The wrong hotel room - aftermath

The wrong hotel room - aftermath

The Wrong Hotel Room - the aftermath

Here is what really happened...

After our mutual orgasms subsided we both decided to take a shower before heading off to dinner. We tried to make it quick but found ourselves lightly touching and caressing that actually applying soap. But the general idea was to have a good refreshing shower even if she didn't have a clean change of clothes. Since we hadn't mutually felt each other the close confines of the shower allowed us to explore each other a bit more fully than we'd anticipated just a short time earlier. For the first time I could see that her nipples got quite erect with stimulation, growing more crimson and the size of a nice raspberry. Her body was certainly soft in all the right places and her ass was nice and full to the touch. We decided to towel ourselves off and discussed our options on coming back after dinner for a more normal sensual encounter.

Not really knowing the area and not really thrilled with the idea of foraging for a good meal at the mid-level hotel I asked Kelly what was a good place to eat around here. She drove us a couple miles to a lightly lit hole-in-the-wall dinner house where we settled into a nice booth. Not knowing each other the conversation initially was like two 16 year old's on their first date, although we had already by-passed how the date might end by a long shot! Our conversation steered itself away from some of the awkwardness of having been intimate less than an hour earlier but it was nice. Out of nowhere I heard an slight gasp from Kelly as she looked over my shoulder. It appears her "friend" who she expected much more from was at the same restaurant with another guy just a few booths from us...and it appears he saw her about the same time. In a few moments he stopped off at the table and she introduced me as her new friend and him as Chuck.

"You were serious," Chuck said as he alternated his looks between her and me. "You slept with him after me?" She just looked back and said that, "No, I said I had an offer to satisfy me if you weren't going to. You were so rude and had your own plans when you said you wanted to spend time with me I didn't know it was on just your terms."

The tension started to get a bit thick as they obviously hadn't expected to see each other again so soon nor find out that a lover's edict was actually true. He made some comment about her being a bit open to play around when she held him off for the weeks earlier and then walked back to his table. Kelly apologized and went on that she was normally rather prudish but he just got under her nerves the way she was treated earlier. To just be toyed with in bed for his pleasure and then left for a business appointment. She made some comment about really wanting to show him something, more of a mutter to herself, as she went back to eating. I let the conversation die for a bit before starting back into casual conversation. Her spirits seemed to pick up pretty quickly and we were enjoying a good laugh before too long. She came back to the topic of her and Chuck and how she should have told him that she fucked me over and over again to get back at him. I laughed. Then I added, if you wanted to get back at him you should fuck me and his dinner companion. She looked around me and tried to get a look at the guy but neither of us could see much. She excused herself and walked over to their booth and started chatting about something or other for about a minute and came back to our table. She told me the guy was really good looking and probably a good 5-10 years younger than us and definitely doable. She asked me if I was really interested in a threesome and letting her fuck the other guy and me. I said, "Of course!" She said, "Okay, I've not done this before so let's try before I give up like a big baby. How do we ask him?"

I thought for a bit and said, here's a plan. You go up to Chuck and ask if you can talk with him at the bar for a moment, but keep their booth in sight. I'll approach the guy he's with and ask him if he wants to have a threesome or stick around with Chuck. If he leaves with me, wait until we leave the restaurant and tell Chuck it looks like your friend thinks it's more important to fuck me than stay here with you and run out the front door. If he doesn't leave with me just tell Chuck you're board with him and you're really gonna fuck me now and leave. Either way, he knows he could have been the one fucking you. I asked if that might work and she said if we don't do this now I'll lose my nerve and got up quickly and went to the table.

I stumbled around in my wallet and grossly over-tipped what the meal was as I didn't want to wait around much longer. Fortunately it looked like Chuck agreed to go with her to the bar. I bounded over to the other guy and realized I don't even know his name... I say, hey, that's Chuck's spurned lover. Chuck chose to meet with you after getting her all excited to meet him tonight. She came over in just a night coat originally. She'd like to get even. She's willing to have sex with you if you leave the restaurant with me right now. If you're driving as I suspect, I'll give you the hotel name and room number or you can just follow us. But you have to decide right now as I'm leaving.

