyes before my head dissapeared into her mouth, followed shortly after by my entire length right down to the balls.

I could feel my eyes roll back in my head as I spasmed on the verge of orgasm already. My cousin has just deepthroated me and god damn if it didn't feel good. I didn't have time to think though as she began to furiously work on my cock. The subtle sounds of slurping and moaning escaped into the air as I leaned back onto the counter to give her more access. Feeling her tongue work it's way around the head of my penis all the way down the blood gorged veins of my shaft and then as her nose touched my stomach could only be explained as pure bliss. Every now and then Amber would release her mouths grasp with a sharp 'pop' noise only to be followed by the gurgling of her saliva as she slammed my cock back down her throat. I couldn't hold it any longer. With a loud moan, I savegly ran my fingers through her hair and thrust her down onto my whole length again. Her fingernails dug into my thighs as I released my first large, sticky load down her throat. Letting go of her head, she pulled back and gasped as a second, equally large shot of cum blasted onto her cheek and dripped down onto her perky breasts. I spasmed violently as a third and final sticky blast of cum splattered on her nose, dripping slowly down into her mouth as she swallowed it eagerly and cleaned off the sides of her mouth with her moist pink tongue.

We sat in a comfortable silence for a minute or so as she cleaned herself up and I began to slide my boxers and pants back on. "Hey... what're you doing... it's my turn." She giggled.

Part 2 will be coming soon - will feature hardcore

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