My Son's Migraines (Ch 3)

My Son's Migraines (Ch 3)

This story is a work of fantasy. None of it is true. Don’t use it for inspiration. Don’t hurt people you love.

[Read Chapters 1 & 2 before proceeding]

Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

Alex and I settled into a new normal over the next weeks and months. He’d be symptom free for a while and then be struck with another migraine. One pill later and he’d be peacefully asleep while I sucked his sweet cock and eventually swallowed his cum while masturbating myself with a growing array of sex toys. If I had the energy and erotic need I could help both of us cum a second time. A mother’s job is never done, right? Time after time, he never seemed to have a clue about what happened between us. I was always careful to clean up and leave no trace of our activities.

I did notice that the duration between migraines seemed to be getting slightly longer on average. I loved this for Alex. All aspects of his life seemed to be getting better, including school, soccer, a new girlfriend, and his overall attitude. I loved the man he was turning into even more than the boy that we was.

The downside, of course, was that I was going longer between our special sessions. I would become ravenous for my son’s cock and cum. It’s terrible, but…sometimes I actually wished he would get a migraine. Good mothers don’t do that! But inevitably it would happen and I would be there to help my boy feel better. Knowing it could be four weeks until the next one made me want to slow down, take my time, and really appreciate our opportunities.

During the downtime I would keep myself sexually occupied as best I could. I bought two dildos that almost exactly matched Alex’s shape, length, and width. During weeks without a migraine I would practice my blowjob technique with one copy of Alex while fucking myself with the other. I loved the fantasy of Alex’s cock being in my mouth and pussy. But I never thought it would be more than that.

Finally, after three weeks and three days, he walked into my bedroom asking for help. My brain was sad for him, but my pussy was elated. He had just showered and was basically ready for bed, so I suggested he sleep in my bed for the night. He didn’t care at that moment, and after his pill and some water he was out.

Having waited weeks for this night, I spent some extra time showering, shaving my pussy, and making my body slick and sexy. I walked into the dark bedroom completely naked, having confidence Alex was not waking up. I carefully removed the blanket and shorts, then repositioned him to the center of the bed. As usual, his beautiful cock of standing like a flag pole ready for my attention.

I opened his legs wide and laid between them, giving the object of my desire a kiss. I gave his entire pubic region a tongue bath, savoring his smell and taste. I lifted his legs and licked his perineum, sweeping my tongue upwards to his base of his scrotum. Then I started slowly sucking his cock, using all the techniques I practiced. I loved moving him all around in my mouth, into my cheeks, and into the back of my throat. His length was perfectly comfortable in my mouth. I prided myself on taking all of him inside of me. I knew every bump, crevice, and vein of his nether region.

I grabbed by Alex-shaped dildo and toyed with my gash as I licked and sucked the real thing. After a minute I slowly started pumping it inside, fantasizing that my son’s imaginary twin was behind me. As the dildo bottomed out I deepthroated his cock. Deep moans emitted from my throat, my body savoring the idea of my sons using me for their pleasure. My back bent into a bow as I came.

I set the dildo aside and looked at my son with glee. One position I was eager to try was sucking his cock from a 69 position, with my legs straddling his head. I figured the natural curve of his cock would allow me take even more of him into my throat, and the image of our bodies together thrilled me.

I repositioned myself and slowly moved my legs to straddle his him. Once I was settled I looked down between our bodies and was instantly set on fire as my pussy was mere inches from his face. If only he could lick my pussy in his sleep. I turned my attention back to his cock and inhaled it down to the base. The position was better than I’d imagined. Alex’s cock slid along the full length and curve of my tongue, and being able to slide my body on his gave me even more stimulation. I had a feeling we’d be cumming together in this position a lot in the future. I rocked my body back and forth, taking Alex’s cock from the tip of my lips to the back of my throat in one swift move. I loved feeling my bare nipples sweeping against his skin. I spent minutes with his cock in my throat using my tongue and lips to stimulate his base and balls.

At some point I realized something was rubbing against my slit. I looked down to see that Alex’s nose was gently brushing against my clit. I hadn’t meant for this to happen, but now I wanted to explore it some more. I slowly moved my ass around, dragging my moist labia across his nose and cheeks. The fact that he was touching my pussy drove me wild. Ever so gently, I lowered my hips until my pussy touched his lips, forming a forbidden incestuous kiss that made me squeal. I returned to his cock with new vigor, intent on my making my son cum while his face was stimulating my overheated pussy. I ground the entrance of my pussy against his chin, then raised up so it was pressuring my clit. It wasn’t a tongue, but it did the job just fine. I continues deeply slurping on his cock while pushing my cunt on his chin and mouth. His cock began to swell in my mouth and within moments he came, his body pushing upward. I hooked my arms around his legs, grabbing his ass cheeks, and helped him force his cock further into me. I lovingly swallowed his load while firmly grinding my pussy on his face as I came with him. It was the kinkiest thing I had ever done.

After carefully detaching from him I retrieved a warm washcloth from the bathroom. I kneeled over his torso, wiping his check and neck. I moved my face closer to his, looking at my smeared secretions and listening to him breath. I leaned closer and kissed his lips, feeling and tasting myself on him. I loved it. I again straddled his body, this time face to face. I continued kissing and licking his lips, using my tongue to clean his face. This boy was the most important person in my life, I loved him deeply, and he had become the central object of my lust. I wanted all of him inside of me.