With that I turned around and headed for the front door with a quick glance at her. It couldn't have been 5 seconds before I heard a muffled "Wait!" come from behind me as the young guy struggled to make his way out towards me and out of the restaurant. Once outside I said, "You have a car?" He nodded a yes and said he knew where it was. He asked, "What about Chuck?" I replied, "Chuck had his chance and blew it, let him find his own threeway." As I reached the rental car Kelly flew out the door and I told her to ride with Chuck and we'll meet at the hotel.

Once at the hotel we three giggled about things like what each others names were and how Chuck was left alone but with the bill.

Once in the room it got pretty quite for the two of them, her as it was her first threesome and she was still apprehensive and him as he just got thrust into this. I told Kelly she should go into the other room and change into how I first met her, which she quickly did. When she came out she was almost like a different woman. I could practically smell her excitement. When she opened her coat to reveal her soft nakedness I said, help yourself and quickly pulled her closer and gave her a deep, passionate kiss. I turned her away from him to show her ass off, which was done by me tugging at her coat until it came fully off. He needed no more encouraging as he walked over and started caressing her backside and ass. When he felt up her ass crack I released the kiss and told her she should greet our new friend. They started kissing with them pawing over each other and her trying to undress him. I was easily naked and stroking myself watching this. After a few minutes I asked her if she wouldn't mind letting him get undressed and she could suck me. I didn't have to ask twice as she pounced on the floor and took most of my cock in her mouth. It was rough but she was in heat. She bobbed on my cock and slurped like she'd been waiting for this forever. Once I gained some blood flow back to my brain I remembered our friend and asked her to repeat the performance for him.

She just turned towards him and gasped. The guy was huge compared to my 6 inches, my uneducated guess was about 9 inches although moderate thickness. She put on hand on his nuts, another around the base of his cock and just sucked for all she was worth. Although I enjoyed the show I wanted a bit more so I carefully pulled at her hips and got her to stand up while still sucking him and I knelt down from behind and started licking her pussy and ass. I was right, her pussy was on fire, wet and ready. From this angle I didn't get as much of the hairy bush I love having my nose buried into as I lick pussy but since I knew she was clean from our shower I stuck my nose in her ass crack then started licking more and more up into her ass. She was moaning and grinding something fierce back onto my face telling me we are definitely going to try double penetration tonight.

After a few more minutes of that I said, "I'm ready to fuck" and rudely asked if she lie back on the bed. We had to guide her there as the licking and sucking from that angle appeared to cause a little disorientation. I knew how wet she was and with all that was going on I almost forgot to get covered. I asked him if he'd like to taste her pussy before I fucked it and he just jumped down there. When I was ready and he moved aside I lifted both her legs, pushed them back behind her and held my cock just rubbing at the entrance to her pussy. I rubbed up and down the length of her opening and she did like I expected, she started to ask for my cock. At that moment I plunged completely in and she convulsed. Not into orgasm but a state of excited shock. I pulled completely out just as quickly and and asked, "do you want lovemaking or to be fucked?" She bellowed out "FUCKED" at which point I did my best to impale her with my cock, wishing it was bigger, longer, thicker but knowing it was still doing the job. After a few minutes of hard pounding she started moaning more and more about being ready to cum. After a few minutes of that I said, cum for us, cum for us now. A few moments later she did. She took a big deep breath, tried to grab me as best she could, paused and mutter something unintelligible. Then she started groaning to the rhythm of the fucking.

Before she could come out of this euphoria I asked our friend (Greg I had learned earlier) if he was ready to fuck. He yelped a yes and I didn't even ask Kelly. I figured asking would give her a chance to back out as "not ready." Mind you, there was no protest and if there was any I would have stopped.

