Where the F am I

Where the F am I

Oooohh! My head....

Aaaahhhh! Fuck! Where the hell am I?! What the fuck is happenning to me?!?!? Why can't I move? Something is on my head! It is covering my entire head!! Pressing in on my eyes. Hard. I can't hear anything!!!!

GOD! I CAN'T MOVE MY HEAD! What ever is on my head is pulling it back to the extreme. It is being pulled back so tightly that I can't close my mouth. Ooh noo... I couldn't close my mouth anyway. Something is jacking my jaws apart.

Ohmygod! Where am I?!?? Why can't I move my arms? Oh shit!! My arms seem to be tied tightly together from wrist to shoulder. Fuck! No wonder my shoulders hurt so badly. I can't feel my hands! My entire hands are tingling. Presumably from lack of blood flow.


What was that? My entire body went cool for a moment. Is that air movement? If I could only see and hear. What just touched me? Something cold, very cold. Or was it hot? I CAN'T TELL... Where is is touching me?

My legs seem to be bound differently. Something cold and very hard is bound tightly to each from the ankle to about mid thigh, wrapped so tightly to the ankle! My legs are being pulled in opposite directions. Hard. Uuhh. I feel like a wishbone, about ready to break...

AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! My GOD!!!! My balls!! What the fuck just happened to my balls?!

AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! My balls!!!! My balls!! Ooohhh... What is happening to my balls?! Omigod! Omigod! Omigod! MY PUBIC HAIRS!!!! MY ASS HAIRS!!!! ON FIRE!!!! If I could only move, squirm away. FUCK THAT HURTS!!! I feel someone's hand roughly grab of my entire genitals at once and jerk them around. Someone must be checking to see the job is finished. God, please let it be finished. Oh Oh... oh no! don't! please! please rinse it off!!!GOD IT BURNS!! that must've been lighter fluid or alcohol. I feel like every external skin cell has burned layers deep. NOT the hand again. AAAAHHHHHH!!!

Oh fuck... there is something hard shoved up my ass. Didn't notice it before. Doesn't seem too big around. (Thank you whoever you are for that small consideration) Whatever it is, it seems to be connected to whatever it is this person is using to .....

ulp.. can't breathe.. ulp, something being forced down my throat.. take it out, please... now know capture is male

Damn, even that made the thing up my ass poke me hard. Fuck, my ass hurt worse from being face fucked than anything this man (is it only one man? ) has done to me yet.

How long have I been here, wherever here is? Doesn't seem like a long time, but as often as I passed out when HE was here and having no light or sound to judge by, I have absolutely no idea how long it's been.

My dick isn't hurting so badly anymore. I had to be at least a little while anyway. I now realize that I am somehow suspended. Judging by the fact my saliva keeps ending up in my nose, my body must be face up to the ceiling. My capture seemed to have my mouth at a comfortable height for him to ravage my throat. I feel nothing from my hands or feet.

God! Why am I here? What have I done to deserve this? Fuck!!! HOW DID I GET HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE???!

I am certain I am now being partially suspended by my nuts. Something is tied around each one and they are being pulled in slightly different directions. Any time I try to wiggle anything at all, extra pressure is placed on each ball and quickly discourages any further movement. I am sure this is a new addition to my restraints...

Oh no, there is that coolness in the air again? Did he just come back in, or has he been here all along amusing himself at my predicament and is actually just now leaving?

OOOOWWWWWWWAHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAIIIIEEEEEE! He just stuck something on my right nipple. Something sharp. Maybe an alligator clamp? God this fucking hurts!!!! Please GOD! help me.... please..... oh no, this must turn him on.... his boner is bouncing off my chin and lips of my jacked open mouth... God my throat is dry. I hope he gives me water sometime...

Oh God, I was right, he is shoving his big dick all the way in until his heavy balls are bouncing against the eyepads of my head confinement. Each strike makes that eye see stars. omigod... NOOOOO!!!! Not the left too!!!! he is rubbing another clamp against my left nipple. It's hinge catches a hair growing there. Instead of yanking it out, my capture slowly pulls the clamp and the skin around the hair stretches and pulls. The hair starts to dislodge at the follicle. Suddenly, the hair pulls free. Man, that smarts! Ooo. I just realized, no more stars. His balls aren't hanging heavy anymore. They are pulled up close to his shaft, close enough to be hitting my nose instead.

