Our first love making

Our first love making

A dream that I had was the first time we had sex. I was a little nervous though. Thinking you don't like the way that I look and stuff like that. For some odd reason I get nervous when having sex because at not knowing a lot of sexual experience. So as I was starting to take your clothes off. I see how beautiful you are. I smile and play a little with your long blonde hair. Then once I got your shirt over your head I kiss you for a few minutes. Then I look down at your sexy black bra. Then once I had your bra off I looked at your lovely C cup tits. Then I say to you "god I can't wait to see how much bigger they will get once pregnant. I also can't wait to try some of the milk that will be made in those lovely tits too."

Then I start to suck on the right tit first. As I start to lick your tit you start to moan. Once I was done licking I start to suck on your nipple. Once I was done getting your right nipple erected I moved to the left tit. What I did the same thing I did to the right tit. Once I got both nipples hard I pinched both nipples. Then when it was done at your lovely tits. I kissed my way down to your belly button. I kissed that area around your belly button. Then I said to you “I can't wait to see our babies grow inside there. If they are girls we know they will make daddy happy. Since I want them to fellow in your footsteps. I am so glad that you so open about all of what we are doing. Plus we saving enough money for them and even the grandchildren that I or our sons make in there pussies."

After saying all of that I work my way down to your pink shorts. I slowly unbutton your shorts. Then I slowly pull down your shorts without moving your black thong that was matching your bra. Although I notice a good size wet spot on your thong. So once the shorts were off I went to kiss your sweet lovely lips. Then after that I went back down and start taking off your blank though. I say to you "did I make you good and wet?" You said to me "yes, you did baby." Once I got your thong off and you were naked you said to me "before you start to get my pussy wetter. It is time for me to have a little fun with you." Since I was still clothed at the time I got you naked.

So you said "lay down baby. So I can take your clothes off to get to that cock of yours. So that my pussy and womb can get that seed of yours. Just like in a couple of years our daughters will want that cock and your seed. So that there wombs can grow daddy or brothers babies. So that later down the road those kids will do the same thing. We will be so happy to have our big home filled with a lot of naked kids that will be fucking whoever or wherever they want and not be judge. We just want them to show how much they love the person they are with. Don't you agree baby?"

I say "yes, I do agree with you. I know it is going to be so hot when we will be teaching them about sex, love, babies, as well as teaching them what is on the inside that counts. Not the outside and telling them not to judge people. Since I never judge you when you told me about your father remember?"

You said "yes, I do remember that. It is one of the reasons why I love you because you didn't judge. Since you are so open on doing breeding and making a big family. Since I didn't have a big family."
I say "I know I didn't have a really big family either. Since most of my life I have been moving around a lot when I was LITTLE." I loud out because you started to suck on my cock some before you told me to lift my ass of the couch so you can pull down my shorts and boxers to the floor.

You said “that is more like it." With a smile on your face. Then you went back to sucking my cock some more. Since the only place you want me cum and seed is in yours and our daughter’s pussy until pregnant. As well at times still wanting my cum in your pussy during pregnancy. Then once I was fully hard you said "what position should we try so that we get pregnant. Since I want to start showing after I turn 19 in March."
I smile real big hearing you say pregnant. Since my seed never got to do that yet. Plus had never got the chance of cumed inside a pussy without a condom on. As well as never had sex with a girl that isn't on birth control. I smile more remembering what you told me some time ago. That was "my dad said that cumming inside a pussy without a condom on is more better then cumming with a condom on." So I smile and said to you "let's try missionary style. Since I read that would be one of the best positions to do when trying to get pregnant fast."

So you then lay down on the bed but then said "wait less do our first love making and baby making on the couch. Since it will help keep your cum inside my pussy. So that it gives us better chance for your sperm to get to my egg and womb." So then we got off the bed and went to the living room. Once we was in the living room I kissed you and then lower you on to the couch and but your sweet lovely butt off the end. So that I can line my cock up with your pussy lips. Then I slowly started to push my cock into your pussy. As I put more of me inside your pussy I say "god you have a tight pussy. Which I am happy about knowing the reason why. Since I haven't had a tight pussy to fuck before. Yours feel so tight that I'm soon going to be cumming inside you."

I start to go in more deeper and hearing start to moan and scream a few times. I'm thinking to myself if our daughters will be the same or they just might be a little more quit like I can be at times. You see me smiling more as I'm fucking you harder and faster. I feel your pussy start to squeezes my cock as you cum. After your breathing went back to normal you asked me "baby, what made you smile real big as well as blush?"
Then I say to you "just thinking of our girls I will be fucking and finding out if they are going to be the same like there lovely mother is that I love so much." Just after I said that you cummed again. Once I felt your pussy going tighter around my cock is when I shot a big load into your pussy as we was still fucking missionary.

Once we had our short little break I said "let's try another position that should help on getting pregnant." Then you smile big and asked me" what position would that be?" I say to you "doggy style. Even though there might be. Few others but I want to try this one too." So we got back on the couch but this time in doggy style. As I was pushing my cock into you I still felt how tight it is. I also notice my cum was helping me fucking you this way. We fucked like that for forty minutes. During that time we both came twice. Although the last one was together.

You said to me "I think that is a good amount of cum you putted inside my pussy and womb. Don't you agree?" With a smile I said "yes but only for right now. Since I know we were close to your next cycle. I want enough of my sperm inside you to get you pregnant.
Then after some time when we got our energy back. We asked each other what type of position we should try next. I said "I would have to go and check what the next one we should try. Since I know a few other that will get you pregnant faster." So I look for the few papers that I had the few sex positions to get you pregnant fast.

So once I told you what the next position was. We walked to the bedroom. Since none of my cum was cumming out of your pussy lips. So once we got into the room we got on the bed and the first thing that we did was make out some. Then after we kissed a few times I said "how much I love making a big family that is going to love each other and will never judge people." You said "I am too. And that I am happy finding a guy that loves sex as much as me. And is going to be doing the same things that my father did with our daughters. As well as letting our sons have the same fun with mommy and sisters too."

Once we were in the other position we started fucking like animals. We kept on fucking for about an hour before we cumed together. Since I had other loads of my sperm inside you and it was the day before your peak of ovulation. We both know that you should be pregnant in a few days. Then a few days after that doing a pregnancy test. When the test came we were so mad that the test seems to be like forever before it told us the good news. We were both jumping for joy because we was going to be parents. But the other thing we were happy about is the big family we both have been talking about.

You were so happy because you know I am so commented and knowing what I want and that is a breeding incest family with you. So that we have a breeding compound that we can do anything and everything in.

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