I pulled out of Kelly and asked her to climb up on the bed and stay on all fours. I didn't have any lube but she was so fucking wet I knew we could use that to our advantage for what I wanted. I entered her pussy again from behind for a few strokes while I took some of the wetness from around her pussy with my fingers and gently massaged her asshole. I then stuck one thumb in and she started to growl, but a happy type of growl. I pulled out and put immediate pressure on her asshole with my cock, holding it at the base. The head easily slide in about an inch before the natural reaction hit. I think it hit her as well. I told her to try to relax, take a deep breath and push back on my cock like she was going to the bathroom. Surprisingly the first time I got about half way in. I didn't move and waited to sense her fear and pressure subside and said, do it again and slowly eased my way up. Now, I told her, is the fun part. I told her to roll towards her right side on the count of three and we both fell over with me still in her. After a little position I told he we'll do the same until she is sitting on my cock with me underneath her. A horny woman and a quick learner as she tried like hell to keep me inside her as we did this maneuver.

Now, with us both on our backs on the bed Greg knew what to do. He crawled on the bed like a lion claiming his prey. He positioned his cock at her entrance and slowly pushed inside while kissing her. I reached around with one hand and started massaging her breast. He started slowly going in and out of her while kissing and then starting the natural quicker rhythm of a good fucking. He wasn't banging his pelvis into hers, possibly afraid our man-parts might touch. But he still speared her enough that at the end of his stroke she unconsciously jumped a bit.

We maintained this position for some time and I wasn't sure how Kelly was doing then, without warning, she threw her head back and started asking for it, faster, harder, longer. She started cussing a bit and reverting to growls and moans as the pace quickened. Our young friend finally sunk all the way in and really started pounding her. I was having trouble with her grinding and his pounding keeping my own cock in her ass. All too soon for her he let out a cry that he was gonna cum. Kelly started encouraging him on by saying "come on baby, give it to me, I need it" or something along those lines. I remember it pretty good as I wondered at that moment where the shy woman from earlier went. A couple moments and strokes later he buried himself into her all the way and started his own convulsive dance. I have to admit, us guys look pretty weird when we cum

He pulled out after a few minutes and I asked Kelly if I could take his place and help her cum again. I think the answer was something akin to "no shit Sherlock" so she moved off my cock where there was an audible pop. She cooed that felt sooooooooo good. Painful at first but good, different. And she needed a cum. I started changing condoms and our friend Greg said he had to get going home as his fiance is probably wondering why his dinner went so late. I think we thanked him but I really don't remember as he dressed and left.

After I was refitted with a rubber we went back to the standard missionary position and started a nice, medium paced fuck. I told her how much I enjoyed her and how nice she looked and felt under me. It took awhile but eventually she worked up to another orgasm. We kept fucking off and on for awhile taking different positions and just enjoying the night. When it was way to late to care about how we were going to feel the next day I finally started to feel my own orgasm build. I think she'd been patiently waiting for awhile to see if I'd cum again (and if I didn't masturbate so often I probably would). I told her I was getting close and she asked if she could watch again. To be honest my body was a bit wore out from all the fun I hadn't had for sometime and, as noted, I love to get myself off. I pulled out, pulled off the rubber and got on my knees in front of her. I started rubbing my cock for all I had left. She started again with the encouragement to cum for her and finally said, cum on her. Whether that was the trigger or not, almost immediately I started spewing seed from my cock, a couple shots on her chest and breast and a few on her legs crossed in front of me. I rolled over an collapsed. She cuddled up next to me and asked if she could just stay for awhile or the night, which I certainly didn't mind. She rubbed some of the cum further on her and licked my fingers noting it didn't taste as bad as she thought it might. Soon we were both asleep until morning.


We both woke up about the same time, certainly tired and quite naturally running late to my consulting gig and her, perhaps to a job, although I never asked.

As for Greg, We found out he was just a sales guy that was trying to sell unsuccessfully to Chuck's company. He said he didn't mind as he didn't think he'd have gotten the account anyway and that they only went out for the free meal.

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