My Sweet Sister Sasha IV

My Sweet Sister Sasha IV

"Hnh...Hnh...put it in me again!!" she begged, and I obliged, slipping easily into her well lubricated vagina. 
   I came in less than a minute with her pussy walls trembling and twitching, causing me to shoot my load deep inside her.
   Sasha squealed and wrapped her arms around my neck, putting nearly all of her weight on me. "Oh my god Damie, this feels so great!!" she moaned, bucking on my hips like a maddened bronco.
   "Well, I think that that's enough for now..." she said after coming out of her orgasm. We laughed together, and then Sasha had the completely RANDOM idea of taking a shower. That was when we discovered shower-sex.
   Well, we didn't really have sex again that afternoon, but we "played around" quite a lot, and I made Sasha cum about three more times before we got out. 
   After dinner, we decided to sleep together, and I fell asleep with my beautiful sister in my arms. That was the first day.


I woke-up at about three in the morning with an amazing feeling on my cock.
   I only realised what it was when I was fully conscious: it was Sasha sucking me off really slowly, driving me absolutely crazy.
   I started moaning, and Sasha obviously realised that I was awake, because she started going to town on the head of my cock, flicking it with her tongue and swirling it around her mouth. Also, she started jerking me off at the same time, screwing her hand around my shaft, bringing me really close and then when I moaned loudly, suddenly stopping, prolonging my pleasure.
   Eventually, she kept going, and I spurted into her mouth, though she managed to swallow all of my load this time, as I must still have been pretty drained from last nights "fun and games".
   We drifted back to sleep again afterwards, hugging and caressing each other.
   I woke up again around two hours later, and wanting to return my sister's favour, moved the blankets slowly and quietly up, so as not to disturb her. 
  I lowered my head to her warm slit and opened the lips slightly. I put my mouth to her pussy and ran my tongue along her slit, causing her to moan in her sleep and shift slightly.
   I pushed my tongue into her vagina and inserted a finger, stroking the walls of her canal.
This caused her to buck in her sleep. I then started fingering and licking her faster and faster, until she suddenly woke up with a squeal and clasped the back of my head, pushing it into her pussy as she came.
   I moved upwards and kissed her deeply,  then held her and rolled over, causing her to giggle as she came to rest on top of me. 
  We fell asleep in each other's arms for the second time that morning, and woke up again at about eight o'clock.
   I woke up first, and looked at my beautiful little sister in my arms. She then woke up, smiled groggily up at me, and leant over to kiss me.
   We soon discovered that oral sex in the night led to some pretty serious morning-breath. After breakfast and a much-needed mouth cleaning session, we just lay on my bed, naked, and made-out, but didn't have sex.
   One of Sasha's friends called, asking if she'd like to go clothes-shopping, and if I'd like to come, me being one of the few boys on the planet who actually likes clothes-shopping, a fact that has caused many people to ask me if I'm gay, however........
   Anyway, we said yes, and got dressed, me in my usual jeans and anything from my T-shirt drawer, and Sasha, who as a girl is infinitely more picky, wore a pink tank-top and a sports-style bra, with translucent yellow panties and dark blue flared jeans.
   We met Sasha's friend Naomi outside her house, and went to Matalan. 
   We stayed there for about two hours, but what stuck in my mind was when I was trying out a pair of jeans, and Sasha slipped into my cubicle. "Hey Damie!" she whispered. "Naomi's got a stack of clothes, so she'll be a while..." the suggestion hung in the air. "What, HERE?!!" I asked, slightly scared. 
   But, as I think most guys will find, cocks tend to have minds of their own, and my "Little brains" were screaming at me to say yes.
   "Alright." I said, and Sasha leaned up to kiss me. Then, with an extremely cute grin, she sank down to the level of my groin. 
   I watched with a dry mouth as she unzipped my jeans.   
She  then pulled my boxers down and pulled-out my erection. She sucked the head of my cock into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it. 
   I grunted, but managed to hold back the groan of pleasure that threatened to escape my lips.
   My sister pushed her head onto my cock, causing it to twitch in her mouth, and started to swallow. 
   Although she obviously couldn't swallow my cock, the feeling of her throat sucking and massaging my shaft was amazing. 
   She then began to bob her head up and down faster, all the while swallowing. This went on for only about three minutes, though it felt like longer.
   Sasha pulled away after I came in her mouth, and her saliva, and my cum dripped down onto my boxers and jeans.
   It was then that I realised two things: one, I was pretty sure that something similar was going on in the next cubicle, as I could hear what they probably thought were well-muffled grunts and groans. Two: I was wearing the pair of jeans that I had been trying-on.

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