Taming michelle's ass

Taming michelle's ass

“Oh Danny I’ve waited so long for this moment – finally you’re here – I can’t believe that you’re here – tonight – I want to give myself to you. I want you to take me and make me yours all yours – kiss me and let me know that this is real.”

Looking deep in to her eyes I said, “You have been locked in my dreams for so many months now – I’ve waited so long for this moment too – to finally be able to hold, gaze into your eyes, kiss you and make love to you – Michelle I want to make you mine and only mine!!!.”

“Kiss me I want to taste your lips on mine” I leaned in and kissed her thin lips as my hands went to her face and began to caress her. Michelle wrapped her arms around my shoulders and pulled me closer to her and then she slipped down onto the couch so that I was now on top of her kissing her. My cock sprang up without any encouragement anticipating as to what was to come later.

Michelle reached down between our writhing bodies and slipped her hand down my pants and wrapped her warm loving hands around the shaft and began to gently move her hand up and down on me. Wanting to reciprocate I moved my hands down away from her face to her small but very perky breast. With my hand gently squeezing her breast over her shirt I began to kiss her ear and I whispered ever so softly. “I want to take you right here – I want to make you mine – I want to fill every inch of you – I want to make slow passionate love to you” –

Michelle whispered back in my ear with a sweet sex voice, “Yes, yes Danny I’m all yours take me – take me now –

“Excuse me sir – excuse me sir – come on you have to wake up now! Please put your seat in its full upright position and stow away your tray table for me. Thank you.”

“How much longer until we land Miss?”

“About fifteen minutes or so.”

Isn’t it always the way – every time you are about to get some pussy in your dreams either your alarm clock goes off or a car alarm or even the dreaded one when you were a teenager and one of your parents woke you up for school. Sitting in my window seat making my way to Raleigh a sudden rush of nervousness came over me. I hadn’t been this nervous about meeting any woman before.

Let me explain how this came about and answer some questions for some of the people out there who have asked for some answers.

It was just a little over a year ago I was having a splendid threesome with a perky young piece of ass that happened to be my boss’ daughter. My cock was pumping her deep inside of her tight asshole when her stepmother walked in on us. She had been after me for three years or so and two then became three. While I was taking turns fucking each of their pussies and assholes I was struck in the back of the head with a bat and slipped into a coma. I slipped in and out of a comatose state for three weeks.

My girlfriend Faith stuck with me during my recovery and my rehab as I struggled a little with my balance right after leaving the hospital. Seeing how Faith stuck with me I wanted her to be with me forever, so, I took the plunge bought a ring and asked her to marry me. Well, my proposal didn’t go as well as expected when she said no. She went on to tell me that, “Having an affair is one thing (we had a very open relationship) but having an affair with Cindy your boss’ wife and mortal enemy of mine was too much. Not to mention you were fucking their daughter – not separately but together that is just fucking sick.” With that Faith packed her things the next day and left.

Since everyone I knew in California was separating themselves from me I just let it happen and decided to start over. My cousin back east called and offered me a job that kept me traveling around the western part of America and this is where the strangest relationship of my life began. Michelle was the company’s receptionist and lived in Raleigh, NC while I was in San Diego. I had to call in every morning and get updates to my schedule and I would have to speak with her every day.

After a few months of hard work had passed; I was having a bad day and I guess Michelle picked up on it and we began talking every night on the phone. No matter where I was Michelle would call and we would talk for about 20 minutes or so. Eventually we became very close on the phone and we began to share very intimate details of our lives with each other. This also led to a lot and I mean a lot of phone sex, since we were both single and lonely. I guess it was very easy to open up and act like a freak on the phone when you know that you will probably never meet the other person on the other end.

Well, that all ended one day when a company wide memo came out announcing a meeting that would bring all of the outside reps back in house for a week-long-meeting. This of course put both of us in a panic – I mean you were going to meet someone that you shared your most deepest darkest secrets with and now you were finally going to have to see them face-to-face. With several weeks before I was to arrive at the home office the both of us, to my surprise, handled things fairly well. Michelle offered me to stay at her apartment during the week of the meeting. After finding out where our company was putting us up and where Michelle lived I would be on the road for most of the time.

