Rapest at 14 #9

Rapest at 14 #9

Rapist at 14 #9

I had never been with an Asian woman so when I saw this attractive Asian maybe 28 to 34 standing in the Asian food section of the local supermarket I decided I would like to fuck someone like her. She was not more than 5’1” and I doubted she weighed more than 100lbs. But her almond eyes and her brilliant smile was a sudden turn on. It was hard to tell about her tits the way she was dressed but she started my cock rising.

I bought the six pack of Molson beer I come for and went out to the car and waited. When she came out I followed her home. She lived not far from my own house. It was about 6:30 in the evening on a Sunday. The garage of her house was in the front facing the street and was ½ filled with furniture and her car just barely fit. I watched her carry the grocery’s inside. I noticed the door from the garage to the house was ajar and she hadn’t closed the garage door.

I knew it was stupid because I had never tried to rape a woman without first casing the area first but I was really turned on by her. I drove the car three doors up and retrieved my mask gloves tape and two pieces of rope from the trunk of my car and walked back to the house. I walked straight into the garage. As soon as I was on the other side of the car so no one could see me from the street I put on the mask and gloves. I took two strips of tape and taped them to my belt on my side. I watched the street for a few minutes to make sure no one was around before I peeked through the crack in the door.

She was bent over putting some of her groceries in the refrigerator. I walked up behind her and placed the smaller tape over her mouth and lifted her off her feet. I was right she weighed less than 100lbs. I put my arm around her throat and told her if she screamed I’d cut her throat and showed her my big switch blade knife. I told her to put her hands to her side and I taped her arms to the side. I still didn’t know if someone else was in the house so I lifted her up and carried her into the master bedroom and threw her on the bed. I tied her legs together and walked back and closed the garage door. I heard someone yell, “Is that you momma?”

I froze for a moment but quickly started back to the bedroom where I had left the woman. Just as I got to the hall a young girl opened a door and came out. I grabbed her and spun her around and put my hand over her mouth before she could scream. She struggled until I showed her the knife and she got very quiet. I picked her up and went back to the garage where I found some rope. I tied her hands to her side and tied her ankles together. I sat her on the floor and looked around the garage. I found a roll of masking tape and taped her arms to her side and removed the rope. I picked her up and carried her into the master bedroom and threw her on the bed. The woman had rolled off bed and was trying to scoot over to the phone so I picked her back up and deposited her next to the girl. l looked at them and thought, Wow two for one.

They could have been twins if not for their ages. The girl could have been 13 or 18 it was hard to tell. I went back to the kitchen and found the woman’s purse and looked in her wallet. Turns out she was 35. The girl was wearing a t-shirt and shorts and the women a light flowery dress That was now pulled half way up her thigh. I looked around and saw several pictures of the woman and girl but no man. I walked back to the bed and pulled the white panties off the women and the shorts and panties off the girl. Both of their almond eyes were as wide as they could get. They were moaning into their tape and the girl started to cry.

Don’t cry little one you won’t get hurt if you cooperate. I said and smileed through my mask. I bent over and unbuttoned the woman’s dress in front and removed her bra. Her breasts were very round about the size of grapefruits but kind of flat with very large areolas and tiny nipples. She had very black hair around her pussy. I literally tore the T-shirt off the girl who was without a bra. Her tits were much smaller but very firm a smaller version I surmised ofher mother. Unlike the women she was shaved except for a small well maicured area above her clit . I untied the mother’s feet and she tried to kick me but I got hold of her ankles and spread he legs wide and looked at her pussy. I bent over and buried my face into her pussy.

She had a very strong womanly smell. I tickled her clit area with my tongue. She was struggling but couldn’t really move much. Her almond eyes were stretched wide as I began too run my tongue up and down her slit. She had a salty taste with a slight smell of fish. I began to suck her little clit and tongue fucked her before I took two fingers and started finger fucking her. It took quite awhile but finally I heard her give a little moan as she came. That renewed my efforts and I continued until I felt her cum three more times, by then she was shoving her pussy up into my face.

I leaned back and took my wet fingers and put them in the girl’s mouth and told her to suck in my low growly voice and as she sucked I asked her if she liked the taste of her mother’s pussy. She just stared at me wide eyed. I took off my pants and shorts and inserted my cock into the woman’s pussy and began to fuck her. I fucked her for about fifteen minutes making her cum once or twice more. When I felt I was getting close I got up and walked around the bed and straddled the girl. I had taken my knife out of my pants before taking them off and showed it to the girl. I told her to open her mouth and when she did I inserted my cock. I told her if she bit me I would kill her mother.

