Billy the kid ch2

Billy the kid ch2

This is part 2 of the day Shante met "Billy the kid"

Chapter 2: Billy goes balls-deep

"Oh my fucking God. I can't believe I'm doing this" say's Shante to herself.

Meanwhile, Billy has lit up a cigarette. So, I go to the kitchen to get him an ashtray.

I tell Billy "I'm going upstairs to take a hot shower.
Billy replies: "Cool, I gotta call up my buddies anyway. Don't take too long!

I get undressed and turn on the shower.

I still can't believe how much cum he plastered all over me. I gotta let him know that it's not cool to cum on a sista weave. This shit ain't cheap!

I step into my hot shower and contemplate my next move. I hope he knows that playtime is over, and his little white ass has to get out of my house. Who in the hell does he think he is anyway?

As I step out of my shower, I glance into my full-length mirror, and I can still see Billy's hand prints on my ass.
"Damn, that little fucker!"

Just then, my phone rings. It's my best friend Tammi.

Tammi is a black 40-year-old, a single mother of two. A boy 14-year-old Tommi and her daughter, 18-year-old Tammika.

Even after giving birth to 2 children. She's still drop-dead gorgeous. Standing 5' 10", 160 lbs, with her light skin, pretty hazel eyes, long wavy hair, 38DDD's, 30-inch waist, and a big beautiful 48-inch ass.

Unsure, If I should tell her what happened. I decide to ignore her call.

Just then, Billy walks in. Wearing a pair of my ex's basketball shorts and one of his old Reebok T-shirts.
While I'm still naked and applying cocoa butter to my bruised ass cheeks.

I decide that enough is enough. So I say "Okay Billy, you've had your fun. So, I think it's time that you left.

Billy simply laughs and say's "Not just yet. The fun's just getting started."

So I stand up and say "Look her little boy, enough of the fucking games. Get your shit and get the fuck outta my house."

Billy doesn't say a word. He then takes off his T-shirt and throws it on the floor. Then he looks up at me with those warm blue eyes, grabs my hand and say's "Repeat after me, Shante. I own your black ass"

I snatch my hand away from him and say "I told you, I'm through playing with your little boy. I'ma need for you to get the fuck out of my house"

Billy then grabs my hand again. This time he bent me over the side of my king-sized bed. He begins to rub his hands over the bruises he had left there earlier. As mad as I was, I couldn't help but be aroused.

Billy then walks up behind me and starts slowly running his hands down the middle of my ass crack. Then....WHAP!

"I thought I told you Shante"


"I own you Shante"




I can't stand the pain anymore. So I say "Stop it, Billy, this has gone far enough"

Billy smacks my 50-inch ass one more time and says's "No bitch, it's not over until I say so. Now shake that big black ass for me.

I begin to cry again. With tears in my eyes, I said: "Please Billy, don't make me do this."

Billy wasn't having that. So with one more hard slap on the ass. Billy say's "Shake that ass bitch!"

So I begin to shake my big black ass for Billy.

I can't believe how humiliated I felt, shaking my ass for a 13-year-old white boy. Yet, my hot pussy was now throbbing and wetter than ever.

I begin to plead again "Billy please, stop"

Billy say's "Say it, Shante!

I say "No Billy, I can't"

Billy then slides his thumb down my pussy lips and lets it slip right into my dripping pussy.
I can't help but moan

Billy feels how wet my pussy is and say's "Why is your pussy wet Shante?"

I say "I don't know"

He begins to slide his thumb in and out of my pussy, making me squirm.

Then he asked again "Say it, Shante"

I look back at Billy and say "You own my black ass Billy"

Billy says's "Good girl. Now turn around.

When I turn around. Billy rises up and kisses me on the mouth. As his tongues move around inside my mouth. Billy's hands are squeezing my big ass. He then breaks our kiss and say's "Pull it out"

So I reached down into his shorts and slowly pulled out his big white cock. Billy placed his hands on my shoulders and lowered me down to his cock. Then he had me place my hands behind my back, and tilted my head back. Then he proceeded to shove his thick white cock down my throat.

As I begin to gag. He said "Don't fucking move"

I was trying my best not to gag, but Billy's cock was just too long and too thick.

After about 5 minutes, my mouth and throat adjusted to the size of Billy's big cock. That I was able to take most of his 11 inches down my throat.

I was hoping to make him cum, but Billy withdrew his cock from my mouth and told me to get on the bed and to bend over.

Once I got on the bed. Billy was right behind me grabbing my big 50-inch booty and saying "Damn Shante, you got the phattest ass ever.

Then he began to slide his big white dick between my huge ass cheeks, dripping precum all over my ass. As he kept letting his cock slide into my butt cheeks. I grabbed one of my pillows to rest my elbows on, then tooted my ass up for Billy.

I was so hot and ready for Billy's big cock. But instead of just ramming it in. Billy rubbed the head of his big cock against my clit, causing my body to tremble. Then he put the tip up against my wet pussy and pushed it in slowly. Causing me to grip the sheets and scream his name
"Oh shit, Billy don't stop"
"Take this black pussy Billy"
"This black ass is yours"

Billy say's "You're not so fucking tough now, are you"

"No Billy, you own this big black ass" As I bite my pillow.

Billy say's "I'm about halfway in. Are you ready for me to go balls deep?"

"Oh yes Billy, but take it slow."

Billy begins to slap me on the ass, all the while slipping in an extra inch with each thrust.

Right when he's 8 or 9 inches deep into my black pussy. My phone rings. "Oh no," I thought to myself.

I look down at my phone and I see it's Tammi.

Billy, looking over my shoulders. He see's Tammi's picture on the screen and say's "Fuck, she's hot! Answer it, NOW!!!"

I say "Billy please, I can't"

Billy then say's "Don't make me ask you again"

Billy say's "Answer it and put her on speakerphone

I answer the call and put her on speakerphone.

Shante: "Hello"

Tammi: "Hey girl, what you up to?"

Shante: "I'm kind of busy at the moment. Can I call you back?"

Just then, Billy starts to fuck me again. Not nice and slow like before. Now he's fucking me hard and fast. Making my big booty clap with each stroke. So hard that the sounds of PLOP! PLOP! PLOP! echoed throughout the room.

So loud that Tammi says's "Girl, you're not doing what I think you're doing, are you?"

Shante: "Kinda!"

Tammi: Girl, sounds like you got some big dick brotha over there, knocking the bottom outta your pussy. It's making MY pussy wet"

Shante: "I gotta go girl"

By this time Billy's11-inch cock, is buried balls deep in my pussy.

Before Tammi could say goodbye. I begin to scream and moan.

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum"
"Ooohhhh don't stop"

Tammi: "Damn, bitch!!!"

Then Billy say's "Say my name bitch"
Shante: "This pussy is your's Billy. My black ass belongs to you."

Tammi: "What the fuck!"

Just then, Billy's cock erupts into my pussy.
Billy: "Oh fuck, oh fuck"

Billy slides his cock out of my pussy and says's "Say goodbye to that bitch on the phone, and come here and clean my dick off. NOW Shante!!!"

Tammi: "Who the fuck are you calling a bitch?"

Billy: "I'm calling YOU a bitch.

Tammi: "Shante, who the fuck is he and why aren't you saying anything?"

Billy: "Shante can't speak right now. She's too busy cleaning her cum off of my big white cock.

Tammi: Awe hell no!!! A fuckin white boy?"

Shante: "Tammi, wait! I...

Billy: "Shut up and suck!"

Billy: "Shante and I have to go now. But you're welcome to come and join us anytime...Click

Tammi: "What the fuck just happened?"

To be continued......

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