We both agreed that it would be easiest if we were to meet at the luggage carrousel. When my plane finally landed at Raleigh, my palms were sweaty – my forehead was beaded up with sweat – this was a whole new level of being nervous for me. When I made my way out of the jet walk I really wasn’t looking for Michelle just yet but once in the terminal I heard, “Danny!!!! Over here – Over here.” Then out of the corner of my eye was this vision that made my heart move up to my throat. There she was after talking on the phone for more than a year my fantasy was about to come true.

Michelle was wearing a skintight half shirt with no bra. Her breasts were very perky standing at attention, nipples bursting out and creating an eye full for anyone looking. When she began to run towards me my eyes followed the bouncing breasts and nipples up and down. Her shorts were cut as to accentuate her special attributes. When she jumped up into my arms her shorts crept up the crack of her ass. I couldn’t help myself as my sweaty palms went to her bare ass cheeks. I figured what the hell if she is going to dress like this to meet me at the airport then she would mind a slight smack on her ass. A small grin then a smile crossed her face at me with “OH YEAH.” Her arms and legs wrapped around me and she showered me with kisses.

Now you know how some people are just better looking in person than in their photos? Well, Michelle was a lot younger and thinner in person than in her pictures and in my fantasies. After her barrage of kisses ended I began giggling and laughing and in a joking tone, I said, “Hi, I’m Dan nice to finally meet you. Why don’t we go get my bags and get back to your place and we can pick up where you left off.”

We got back to her place and Michelle poured us a couple glasses of wine and we sat on the couch together with the TV playing in the background as we made out with each other. It seemed that the dream that I was having on the plane was a prelude to what was happening. The unbridled anticipation of both of us wanting to be with each other began to take over between us.

All those many hours on the telephone telling each other what we would do to each other if we were ever together – and no matter how intense it got on the phone paled in comparison to what was actually was happening right then. Then came a lot and I mean a lot of petting when I realized what time it was, I finally made the suggestion to take a shower, I smelled horrible I don’t know how she put up with it. Then I finally said, “Michelle, I am kinda tired and want to take a shower and freshen up a bit, okay?”

“Sure no problem, besides I want to put on some clean sheets for us.” Michelle showed me to the bedroom and then to the bathroom. While in the shower I realized that I had forgotten my razor and for some instinctive reason I just blurted out, “Hey, baby, can you bring me my razor its in my carry on bag.”

With soap covering my face I heard the shower curtain slide back and then a sharp sting on my ass as she smacked it. I guess I deserved that after smacking her ass in the airport and she said, “Here you go and that’s for the airport.” Then she reached around and very gently wrapped her fingers around the shaft of my cock. “Niiice package, hope you’re not too tired to make a delivery tonight.” She began to giggle and released my cock and put her hand to her mouth and pushed the soap away from my eyes and as I opened them we kissed each other again. “Hurry up, I want to freshen up too.” My dream on the plane seemed to be coming true.

I finished with my shower and as I was toweling off I heard Michelle talking to someone in the bedroom. I figured Michelle was on the phone talking to one of her many girlfriends about me. Walking towards the bedroom I heard her talking I thought on the phone but she was whispering to herself with her fingers down her skirt and panties, her pink top was also pushed up. Her small and perky breasts looked glorious in the moonlight standing at attention as she was playing with her pussy. Her legs were spread apart, her eyes were closed and a smile on her face as her hands began to caress her whole body. Her hands went from her pussy to her breasts and her wet pussy fingers then went to her mouth, then back down to her pussy again.

Watching her for a few moments my cock got hard under my towel. Not able to take it anymore, especially after not having any pussy for a long while, my and went under my towel and I began to play with myself as I watched her pleasure herself. After several minutes I couldn’t take it anymore and my lust for her overtook me. I coughed and she opened her eyes quickly pulling her hand out of her pussy. She looked over at me and for some reason I wasn’t embarrassed by the fact that I had my hand on my cock stroking it watching her fuck her pussy with her fingers.

I said, “You look beautiful baby don’t stop. It’s just like when I’m on the road and I hear your soft voice on the phone and I’m stroking myself. I always hoped that you were playing with yourself for real too. Michelle, I want to see your pussy, you don’t have a problem to stare at my hard cock in my hand – now I want to see your pussy.”

