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Forced to Fuck my brother

I sat on the couch in our living room watching the T.V. Recently there had been a lot of robberies that had been going on around our neighbourhood. My parents were out of town for the month, leaving me and my 19 year old brother home alone. Rosie? i heard him call from the front of the house. I'm in the movie room!! i called, staying in my spot, my eyes glued to the t.v. as i listened to the news reporter. I vaguely heard my brother walk into the room. what are you watching? he asked coming around the couch...


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Memories of a Deviant: Prologue and Ch. 1: Family Reunion_(1)

No matter where you go in the world, one thing that is almost universally considered to be a taboo is incest, and as you can see from the title of this new series even I, after all that's happened, still consider it to be such. The only difference between myself and the rest of the world is that I no longer care if it is taboo or not. What follows is the true story of how I entered into a deeply committed relationship with my cousin whom we will call Tiffany. Obviously that is not her real name and in order...


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Dinasty Mansion Diaries-Ice

Daddy had been at his office all day. I left him a message with his secretary to let him know I'd be on the Tyree floor watching Mr. Omar's kids. I had just put the kids to sleep when the phone rang. I ran to answer it. Dynasty Mansion, Tyree residence, Iesha speaking. It was Mr. Omar telling me that he would be about two hours late. I decided to waste some time by going through his stuff. I went in his room and sat on his bed, trying to decide where I should start. Where would a man keep anything...


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Incest and Me - The Proposal

Incest and Me – The Proposal (MFf, conc, exhib, inc) This story is the cooperative effort of 4 women. It was developed from discussions about what might have been had their backgrounds and experiences been a bit more different and exciting when they were much younger. Nothing in the story reflects in any way events that took place in any of their lives. That means the story is fiction and is not true. My name is Gwen, and I’ve been involved in incest for many years. I can truly say that I think it was of great value to me that...


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How Traditions Start – part 1

How Traditions Start – part 1 An original story by Starrynight. Enjoy. It was another end to a long day of hard work at the Fletcher family's farm. They finished devouring the hearty meal that Liz cooked, and after sitting together in the living room reading, watching TV and listening to music, the kids gradually left for bed. The Fletchers had 5 beautiful children: the twins Zach and Molly who were almost eighteen, Presley who was sixteen, Jack who was thirteen and Lisa who was ten. All five of the children were homeschooled by their loving parents who made sure to...


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My Life 7 - 3-some with my sister and my best mate

Susan announced a few days later that she had wanted to have a threesome with me and Colin. She had declared it was only fair as I had been with her and Lynne and she was keen to broaden her horizons. I think she was also curious to see the pair of us together and although Sue hadn’t told Colin that I had been watching the pair of them through the keyhole when she and Colin had sex, I felt sure Colin wouldn’t mind sharing her with me. I made the suggestion to Colin later that afternoon, when he came over...


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Story of relation part 2

After our night, I just.....couldn't stop thinking about Val. She was my heart. I loved her so much. Just the other day I stuffed kool-aid in our dad's coffee cup and blamed it on my sister and she was pissed for days on end and now, she loves me more than any guy at our school. But the fact that our parents won't accept this is a problem. Luckily, my parents weren't home most of the time because of work so me and Val were home alone few times a week and that just gave me opportunities to try out new...


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Chain of Mistakes: Day Two

Devin: 15 years old. 5 “7 ½”. Sandy, brown hair. Brown eyes. Nora: 16 years old. 5 “7”. Long, black hair. Blue eyes. Rose: 18 years old. 5 “8”. Semi-long brown hair, usually kept in a ponytail. Blue eyes (like her mother and sister). Things were strange after that night things between Nora and I, with good reason. She kept her promise though. She didn't tell anyone, not even Rose. Rose didn't sense anything either. I could tell if this was a good thing or not. My head was hurting a lot since that day and my thoughts were becoming more...


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My Grandma and me

My Grandma and me My prospective of what life was all about changed when I was seventeen. I was a senior in high school at the time, playing varsity basketball. At 6’2” and weighing 190lbs I was not bad to look at. My Dad was killed in a plane crash when I was fifteen so there was just my Mom and younger sister Helen who was fifteen. My older brother was 21 and in College back East on a football scholarship. One day my Mom asked me to stop over at my Grand mothers place after school and look at her...


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