The Forgotten Heroes Chapter 3 "Fate is Crule."

The Forgotten Heroes Chapter 3 "Fate is Crule."

You and Eve head off in the forest escaping the Knights of the Fifth Dragon. To kill the silence you ask Eve somethings about her. "So how did you end up in the North Island?" Eve grabbed her arms and got a look of deep thought on her face. "I was young only 23 still a child by Elf standers but my tribe was murdered and nearly wiped out by a band of human settlers. I was spared because of my natural beauty and sold into slavery years later I ended up in the middle grounds where a wealthy Orintash tribes man bought me and other elves out of slavery. I been with them until I was of age then asked to be married to the tribes leaders son. I just couldn't do it. I always been a free spirit even during my enslavement I was trapped but not my mind or soul. I just couldn't see myself trapped again in a marriage with a man I didn't love so I ran away after years of traveling threw out the Midlands I wound up here in the North Island and found Grace with her husband arguing with a old one about a unpaid sum of gold fiestas and they took me in after I helped them win the argument by saying I was witness to the agreed sum and haven't seen my cut yet. The old one was so surprised she nearly passed out but pained us all off to avoid scandal."

You think about your travels. "I was born here in Knotsvill with my Pa,mom,and sister they all died except my sister she is out killing bandits last I heard it's good to hear she doing well." The conversation ended when you saw the Behemoth man standing alone in the forest. "Hey pretty elf lady where ya think ya taking my bounty?" The fat man asked as he nose whistled as he spoke. "Fat man out my way." You tell him as you reach for your axe.

"What I say about touching my people?" Johnny said chewing a new straw of hay while sitting on a tree branch up above the fat man. "Bunkosh kill the knight don't hold back anymore." The behemoth laughed as his girth seemed to expand to an unholy size. The fat man got twice as big and was shapeless nothing more then a moving blob of fat with unfamiliar speed it came to swallow you up. Eve jumped back and got onto a tree branch and fired arrows at it only to have her arrows sink into the blob.

You dive out the way and start to bless your axe with A kings watch spell and your axe clicked and grew twice as large. The blob moved so fast knocking trees down and chasing you around the forest. "What's a matter Knight can't sucker punch ya way out of this one can you?" The blob spoke in a gurgling tone. You jump on a rock and leap at the blob driving your blessed axe down chopping the blob in two.

The blob stopped moving as your axe was embedded into it. Your axe rises from the blob then the blob transforms back into the normal behemoth. "Devils mark broken." You whisper as the hexted man flops on his back on the ground and starts to foam bubbles out of his mouth eye rolled into the back of his head.

Johnny smiled at you and then spat his straw of hay at you it shot out like a sharp dart and cut your cheek open sending drips of blood on the forest ground. "Your a hard man to kill knight. Even so I will kill you." Johnny said as he slinked down from the branch. "Not tonight though once I have my men here you won't live for long. So enjoy your brief time in this reality for it won't be long." As a huge gust of wind blew threw the forest both Johnny and Bunkosh disappeared into a purple mist that enveloped the both of them and left the air heavy with magic.

Eve jumps down from the tree as you pull her along before they come back. Once you reach the camp you pour purification salt around the camp and bless it. "Them thugs were hexted did you know about there condition?" You ask Eve as you start a fire to cook the boar meat you have. "No. I didn't know about them being hexted. The first hexted human I saw was back near the Orintash tribe a beautiful woman. At least she was until the hex took hold then she became this tentacle monstrosity. She was a slave like me but human so the tribe didn't buy her freedom. We became friends during our travels from my old tribe to the Midlands. I still kept in touch with her in the market place. A Disciple came into town and hex her into a beast on one of our weekly meetings at the market place. It was horrible I still have nightmares about it she grew twice her size with large tentacles protruding from her body. She was attacking the marketplace I curled under a cart and wished for her to turn back to my friend but she just smashed the towns brick walls and killed men. She caught iron ball from cannon fire and flung it back at them. It took a whole garrison of guards to hack her down. Even then the madness that took her also took the men and it took more men to strike them down from their blood lust rampage." Eve said as she stared into the fire.