She lifted her ass and pulled her skirt up to her belly she then slid her panties down to her knees. “Come on baby I want a good view of your special hole. Michelle put her elbows inside her knees and pulled her legs back resting them on her shoulders. Michelle tried to remove her panties but they started to roll up real thin and tight on her legs. She tried to get them off but they seemed to be tight around her legs. She said, “Aah fuck it” Then her legs went up in the air and her hand between her legs as she shifted her ass to face me exposing her pussy to me.

We stared at each other while we played with each other’s naughty parts. It was like we were real young kids basically saying if you show me yours I’ll show you mine. Smiling at each other Michelle looked over and said, “Oh baby, I need that dick, I fantasized about it for so long.”

“You do?”

Finally after moving her legs back and forth she was able to kick her panties half way across the room. Michelle was now able to spread her legs and get comfortable as she laid on the edge of the bed she had one foot on the floor as she fingered herself.

“Yeah I do!!! Look at my pussy can you see my juices flowing out the bottom? What are you doing to me?”

Stroking my cock I said, “I’m teasing you just like I do every night when we’re on the phone together baby.”

“So you like doing this on purpose?” She sat up with one elbow on the bed looking over now more intently watching me stroke my cock. Her hands went to her firm breasts “Hmm what about these tits huh? Oh yeah they’re nice right?”

“Yes, they’re amazing baby I loved playing with them on the couch but this is a lot hotter watching you play with them teasing me – making my cock throb in my hand Michelle – you are one nasty little thing aren’t you?”

Michelle’s hands when to her top and she pulled it off. She took one breast in each of her hands and played with them, pulling them up to her mouth she licked her nipples. Looking back of at me “Your cock looks so good baby. You are making my pussy so wet, can you see how wet I am baby? I need to have your cock inside of me baby – I need it reeeeeal bad.”

“I’m going to give it to you nice and hard.”

“You promise?”

“Yeah I’m going to pound your pussy so hard baby, you’re going to be sore for days.”

“Your cock looks so good – I can only imagine what it’s going to feel like when it fills every inch of my tight pussy. Ohh yeah baby – stroke your cock for me. Better yet come over here and fill my mouth with it first.”

I walked over to the bed stroking my cock in anticipation of her wet mouth; the head of my cock was throbbing like my heartbeat. She sat up and her mouth met my cock and in it slid. Her mouth was nice and warm as my rod slid in and out her mouth became so wet with her saliva. Once her mouth became full of her spit the head of my cock went immediately to the back of her mouth. My hand went to the back of her head pushing her down on me. Michelle instinctively spread her legs for me and I got my fingers nice and wet and I slipped two fingers between her tiny little slit. “Hmmm hmmm – fuck yeah baby, come on baby eat my cock. Open your mouth and eat me.”

She opened her mouth and all you heard was “Auck, Auck, Auck” as the head of my cock was hitting the opening of her throat. My cock popped out of her mouth and she said, “Yeah baby – I told you it was wet didn’t I? See what you did to me? Keep your fingers inside of me I want to soak your fingers with my pussy juices. I fingered her for a couple of more minutes as she sucked my cock.” She let my cock slide out of her mouth and with her teary eyes she looked up at me and said, “Put your cock inside of my pussy – I want your cock to taste my pussy juices. Do you want your cock to taste it?”

“Yeah I want my cock to taste your juices but first I want to fuck your face.” I shoved my cock back in her mouth, “My cock feels so damn good in your mouth baby don’t make me take it out.” Grabbing the back of her head with both hands I pumped my cock in her mouth making the head of my cock hit the top of her throat making Michelle gag on it. Again it was Auck Auck Auck Auck over and over and Michelle looked up at me as I began pulling her hair as my cock was pounding her face. My cock filled her mouth as her spit was drooling down her chin onto her lovely tits and belly.

I didn’t forget about her pussy as my hand looked like it was a blur going over top of her clit and my fingers penetrating her sopping wet pussy. Michelle pushed my cock out of her mouth and was gasping for air, “Oh my fucking God your fingers feel so good inside of me. I want to cum on your cock so bad. I want your cock to taste me. Please.”

Looking down at my cock that was shining in the moonlight covered in her spit I said, “I do want your pussy – I want your pussy juice on my cock.

You want to give it to me? I want it now.”

I said, “You want it right now?”

