Their Stories - Chapter One

Their Stories - Chapter One

Chapter 1: The Hospital

Bobby Wilson was a counselor with the children’s court,
dealing with children who’d been subjected to violence,
either within or with out of the home. Stacey, a
beautiful 12 year old girl, soon to be 13, and pregnant
from rape was assigned to him by the court for help, a
plea asked for by her mother. He was also assigned her
younger sister, Lynette, 10 years old, who had been
raped by the same man as her older sister. What Bobby
heard was a remarkable story that led him to do things
he’d never considered.

Stacey, a tall, lanky 12 year old, with honey blonde
streaked hair, a thin waist, lanky legs and a budding
chest, breasts the size of half a tennis ball or less,
no more than an A-cup, sat across from Bobby to tell
him about her repeated rapes by a man she knew only as
"Bill." But from the start, the most amazing thing to
Bobby was that Stacey seemed to have enjoyed her
experiences – experiences that now had her three months
pregnant at age 12.

"So how did it start?" Bobby began.

"Well, it was that day at the hospital when my grandma
had an operation," she said, then stopped.

"Go on," Bobby urged after a moments silence.

"Well, we was there all day, in the waiting room
mostly, and I seen him sittin’ there, reading a book,
from around noon. And I seen he was lookin’ at me, and
I could tell he liked me. He was lookin’ at me that
way. And I kinda stretched a lot, and showed him my
body, and laid on the couch and stretched out so he
could look at me. So I guess I sorta lead him on a

Bobby now noticed her reenacting her stretching
motions, and he became aroused at the sight of her
young breasts. But he swallowed, squirmed in his seat,
then invited her to continue.

"Well, I finally told my mama that I had to go to the
toilet, and that was way down the hall. So I got up and
left, and when I come out from peein’, he was standin’
there like he was going into the men's bathroom. Then
he smiled at me and said hello."

Bill’s story: She was so hot. Long legs, small
developing breasts, thin waist, pretty turned up nose
with freckles running across it, blonde hair in a pony
tail. And she knew I was looking at her, sizing her up.
I heard her tell her fat mother that she was going to
the toilet, which I knew was way down a long hall, then
around a corner, near some examination rooms. I also
noticed her little sister. Also tall, long legs, but no
breast development. Same beautiful blonde hair though.
When Stacey, as I’d heard her called, left the waiting
room for the toilet, it was just something I decided on
the spur of the moment to go for. There was an exit
close by, if she rebuffed me and I had to leave in a
hurry. I’d never tried to appease my desire for young
girls before, but for some reason, I decided now was
the time.

"What happened then?" Bobby asked, now fascinated by
the story.

"He said he’d noticed me in the waiting room. Then he
said how beautiful he thought I was. I said thank you,
and he said I was also the sexiest girl he’d seen in a

"What did you say to that?" he asked.

"Well, I thanked him, but said I wasn’t old enough to
be sexy," Stacey said. "But he said I didn’t know much
about men, and that there were lots of men like him who
were attracted to pretty young girls like me. So I
said, ‘Well I don’t have much on top,’ pointing to my
titties. But he tells me that he thinks they’re the
sexiest ones he’s seen in a long time."

Bill’s story: I wanted to touch those little titties in
the worst way. I turned on the charm and flattery,
hoping it would do the trick. She was attracted to the
approach, so I took the plunge and ask her if we could
be alone for a few minutes.

"What did he say then?" Bobby asked.

"Well, he asked me if we could go into one of the rooms
there and talk for a minute or two alone. He was real
handsome, and I liked it that he liked me so much, so I
said yes," Stacey replied.

"Didn’t it occur to you that he was a grown man and you
were just a girl and that he might hurt you?" Bobby
asked, amazed that she would go so willingly with a

"Well, a little," the girl replied. "I was nervous, but
it was, well, sort of exciting too. And I didn’t think
he’d hurt me or anything, not right there in the

"So you found him attractive?" Bobby asked.

"Yeah," the girl replied, a smile spreading across her
pretty mouth. "He was real good lookin’, and real nice
to me. And I could tell he liked me."

Of course he did, Bobby thought, because he wanted to
rape you, you little fool. Then, someplace in the back
of his mind, he realized that, given the chance, he’d
love to stick his own now-hard tool into this young
lolita’s cunt.

"Anyway," Stacey continued, now caught up in her
remembrance, "we went into this room, where, like the
doctors examine you, and he told me right off that he
was crazy for me, and asked if he could kiss me."

Bill’s story: I was beside myself when the little minx
agreed to go into an empty exam room with me. It was in
the new wing of the hospital, just built and as yet
basically unused. I took a chance that no exams were
happening yet, but I also locked the door just in case,
though how I would have explained I didn’t think out. I
was just following my dick at that point, though I
would plan better in the future. When we got into the
room, I told her that I thought this was love at first
sight, which the child bought. Then I asked her if I
could kiss her, and she said yes, closed her eyes and
waited. I pressed my lips to her young mouth, kissed
her lips for a moment, then gently worked my tongue
into her mouth and began to massage hers with mine. I
could tell it was her first French kiss, and I held it
as long as I could to let her learn how.