I scooted down a bit and my pussy bumped against his rejuvenated cock. A wild thrill ran through my body. I continued kissing and licking his face and neck while gyrating my hips, moving my pussy and clit against his hard cock.

I was so conflicted. On one hand, it seemed wrong for a mother to have sex with her son. Everything else could be explained away, but fucking was a line that shouldn’t be crossed. On the other hand, I was caring for my son, wasn’t I? It would be an act of love, just as everything else had been. I thought about his virginity, and whether it was mine to take. I reasoned that a man’s virginity was only a state of mind, not a physical change, like a woman’s. As far Alex would know, he would still be a virgin, and no one would say otherwise.

By this point Alex’s cock was coated in my pussy juice and his own pre-cum. His slick cock was sliding against my inner labia over and over, teasing my pussy. I wanted him inside desperately, but I couldn’t bring myself to grab his cock and feed it into me. I guess you could say Alex made the decision for us, because for some reason, whether an involuntary stretch or as a result of my stimulation, he raised his pelvis, causing the head of his cock to split my pussy lips and enter me.

After years of using lifeless, synthetic toys, the feeling of a warm living cock – the cock of the person I loved most – invading my pussy was indescribable. I engaged my leg and back muscles, pushing myself down on him and burying his son’s cock further inside me. My slick wetness removed all resistance. My body instinctively oscillated, driving itself down onto my son’s tool of procreation. I eventually bottomed out and ground my pelvis against his. I arched my back, pushing my tits out just inches from his face, and craned my neck back. I stayed in this tight position for several moments savoring the feel of his body between my legs and his cock deep inside me.

I then reversed the arch of my back and raised myself slightly before pumping my pussy back down. My ass made a gentle slapping noise against his thighs. I repeated this motion again and again, feeling his cock rub against the whole of my vaginal canal before feeling his head kiss my cervix. He was the perfect size for me.

I leaned forward again, kissing and licking my son’s lovely lips and face while pumping his cock with my pussy. Then I arched my back once more and brought by C-cup breasts forward, rubbing them against his face, pushing my hard nipples against his mouth, cheeks, and closed eyes. I had fed him for two years with these breasts, and now they back against his lips years later for a different reason.

I sat upright on my son’s cock, using my strong leg muscles to bounce myself on him. My pace quickened. The gentle slap of our flesh became more pronounced. I could feel his cock swelling inside me and an erotic grin took over my face. The sensuous, incestuous nature of what I was doing – fucking my unconscious and medicinally enhanced son – crashed over me all at once. I fell forward over my son’s body, pressing my tits into his chest, twerking my ass to take both of us over the cliff. And then he pushed his pelvis firmly against mine and came inside of me for the first time. I only saw stars as my pelvic muscles flexed, tightly grasping his cock. I felt him straining against me, repeatedly pushing his semen into me, painting my cervix with his jizz. The dopamine release I felt was unmatched.

Both us were breathing deeply. My entire body was moist. My pussy ached for the first time in a long time. I quietly chuckled at how amazing it all felt.

I slowly lifted myself off of him, turning to look down at his penis. His cock and balls glistened with our juices. I leaned forward, taking his head back into my mouth, tasting our elixir of cum. I continued further, wanting to clean my boy’s cock after its first encounter with a woman. My urge was to take it completely inside of me. I moved back into a 69 position, straddling my son’s head. I enveloped his cocked in my mouth. After a moment I shifted forward and licked his sack clean, my eyes feasting on my son’s tight asshole, then went back to his cock. I pictured my swollen, well-fucked pussy – the place he had emerged from years ago – above his face, dripping with his seed. In a selfish, perverted act I slowly lowered my cunt down to his face, touching my drenched inner labia against his lips, covering him in our secretions, and hoping he would taste what I was tasting. I ground my pussy across his entire face, smearing love sauce across his forehead, cheeks, and mouth. I finished by rubbing my pussy and clit against his chin while choking myself on Alex’s cock. I came hard.

I pulled my mouth from his cock and rested my head on his leg, breathing deeply, my pussy hovering over Alex’s face. I carefully lifted myself off the bed and retrieved three warm washcloths – two for him, one for me. I gently wiped and cleaned Alex’s face and crotch, trying my best to remove our mess from his skin. His expression was relaxed, his breathing still deep. I kissed him fully on his lips, lingering for several moments. “Thank you, baby,” I said softly.

I reset his clothes and position in my bed, then covered him with the blanket. Everything looked correct. Even his tent pole was just where it should be. After a long, hot shower I slipped on some silk pajama shorts and a matching camisole, then joined Alex in my bed. I rolled him toward me, propping his body into a big spoon position and backed myself against him. After cumming so many times I was longing for a snuggle. I pressed his hard cock upward with my ass and nestled it between my cheeks. I couldn’t help but stroke it a few times. I reached for his hand and placed it on my breast, using my own hand to help him massage my tit and pinch my nipple. I loved being close to him, and the thought of him waking in this position was exciting. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep, but memories of what we’d done tonight raced through my mind. I was already looking forward to next time.

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