Serving the Horde

Serving the Horde

I woke up naked, that was strange. I had gone to bed in pyjamas; when you live with your parents and two younger brothers you kind of have to. There didn’t seem to be anything on top of me either, no duvet or blankets just a gentle breeze tracing over my young firm body. The bed beneath me felt silky and pleasant but that hardly made up for the general strangeness of the situation. I sat up and opened my eyes to be greeted by sight that was stranger still. I was most certainly not in my north London bed room; instead I seemed to be in a large open sided pavilion of purple silk sitting on a huge round bed at least twenty feet across. Beyond the confines of the pavilion other, plainer tents could be seen in rows stretching out as far as the eye could see punctuated only by occasional small thickets of trees. Nor was I alone in this strange place, many people thronged outside moving through the ill defined streets on all manner of tasks and dressed most strangely. My attention was immediately drawn to those sharing the purple pavilion with me however. Dozens of naked or near naked women lolled around on the bed or on cushions, divans or chairs around it. That is mostly they lolled, a few were applying makeup, dressing or masturbating of all things. Confused as I was it was a relief when a voice behind me said
“So you are the new girl,” I turned to see a beautiful young woman, her skin was pale as alabaster, a fact that the few scraps of silk she wore did nothing to conceal. She was sat a little behind me with her legs curled up beneath her and a dainty hand on one hip.

“Errm, I guess so, I mean...” I stammered
“You’re confused I know,” the woman interrupted “of course you are, everyone is at first, don’t worry. I expect you want to know where you are.” I nodded.
“This is a pavilion of pleasure serving the horde of unholy lord Sameal,” this did not make anything any clearer and it clearly showed on my face because she then said
“Ah I see you haven’t heard of the horde, what world are you from girl?”
“Errm, Earth, I suppose,” I replied
“Hmm, I haven’t heard of it, that makes sense. Let me explain then. Lord Sameal is a daemon prince, an angel fallen from grace. He escaped the bonds of hell some decades ago and with his army of daemons conquered whole worlds. Many races now serve in the endless horde. Warriors get restless though between conquests and that is where we come in. We serve to pleasure the warriors, to relive their stress through the use of our bodies. One of the princes’ wizards cast a spell to pluck suitable candidates at random from all the worlds, now it has picked you.”

All of this as you can imagine left me speechless, I was half sure it was all a dream but at the same time it all seemed far too real. The woman, who ever she was, seemed to take my silence for acceptance for she moved closer to me
“Now let’s see, you are a human, about sixteen years old I would say,” her voice was musing as she stared at me. Running her fingers through my hair she continued “dark hair, thick and well cared for, good,” my eyes opened wide in shock as her hands moved from my hair to my breasts.
“Bosom average in size, firm, pliant,” her voice sounded approving and her fingers were gentle, it was not altogether unpleasant but still odd beyond belief. I stayed frozen in shock until she ran her hands down between my legs. Scampering back with a yelp I blushed
“What are you doing!?” I almost screamed. The look on her face was half exasperated half amused
“Well we have to have a look at you to know who you are appropriate for,”
“You can’t, no! I am not some whore!” I shouted

The amusement was gone from her face, in a stern tone she said
“You are a servant of the horde; you are what we say you are. If you are not a whore then why is that collar around your neck?” At this my hand flew to my throat, sure enough there was a band around it, light and smooth to the touch. It didn’t feel like metal but nor did it seem likely to come off to a simple pull. Rolling her eyes the woman tossed me a mirror from one of the many cosmetic tables dotted around.
“Your collar is white,” she said, a look in the mirror showed that to be true
“Mine is red,” I looked and she did indeed have a collar much like the one I wore in deep crimson
“the colours indicate rank, white is the lowest, purple the highest save for the mistress Lilith herself, princess of pleasure, who wears the gold. You are currently subordinate to those who wear the yellow, blue, red, purple and gold. If you are obedient and show aptitude for your work you will advance, be given better clients, more respect, better rations; don’t and you will be punished. You are part of the horde girl, military discipline applies to all.”

“I didn’t ask for this, I don’t want this,” I moaned
“The spell only picks those suited to the job, are you a virgin?”
“Well, no,” I admitted
“Are you in fact rather a slut?”
“No! Well... kind of,” I said with a shy half smile. The woman nodded
“I thought so, we all are. My name is Batha’niss, what is yours?”
“Emma,” I said
“Well Emma listen well. I am the most senior whore in this pavilion, there are many many more for the horde is many thousands strong. You will obey me and for the time being all of the others. Every day you will have certain booked clients appropriate to your low standing, you may find them distasteful but that matters not at all, you are to service them never the less. While you stay in the pavilion only clients are allowed in. If you leave however be warned, your rank is below the meanest warrior and any and all may fuck you as they like.” She must have seen the worry on my face at that remark because she smiled and said
“Don’t worry, you may find that you enjoy it for otherwise you would not have been called to serve. If you do not then work hard and soon you may gain rank enough that only officers may fuck you without your leave. Until then though be warned, everyone is your superior.

