Next doors not so little girl

Next doors not so little girl

It was nearly a week later Lisa called again. “You alone”? she asked. I nodded. She strode in.
“Where’s the bedroom” she asked already climbing the stairs. I followed hesitantly and showed her the main bedroom.

Today she was wearing a shift dress buttoned down the front.
“What do you want” I asked uncertainly
“I want you to make me cum again” she replied abruptly. “I told you last time, you’re going to give me what I want & when I want it”.

Still unsure, I asked how she wanted to do it.
“I think the bed this time, but I want a little more from you”.
“What can I do I asked
“You can undress me first” she instructed. “Slowly!”
I started on the top buttons then one by one undid them. I eased the dress from her shoulders. And she was standing before me in bra and a skimpy thong.
Our last encounter was all rather sudden, but this time I took a good look at her body. Slim, narrow waist, no excess at all.
“You like asked”? as she posed before me
“Most certainly” I replied.
“Carry on” she instructed
I reached behind her and undid the clasp of her bra, and eased it down her arms.
A small pair of titties revealed themselves. Hardly any sag, tipped with a stunning set of nipples. I couldn’t resist, I reached forward to cover one with my mouth.

“Not yet, bad boy, you can touch if and when I tell you” she reprimand me. You haven’t finished yet”. She looked down
I got to my knees and slipped my fingers into the strings of her thong then eased them down her shapely legs.
She stepped out of her tiny underwear. “Pass them here” she instructed as I ogled her delightful body. My cock making an uncomfortable bulge in my trousers.

I passed the tiny piece of fabric to her. She inspected it closely.
“Oh look, they seem a bit damp, I must have been a bit excited on my way over here, see”. She showed them to me revealing the damp patch in the gusset.
“Put out your tongue” she demanded
I did as instructed and she rubbed the damp gusset over my mouth
“Does that remind you of our last encounter” she asked. I nodded
“You want more”? I nodded again
Her hand went between her legs and I watched with interest as she rubbed a couple of fingers around what I could see was an already wet pair of cunt lips
“Here” she offered me the wet fingers.
I sucked them clean
“You like” she asked pushing her fingers around my mouth
Mmmm I nodded
“You gonna suck my pussy for me like a good boy”
“If you want” I answered
“Oh yes that is what I want, and your going to make me cum again or else there will be trouble”.
She lay down on the bed, and I moved to kneel between her legs.
“Oh not yet, naughty boy. I think you should get undress as well”
Oh great I thought I’m going to fuck her at last.
She lay watching me as I almost ripped my clothes off.
“My you are eager” she laughed, and reached out and stroked my twitching cock. “I bet you want to push this inside me” she asked rubbing me gently
“Yes please” I stuttered
She gave my cock a gently slap. “Not yet bad boy. You have to earn any pleasure you get. I keep reminding you this is all about me”

She was such a small woman, I could have thrown here back on the bed and fucked her there and then, but that wasn’t my style, besides I wanted to see where this game was going. Her slightly dominatrix style was turning me on.

“Now I want you to suck my nipples, make sure you give them equal attention”.
I lay beside her then leant across to take one nipple into my mouth. It seem to explode. I could swear it tripled in size as I rolled my tongue over it.

With a thumb on one and my mouth on the other I licked, sucked and played with her tiny breasts.
Lisa sighed as I carried out my pleasant duty. Resting on one arm, I could reach each nipple in turn as my now free hand snaked down her stomach towards her honey pot.

I ran my hand up her thigh as Lisa opened her legs. My fingers played with her cunt lips then I pushed one then two fingers into her wet opening.

“Mmmm” Lisa purred, as I tickled her pussy. Keeping up my attentions on her sensitive nipples, I probed and teased her now sopping cunt, searching for her g spot.
With my fingers deep in her cunt, my thumb probed her clitoris rubbing hard as I explored her insides.

“Oh shit, yes, just there” she cried out. “Oh fuck harder, harder”.
I fucked her with my fingers, as my thumb pressed against her clit. She was pushing back on my hand then squeezed her legs tightly together and she cried out. “Oh fuck, yes yes yessssssssssssss”. her body seemed to lift off the bed as she came. She shook for several seconds then pushed my hand away until her orgasm subsided

“Oh my, that was fantastic” she sighed
“Glad to be of service” I smirked, I stroked her body as she regained breath, running a figure of eight around her boobs, over her stomach and across the top of her soft bush.
After a couple of minutes Lisa looked composed
“And now” I asked hopefully
She rose up and straddled my waist. Oh yes I thought, she’s going to mount me now.
Reaching behind her, she took hold of my cock, “I bet you can’t wait to use this can you” she said rubbing me slowly
“If you’ll let me” I almost pleaded
“Oh, I’m not sure if you deserve THAT” she pouted as she shuffled down my body.
Oh yes, this was it I convinced myself.
My raging hard on was now flat against my stomach, as Lisa wriggled again. I glanced down and could see the tip of my aching rod poking out between her legs. I could feel her wetness on the shaft.
Resting her hands on my chest, Lisa now moved backwards and forwards rubbing her cunt along my shaft. What I soon realised was that she was rubbing the tip of my cock over clitoris.
Fuck she was using me as a dildo!

