My Girlfriend Serena

My Girlfriend Serena

I simply walked into my apartment and handed the bag to my girlfriend and sit on the other chair across from hers and eat my salad quietly as the noise of the television filters through the otherwise silent room. I silently watch her eat as she stares at the television screen. I get up to throw away my salad. As I walk past her I can feel her eyes lingering on my body. I return to my seat silently.

Even wearing an old tank top and a pair of yoga pants she's still beautiful. Her creamy soft skin shines brightly from the soft glow of the television screen. Her long golden blonde hair flows down her shoulders like a waterfall. The small tank top does little to hide the bountiful bust underneath. Her soft creamy stomach was showing underneath her shirt. she always did like showing off her well toned body. how can something so toned and firm also be so soft and supple. My eyes travel to her long legs covered by the thin yoga pants. Everything about her is beautiful, everything about her is elegant...feminine.

Everything except.

My eyes finally stop at her crotch. I can see it...her bulge. It's stretching the fabric of her yoga pants. Even flaccid it's considerably larger than my own meager manhood when fully erect. I can't believe that thing actually somehow fits inside of me when we have sex...It's huge. I continue to stare at that huge bulge pressing out of her yoga pants. It's absolutely obscene!

"You gonna just keep staring at my dick like that or are you gonna come over here and pull it out?" She says, breaking me out of my trance. i stood up and walked over to Serena and got on my knees in front of her and began rubbing her cock through the fabric of her pants.

"mmm... that's it... make me hard you horny slut" Serena said. I pulled the top of her sweatpants pulling them down and pulled out her cock. Eagerly i took it in my mouth and started sucking it like my life depending on it. I pull my mouth off and start stroking it rubbing all of my spit on her shaft. "That's it... make it nice and shiny so i can shove this cock up your tight little ass" Serena said. I stared at her cock still stroking it hypnotized by its size. I took the cock back into my mouth and put more of it inside trying to stuff it down my throat. 

Serena put her legs up on my shoulders and wrapped them around my neck pulling me in more. I began choking on her cock. as i do Serena throws her head back in pleasure and pulls her tits out and starts groping them and plays with her nipples. My eyes look up at her and i start focusing on her breasts than her cock. Serena started snapping at me "hey focus on my cock you slut" Serena began moving her hips and i began taking her cock down my throat more and more until my face was pressed against her body. 

Serena's legs tightened more as she relished in the tightness of my throat and began bucking her hips. I knew she was closing in on her orgasm. she always had a habit of making small pumps with her hips as she cums. I move my tongue up against her cock and i feel her tense up and started thrusting her hips and i felt her cock pulse and erupt down my throat.

I swallowed all of her load and gladly accepted her seed as it filled my stomach. Serena's grip began loosening and she put her legs down and allowed me to come up for air. "aaaahhh....." I began panting and kissed the tip of her cock. "Thank you for the meal" I said and stared into her eyes lustly. "we're just getting started you little slut" Serena said and stroked her cock making it hard again. "Assume the position" Serena said and looked at me.

I immediately took off my clothes and bent over the arm of the couch and spread my ass open. Serena walked up behind me and pushed her cock and forced in into my ass. I began moaning as i felt her cock claim my ass as if her cock was a asshole seeking missile hitting its target. "you like my cock don't you bitch?" Serena asked as she pushed her hips against my ass. "Your cock is the best!" I moaned loudly. "you know once we start theres no going back!" Serena said. "I don't want to go back" I moaned loudly.

Serena began moving her hips and began sawing her throbbing cock inside my ass. "your manhood will always surrender to my cock" Serena said and reached around and felt my small cock in her hands. Serena moved faster and began hammering her cock inside my ass. "NOW MOAN LIKE THE BITCH YOU ARE!" Serena said and held my hands behind my back.

"You were MADE to take my cock like the sissy little bitch you are" Serena said. "I'M YOUR LITTLE SLUT, YOUR COCK IS MY WORLD. I LIVE TO SERVE YOUR COCK!" i moaned loudly as my cock surrendered to her dominance and came. "Pesky little dick like yours doesn't deserve to be called a dick. little sissy bitches like you who take big fat cocks up their ass have little tiny clits. and since you came you have once again proven to me... that you... are my bitch!" Serena said and pushed her cock balls deep inside me.I felt Serena's cock pulse inside my ass and i felt her make her ograsmic thrusts and came hard inside my ass.

I felt her lean her body on my back and wrap her arms around me. "You are such a good sissy you know that" Serena said. "I'm your bottom bitch" I panted. "I know what you want. you're still horny" Serena said and felt my small hard dick. Serena took off her shirt and pulled her cock out of me.

Serena pulled me by my hand and walked to her bedroom. She lied down on her bed and undid her bra. I sat down on her lap facing her and kissed her deeply and groped her perfect round breasts. Serena moaned as i kissed her. I kissed down her neck and grabbed her cock and pushed it back into my ass. I kissed down to her breasts and eagerly sucked on one of her nipples.

Serena moaned and began moving her cock in my ass. Serena forced me to moan around her nipple as i sucked on it. "Ride my cock you bitch!" Serena said and slapped me. I was so turned on by her slapping me i leaned back and sat up and began riding her cock. Serena bucked her hips and created a steady rhythm for me to follow.

I moved faster than the rhythm she was giving and she let out a moan of her own. "That's it you slut... ride my cock like you want it!" Serena said. I bounced on her cock and tightened my ass making her feel more pleasure. Serena let out another moan. I stopped bouncing and clinched my ass as tight as i could and started rotating my hips. Serena began moving her hips and squirming on the bed. "don't stop riding!" Serena moaned. I continued to rotate my hips and i felt her cock explode in my ass again.

Serena made her usual thrusts and pulled me in and kissed me on my lips. "God damn your ass always feels nice. I swear its like i can't get enough of your ass" Serena said. "well if it makes you feel any better i can't get enough of that nice big meaty cock you have" I said panting. Serena pulled my face into her breasts and i began sucking on her nipple and she held me still. "You are the best girlfriend i could ever ask for" I said. "I know sweetie i know" Serena said.

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