Looking up at me with her hand stroking my cock my fingers inside of her she said, “Please – I’ve been a good girl right? Please give it to me.” As much as I was ready to fuck her Michelle squeezed her pussy around my fingers and her hips were thrashing around in all kinds of directions. She closed her eyes and one hand grabbed my ass real hard and tight as her fingernails dug into my ass her other hand grabbed the pillow. Her breathing got real heavy and she began shouting, “YOU WANNA MAKE ME CUM? YOU WANT ME TO CUM ON YOUR FINGERS? YOU WANNA FEEL IT? READY?”

My fingers were as deep as they could go and not wanting me to feel left out she put my cock back in her mouth. That lasted two pumps, “OH GOD, YEAH RIGHT THERE –
OH, OH GOD RIGHT THERE – OOOH MYYYY GOOOD.” Michelle came all over my fingers.

Michelle crossed her legs keeping my fingers inside of her she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me down kissed me as she stroked my cock. “I’m not done cumming yet I can feel more juices ready to explode put your cock inside of me and stop FUCKING TEASING ME.”

Michelle let go of my cock, spread her legs and pushed my fingers out of her pussy. She moved back up on the bed a little giving me room to mount her pussy missionary style.
I moved between her legs kneeling over top of her and she smiled at me “You going to do it now, come on fuck me I want to cum again all over you this time.”

With my cock in my hand I pushed the head between her thin pussy lips and stroked it up and down allowing her pussy juice to get it nice and wet. Michelle put her hands down to her pussy and spread it open for me giving me easier access to her love tunnel. I tried to push my cock inside of her but she was a lot tighter than I expected but after a couple hard thrusts I was able to penetrate her all the way down to my balls. Letting go of her pussy she grabbed the back of her knees and pulled them back up to her shoulders. This only made her pussy tighter, the more she pulled back on them the tighter her pussy got. It was like I was fucking a virgin.

“You have a tight little pussy baby.”

“Oh my God you’ve got a big cock – Oh my God – You goin’ to fuck the shit out of me? I can tell you are.”

“Oh yeah, I’m going to pound your pink slit.”

Michelle lifted her ass to meet my cock as it penetrated her nice and deep. Her hand went down to her clit and she began playing with herself as my cock slid inside of her like a nice well oiled piston in an engine.

Looking up at me she gritted her teeth and said, “Oh God you’ve got the biggest cock I’ve ever had. Fuck me nice and hard. Oh my God you wanna make me nut, huh? You wanna make me cum all over your dick?”


“You like my little hole?”

“Yeah I do – you like my warm long dick slipping inside of you?”

She smiled at me, “Mmmm hmmmm its long and warm filling up my entire pussy. It’s so big it’s going place it’s never seen. Come on I want you to fuck me from behind, now.”

I pulled out of her and Michelle spun around and got up on all fours. Her skirt was blocking my view of her tiny ass so like a quarterback I pushed her skirt up onto her back exposing her ass to me. Looking at it made me all the more horny as her asshole was so small it was like no one had ever been inside of her. Her pussy lips were so small it wasn’t until she reached back with two hands did I get to see her pink pussy.

My cock was nice and hard and very slowly and deliberately pushed myself back into her hot sopping wet pussy until it rubbed up against her swollen clit. I finally got to penetrate to the deepest recesses of her pussy. Grabbing her hips we began slamming each other. I pulled her hips back as hard as I could as I thrust my cock as hard as I could inside of her. Pounding her pussy from behind the blood from my head was flowing down to my cock making it swell wider and wider in her tight slit.


Like water boiling in a pot there came a huge rush of her pussy juices down the head of my cock down to the bottom of my shaft that bubbled out of her pussy and down her legs. As I pulled out her juices continued to flow from the bottom of her slit onto her thighs and clit. Not wanting to miss out on cumming myself I grabbed her hips again and slid right back inside of her.

Michelle looked back at me and smiled, “Oh fuck, you liked that huh?” My cock went back to work sliding in and out of her pussy once again.

“Yes, I love your pussy baby. It’s been worth the wait all these long months out on the road. To finally bang the shit out of your tight little hole. I can’t get enough I need to fuck you some more. My cock felt so good inside her wet hole and Michelle then squeezed her pussy walls around the shaft of my cock and looked back at me and smiled.
”Yeah Michelle, that’s it I wanna feel your pussy like you were a virgin.”