“Rub my boobs” she demanded as she ground down hard against me. I stroked her small breast & played with her nipples as she slide back & forth on my cock. A quick nudge and I could have entered her, but this game had aroused my curiosity (as well as other things), I just had to play it out.

Lisa was rubbing hard now and sighing as she used me. My cock & balls were dripping, and I thought if she kept this up much longer, I’ll come without getting inside her.
“Oh that feels so good, she groaned. Oh fuck yes, you like”?
“I can think of something I’d like better” I replied pushing my hips up and hoping I would slip in.
She stopped suddenly. “I bet you would but you know………”
“Yeah I know, this is for you, you keep reminding me”
“That’s right she said as she rolled off. She looked down at my cock. “Oh my, look how wet I’ve made you.” I looked down, it was glistening with her juices and twitching with a mind of it’s own.
She touched the tip with her finger and it jumped widely, “sensitive” she asked.
“I bet you really want to come don’t you”
“I nearly did” I informed her
“Oh wow, I nearly made you come just by rubbing my pussy over you, what fun. Well you will just have to wait, me first” she giggled as she sat astride my chest facing my legs. “Come you know what I want” she said as she wriggled back towards my head.
Resting her hands on my chest she pushed her cunt against my face. “Suck you horny thing. Make me come”.

Lisa was squatting over my mouth, supporting herself on my hips so I got to work, my tongue probing and drinking in all the juice I could. Lisa shifted position slightly, so she was lower on my body. I could feel her breath on my cock and though Oh yes suck me suck me.
I pulled on her hips pulling her tighter against me, and with her laying almost flat against my body, I could lick not only her cunt, but could reach her little brown ring. I probed with my tongue which seemed to send her over the top. Once more, sucking on her pussy she came. Grinding against me. For a second I could feel her face on my cock as she pushed hard against my mouth. Just as I thought was going to get my reward she rolled off.

“Oh fuck, that was terrific; you’re very, very good. She sighed.
“Now, what about this big boy she asked, stroking my hardness. I bet he’s ready for some action”
Sure is" I grinned stupidly
“Ok, just come up here, kneel beside me”.
I was truly unsure where this game was going, but I was so desperate to come, I’d try anything
“OK, sow let me see how you like to rub your cock”.
“You heard, I just want to see how you rub yourself, I want to be sure I do it right” she grinned as she reached out and ran her thumb over the tip.
I felt a bit foolish, but began stroking my dick. Gripping firmly and sliding my hand from tip to base, thumbing the glans as I worked myself up to an even higher level of anticipation.

“Does that feel nice” she asked?
“Uhuh, could be nicer” I said
“Oh yeah, how’s that”?
“You could do it for me” I almost pleaded
She reached out for me and replaced my hand with hers
“Like this”? she asked
“Mmmm” was the best I could manage
“I bet you would like me to suck it wouldn’t you”?
“Mmmm again”?
“Did you like it when Kat sucked it?”
Oh the wonderful memory of that teen mouth sucking on my cock was burnt in my thoughts
“Was she good?”
“I bet your feeling extra horney thinking about it aren’t you”?
“Noo, I lied, I’m just enjoying what you’re doing” I lied.
My body language made it clear I was close to my peak

“Bloody liar” Lisa barked. “I bet you’re thinking of her, as you kneel there with my hand on your cock”.
I’m sure she could tell I was all but ready to blow. She let go of me. “I don’t think you deserve any more”
My cock was going into spasm I had only seconds left
“No please don’t stop”! I pleaded
“I guess you really want to come then” she grinned
“Yes, I panted, just a few more strokes please”
“You do it, she ordered, rub your self, and let me see you come. You can come on my tits and stomach, but don’t you dare get any on my face. Now if you want to finish, do it”!
I had no choice, I needed the release. Only 5 or 6 strokes and a steam of spunk hit her chest, over her breasts, 2, 3 shots across her tits, then more down her stomach.
A final couple of rubs and I was drained.