"Then he put his tongue in my mouth," Stacey said.

"And you let him?" Bobby asked.

"Uh-huh," the girl replied simply.

"Did you like it?" he couldn’t help asking.

"Yeah," was all Stacey said.

"Was he holding you? Restraining you at all?"

"He was sort of hugging me," Stacey said. "It felt
nice. He kissed me twice like that, then said he loved
me and asked if I thought I could love him."

"And what did you say then?"

"I said probably. Then he told me how sexy my body was,
and he asked if he could touch one of my beautiful

Bill’s story: I asked her if I could touch one of those
lovely little breasts as I kissed her, and the star-
struck little girl said I could. I began another kiss,
but before my lips reached hers, my hand was fondling
that little titty through the fabric of her top and the
small bra she was wearing. It was soft and yielding,
and I could feel the small nipple harden as I caressed
the small boob. I knew I had to see those little melons
up close and without benefit of bra. Meantime, my dick
was nearly coming out of my pants. And the danger of
what I was doing just seemed to increase the pleasure
of it.

"And you let him?" Bobby asked, totally mesmerized by

"Uh-huh," the girl answered, as though it was the most
natural thing in the world.

"Had you ever let anyone touch your breasts before?"
Bobby blurted.

"Just two boys from school. They just wanted to see how
they felt, but they didn’t do nothin’ else, and I never
took my clothes off for them or nothin’. But it felt
real good the way he was rubbin’ it and kissin’ my
tongue at the same time. And I started to feel funny
all over, ‘specially between my legs."

Bill’s story: She responded better than I had hoped.
Her arms went around my neck, inexpertly, but there
nevertheless, and she was tonguing back furiously now.
She pushed her young chest willingly into my hand after
a moment, and I massaged the small breast greedily.

Bobby thought his dick would rip open his pants by now.
"You were becoming aroused?" he breathed.

"What’s that?" Stacey asked, puzzled by the new word.

"You were enjoying what was happening?" he rephrased.

"Yeah," she said. "I was real happy that a handsome guy
liked me and thought I was sexy. I knew mama wouldn’t
want me doin’ what I was doin’, but that made it even
more fun. We were playing naughty, like when I was a
little girl and the preacher’s boys and me would take
down our pants and play doctor, you know. And now I was
playing doctor with a handsome guy in a real hospital."

Bobby couldn’t believe his ears, or his hard-on. "What
happened then?"

"He told me he just had to see my titties, and would I
show them to him. So I took off my shirt and bra."

Bill’s story: When I asked her, she unhesitatingly shed
her red T-shirt, revealing her tiny white cotton bra.
As I gazed on the small mound, still covered in cotton,
I suddenly realized that this was probably not the
first time Stacey had pulled down her panties for a
boy. But that didn’t bother me, because, I thought,
this may be the first time she gets fucked by a man.

I reached behind her, undid the clasp of the bra, and
removed the last impediment between me and those lovely
little melons. They were magnificent, with surprising
dark little nipples standing erect from the puffy
little buds of breasts. I knew she was 12 by now, and
that her name was Stacey and that she lived near the
hospital. But I also knew, as I caressed those little
nubbins in each hand, while greedily running my tongue
in her mouth, that I had to get those shorts off and
get my dick some relief.

"You just took off your clothes for a man you’d never
met before and knew nothing about?" Bobby asked,

Stacey actually smiled. "Well, just my shirt and bra at
first. And he rubbed my titties, and it felt real good,
even better without my shirt. And he was kissin’ me
while he was doing it, and it felt real, you know, like

"Then what did he do?"

"While he was still kissin’ me, he picked me up and sat
me down on the end of that bed they have where the
doctor looks at you," she continued. "Then he started
kissin’ my neck, then my titties."

Bill’s story: I swooped her up and sat her on the end
of the examination table, without my tongue leaving her
mouth. Then I began kissing her neck, then down to suck
each of her beautiful, small breasts into my mouth, in
turn, and tongue each nipple into hardness they’d
probably never known. Stacey was responding hungrily,
and I knew I could get her pants off next. But I also
knew time was of the essence. There was no time to

"Stacey," Bobby gasped, trying to come back to morality
briefly, "you sound as though you were enjoying this."

"It felt real good," she replied simply. "I’d never had
a boy kiss my titties before."

"But it was a grown man," Bobby blurted. "Didn’t you
know this was wrong?"