He is now pushed as far down my throat as is humanly possible. I can feel his load rushing through his big vein, down my helpless, abused throat. Just when I thought he was finished, he clips the alligator clamproughly to my left nipple. As he did that, I felt his cum cannon fire a fresh volley down my throat.

Apparently, I earned some kind treatment, at least momentarily. When I came to again, He had released my arms from bondage. All I could is let them hang from my body. I had no feeling left in them at all. Later, He bound my arms straight out the way my legs had been done.

I realize at this moment that my nipples were now also suspending a portion of my weight. God, I wish I could at least see and hear.

Oh fuck. My cock is bound up tightly. So tightly, it feels certain the skin will tear. Oh... I can't believe it. My arms and legs are being pulled savagely toward opposite walls, while my freshly pierced nipples and my tightly bound cock and balls supported all my weight.

It has taken a while (I can't believe how stupid I feel with no sensory input from eyes and ears and my only input of touch comes from sudden, unexpected pains from a cruel capture), but I finally realize that the headgear I am wearing is achored to whatever it is that is stuck up my ass. No wonder my ass hurt anytime another body part hurt. I'd cringe and that action pulled the hook in my ass. Also explains why my asshhole and intestines hurt so bad when He grabs the sides of the headgear and pulls my head while fucking my throat!

UNGH. I wish I'd quit blacking out... makes it too difficult to keep track of time. Has a day (or more) passed since I got here. Every time I pass out, I awake to find something different with my bindings. Is this person that has me prisoner taking care to avoid permanently damaging me in any way, or is he leaving me like that only until it bores him.

This has to be a terrible nightmare. The last thing I remember was putting groceries in the trunk... I turned and something electric flashed my eyes leaving them feeling scorched. ooohh god... I got hit in the nuts with something fucking hard. Maybe... probably... a baseball bat. oooooohhhh goddd, no. i remember now... i was on my back... my stomach hurt... my mouth was filled with vomit... i started to open my eyes and something hard hit me in the side of the head... i woke up here. Which side? Does it still hurt? Oh yeah, the right side. Still, as hard as I got hit, I'd think it'd hurt more. How long has it been?!

Oh my God... he took the hook out of my ass hole. I can move my head. Kinda. My head must have been tied back for hours. More. The muscles of my neck are not capable of motion. OH MY GODDDDD!!!! WHAT JUST INVADED MY ASSHOLE?????? NO, NO, NO, No, no, no... NNNNNOOOOOOOO!!!!! there has to be 2 people in the room at the moment. One is ramming something very cold and very hard in and out of my hole. The other is the guy that likes to mouth fuck so much. Has to be. The style of oral abuse doesn't change at all. The person raping my asshole has a very constant rythm. Depth varies. So deep sometimes (unnngh!!) feels like going to push out intestines. Damn... they have me swinging so hard, feels like my nipples are going to get pulled off.

AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Man... the right nipple DID pull off. he's clamping the skin where the right nipple was. Ugnh!

God I wish I could see his/their face. I would yank out his (their) eyeballs. I'd then pour some tabasco sauce all over the exposed eyeballs and sockets and jam the eyeballs back into the opposite sockets.

OOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! I must've displeased my punisher(s). The thing in my asshole just started sending electric shocks of varying intensity. WHAT THE FUCK DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS!!! WHO IS DOING THIS TO ME!!! W H E R E A M I ? ?

nooo... please stop hitting my already very sore cock and balls... please... they may pull off...

Damn blackouts. How long have I been hanging here alone. Hell, how long have I been hanging here, period. Hey... something's changed. I'm no longer hanging horzontal at all. I feel much blood has gone to my head. My legs are still tied to opposite walls. My arms are once again tied very tightly behind my back. My hip joints are killing me. I have a massive headache. Trying to move... OK, the headgear seems to be tied to the floor, still can't move my head. Haven't been able to feel my feet since this ordeal started.

Oh Oh. There is that coolness in the air again. better stop moving. What's going on now? I am sensing the presence of many people in the room. The air is moving too much. Hands. Many hands touching me. Roughly handling my already abused genitals. Probing my asshole with something long and VERY thick.