I didn’t want to hurt her by jamming my big cock down into her throat area so I just let her suck. She had sucked a cock before and it felt good as she bobbed her head back and forth sucking hard. It didn’t take long before I shot a nice load of cum down her throat. She must have liked sucking cock because she never let any run out. That turned me on even more. I scooted down and began to eat her pussy too. She smelled like she had douched with a spearmint rinse and it tasted like spearmint with a little salt added.

She had a much tighter pussy than her mother and surprisingly she responded right away. I had hardly started tickling her clit and tonguing her before she was raising her Ass so that her pussy lips mashed against my face. She flung her legs around my head and started humping my face with her pussy. She was moaning and whimpering through her tape. I looked at her mother whose eyes were wide and she had a surprised look as she watched her daughter hump my face. I couldn’t help it, that look caused me to grin as I went back to licking and sucking her daughters very wet cunt. I continued my assault on her pussy with my mouth for about forty five minutes. I kept hearing uhh umpmme ummpmee through the tape. Finally I leaned back and removed the tape and she loudly said, “FUCK ME YOU SON OF A BITCH FUCK ME OHHHH CHRIST PLEASE, MY PUSSY IS SO HOT I NEED YOU TO FUCK ME NOW.” I looked at her mother and shrugged and said who am I to say no and grinned as I shoved my cock into her very tight hot and I do me hot pussy. She was no virgin but her vulva and vagina muscles resisted my cock momentarily and then my cock plunged deep within her little hole. This little girls pussy was on fire, she began thrusting her Ass up at me even before I started to fuck her.

She was moaning, “Oh god yes, that’s it Mr. whoever you are, ooh yess, yess, fuck me, OH fuck me harder, ooh I love your big cock, OH GOD OH YESS, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, AHHHHHHHH.” as she came and I mean did she cum. She shot a stream of cum water out of her pussy all over my cock, stomach and the bed. “Oh my god, OH MY GOD, I have never had a climax like that. WOW. I don’t know who you are Mr. but if you can do that to me every time you can come and fuck me every night or day. I promise I will never tell any one about this if you will continue to fuck me like this,” she moaned. “waaaaa waaaa arrrrr uhhhh ahhhng” screamed her mother through her tape. Her eyes were wide and she had a wild look in her eyes. I told her I would remove the tape if she promised not to scream. She nodded yes.

"AIKO, HOW COULD YOU SAY SUCH A THING, you should be ashamed.” Her mother told her. “Oh hush mother, you know that I’m not a virgin and I just had the best sexual experience of my life. I have never experienced an orgasm like I just had. Besides momma I saw your face as he was eating your pussy and fucking you. You loved it. I bet you have never been fucked like that in your whole life.” Her mother blushed and hung her head and said, “Oh Aiko you shouldn’t talk like that” “Well why not you really did like what he did to you didn’t you, DIDN’T YOU,” said the girl. “Weelll yesss dam it I have to admit I did enjoy it,” Her mother stammered. “And you would like to be fucked like that again wouldn’t you” Aiko asked. There was a long silence and then she shook her head in the affirmative and gave a meek smile.

I reached over and gave the mother a big kiss and pushed my tongue into her mouth. I don’t think she had ever had a man’s tongue in there. However she soon responded and began to kiss me back. I played with her tits as I tongued her mouth. I felt Aiko take my cock into her mouth and begin to suck. I stuck two fingers into the mother wet pussy and began finger fucked her until she climaxed and Aiko by then had me hard as ever.

I stood them up and had them bend over the bed so I could take turns fucking each one doggy style. I would give the mother ten strokes and then Aiko ten. We kept that up for about twenty minutes. I suddenly got an idea. I told them to wait a minute and I went back out to the garage and got the clothes line rope I had found and cut it into two fifteen foot lengths. I went back to the bedroom and tied one end to the bed frame and the other end to their ankles. I said if I unbind your arms will you promise not to try to take my mask off? because if you do I will have to kill you. They both said they would not try that.