"Well there hexted I won't allow you to go back to town you must stay the night." You tell Eve as you flip the meat around and hear it sizzle. "How do you know purification magic?" Eve asked while staring at the meat whose aroma was making her stomach growl. "I learned some magic from an elf friend back before I was a knight. Oddef he was a elf shaman who was working for King Felton saving lives when he could on the battlefield. He taught me magic that was ''useful'' by his standards."

You offer Eve some meat and both of you start to eat delighted at the juicy food. "Oddef that's a strange name for a elf." Eve said with her mouthful of meat. "Its what I called him short for his real elf name I think it was odd..oddefintinas corpamith something or other." You say and start to wonder if Eve is her real name at all. Elves are known to have strange and long names. "Oh ok yeah I get it just how my name is Altonishka dal Valonstasha Eppention or child of the disappearing evening Eve for short." You smile and can't help but find Eve to be attractive in the star light. "Don't get any ideas." Eve said almost as if she could read your mind. "I don't know what you mean Eve." As you flash her a smile and finish your meal.

Eve falls asleep curled up next to the fire and you sat up laying your back against a rock snoozing the night away. You wake up to see Eve still asleep. She looks so lovely almost like you seen her face before in them dreams you have from time to time. The dreams that unfold the reality of your life.

Just as the last bit of night disappears from the sky as a smoldering hot sun rises from the east. You yawn loudly and stretch your arms taking a drink from your water skin. Just as you look at the salt gone and the grass that layed under it was green and fresh. The birds awoke from their sleep and started to sing. Eve woke up messy haired and digged threw her bag and found her bread broke it in half and offered you some. After a quick bite you swig the seers drink and you're sent into a deep mediation.

Eve knew that the mediation set on by the potion might be days long and decided to look after you. Your dream was filled of old memories of your childhood. The young hunter who found you just in the dark forest edge just as rain clouds began to gather in the sky. Taking you to a cave he used for shelter out of the rain. Asking you if your from a near by town. You couldn't answer still shocked by having to kill that bandit. A cooked fish was offered and you took it hungrily devoured the fish. Then you walk to Lowfeild with the hunter to find your mother who was nowhere to be found.

After finally speaking up you tell the hunter that your from Knotsvill and off the two of you head off to Knotsvill. To find the half burnt town it was horrible the smell of burnt human flesh and rotting corpses. Blood splattered covered women who were raped and murdered and men cut in half while some just lost limbs and bled out littered the ground.

The hunter covered your eyes and said it time to leave. Your skin went pasty white and you sobbed softly as thoughts of your entire family being dead flooded your mind. You sobbed for days as you and the hunter walked down to a hidden cabin in the forest. The hunter told you his name Blake Copper he told you of how he lost his brother in to a illness when he was little and that his family abandoned him and his brother a year before he took ill. He explained how you're lucky to have had years with your family and you even avenged your sisters death. He will be your big brother from now on he will raise you to be strong and how you will never have to fear any man any more.

Years passed and you grew from a weak child to a strong young man. Blake then told you of an opportunity of a life time travel to the lower lands to hunt linklings for huge sums of money.

The boat ride was harsh and long but finally after three months at sea the Fallen Lands look just as the name suggests. Low flat lands with huge Olympian sized mountains in the backdrop. Two years you and Blake hunted linklings foul goblin like creatures that plagued the land. Then Blake told you to go with Sir. Blackwell for a proper education and maybe the opportunity to be knighted. You didn't want to leave your big brother but knew it was for the best.

Three years you followed Sir.Blackwell around from campaign to campaign. One was against the Orish the most human looking of beastkin and your patron was pinned down as other men flee past you from the growing numbers of Orish warriors. You grabbed a sword and charged ahead the Orish were so surprised you cut them down fast. Ducked down grabbed a scatter gun and shot once taking three Orish down and made a path for you and Blackwell to escape as Orish gave chase until artillery fire from cannons far ahead drove them back.

You were given a Talviallny axe and later knighted by King Felton himself on the word of Sir. Blackwell and a few other knights who saw your brave and foolish charge. The whole night was a great affair a huge feast you had first pick of whores from one of the finest brothel in the capital. A night of fun almost made you forget your childhood, but the next morning you had gotten a letter from your adoptive big brother.

