The Adventures of Nick: Day One

The Adventures of Nick: Day One

I am Nick. before I start this story let me tell you a little something about my self. I have a sister who is 17, she is a cheerleader, and I am 15. I have had a little crush on my sister since I turned 14 and started to learn about sex, and all that stuff. Whenever she would be at cheer leading practice I would go into her room and wear her panties, shorts, pants, bras and pretty much whatever I could find. She hasn't got me yet. This story takes place on a Saturday during March.

It was Saturday evening. I was sitting at home just watching T.V when Rebecca (my sister) came home with two of her friends, Jessica and Rachel. They just came home from cheer leading practice so they were in their cheer leading uniforms. Rebecca stood in front of me, Jessica and Rachel were next to her. Rebecca had brown long hair, brown eyes and she was a 40d. She had an amazing ass and beautiful breasts. Rachel had brown hair with blonde highlights, blue eyes and I think she was a 35d. Jessica had blonde hair and brown eyes, she was very sexy. She had amazing legs and she was probably a 38d.

"Ok Nick listen here, you are going to go to your room now and let us watch T.V. I am in control since mom and dad are on their little vacation" she said. I looked up. "Ok," I replied. I was very submissive to girls. Whatever they wanted me to do, I did. I got up handed Rebecca the controller and walked up stairs.

I passed her room and stopped in front of the room. I looked around and heard them laughing. I thought that they wouldn't go up for a while. So i walked into her room and I opened her pantie drawer. I saw new panties and thongs that she must have bought yesterday when she went out. I smiled and took out red panties and the matching dark red bra. I took off my shirt, pants and underwear and put on the panties.

I looked very good in it. I started to walk around in her room in them, and then I finally decided to put on her bra. I put it on and it fit very well. I started to model it around her room. Then I decided to try on other panties and bras she had. I found pink thong and a pink matching bra. I put them on too and modeled it around a bit. What I didn't know was that Jessica was coming up to get something from her room. So I was modeling around in her clothes when Jessica opened the door to see me in girls clothing.

"What the hell??" Jessica said in surprise. I looked around trying to get my clothes but they were next to Jessica. Jessica saw my clothes. "Why the hell are you wearing Rebecca's clothes?" Jessica asked me. I looked around, in embarrassment. "I don't know." I said getting all red. Jessica shook her head, and then she started to laugh. "Wait until I tell your sister" Jessica said. I looked around. "Please don't tell her!" I pleaded.

Rebecca and Rachel came up. "What is taking you so-" Rebecca saw me in her thong and bra, Rachel did too. Rebecca started to laugh. "Are you seriously wearing my clothes Nick?" Rebecca asked me. I looked at her and nodded. "Oh my God, this is so funny. My brother is wearing my clothes." Rebecca was still laughing. Jessica grabbed my clothes. "Oh give me that, I know what we are going to do tonight." Rebecca said, putting my clothes in a drawer and having a smirk on her face. "Please don't tell mom and dad" I pleaded. "Oh I won't, as long as you be our bitch and obey us and do whatever we want. And since they won't be back for three weeks, we can do whatever we want." Rebecca said. Jessica and Rachel were smiling. "Call me Mistress Rebecca" Rebecca told me. "And call me Mistress Jessica," "And me Mistress Rachel." I looked at the three, my new three Mistresses. "Yes Mistress Rebecca" I said to here. She smiled. "Good, now keep that on and let me get you an outfit to wear for the rest of the night." She said passing me, she slapped my ass and I turned around, watching her get my new clothes. She pulled out some nice blue jeans that looked like it would be tight on me and she pulled out a pink shirt for me. "Put this on and tomorrow we are going to the mall to get you your own clothes that you will be wearing at home." I nodded and grabbed her clothes. "And don't even think about getting your clothes, if you do I will tell mom and dad. Come down when you change" she said. I nodded and the three girls walked down stairs.

I stared at the clothes in my hand, I shrugged and put on the jeans. They were pretty tight on me but I liked it, and the shirt was very comfy. I opened the door and walked down stairs. "Oh Mistress Rebecca, how do I look?" I asked. They looked at me. "Oh you look amazing, If I were a guy I would fuck you so hard" Rachel said. Rebecca laughed. "Ok, come down here and be our little waiter, I mean waitress and serve us some drinks." She said. I nodded. "What would you like?" I asked. Rebecca, Rachel and Jessica all said coke. I nodded and walked into the kitchen. This is going to be a long three weeks I said to myself...

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