"Well, I knew mama wouldn’t like it," she answered,
"but I’d heard about all this stuff from other girls at
school and from TV and all, and I knew none of my
girlfriends had ever had a handsome guy likin’ them
like this and doin’ it the way he was, and I just
wanted to do it so I could tell them what it was really
like, instead of what they’d done with boys."

Bobby gulped and tried to regain his train of thought.
"What happened then?"

Stacey went on as if describing a trip to the lake.
"Well, then he put his hand in between my legs and
started rubbing down there, you know, on my wee-wee,
while he was kissin’ my titties, and it really started
to feel good down there. I knew he knew what he was

Bill’s story: As I sucked those luscious little tits, I
decided to try to make things happen in a hurry. I
pushed a hand into her crotch and began to massage her
little cunt. She responded by opening her beautiful
thin legs wider to allow me better access. After only a
few passes of my hand up and down, my finger now
feeling the outline of her slit, I could tell a
difference in her breathing.

The little slut was starting to get off on it. I
decided it was now or never. I’d make her feel good,
then she’d probably feel like she owed me the same
pleasure. But I had to make it sound good. "Stacey," I
said, looking up from her breast that I had been
sucking, "would you like me to make you feel better
than you ever have in your life?"

"Then he asks me if I want him to make me feel better
than I ever have in my life," Stacey continued. "And I
was already feeling pretty good, but I said yes."

"And what did he say?" Bobby asked, knowing that this
was all being taped for the court and the police and
wondering how this was going to sound.

"He told me to take off my shorts and my panties,"
Stacey answered simply.

"And you did it, just like that?" Bobby inquired, now
fascinated once again.

"Uh-huh," the girl responded.

"And he was still fully clothed?"


"And now you’re fully naked?" Bobby gasped.


"Then what did he do?" Bobby asked.

"Then he started licking my wee-wee," was the girl’s

Bill’s story: She eagerly agreed. In just the few
moments I’d had with her, I had her worked up to the
point that she would agree to just about anything. She
was a hot little minx, and I knew how to get her
hotter. I told her to take off her shorts and panties,
and she immediately began to squirm out of her white
shorts and pink cotton panties.

I helped her pull them down, revealing her perfect
little slit. There were about a dozen short blonde
hairs on her pubus, but none down her perfectly bald
slit. I pushed her gently down onto the exam table,
kissing her as I did, caressing one of her tits. When I
broke off the kiss, I smiled down at her and said, "I
love you, Stacey, and I’m going to make you feel the
best you’ve ever felt. Just spread you legs apart, and
I’ll do the rest. I’ll show you how good your pussy can
make you feel."

Bobby had to regroup and try to become professional
again. "Stacey, you sound as if you were enjoying this,
that you were happy to go along with this guy."

"It felt real good," she said. "And, yeah, I liked it.
Nobody’d ever done that to me before."

Bill’s story: I kissed her labia, and she responded by
widening her legs, giving me all the access I wanted.
She smelled so sweet, and I suspected she used bath
powder down here as well as under her arms. I stuck my
tongue out and began to penetrate her slit. And I found
her pussy was already running with juice. It was the
sweetest I’d ever tasted, and I immediately suspected
that she was still a virgin. Her hips bucked as I
penetrated deeply into her young cunt, mashing her
groin into my face. I responded by sticking my tongue
deep into her hole.

Her ass rose off the table at that, and I moved up to
her clit. It was already hard, though small, and I
sucked it greedily into my mouth and began to tongue
it. She began gasping for breath and mashing harder
into my face. I raised a hand under my chin and
inserted a finger into her hole. Within the second
knuckle, I found her hymen.

I didn’t have time to waste, so I simply pushed it in.
She yelped and bucked, and I felt additional fluid
seeping out of her cunt. But I redoubled my sucking and
licking on her hard little clit, and she soon returned
to getting off on her first orgasm with a man. Which
came almost immediately.

Her legs wrapped tightly around my head, as her ass
rose into the air and held there. Small moans escaped
from her lips, and I reached up to massage one of her
small breasts. Her juice flowed into my mouth like from
a faucet, and she almost whined as waves of pleasure
rolled over young, lithe body. I don’t know how many
orgasms she had, but it was definitely more than one.

"So what did he do after that?" Bobby asked, realizing
the girl was describing having an orgasm.

"Then he kissed me and asked me if I enjoyed it,"
Stacey said. "I told him I never felt better. Then he
kissed me again and asked me if I was willing to make
him feel good too."

Bill’s story: When she finally came down from her cum,
I stood up, moved over her, my face still glistening
from her juice. I leaned down, kissed her deeply,
letting her taste her own juice, then stood up and
asked, "Did that feel good, sweetheart?"

She looked at me through slitted eyes and whispered, "I
never felt like that before. But what hurt?"

"That was your cherry, sweetheart. You’re a virgin,
aren’t you?"