“Wow, that was amazing. So much cum. You’ve just about covered my tits”.
She was rubbing my spunk across her nipples. You certainly made a mess of me”.
She put a spunk covered finger to her mouth. “Not bad she” said smiling
She covered her finger again then offered it to me. I’ve never been inhibited about tasting my own juice, so I sucked her finger clean.
“More”? She asked
I nodded. She repeated the process.
She sucked another wet finger herself, the offered me the next. Before it reached my mouth she stopped.
“I think that’s enough. Will you clean me up”? she asked innocently
“Sure” I replied and moved to get of the bed with the intention of getting a tissue
“No”! she yelled grabbing my arm and pulling me towards her, “with your mouth”. She grinned.
I accepted the reprimand and bent over her, licking my sticky spunk from her tummy, moving up her chest slowly to finish licking every drop from her breasts. I took the opportunity to suck hard on each of her stiff nipples

“Ok, enough. I think you’re beginning to enjoy what I thought was going to be punishment” now pass me my handbag.
I did as instructed and she took out the phone again.
“Now, by way of appreciation for your efforts, I’ll delete some of the pictures of your shameful behaviour”. She pointed the phone at me, “here you can chose which ones”.

The first was the one she showed me earlier with a childlike Kat on her knees with my cock in her mouth.
“This one”? She asked.
Oh the memory! I wish I had a copy of the picture, I would have jerked off nightly to it. The next was me between her legs sucking that nubile pussy. The memory was so strong I could taste her.

The next was a close up, Kat on her back Knees in the air and my cock deep inside her. (when the hell did Lizzy take these?)

“Ok, that one” I suggested. There were several more in various positions, Lisa deleted 3 more.
Then there was one with Kat sucking my cock again, I remembered it was just after I had been fucking Lizzy and it was Kats first taste of another girl’s pussy juice. It could be seen clearly glistening on the shaft of my cock. Shit I was getting horny thinking about it. I could feel my cock growing.

She must have had about 2 dozen pics, I recall one where I was standing Kat with her legs wrapped round me. I remember it was when Lizzy licked her ring.
Lisa noticed my stiffening cock. “Ahha, are you having impure thoughts about my innocent daughter?”
“Sorry” I answered embarrassed
“You must have enjoyed it, to get you that horny just looking at a few pictures.”
I didn’t know what to say
“Did you”?
“Did I What”?
“Did you enjoy it?”
“I… I guess so”
“You only guess so, why what's wrong with her are you saying my daughter’s not sexy enough?”
“No, no, it’s just that I feel a bit awkward talking about her with you”
Do you know what I was wondering”?
“Well…. From these pictures, it’s pretty clear that there was someone else in the room to take them, so who was it, who else was there”?

“Have you asked Kat”?
“Oh, no, we haven’t discussed the pictures since I found them, nor your punishment”.
“Perhaps you should ask her then, I’m not sure I should say”
“I don’t want to embarrass her any more than necessary, especially after your disgraceful behaviour. I think you should introduce me to the 3rd party”
“Why so you can punish them as well” I asked seriously
“Who knows, I won’t be able to tell until I meet them”.
“I’m not sure, I’d have to ask them”
“Is it female or god forbid male? Another of your perverted friends”
“I’m not saying, I’ll have to ask”

“Ok, up to you, I could just keep on making you suffer, so long as I get what I want I really don’t care”. I’ll tell you what, you speak to your conspirator and text me when you’ve decided. Here I’ll give you my mobile number”.
I found a pen & took the number

Do you want a last look she said flashing photo after photo at me. I glanced at the pictures as she flicked through the series. My cock was reacting once more.
Lisa leaned across and stroked my shaft. I jumped in her caress.
“Nice ‘eh”?
Mmmm I sighed
“Well if you still feel horny you’ll have to deal with it yourself” she laughed climbing off the bed... “You keep pleasuring me like this and it won’t be too long before you’ve paid off your debt” she said and she started to dress.

She opened her handbag and took out what I guessed were a clean pair of panties before she put them on the rubbed the pair she had earlier round her pussy. Here you can keep these just to remind you of what it is that I want. With that she went down stairs. I didn't have time to dress so I just threw on a robe.
“Till next time” she laughed as she opened the door. Then she was gone. I just stood there flabbergasted. I just didn’t know what to make of her.

I was just about to go back upstairs to shower and the doorbell went. I hoped Lisa had a change of mind and now wanted fucking. I opened the door, it was Lizzy.
She slipped in quickly and shut the door.
“I saw her leave, I’m desperate to know what went on, did she let you fuck her this time”?
The look on my face must have told it all
“Oh no, she played with you again. What is her game. What did she make you do, tell all”
I started to explain
“Is that her I can smell, Mmmm yummy” she grabbed me and licked my mouth and face
“Oh fuck I’d like some of that”

“You might get your chance” I offered. Then I explained what Lisa had demanded
“Oh so she can punish me as well, Ooo what lovely punishment, tasting her pussy first hand, I can’t wait”.
I didn’t think it was such a good idea but Lizzy was insistent. “Don’t worry” she assured me, “I know what I’m doing, and I’m sure we will find a way to pay her back. Now do you want to fuck my aching pussy or not”?.

We had yet another frenzied fuck, then agreed a time & date. Lizzy got me to text Lisa and agree a date for a few days time.

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