"Hey little bear I hope this finds you well. I have been meaning to write more but with the wars of Fallen Land against the beastkin have ruined any mail carriers moral to do there job. I wish this makes its way to you for I need your help. There been a mix up and I have been branded a slave trader for freeing some Talviallny and elves from some old ones cave. I have news of your mother and sister who seemed to have survived the raid I would give there exact location but seems they have enemies that have tacked me down to find them so it's not safe and God's know if this even reaches you. I will be traveling north I hope to be back home before next year hopefully we will meet before then I wish you well.
Your big brother Blake Copper"

Your mind seems to fog up and then you see your brother almost sensed him not to far from you in the village of Tatters on the Souther most tip of the North Island. You awake to see the crescent moon rise above your camp. Eve was lightly snoring her back slumped on a large rock bow in hand. You wonder how long you been meditating but as you try to rise up your lower limbs wobble as you fall back on your ass.Eve wakes up and sees you beating and massaging your legs. "What ya doing?" Eve asked as you stop and look embarrassed. "My feet are numb I'm trying to restore blood flow to them." Eve laughs at the sight. "That's bound to happen after three days meditating." You look completely surprised "Three days?! Sorry I hope you didn't stay here all that time." Eve shook her head and said "No I walked around found some fruit and ate the rest of the meat kept myself busy."

You dust off your legs and look off to the distance. "You see that?" You ask Eve as you see a pillar of smoke coming in the direction of town. Eve cursed in her Orintash tounge and ran in full speed to back to town and you follow.

With a full sprint you and eve make it back to town fairly quickly only to see Grace herbalist shop up in smoke. The smell of herbs and different colored smoke puffing out of the shop as people desperately try to save the building. Eve tries to run into the shop and you hold her back from running into the blazing inferno.

Tears run down Eve's face as she fears the worst. Gramps walks up to you and whispers in your ear and you struggle to pull Eve away. Once your deep into the forest and Eve has calms down.

"She's alive the knights in the Mayors manner have her locked up with the Inquiry." You tell Eve who grabbed her bow and started to head to the Mayors manner. You think about how Blake is so close but also knew there is no way Eve can storm into the Mayors manner and face down Knights by herself. You follow Eve and quickly you both reach the Mayors manner and study the fortifications.

The walls were thick and filled with Knights of the fifth dragon knights that are known to be average fighters but ruthless and have a true blood brotherhood. "Kill one knight fight the whole kingdom it's been said." You tell Eve as she checks out the iron gate with the Mayors initials on it. "I'm going in threw the front gate but I won't kill any knights or inquiry men." Eve says as she pulls her hood up and waves her hand to keep you safely hidden in the tree line.

Eve walks to the gate sucking and biting her lower lip to plump it up and give it a reddish hue. Batting her long eye lashes she talks to a knight who guards the gate. Soon after a few sweet words the knight followed Eve to the tree line and drop his trousers as Eve got on her knees and began to suck the knights limp dick. The knight grabs Eve's head and pushes it along side his cock. Eve hummed while she sucked his cock just as she used to hum while she was raped and molested during her slavery. Then just as the knight was about to cum he felt a slight prick on his thigh and his dick would not release his load.

The knight cursed as Eve laughed at his inability to cum. "What's a matter don't I attract your interest? Or am I not kind of sex?" The knight slapped eve and pulled up his pants and threw a few copper finstas at her. "Whore your just not good enough to waste my seed on you." The knight said as he started to feel numb on his legs. "Witch what did you do to me?" The knight asked as he slumped over and passed out.

You see Eve step out of the tree line and waved you over to follow her."Where's the knight?" You ask Eve who answers abit dismissively. "He's drunk slumped over a log." Once inside the gates you see a barracks to the west doors closed but the sound of drunk knights singing songs of war. The manner was elegant and three stories tall to the east was a small stable filled with two Talviallny horses. "That's how we get out." You tell Eve while pointing at the sturdy mounts Eve nods her head and follows the wall to the basement of the manner. The heavy oak doors of the basement were unguarded but there was bound to be Inquiry agents behind them. Eve opened the door and quickly shot at the first person she saw it was a elf servant.