“You like that huh? You like fucking that teenage ass huh? –”

My heart went up into my throat as all kinds thoughts raced through my head. “She had to be at least 21 since she had alcohol in the house, right? Now, I was worried at how old she was.

–You know how old that pussy is that you’re fucking? How old am I?” She looked back at me. “Stop!!!” She pulled forward as my cock fell out of her pussy. “How old am I?”

Scared out of my mind and not knowing what to say I figured she had to be old enough to sign a lease so I said, “21 right?”

“No way baby 19!!!!!”

“Holy shit – yeah baby your 19?”

“Yeah baby 19, you like fucking this 19 year-old-pussy don’t you?”

Knowing I wasn’t going to jail I said, “Uh-huh, fuck yeah.”

She smiled back at me as she was on all fours now as her hips were pushing back on my cock to keep me slamming her pussy nice and hard and said, “This 19 year-old loves to get fucked, especially with big – big dick like this. Oh God yeah, I love it – Oh shit your big cock feels so good. Can you feel how wet my pussy is?”

“Yeah baby nice wet and tight.” I pushed myself deep inside of her and pushed her down on her belly keeping my cock deep inside of her. Lying on top of her back and my cock inside of her I could feel all her baby making juices slide out of her pussy around the shaft of my cock. We just lay there for a couple of minutes as our hearts were pounding in our chests and breathing real heavy.

Michelle looked back at me and said, “You love fucking this pussy, huh”

“Yeah I do, it’s so beautiful and tight, I love the way it wraps around my thick cock baby.”

“I can tell by the way you pound the fucking shit out of me. Mmmmm I love the way it feels so deep inside of me. You like the way I came all over your fucking dick.”

“Yeah baby, it feels so damn good. I can even smell your spunk all the way up here.”

“Your cock feels so fucking good – my pussy feels so fucking alive with your dick so deep inside my teenage pussy – my wet cum filled pussy.”

I pulled out of her pussy and rolled over on to my back and Michelle rolled over on top of me. We just lay there making out with each other, holding each other when she said, “I need some time to get some strength back, you made me cum so fucking hard that I need a little time to fuck you some more.

We laid there for about half and hour when my cock for some reason came back to life and I looked up at Michelle and said, “Come on fuck me now, show me what you got.”

“Okay, I think I can handle your cock for a little while longer.” Michelle slid down my belly and when her mouth met my cock she took me back inside of her mouth. She was sucking my cock that had her dried pussy juices all over it. “Oh God baby I can’t wait to get your cock back inside me.” She sucked me for a minute or so and once I was back at full staff she climbed on top of my cock as her ass slowly slid down my shaft.

I looked back up at her and asked, “Are you really 19?”

Smiling down at me she said, “Well, technically I will 20 in two months but yeah I’m 19. You okay with that, you don’t seem to mind when we are on the phone or when you were fucking me before you found out.’

“No, no I just thought you were a little older, I mean you have your own place and wine in the apartment.”

“My daddy pays for the apartment and the wine was a house warming gift from my step-mom.”

Her cunt felt so damn good sliding up and down on my shaft and knowing it was pristine young pussy made it all the much better. With that behind us I began to thrust my cock up into her tiny little wet hole as her tits were bouncing all over the place. I began to slap her ass. “You’re a bad, bad little girl aren’t you?”

“Oh my God, you’re right I’m a bad girl. Mmmmm oh God feed me your cock baby. You have a nice big dick. It’s so fucking big – I love your big fucking dick in my teenage pussy.

“You like that long hot cock don’t you?”

“Yeah baby – you fuck me so damn good. You want me to nut on your cock again don’t you? Over and over again all over your big cock – you like your dick in this hot and wet little pussy?”

“It feels so fucking good in your teenage pussy.”

“Come on fuck my pussy hard, harder fuck it harder pound my cunt. I want to taste my cum on your cock.” Michelle popped up off of me and went down and began sucking my cock.

“Oh yeah how do you like the taste of that?”

“Hmmm mmmm. I’ve tasted my cum from my fingers but not off of a guys cock before.” Michelle didn’t waist anymore time and went back down on me. She sucked on my cock for a while and I got my fingers wet again and this time I put one in her pussy and the other up her asshole. I waited for some kind of denial on the asshole but she just kept sucking me.

