Story of relation part 2

Story of relation part 2

After our night, I just.....couldn't stop thinking about Val. She was my heart. I loved her so much. Just the other day I stuffed kool-aid in our dad's coffee cup and blamed it on my sister and she was pissed for days on end and now, she loves me more than any guy at our school. But the fact that our parents won't accept this is a problem. Luckily, my parents weren't home most of the time because of work so me and Val were home alone few times a week and that just gave me opportunities to try out new stuff with Val.

I went to the library with Val after school so we can catch up on credits for school. We both were looking for books to catch up on reading logs and I came up across a book that I think Val will be interested on.
"Hay Babe, take a look at this."
"Oh my goodness.....Kama..."
"Yup, Kama sutra."
I held on to the book until we chose the books we wanted to read and we chose a table in the far back of the library so no one can see us. There wasn't to many people in the library, none that knew us. So we sat pretty close to each other. I placed the Kama sutra book in front of us and turned at least to the middle of the book. We saw some pictures that aroused us a lot. I can tell Val was getting hot, she kept on adjusting her position....and so was I when I tried to fix my uncomfortable boner. I read a few contents and of the book.
"To tense up a woman, it's good take each other's clothes off, the male proceeds to touch the female grasping the breast and using the thumbs to gently rub the nipples. Enough to make them nice and hard."
"Ethan, You didn't do that to me when we first had sex."
"Well because I was getting horny. And just went to it."
"True but at least you could've held in your desire."
"Well your just fucking hot and beautiful to resist Val."
She blushed and gave me a quick peck on the lips.
"We should try some of these positions."
I said so contently.
"Shit. Mom and dad are home all days this week."
"You know how they sleep early."
"Oh yea. Cause they work so early in the morning."
"You should come to my bedroom at like 12."
"I'll try not to sleep. I might even arrive sleepy."
"I'm just playing bro. I'm looking forward to it."

We kept on reading more and more, looking at these old pictures of Chinese people fucking. Since Val was holding my hand. She guided it under the table and straight under her skirt. I rubbed the thin, wet, silky panties. Rubbing her slit until I found the hard clit. She started quietly moaning. Her moans were turning me on as much. On my other hand, I unzipped my pants and lowered my boxers a little so my penis can come out. Man, thank god no one was around when we did this and we didn't give a shit about the cameras. She eyeballed my dick and started stroking it nice and fast. I quickened my paste and she to quickened hers. She orgasmed her sweet juices on my hand and I jizzed all over her hand. She licked off the remaining cum and I quickly zipped back up. She went quickly to the restroom to freshen up. We left as soon as she left the bathroom, i put all the books in her bag and the Kama sutra book in mine. Hoping the librarian won't stop to check our bags, we booked it.

As we arrived home, as we expected, our parents were home. Mom cooking dinner and dad watching sports. Very typical of my parents. I went to the bathroom and took a shower before dinner started. I was washing my hair of the shampoo until I felt hands go down my back.
"Holy shit! Who's there?!"
"Who do you think?"
Still washing the shampoo, I realized it was my sisters voice.
"How the fuck?!"
"You left the door open. Don't worry I locked it. Mom is occupied with dinner and dad is sleeping on the couch.....umm I was bored so..."
"Hay I don't mind just....don't fucking scare me like that."
"I'm sorry baby, I know you hate scares."
I washed off the remaining shampoo and and I felt Val hug me from behind. She was already nude because I felt her hard nipples and breast plus her stomach against my back. She held onto my chest. I held her hand as we took a shower together. After a minute or so, Val crouched down so she has her legs wide open. She took one hand on my shaft and started stroking. She licked the tip of my penis. For some reason it made me cringe, she hasn't gave me a blowjob yet but I was looking forward to it. She stuffed her mouth into my shaft in at least 6 inches in. Damn, she went deep inside. Her other hand rubbed her wet pussy. She let out moans and ecstasy. So did I and I was enjoying this like I was in heaven. I felt pressure.
"Val! I'm gonna cum."
She let out my penis but still stroking.
"Cum inside my mouth, I want to feel your juices inside me."
She inserted my dick back inside her mouth.
"Aww! Oh my god! Fuck yes!"
I came inside her mouth as much as I can. It felt like forever, I came like a fountain. I can tell she orgasmed as well, I heard the moans she's making. We kissed for a little before we ended our shower. I got out, dryed off and opened the door a little to check if anybody is outside. I fled to my room as quickly as possible.

My mom yells like a fucking alarm clock. Yet I grew up to that shit. I walked out of my room in nice comfortable clothes, in the same time my sister walked out as also, but with the same yoga pants that she gave me a handjob in and a green shirt. I saw a little stain on her pants. Shit! That was my stain! I didn't know I came on her pants. I didn't say anything. We both went down to the stares and to the kitchen where we sat and ate. It was 8 and I was not able to hold in until 12. Me and Val had a position we wanted to try very badly
"Honey what is that?"
My mom said to Val.
"What is what mom?"
"The stain on your pants?"
I was fucking freaking out! I thought she was gonna say cum!
"Oh this? I think it was the bleach."
"Honey....we don't have bleach."
HOLY SHIT! I was flipping out !
"I spilled some "milk" on her on accident. Remember Val?"
I said nervously. I gave her a wink.
"Oh yea! I remember! It was milk!"
Val said.
"Oh okay dear. Just make sure you wash that off."
I breathed so fucking fast. I finished my plate and went to my room. What of we got caught? What would Val say to mom? Jesus! But thank god I broke it. I heard the door open. It was Val.
"Nice job babe."
She winked, closed the door slowly and left.

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