“Right, ok,” I was beginning to accept the situation, there really didn’t seem to be anything else to do and I was still not sure it wasn’t a dream.
“What about getting pregnant, or diseases?” I asked
“Do not worry about that, many of the horde are not human and so cannot impregnate you, for the rest we have an enchanter who makes potions to counter both pregnancy and all known diseases of the type. Any more questions?
“Yes, what kind of sex do I have to have? What do I have to do?” this question seemed almost to confuse Batha’niss
“Why, everything; you will be fucked in your pussy, in your mouth, your breasts and your ass. There is nothing out of bounds short of damaging you permanently, that the princess will not allow. Make no mistake you are a fuck toy, a sex slave and until you advance one of the lowest rank. I too am a fuck toy but I rank as high as a captain and so may only be played with by those who rank higher still unless I give my leave. Now decorate yourself, the morning parade for the companies of this battalion comes to an end soon, you will have clients within the hour.”

With no better obvious option I set about doing as the red collar said, finding some make up that suited and then some clothes. There was nothing not scanty in the extreme; I ended up in a transparent blue silk loin cloth and a small top of the same material which barely covered my tits.

“New slut!” one of the other girls called, I looked and saw a tall creature with the form and proportions of a beautiful human woman but covered in vermilion scales and with a head that combined the features of a woman and a snake, not to mention a tail. Though monstrous she was a creature of beauty and I found myself turned on in spite of myself, around her neck she wore a blue collar and I knew she outranked me. Besides ‘slut’ seemed to be a normal way of addressing one another in the pavilion so I simply said
“What?” if the lizard girl cared about my curt reply she didn’t show it
“Your first fuckers are here,” she said pointing to a pair of warriors entering the pavilion. Other such groups had entered before and already several of my fellow whores lay sprawled on the large bed in all manner of compromising positions. With a wary eye I looked on the ones who were to sprawl me out in the same manner.

I was in for a shock. One of them seemed normal enough, a big man with a bare torso and an athlete’s build. He was black with a large axe slung across his shoulder which I could see him handing over to one of the pavilion’s guards. His companion however was a different matter entirely. The first was human, if with a barbaric nature I had only before seen in films, the second was not. Even with hunched shoulders he was at least as tall as the barbarian. Those shoulders were huge and heavily muscled much like his arms which hung low like an ape’s. His skin was dark olive green and his lower jaw jutted out with long fangs pointing upward like tusks, I now knew what Batha’niss meant when she said some clients might be distasteful.

“Is that a... what is that?” I asked a girl next to me with a yellow collar
“An ork,” she said after a quick glance “big cocks, but they can be pretty brutal. Good luck.” With that she went back to applying eye liner. Knowing that I didn’t have much choice in the matter I screwed up some courage and made myself walk over to the pair of them. Up close they were even larger, the man over toped my 5’5” by a clear foot and the ork was bigger still.

“Um, hi,” I said, unsure of how to start. The males though seemed to know exactly what they were doing. Looming in the barbarian gazed and me from above and smiled
“Fresh pussy, lovely,” his voice boomed deep as I expected and sent shivers down my spine. The smell of them was pungent, clearly deodorant hadn’t been invented here, but the sheer masculinity of it had a power of its own. The ork was different, not better certainly, never that but with a strength all its own. Maybe it was pheromones or something I don’t know, I am not a scientist, what I do know is that the idea of being fucked by these two stopped just making me recoil and made me horny as well. As my lower lips began to moisten the ork’s large nostrils twitched
“She ready, she like,” he grunted in mangled but intelligible human speech, that was comforting in a way, at least it was smart, not an animal.

