Naughty Pretty Things

Naughty Pretty Things

Keri had decided to spend the night with Sherry. She hated to miss any chance that Daddy Dale would slip out of Mom's bed and slip into hers. She loves Daddy Dale utterly and he makes her cum and cum. She was 12 at the start and is now almost 13. She has been fucking Daddy for almost a year now. Daddy is away on one of his 'trips' though and she just has to cum from something other than her vibrator or fingers. She wishes Mommy would do it with her but that is just out of the question.

She is terribly horny. Mom has been at home so much lately she and Daddy have to settle for quickies in the car or just up against a wall in the house. She can hear Daddy driving mom crazy at times. Mom may be a prude about a lot of things but she loves Daddy and enjoys his body.

Almost in desperation she agreed to sleep over at Sherry's. They have 'fooled' around a little and she hopes that the 'fooling' would turns into some serious licking, sucking and fingering tonight. She really needs someone to love her and knows she will have to make all the moves with Sherry. Sherry was horny herself but did not have any idea what real lovemaking was about. Sheela and Lucy were gone so that was out too. Plus it was hard to find a way to go off by herself and be with them. She got wet every time she thought of how good both Sheela and Lucy licked her pussy and fucked her with their toys.

They were eating dinner now, she sitting opposite Sherry and listening to Sherry chatter away.

Sherry was almost the exact opposite of Keri. Short, perky, still only budding breasts but a divine shape otherwise. She takes dance lessens and works out daily. Her body is terrific. Where Keri is brown or dark, Sherry is blond and pale. Daddy Dale said she liked to flirt with him. If he didn't love her so much he would see how far that flirting went. Keri sat and pictured Sherry under Daddy. His big hard dick filling her completely as he pumped it in and out of her. Sherry would be squealing with pleasure.

It amused her that she loved Daddy utterly but did not mind him taking other females at all. She smiled, he made sure she had them too except for Mommy. She talked with him about it sometimes. Asking if he said the same things to others that he said to her. He said he did to the ones he loved but promised Keri he loved her most.

She knew he had mom of course then there were the two Asian women in Singapore. Kan and Young Mei. They were Daddy's age and had children by him too.

Then there was the wonderful slutty Sheela and her lesbian girlfriend Lucy. She knew she would never forget cumming from Lucy's hot tongue while Daddy was fucking Lucy so hard she was screaming into her pussy.

Keri had to stop thinking about it. She was sopping wet herself thinking of that big dick filling her. She loved when Daddy fucked her so hard their body's would migrate around the bed. She didn't get sore any more but it still felt so wonderful to be stretched by that nice dick.

Dinner finished, done helping Sherry's mom clean and clear the girls headed for Sherry's room. It was summer and they had spent most of the day at her pool so they were sun tired. The cool air in Sherry's room felt good.

They laid around, talked about the upcoming school year and how Keri should still come out for cheerleader. She was totally hot in Sherry's words and every guy there was dying to take her out.

'Why don't you go with anyone Keri'? Sherry asked for the 2 millionth time.

'Because I love someone and only want to be with them'.

'Then who is it'? 'Why won't you tell me', said Sherry.

Keri was young but she was experienced in the ways of seduction. She knew that pleasure could be just a little lie away. 'Maybe I am too close to the person'. 'Maybe I am afraid to tell them'.

Sherry's eyes got wide. She could not understand why Keri would not tell her. They tell each other everything. How they play with themselves. The boys they like. The teachers they think are hot.

Sherry wormed her way across the bed, her face in Keri face, 'you can tell me, you know I keep our secrets'.

Keri looked Sherry in the eyes. Letting her own eyes go smokey the way Daddy loves them. She reached up with her right hand to Sherry's chin, leaned forward and kissed Sherry softly. Sherry tasted good, like her lip gloss. So soft unlike Daddy but still so nice.

Sherry's eyes bugged out for a second. She froze, looking a Keri. Then she leaned forward for another kiss. This time a long one, their mouths moving and their tongues loving each other.

Keri rolls her over, her arms around her and the necking gets very heavy. Keri slips her right hand up under Sherry's top and teases her hard nipples the way Keri like hers teased. Sherry does as Keri does. Squeezing Keri's left breast, Keri's much larger than hers and so firm.

Keri raises up, helping Sherry take her own top off. Sherry's lips immediately closing around Keri's left nipple. It is clear she has wanted Keri as much as Keri wants her.

'Slow, easy Sherry, lets not go to far now'. 'Later after we go to bed will be best'.

Keri puts her top back on but neither of them want to wait too much. Hands find their way into panties, lips find lips and they lay across the bed, fingering each other slowly. Keri explains to her what they will be doing. Sherry says she would love to 69. Keri laughs and tells her that is just the beginning.

11pm and it is bath time.