You search the body and find a set of keys that are bound to open any door in the manner. After a quick search around the basement Grace wasn't found so you and Eve slowly make your way to the upper floor. Once there you see Inquiry agents entering a room and then a woman's scream. You hold Eve back just as the Mayor walks by and enters the same room. "No need to alert the drunken knights yet." You tell Eve who closes her eyes as tears weld up in her eyes as Graces screams echo threw the huge manner.

In the room the Inquiry agents were asking questions about Eve and the black knight of the sixth Dragon. "You know she dwarf this doesn't have to be like this. You don't need to suffer the pain no more just tell us about the knight you housed and the elf witch you befriended." The head agent said to Grace who just stared defiantly at the agent. "Dwarf speak up!" The agent yelled as another agent snapped Graces finger in half. "Don't break her ability to work she is needed in the village and I won't have a non human riot in my village." The Mayor stated while the agents ignored the Mayors pleas.

"You agents have no proof I housed a rival knight or that Eve is a witch. You visited and even studied Eve and my shop I'm just a healer." Grace cried out as an agent repeatedly stomped on graces foot with a iron spiked boot. "Lies! Your a witch maybe even a Disciple of the wizard. Hexed beast have been found near the village if it's not you then it's the elf woman...your lover." The agent said as Eve step threw the door wearing the elf servants clothes and carrying a tray full of tea cups.

The mayor grabbed a cup before Eve set the tray down. "Thank you dismissed." Eve kept her head down and made her way back out the door but quickly grabbed the Mayor and sliced his throat with a dagger. You busted threw and chopped an agent down before he could yell for help. The head agent stepped back then threw a smoke bomb on the floor. Quickly the agent dove out the window and rolled out to the barracks. Eve threw her dagger at the sound of glass breaking striking the agent in the back. His blood gurgling out of his throat and the drunken singing of the knights drowned out his cry for help.

Eve unstraped Grace who was sobbing from the pain. You flop Grace over your shoulder and quickly you and Eve leave out the basement and make it to the stable.

Just as all of you mount up and start to ride out of the main gate a servant screams alert the knights. Some knights drunkenly burst out the barracks and start to chase you down but the horses you had were faster. Arrows fling over your head and so do iron balls from pistol fire.

It didn't take long to reach the camp you set up days before and you pack up quickly while Eve tries to heal Grace with a herbal salve. "Where do we go now?" Eve ask Grace who winced at the pain from her broken fingers and foot. "We should head over to Bakersfield to hand over the pregnancy sack to the customer. Get some gold fiestas then leave this God's forsaken island." You grab up the last bit of the supplies. "Well I'm heading south too safety in numbers right?" Eve asked. "Don't you think we should split up I mean a black knight an Elf and Dwarf is not hard for the Inquiry or bounty hunters to find." You pick up Eve and Grace and place them on the second horse and hop on yours. "That's the point we killed some agents and a mayor of a major trade town. They will hunt us down so it's better to be grouped up and not caught alone." You explain to both Eve and Grace while leading the horses south.

Both women agreed and felt a little safer with you leading them to Bakersfield. The journey to find your adopted brother and blood sister has gotten a bit more complex with now having to get the non-human women off the North Island. You may have to get them to the Fallen Lands King Felton will provide them safety.

You travel during the night and rest during the day to avoid any pursuers from the Inquiry. After five nights traveling you finally make it to the town that Eve and Grace mentioned. "That's the town now I'll head in it has a large population of elves so I won't stand out as much as a knight or dwarf." Eve says confidently as she take the sack out of her travel bag. Grace was busy cleaning her hand of the special salve she created to speed along her healing. "Just meet the slave make the buy and come right back safe if the slave tries to keep you to stay leave fast. Who knows if the agents word sprees this far yet." Eve nodded in agreement and headed off to the non human entrance to the town. You felt that sending Eve alone was a mistake. "I'll head into town we are nearly out of supplies." Hopefully this trade will be successful and you can get them into the lower lands faster then you expected.


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