Michelle finally came up off of my cock and I was waiting for her to tell me to stop finger fucking her asshole but to my surprise she said, “Come on baby tell me how you want me to get you off? Do you want me to suck your cock until you nut all over me, jerk it off and make out with you or do you want more ass? I’ll do anything you want, but to let you know, my pussy is really sore. I haven’t gotten laid in months.”

I said, “Well, you know that I confessed to you that I’m an ass junky right? Well, I would love to fuck your asshole but it looks like no one has ever fucked you there”

Michelle sat back and thought for a moment and smiled and said, “Well, you’re right I never let a guy fuck my ass before but I do want to try it. Look, if I let you fuck my ass and I tell you to stop you have to promise to stop okay? I mean it I’ve tried putting my vibrator up my ass and didn’t like it so I can’t promise you anything. Okay?”

“Sure baby just give me a chance I promise I’ll teach you how to have good anal sex and have the most intense orgasms of your life I promise.”

Not wanting her to change her mind I threw her down on the bed and pushed her legs open and back to her head. As her ass rolled up I pinned her knees up to her face with one arm as with my other hand I opened up her asshole and buried my tongue inside of her 19 year-old asshole I tossed her salad to the point that it was drenched with my spit.

I then let her legs go and put a pillow under her ass and lined my cock up with her asshole. I slowly pushed my head inside looking down at my beautiful teenager trying to get a read from her face if I was hurting her or not. Too my surprise my cock slowly slipped inside of her. Even though she was biting her lip and there were little tear drops on the outside edges of her eyes she was willing to let me fuck her dirty nasty shit hole for the first time. I didn’t get to take her virgin pussy but I was definitely getting her virgin asshole.

I looked down after five minutes or so of very slow and short thrusts inside of her asshole. Her sphincter muscle finally relaxed and opened up and took the full girth of my cock as I was finally able to get my cock inside of her asshole all the way down to my balls.

I looked down at her and said, “You have a tight little ass. Your pussy was probably this tight once. You like it that I can fuck both of your holes now, huh?”

“YEAH FUCK MY ASS – JESUS CHRIST IT HURTS SO FUCKING MUCH BUT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD TOO!!!!!” With my thumb now inside of her pussy and my cock sliding inside of her asshole she looked up at me and continued to be aggressive with me. “I DO LOVE BEING FUCKED IN MY ASS, FUCK MY ASS.”

“See I told you, you would like it in the ass baby. You like that?”

“Yeah, don’t stop – not too hard nice and strong baby but slow. I love your big dick in my tiny little ass”

“I love having my thumb in your wet cum filled pussy and being able to feel my cock sliding in and out of your tight little asshole. You are a teenage whore aren’t you? You are every bit of the little freak that I thought you were by the way you talked to me on the phone over the last months. I love it. Come on baby relax and let me fuck the shit out of you. Let me fuck your shit hole and cum all over your fucking beautiful teenage face. I’m going to make you swallow all my cum baby. Now relax your fucking asshole because I’m going start to pound your tight little ass baby.”

She said, “Oh yeah, tell me how do I feel?”

“Oh that is a tight little ass, yeah.”

“How old is that fucking tight little ass?”

“Yeah it’s a tight little 19 year-old ass. That’s a tight little ass.”

Kneeling on the bed and my hips moving back and forth my thick rod was stretching her asshole nice and wide. Michelle grabbed my hand and pulled it away from her clit and she took over playing with her pussy as my cock continued to work inside of her asshole. While her hand worked on her clit I got my thumb back inside of her pussy and worked it over the head of my cock while it was still inside of her asshole.

Michelle’s head went over the side of the bed and her breathing got real heavy and fast.
She said, “Oh, Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh yeah I love your cock inside my fucking ass baby – Oh my God, Oh my fucking God you’ve got a great cock – come on fuck me – fuck my 19 year old asshole – oh fuck I wanna taste it.”

I pulled out of her and laid on my back and as my cock was swaying back and forth like a pendulum “Oh my God look at all that ass juice over your cock – I need to taste it.

“Oh yeah taste your ass on my cock bitch.”

Michelle began licking my shaft like a lollipop up and down and then popping my head in and out of her mouth. “It tastes so fucking good – Mmm I love the taste of my ass on your cock baby. Can you smell my ass spunk on your cock?”