My hard on had started to deflate and to my surprise Aiko’s mother took my shaft into her mouth and began to suck. I looked at Aiko and she shrugged and grinned from ear to ear and gave me thumbs up. When I got hard again I sat on the edge of the bed and had the mother sit on my cock facing away from me. She kept her feet on the floor and began to raise her self up and down my long shaft. I laid back and told Aiko to sit on my chest which she then scooted up until her pussy was in my face. I ate Aiko’s pussy while her mother fucked my cock. Aiko came twice before I shot a hot load up into her mother’s tunnel of love. I pulled Aiko’s head down and whispered, are either of you on the pill?

She sucked in her breath and said, “Oh shit no, I completely forgot I was enjoying this so much. I told her, first thing tomorrow go to the drug store and get the morning after pills. Her mother was still fucking my cock as we talked. I felt her quiver for the fourth time and I felt good that my cock could be the cause of her pleasure. I took turns fucking and eating them both until three in the morning. They even ate each other, which was a completely different experience for both of them especially the mother who had never eaten a women pussy before. Aiko had experimented with a friend but wasn’t sure if she liked it until she ate her mothers pussy.

They begged me to move in with them but I told them I just could not take the chance. I did tell them that if they left a key under the mat by the side door of the garage every Tuesday and Thursday I might stop back now and again, but no promises. They both pleaded “Please, please come back you have spoiled us against other men.” Nonsense I told them, train the men you meet as to what you like. Before I left Aiko asked me, "Would you really kill us if we pulled your mask off." Well it didn't happen so we will never know.

I have fucked both of them on and off for the last twelve years always with my mask on. I got another surprise Aiko took the pill but her mother did not and became pregnant. She said Aiko was born out of wedlock and she wanted a boy to raise along with Aiko who was 17. I don’t know how she new she would have a boy but she did. She named him Daitaro, which means “Great First Son.” Aiko, which means love child and pronounced (AYE koh). Turns out her mother whose name is Akemi meaning “Bright Beauty” and pronounced (AKEmi) got pregnant with Aiko from a married lover when she was 17 so her family out of shame shipped her to relatives in America. Akemi went to college here became a citizen and holds a high paying job with a Japanese/American firm. She has not spoken to her parents since she left Japan.

Over the years Akemi liked me to make love to her and Aiko just likes to fuck because she would have a “G” spot climax almost every time I fucked her. It could get pretty messy at times. Akemi and I would take a long time kissing and fondling each other before we fucked but Aiko would fuck while standing up, sitting, bent over, you name it all she needed was a cock. She kept at least three guys on the string all the time not counting me. She moved in with a guy, but it didn't last much over a year, because she said she hated missing out when I came over which happened a couple of times. Her mother wouldn't call her when I came. She told me she got to spend more time with me that way. she made me feel good .

Just after Akemi's son was born Aiko decided she wasnted to have a baby by me too. She said I make beautiful children. Shortly after she stopped taking the pill she got pregnant and had a little girl she named Aimi, meaning Love Affection. She got married to a doctor who was a very big client of the people she worked for.

Several Days After I Raped Akemi and Aiko the first time I went back to Miriam’s house. She is the young lady with the curved spine who ended up having two of my kids. I had raped her and her Mom, who also had my kid, and then came back for seconds and she got pregnant again. Anyway the key was still under the mat so I went in about five o’clock on a Friday evening. I was sitting in a chair watching television with my mask on when she came in the house.

She let out a squeal and ran over and jumped on my lap. “How long can you stay” she asked." The week end if you promise not to try and take my mask off when we sleep. “I promise, I promise, oh god that’s wonderful. I’m not calling Mom until tomorrow I want you all to myself tonight and your timing is perfect I’m right in my cycle time and I want you to get me pregnant again. Oh, and the kids loved the Doll and Truck.” She was talking so fast I told her to slow down and asked her where were the kids by the way. “I dropped them off at Moms; she is taking them to the park tomorrow including the baby.” And she began kissing me. I had enlarged the mouth area on my two masks for that reason a number of years ago.

What are we going to do about the kids if I stay over? They won’t understand the mask. There was a long pause then she said "I will tell Mom not to bring the kids home until after they have had their dinner because I have some errands to take care of and I have to go into work for a few hours. The kids will be so tired from the park they will sleep like the dead. I won’t tell Mom your here until after she gets hear. Now, do you want to fuck first or eat first” she asked. Your choice I told her. She jumped up and grabbed my hand and dragged me toward her bedroom as she began to disrobe. By the time we got to the bedroom she was naked.