"Yes," she said in a low voice, almost looking

"Well, sweetheart, now that I’ve made you feel good,
will you do the same for me?"

"Yes," she said, sitting up. "What do you want me to

I cupped one of her small breasts and kissed her again.
Then I said, "I want to show you my peter." With that,
I lowered my pants and briefs, finally freeing Mr.
Happy, who stood up like a flagpole, itching to bury
himself in that small pussy. She instinctively reached
out and wrapped her hand around it. "It’s so hard and
big," she muttered. "So much bigger than my little

"That’s because I love you so much," I said. "And now I
want to put it inside your pussy and fuck you." I knew
I didn’t have much more time, and I moved down between
her legs and positioned myself to thrust into her, even
without a spoken assent. After all, this was legally
rape anyway, so why not go all the way. But she raised
up a bit and simply said, "Will it hurt?"

"Only a little at first," I assured her, not caring
whether it did or not. "Then it will start to feel

"Are you going to put your pee-pee in me?" she asked,

"Yes, sweetheart," I said. "I’m going to put my love
pee-pee inside you." She said nothing, but just smiled
and gave a slight nod of her head. I moved in for what
I wanted.

"Then what did he do?" Bobby asked.

"He put his peter into my pussy and started to rub it
in there," Stacey confirmed.

"You realize what he was doing was raping you, don’t
you?" Bobby asked.

"I didn’t know it was rape," she replied.

"Did he hurt you?"

"Only a little at first," Stacey said. "Then it started
to feel really good, and I had another thing like when
he was lickin’ me."

"Did he have an orgasm in you that time?" Bobby asked.

"Do you mean did he pee-pee in me?" the girl asked.

"Yes," Bobby replied, knowing the answer.

"Yes," was all she said.

Bill’s story: I pushed the head of my dick slowly into
her entrance. She was raised up on her elbows, watching
almost detachedly. I smiled down at her, then
concentrated on the sight of my dick penetrating a 12
year old virgin pussy. She was sopping wet, and my 7-
incher slid in amazingly easily. (I’ve always
considered my penis small, and have wondered whether
that was one of the reasons why I was attracted to
young girls.

I just know I’ve never been attracted to mature women
with big tits and loose pussies.) She flinched slightly
as I buried my dick in until my pubic hair touched her
bald pussy lips. I could feel that I was touching the
entrance to her cervix, and I couldn’t wait to shoot my
load into her unprotected womb. I slowly pulled out,
then slowly pushed in again. I looked into her
beautiful blue eyes, and she smiled. I began a slow
rhythm, and reached up to fondle one of her small

"I’m fucking you, Stacey," I said. And she just smiled,
her eyes now riveted on the cock pumping in and out of
her girl’s pussy. "Do you get your period yet?" I
asked, impulsively, hoping the answer was yes.

"Yes," she said.

If possible, my hard-on increased. "When was your last
one?" I asked.

"A week ago," she said, "or maybe more like ten days."

That was it. The thought that I might be getting a
pretty 12 year old pregnant was too much. I shot the
biggest load I’d ever had and nearly buckled over from
the pleasure as I jammed my prick hard up against her
cervix, spilling my load directly into her womb.

"After he raped you, what do you and he do?" Bobby

"He kissed me again, then he said we’d better get
dressed. He wiped my wee-wee with tissues, then stuffed
another one in there before I got dressed. He told me
to keep the tissues in there in case any pee-pee leaked
into my panties. He also said I shouldn’t tell anyone
about us because he’d get in trouble. Then he helped me
put on my bra. Then he asked me to kiss his peter and
put it in my mouth before he pulled up his pants. Then
he told me to put my panties in the dirty clothes as
soon as I got home and to let nobody see my pussy until
in the morning. Then he told me to leave first and go
back to where my mama was and tell her I had to poop,
and that’s why it took me so long."

"So you went back and never told anybody?"


"But he arranged the next meeting for the next day?"

"Yeah," she said.

Bill’s story: As I helped her recover her tiny breasts
with her tiny bra, groping them one more time as I did.
"Stacey," I said, "I love you, and I have to see you

"Okay," was all she said. I got her address and phone
number, then asked her if she could meet me at the mall
near her home tomorrow around 3:00. She assured me she
would, as she pulled on her panties and shorts. After
we’d dressed, I took her in my arms again and kissed
her deeply, rubbing one of her small breasts as I did.
Then I told her to leave first and say nothing to
anyone, because we’d be in trouble if she did.

Then I told her I had some surprises for her tomorrow,
and that she was now my girlfriend. She seemed excited
by that, and she slipped out of the room. I waited a
few more minutes, then slipped out of the side exit and
headed for my car. I had preparations to make, and I
had to come back later to see about my aunt in the
hospital. Luckily, she was only having foot surgery,
nothing life threatening. So I went shopping for a
video camera and a hotel room.


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