Wait a minute. There is something something very different about the way I am being touched. The touches are more like some sort of examination than the torturous abuse I've been receiving. Could it be I'm being sold??? No, it can't be, can it?

Now what is going on? It feels as though there are a dozen hands on me. I'm being let down. Hey, maybe this ordeal is over. Maybe they are going to take me somewhere and leave me and call the cops to get me. That'd be good. I just want to get this over and behind me. Ooooh, so much for that fantasy. I'm being tied to some sort of wooden bench. Feels similar in nature to a sawhorse, a big sawhorse. My arms are tied crossed behind me. The headgear is pulled tightly back and bound to my arm bindings. My cock is hanging just off the edge of the bench. My legs are firmly bound to the bench itself in a bent knee pattern. Obviously I have been tied with the intention of having my mouth and ass fucked at the same time. Still, I don't sense any movement near me.

What the hell is going on?!?

OWWW! Ughn! What am I being beaten with? A whip? Maybe a cane? God that hurts. Especially when it hits my exposed gonads. Seems to have subsided. whew...

Omigod, here we go, a dick bigger than my mouth can accomodate is trying to force it's way in. Please stop. Your going to dislocate my jaw. Ungh. He did, he did dislocate my jaw. He is tightening up the device that has my jaw jacked open. God, I thought it hurt before... Just as he starts increasing his stroking rythm in my mouth, someone with as large a cock bursts through my anus and forces itself to a full 8" depth in 1 fast, powerful motion, jamming my poor cock against the edge of the bench. I got several large slivers from that.

As the two men picked up their paces and started slam-fucking me from both ends with these sci-fi nightmare cocks, I ended up with a bloody nose from the mouth guy's belly slamming into it and I could feel the blood running down my cock from the base to the tip.

sooo hard to get a breath...

How long was I out? The cocks in me now are MUCH smaller than the last 2 were. I seem to have cum all over my face and ass. Did those huge fucksticks leave it, or is it a result of many cocks doing me??? I wonder how many more cocks I am going to be forced to make cum before this is over?...

I counted 8 up my ass and 11 down my throat. I wonder how many more I had in me while I was out? I am so glad some of them shot their load straight down my throat. I am soooo hungry. My mouth is so dry when not being fucked. None of the headgear has been removed the entire time I've been captive.

The coolness... count of 7. I don't sense any movement. I think I'm alone now. Strapped to this fuck bench. Cum dripping from both holes

Uh oh, coolness...

What is that pressure around my ears in the headgear? A zipper? Is this a trick? I can hear!?

"Well, bitch, you brought me an excellent price! Do I know how to bag 'em or what?!"

Omigod! I was right, my captor has sold me to someone else. God! Isn't that illegal?! What is going to happen to me now?

"It was neck and neck there for a while. G wanted you for his bodyguards. The two gorillas with the unbelievably big dicks. G just loves watching those apes play with a new boy! G was the high bidder. At the last second F decided you look sturdy enough to last a while and the bidding war was on. Went all the way up to $165,000. The apes loved the way your body snapped and popped when they forced their way in! G said he loved that little whimper you had while they pounded you from both ends. And the cute way your ass bled afterwards."

$165,000 for me. Fuck! Is this good or bad? Even if I could somehow convince F (it has to be F. Please God make it be F! G's bodyguards would kill me. Painfully!) sell me back my freedom, who the hell do I know that would give me that much money? He'll doubtless want way more than he paid to let me go. He may want me to work some of it off.

"F, well, F is apparently a bit rough on his bitches, you are the 4th I've sold him in just over 2 years."

Rough on his bitches? Didn't you just call me a bitch?

"Oh well, not my matter. I just bagged and inspected you. I give a shit what your new owner does with you. He is a good, repeat, customer. He pays with well used, non-sequential bills when he takes delivery. That is the extent of my concern. I am going to miss these cute low hangers of yours"

AAAAAHHHHH!!! I am not going to miss his penchant for squeezing my nuts while rolling them against each other. God that fucking hurts. No. No. No. NO NO NO! don't cover my ears again. PLEASE!...

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