She helped me take off my sweats and we went into the shower. I washed her completely, spending extra time with her pussy and Ass. As I washed her pussy with soap she climaxed and when I massaged her sphincter muscle she squatted a little so I could shove two fingers up her Ass. “Not too far, I need to douche myself before we have any of that action.” She squatted down and took my hardening shaft and put it in her mouth and sucked my cock with long slow strokes. I hadn’t fucked anyone in several days not even my sister who was visiting our Uncle and I suspect she was fucking, because she’s always horny.

It didn’t take long, I leaned back and let my cum Spurt down her wonderful throat. She had become a wonderful sword swallower, with a soft but powerful way of sucking a cock. She stood up with a big smile and said, “I may not want dinner now that I’ve had my protein.” She washed me down and we toweled each other off and she shooed me out of the bathroom while she douched both her holes.

I went in and laid down on the bed and waited. When she came out of the bathroom and stood in the door I thought god she is a sexy women. Standing there with her beautiful firm tits staring at me and her loving eyes looking adorningly at me you could hardly notice the slight stoop and her hip that stuck out to the side some. To me she was gorgeous and my dick began to rise. “Do I detect a response to this lovely body here?” she said with the biggest smile I loved so much.

In deed you do, come here you sexy winch and she came into my arms. I rolled her onto her back and kissed her passionately. Our tongue explored each others mouth hungrily. I kissed her neck and tongued her ear making her giggle. I took her breast into my mouth and began to suck the nipple as I squeezed the other and played with her other nipple. I was wonderfully surprised as milk came into my mouth as I sucked. She was still nursing the boy who was several months past one year.

I moved down between her legs kissing the inside of her thighs and went further until I was sucking her toes. She squealed and giggled as I ran my tongue between her toes. I moved back up kissing and licking her inner thighs until I reached her honey spot. She smelled intoxicating with her women hood mixed with a vanilla strawberry aroma. As I began to Lick her wonderful full vulva I could taste the strawberry & vanilla taste of her douche. I got harder.

I began running my tongue up and down those wonderful full lips of hers. I took the tip of my tongue and started circling her clit and it popped out from under her hood and was almost a ½ inch long. I circled it with my lips and began to suck. I felt it get larger as it filled with blood. Inserted two fingers into her vagina and explored her inside looking for her “G” spot. When I found it I began to finger fuck her vigorously. She responded by lifting her Ass up shoving her pussy hard into my face and fingers. She began to buck her hips pushing her pussy into my face. I could feel the inside of her pussy lips contracting on my fingers reaching and pulling trying to get more inside her.

She was moaning “ Ohhh baby, oh god what you do to me, ohhhh yes that’s it ohhh god your driving me crazy baby, yess, yess, OH MY GOD” and she shoved her Ass high and began to buck her pussy hard into my face and shot a bucket full of cum water all over my face her pussy and Ass. I wouldn’t stop. I kept rubbing the “G” spot as I finger fucked her and sucked her clit. She raised her Ass again a started bucking her pussy into my mouth and fingers again. “OH GOD HONEY, OH BABY, OH MY, OH SHIT YES, YOU’R MAKING ME CUM SO MUCH I’M GOING TO GO INSANE.” She screamed.” She couldn’t stop bucking her pussy as she came again and again. It took her almost eight minutes to stop cumming. She finally collapsed on the bed completely exhausted.

I let her rest for about five minuets before I slipped my cock into her wet hole. “Oh honey I don’t know if I have anything left,” she said still panting from the previous ordeal. I just smiled and began to slowly push my cock in and out of her pussy. I knew she wasn’t through yet. Within a couple of minutes her Ass was rotating to my motion so I picked up the pace. I was taking long slow strokes and as I picked up speed she began to push up into me on every down stroke. I fucked her for about twenty minutes like that before I began to drive hard into her pussy driving the end of my cock deep into her cervix. She threw her legs over my hips and drove her pussy hard into my cock. I heard her grunt each time I hit bottom. “Oh god, how I have missed you.” She began to sob as she drove her pussy at my driving cock. When I knew I was going to cum I rocked her butt high because she had locked her legs around my waist so I couldn’t lift her legs above her head but by pushing forward it forced her into the same position and I exploded into her cervix.

“OH MY GOD, I can feel your hot sperm cumming into my cervix, OH SHIT I’M CUMMING AGAIN, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHG.” And she lifted her Ass high and then fell back on the bed still sobbing from joy. As I drifted off to sleep I thought man she’s hot. Who could ask for any thing more. And I smiled as I thought I have the whole week end to do this and her Mother too.
Continued, All rights reserved to the Author.

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