The man didn’t respond verbally instead without warning he simply picked me up and slung me over one shoulder making me squeal with surprise. In part I was kind of offended at his complete lack of regard for me but at the same time the manliness of it was exiting on a primal level, the burliest rugby player’s I had dated were nothing to this guy. Suddenly I was thrown down on the soft silk bed and sat there for a second dumbfoundedly, and then I remembered what I was supposed to be doing. With an unconscious giggle I looked at the large bulge in the leather loin cloth that was all the man wore. Reaching out I flicked it aside to reveal a long, thick cock. Already the barbarian’s dick was half erect; closing one little hand around it I moved my mouth closer. I was good at sucking cock; I kind of liked doing it too. Besides when you date older boys when you are fourteen and want to keep your virginity for a little while longer you really have to practice. My pink little tongue flashed out licking the head before moving down the shaft and finally working my way down to the balls. I took one in my mouth, rolling it around with my tongue, above me the beast of a man growled contentedly. After a moment I released the ball and returned to the cock, tracing my tongue back up its length before engulfing the head with my moist lips. The cock was hardening now, growing in my mouth. Above me the barbarian grabbed a handful of my hair and pressed me forwards, guzzling deeply. It hurt, but god it was sexy.

Then I got a real surprise. Without warning a huge hand grabbed my ass and wrenched me down so that I had to let go of the man’s cock to support myself on my hands and knees.
“Bitch keep still!” his base rumble complained, wrenching my face up so that my mouth could once again accept his now fully erect rod. The hand behind was not done though, with one quick yank it wrenched away my silky loin cloth leaving all my holes open to the world, it had to be the ork I knew. Seconds later my unresisting legs were pulled apart displaying my fuck holes all the better.

“Pussy good,” the ork’s rumble sounded behind me, confirming what I already knew. As I continued sucking happily on the human’s thick rod I felt a large wet tongue brush along my slit, wetting it further still. Any hopes I had of a proper eating out were dashed however as moments later a large, thick head began probing the entrance to my womb. I didn’t expect the ork to be delicate, he wasn’t. With a single thrust the largest cock I had ever taken was thrust inside my cunt, moist or not I cried out in pain. The human would have no truck with that, yanking my head forward he rammed his cock back down my throat, face fucking me. I had always thought that was just another word for a blowjob, I was wrong. Seven inches at least were thrust repeatedly down my lily white neck as the brute gasped and grunted above me. That was nothing though to the furious fucking I was about to get from behind. The ork’s cock could not have been less than nine inches and it was wide with it, I would have sworn blind that I could not take such a monster but my gluttonous cunt opened wide to accept it. Each thrust brought pain but with it came pleasure, the huge rod filled me up like nothing else and I could feel a climax brewing.

I moaned around the cock in my mouth as I deep throated him, only when I choked did he let me surface and then not for long. It was painful and degrading but somehow that made it all the more exiting, maybe Batha’niss was right, maybe I did belong here. The barbarian’s grunts and sighs got louder and faster until without a word he began spewing cum straight down my throat. Pulling out slightly he sprayed it in my mouth before exiting all together and releasing a string onto my face. I swallowed what was in my mouth, all my boyfriends had liked it and a man was a man. Able now to breathe I was able also to moan as the ork continued to fuck me with surprising stamina. Its hands roamed my lithe body, squeezing my hips, my belly and my breasts. Apparently tiring of having anything between him and my body the beast ripped away my top leaving me naked but for the white collar around my neck. Needing and pulling at my bare tits the ork showed little skill and less concern for me but the sheer size of him and the building rapidity of his thrusts was close to sending me over the edge. With a sudden roar of triumph or satisfaction the ork unleashed a veritable tide of thick cum into my pussy. Far more cum than any human could possibly produce pasted my insides until it began to leak out. This finally sent me over and as hot, as sticky cum sprayed first inside me and then onto my arse and back I came too, moaning like the whore I now was.

At the end of my massive orgasm my arms gave way and I lay on the bed, covered in the cum of two species. Apparently satisfied the two warriors left without a word, they had got what they had come for. I lay there for several minutes before an alabaster pussy presented itself to my face. Looking up I saw it belonged to Batha’niss, she was smiling.
“Enjoyed your first then did you?” I said nothing but she nodded “Good, some don’t but you have the makings of a very good whore, maybe even a courtesan one day. No time for laying there though sit up.” Reluctantly I did so. Batha’niss was almost completely naked and had a drop of cum on her luscious red lips; apparently she too had just finished with a client though one who made less mess than mine. By habit I tapped my lip where the cum was on hers. With one finger she gently lifted the drop away and held it out to me
“Try it,” I looked at her confused so she held it closer and in a sterner voice insisted “Try it.” I already had a mouthful of cum and so didn’t mind too much, sucking the end of her finger I licked off the best tasting substance I had ever had in my mouth. Where human cum was salty this was sweet and delicious
“What is it?” I asked
“Elf cum, a captain of the elven rangers honoured my mouth with his cock. I just want to show you, rise in the ranks and there are benefits. Now though you are still the lowest slut in the horde, get yourself cleaned up, you will have more clients soon.”

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