“Yes, suck it all off of me baby clean it all up.” She took my cock in her mouth and got it soaking wet again and licked up all of her ass juices.

”Come on I want to get on top and fuck you. I really want to get you off while your cock is in my asshole.” Michelle climbed on top of me facing away from me. Her hands were pressing down on my chest and I reached around and put my cock back inside of her asshole. My head penetrated her asshole and she slowly took me a little at time until she completely sucked my cock all the way up inside of her asshole. I moved my hand up onto her clit and began playing with her.

I moved my cock up and down inside of her asshole and with her legs spread apart once again she squeezed her ass cheeks as tight as she could making it as hard as she could for me to push my cock up in her asshole. “Yeah baby I love it wrap your ass walls around the shaft – come one make me force it up inside of you.”

“Yeah, Oh yeah I love that cock.” I began thrusting up inside of her faster and faster. Michelle’s head was shaking back and forth and she opened her mouth and she tried to scream but nothing could come out. “Oh baby it hurts so much this way we have to take it out.”

She slid off of my and got down on all fours and I said, “Come on suck it again.” I grabbed her hair and forced her head over top of my cock and began fucking her mouth. “Come on get it nice and wet because I want get off while I fuck your asshole.”

“Oh yeah, you want to put it back in then I can’t be on top okay?”

I pushed her to the side of the bed and her head slid down to the floor and her ass was up by the edge of the bed with her legs spread open. I now had the choice of pussy or asshole put in front of me. As I wasn’t really sure which hole to choose I saw that I had really gaped her asshole open nice and wide. With that beautiful gaped ass staring at me the choice became really simple.

I pushed my cock back inside of her asshole and Michelle’s hand went back to playing with her pussy. Once my cock went balls deep Michelle began screaming at me again. She said, “OH MY GOD THAT IS ONE BIG DICK – COME ON PLAY WITH MY FUCKING PUSSY TOO – COME ON JUST LIKE YOU WERE A COUPLE OF MINUTES AGO.”

“Oh yeah – you’re a nasty little teenaged bitch with a nice tight asshole.”

“Come on fuck me harder – come on harder.”

“Mmmm hmmmm – uh huh fuckin A that ass is so tight.” My thumb with was inside of her pussy and it was playing with the head of my cock, as it was still deep in her asshole.

“I know you fucking love it – how old is that tight fucking teenage asshole?”

“It’s fucking 19.”

“Never thought you would be pounding and 19 year old asshole this week did ya?”

“No, I thought I was going to be pounding an older ass this week.”

“Come on take your thumb out and use your finger baby. I love being fucked in the ass –
Yeah it’s so fucking tight – you like the way my asshole is wrapped around your fucking thick dick in my asshole? IT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD.”

I pulled her up a little giving me a better angle and pounded her asshole a lot better. ”Oh God that’s a lot of fucking dick in my fucking little ass, huh?”

“It sure is a tight fucking little ass.”

“Come on play with my pussy my hand is tired. Keep fucking that ass then I want to taste your cum – you want me to taste your cum?”

“Yeah I want you to taste everything my cum and your ass that’s all over my cock.”

”No problem stud – I want your cum all over my mouth, face and drip it all over my tongue.”

She was talking so nasty that I couldn’t take it anymore and I pulled out of her asshole. “Come on get over here on your knees and open your mouth and beg for my cum.”

Michelle rolled over and as I was standing there took my ass stained cock back into her mouth. With just the head of my cock in her mouth I began to jerk off as the head of my cock was hitting every side of mouth. Then I felt the cum bubbling up in my balls and I said, “Get ready – HERE I FUCKING CUM OPEN UP AND TAKE MY SPUNK.”

I jerked my shaft off and load after load ended up landing on her tongue inside of her mouth. After I squirted my fifth load in her mouth she grabbed my cock and began sucking all the sperm that was left in my shaft.

“Dan oh my fucking God I’m so glad you got here early.” She wrapped her arms around my neck and leaned in and pushed her ass stained and salty cum laden tongue inside of my mouth. I got to taste it all.

When she finished kissing me I said, “Let’s take a shower and get cleaned up because I am really tired now.” Michelle grabbed my hand and off we went and took a shower together and barely made it back to bed as soon as our heads hit the pillows we were both out like a light until the alarm went off the nest morning.

Here ends part 1 of, the taming Michelle.

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