They both go into the bathroom, locking the door and slowly undress each other. Sherry has a delicious body. Small, compact and hard. Her butt so firm and nice. Her pussy covered with downy angel hair. She is shocked when she sees your pussy. Nicely shaved. Keri never has much hair anyway she explains so it is easy. Daddy likes her bald in the summer. Wants her to let it grow in the winter though. With her deep brown tan she looks incredible. The dark brown skin then the startling pale on her nipples, butt and pussy.

Wonderfully smelling bubbles all over both, Keri pulls Sherry to her. Her legs over Keri's. Long deep kisses, Keri's fingers slipping inside her. She has not cherry. Dancing having torn her hymen away long ago. She loves Keri's two fingers and quickly gets two of her own in Keri. Finger fucking each other slowly, lots of nipple kissing, sucking and pulling. Keri wonders how she will react to her tongue in her pussy.

Time to find out. Keri tells her, 'Move up Sherry, I want to taste you'.

She complies, moving up as Keri lays back in the tub. Sherry's pussy is pure delight. So pink, so wet.

Keri opens her slowly, teasing her as she gasps, her hand in Keri's hair. Now slow circles around her hard clit, teasing it, feeling her shudder and press against Keri's lips.

Keri take her lips away, Sherry moans in disappointment. 'No Keri, please don't stop'.

At that instant Keri gently blows on her hot wet pussy. She moans even louder and shivers with the beginning of her climax.

Keri sucks her pussy's lips into her mouth and licks her hard. Now licking her clit harder and harder, pushing two fingers up inside her so she can use them like a good hard dick. Mmmm Keri archs her back. Daddy's nice hard dick.

Sherry floods her pussy with girl cum. It is so salty yet so nice. Keri swallows it and lets most of it flow over her lips and chin. Sherry surprises her as she begins to lick her slit again by saying, 'Oh God Keri, don't stop, I am cumming again'.

Keri must smile. Sherry is really hot and it is nice to know she is multiorgasmic. Keri is most of the time but sometimes Daddy makes her cum so hard she can barely move when he has filled her with his cum.

Fucking Sherry with two fingers, lapping up her sweet juices Keri is getting so horny herself she must put her fingers in herself too. Thinking, 'Hurry Sherry, give me your cum so you can take mine'. 'I need it so bad'.

Sherry begins to ebb. Her body sagging down Keri's. Keri slowly fingers herself while she kisses Sherry tenderly yet urgently. Sherry is smiling so pretty. This the first time she has done anything but masturbate.

'Now it is my turn Sherry, I need your lips on me so bad'.

Sherry is eager to please. Helping Keri get her body positioned so Sherry can get her face to her dripping pussy.

Sherry instinctively knows to start at Keri beautiful smooth right knee and kiss and touch her up the inside of her right thigh till her lips reach her hot bare pussy.

Keri is so hot she cannot help but pull Sherry's mouth to her. As Sherry's tongue plunges inside her she whimpers and grinds her hips to try and feel all of Sherry's lips and tongue everywhere.

Trying to hold Sherry's head gently Keri tells her how to lick and tease her pussy. Sherry is loving it.

When Keri tells her to blow softly on it she forgets and says, 'Blow on it Sherry, softly like Daddy does'.

If Sherry hears she does not let on but blows sweetly then licks Keri's clit hard. It feels so good to have another girls lips and tongue on her. Keri begin to cum hard. Almost like she cums around Daddy's dick. Just not as good as she does not have his hard body to hold and his big dick to use.

But it does feel so good. Keri gushes her sweet juices into Sherry's mouth. They run over her chin and down her neck into the soapy water. Keri holds her and uses her till she has finished and must slump, her body satisfied for the moment.

Sherry lays her head on Keri's breasts, her hand still softly rubbing keri's pussy.

Keri lifts her face for a sweet tender kiss then sighs and holds Sherry like a lover.

'You said like Daddy does, Keri'. 'Do you fuck your daddy'?

Keri sighs, she has messed up. Being so horny and not used to having to be careful she has let it slip. 'Yes Sherry, my daddy and I are lovers'. Sitting up a bit, looking into Sherry's eyes to be sure she understands, 'Please don't tell anyone Sherry, it will ruin my family and cause all kinds of trouble', please'.

'I won't tell Keri'. 'I have wanted your dad to fuck me for years'. 'I sort of knew because of the way he changed about you suddenly'. 'I can tell he gets hard too, when we are sunbathing near the pool'. 'He stays in the water so I cannot see how big and hard he gets but I have caught glimpses of him'. 'Mmmmm, he does look nice and big, is he'?

Keri sees away to make sure Sherry keeps quiet. 'Would you like for my Daddy to fuck you Sherry, really fuck you'? 'He will if I ask him too'. 'He says he will do anything for me'. 'You could sleep over and he could fuck us both'. 'You should see how good he fucks'.

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