Pookies first time with daddy

Pookies first time with daddy

Hello the story you are about to read is a true story about me and my daddy whom I love with all my heart. this is my first story so comments are welcomed. It was a week before my 21st birthday and daddy told me that he had something special planned for me( I love it when daddy does that). But first let me tell you about me and my papa my mom is black and my daddy is white so that makes me biracial. I am 5'9 with short black hair kind of like Keyshia Cole with brown eyes and a curvy body with tits the size of melons(I have to thank mom for that). my daddy 6'2 with white hair and green eyes I always thought he looked so much sexier with white hair it makes him look more distinguised he's at the age of 46 but looks 25. Its just been me and daddy for about 6 years now since mommy left us for another man it was hard at first but me and daddy became more happier than we ever imagined. I didn't have to worry about anything because Daddy is executive to a financial corporation and he made sure that his babygirl had the best. After mom left daddy dated other women and I did get jealous cos I wanted daddy for myseld it has been for 6 years and I wanted to keep it that way. So the previous week he took me shopping in New York where I brought anything that I wanted im such a daddys girl. The one place he took me was Victorias Secret where I brought this this hot pink silk negliee with a matching robe and it was the most beautiful lingerie that I have ever tried on! Daddy paid for it and then we went home and I was so anxious for the next week to come so badly but I knew that I had to be patient. So finally my 21st birthday came and I jumped out of bed and ran downstairs to see my daddy in the kitchen cooking breakfast I said "good morning daddy"! he turned around and said "happy birthday honey my pookie is 21 years old today". I can see the hurt in his eyes when he realized that his babygirl was growing up and becoming a women but he went on talking and finally he said" go and get dressed I want to show you your surprise." I ran upstairs like a kid on christmas showered, shaved my cunt, I dressed in this nice sexy halter dress with my 32DDD breasts sticking out for attention it was in the middle of the day so I didn't know where we were going daddy said it was surprised but little did I know that he was taking me to the Plaza Hotel for a birthday brunch. I love the Plaza Hotel so I was astonished when I walked into the dining room and sat down. I asked daddy was this my surprise and he said " no you will get that later on" I was so excited!!! After filling up on a massive brunch I started to get sleepy and I asked hime if we could go home so that I could take a nap and he said "I got a room here for the night." I didn't think anything of it I just said "ok" and we went up to the room. The room was absoutely gorgeous!!! it was overlooking central park and it had the most amazing view of the Empire State Building this was the best 21st birthday I have ever had. My daddy called me into the master bedroom where I saw my negliee that I brought last week on the bed along with the robe. I asked daddy" what's that doing here?" he said " I want my pookie to wear it when I give her the surprise." I started smiling from ear to ear and I grab the negliee and ran into the bathroom to change. when I came out I couldn't believe what was in front of my eyes: my daddy was full starked naked and with the biggest cock that I have ever seen(by the way im virgin). I asked daddy "why are you naked?" and he said "this is pookies surprise" my jaw had dropped and I couldn't believe what my daddy was telling me. he wanted to fuck me! I must admit I have wanted him for the past 6 years since mom left and now I have the perfect opportunity. All I could do was look at his cock was which was growing rapidly and dripping pre cum. now I maybe a virgin but I still knew about sex so I was prepared for this but not prepare to propostion by my own daddy!! He walked over to me and cupped my face in his hands and he proceeded to give me my first french kiss. That kiss made me weak in the knees ! His tongue entered my mouth looking for my tongue and they found each other and started dancing. I became lost in the euphoria of the kissing before I realized that I was kissing my daddy hard and passionately finally he pulled away from me and laid me down on the bed. He looked at me and moaned while looking at me dressed in that negliee. He started kissing my body through the negliee and that sent sparks to my brain and I instantly become wet. My daddys head was kissing my thighs now until he reached my forbidden passage(good thing I shaved this morning) he parted the lips and looked at me in the eyes and told me to "just relax pookie daddy won't hurt you" which I knew he could never do so I opened my legs more and his tongue flicked my clit and it made me yelp and shudder. daddy took that as a go ahead and he went further down my passage to my untouched orfice where my pussy juices were leaking out like crazy! He breathed in the sweet aroma and then all of sudden he put his mouth on me and I arched my back and moaned loudly while I felt his tongue enter me. he was sucking like a mad man until I couldn't take it anymore and I had my first oral orgasm. it hit me like a tidal wave and tightened my thighs around daddys neck to the point where he couldn't breath......... if if you want to know what happens next please let me know what you think so far

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