An Unexpected Twist of Fate

An Unexpected Twist of Fate

“Kaden James-“

He shifted his weight to look at his father, his hand still on the door knob. He already knew what he was going to say. Before his father could get a word in his brother Kael and sister Kayla came in through the patio door.

Though Kayla often tried to hide it, she clearly took after her mother. When she was 13 she dyed her hair a pretty auburn color which almost made her father have a heart attack. She also wore heavy eye makeup that made her look older and sexy. The easiest way to piss her off was to remind her how much she looked and acted like their mother. Their brother was a complete opposite, looking like neither their mother nor their father.

“Where are you going?”

“I need to get out for a while. Before you say anything I know Kalina is going to be here soon but you guys are driving me crazy.” Kaden told the three of them

“Well...what do you expect from us Kaden? We’re just as anxious as you are to see her again. I still can’t believe it's been 12 years since mom and Kalina left” Kael said. His face settling into an angry frown

Kaden knew how he felt. Twelve years ago their mother packed her bags preparing to leave them. Deep down we all saw it coming, she had been unhappy for a long time he thought. One thing they hadn’t seen coming was her taking Kaden’s twin sister Kalina with her. Being only 4 at the time he couldn’t comprehend that he would never see his mom or his sister again. A few years after they left Kayla burned all the pictures of them that she could find. Of course dad grounded her for two months but she always said that it was worth it seeing how dad was never going to move on if he was constantly reminded of them. Finding out that their dear old mom and her new husband had died felt like poetic justice to them

“Damn” Kaden thought to himself. I just want to get out here. He turned to call his buddies Jesse and Matt to see if they wanted grab a bite to eat down on the boardwalk. There were always young high school girls lying out on the beach in their tiny bikinis. His cock twitched just thinking about it, it had been to long since the last time he got laid.

“I’m going down to the boardwalk with some buddies. Old sissy is supposed to be here at 4 and its not even noon” he said looking at the clock. “I’ve got plenty of time”

Kaden walked out with out waiting for a reply. They really were driving him crazy; asking him how he felt about having his sister back in their lives after 12 years. I don’t want to think about it anymore. I just want to get some food and hopefully find a girl who was willing to give it up without making a fuss he thought.

“Yo KJ!”

“Why you look so serious man. C’mon its summer! We get do absolutely nothing for three months, that should put a smile on your face.” Jesse said laughing

“I know dude…but my long lost sister is coming to live with us. Remember?” Kaden asked him

“Oh shit dude is that today? Man that’s the brakes” Matt said

“C’mon. We’ll go down to the beach and pick up a few hot girls and that will take your mind off the whole thing.”

“That’s all I’m asking for” he told them as we hoped in Matt’s mustang

God he loved living in California: the weather was constantly nice and you never had to worry about girls wearing too much clothing. “Not that it was hard to get them out if it” he thought to himself laughing. Matt, Jesse and Kaden were easily the most popular kids in their class, probably even the whole school, and they used it to their advantage. Kaden was captain of the schools’ baseball team, ran track and field and had a 4.0 GPA. Even the teachers love me he thought with a smile on his face. Especially Ms. Gordo, the English teacher, who had her legs wrapped around his waist last week during lunch. She surprisingly had a tight pussy for someone in their late 30’s.

First thing they did once they were at the beach was grab something to eat. Kaden had skipped breakfast this morning so he wouldn’t have to face his family’s anxious looks. Matt and Jesse were just always hungry.

“Dude look at her” Jesse said pointing to a girl by the life guard deck

Even from 50 feet away Kaden could see that she was gorgeous. She wore very short shorts that showed off her long legs and barely covered her ass. His gaze moved passed her ass with some difficulty landing squarely on her breasts. She had a bikini top that left nothing to the imagination; they had to be at least a C cup. His cock twitched and hardened just from looking at her.

“Damn she’s fine” they said

“Hey look she’s moving over here. I’m gonna go talk to her” Jesse said as he jumped from his seat before any of us could move.

“If she turns you down then I’m gonna try my luck” Matt and I said at the same time.

Not even two minutes later Jesse walked back towards us shaking his head with a bemused look on his face. I couldn’t help laughing.

“She turned me down. ME. Dude look at me. Girls never turn me down” he ranted

“She probably realized that you were an arrogant as- Where are you going?” Matt hollered as KJ walked by him
“To try my luck” Kaden muttered to Matt

A small flutter started in the base of his stomach which surprised him. He never got nervous talking to a girl before, probably because he never had any problems getting one to agree to go out with him. Of course he had dated a few girls, slept with more than a few but never had a serious relationship. What’s the point? He thought. I just want to get laid every now and then and they want to tell their girlfriends that they got to sleep with one of the most popular guys in school.

Slowly he made his way over to where the girl was laying. Her dark hair was gathered over her left shoulder and most of her face was covered up by her sunglasses

“I wondered who would come over next” she said to me without turning her head

“Are you glad it’s me?” Kaden asked her crouching down by her feet.

Damn he thought, even her feet are pretty. She had stripped off her shorts and was lying out in the sexiest bathing suite he had ever seen. Her legs were long and nicely tanned, and it was more than obvious that her pussy was as bald as the day she was born

“Not really. I didn’t really come out her hoping to get picked up by some random guy.”

“If you come to the beach looking like that then you have to suffer the consequences”

She laughed as she reached up to lower her glasses. Looking in her eyes was like punch in the gut, she was more than pretty: she was beautiful. She had full pouty lips that a man would love to have wrapped around his dick. He watched, aroused beyond belief, as the tip of her pierced tongue traced her full lips.

“What’s your name pretty girl?”

“My friends call me Lizzie. Let me guess…your KJ”

“How did you kn-

“Your friend mentioned that he was here with his friends KJ and Matt” She said “ You don’t look like a Matt”

She slowly ran her gaze up and down his body lingering on the bulge in his shorts with a small smile curling her lips

“What’s over there?”

He followed her finger to see what she was pointing at. “It’s the other side of the beach. That side doesn’t really get a lot of sun so the water’s always freezing. Plus it’s private property. The owner had those boulders brought over to separate his side from this side”

“Wanna go for a walk?” She asked seductively

He couldn’t help but laugh. “Let me guess…we’re going to end up over there on someone else’s property.”

“C’mon you have to live dangerously!”

She stood wrapping a sarong around her hips. She grabbed his hand which sent tingles down his arm, pulling him towards to the rocks. He looked over at his friends giving them a two finger salute. In turn they gave him and thumbs’ up before turning away to hit on some freshman’s they recognized from their school.

“So tell me about your self” she asked

“What do you want to know?


KJ laid out both of their blankets on the cool sand. She was driving him nuts. The entire walk over, she would constantly rub her hand up and down his arm or brush her luscious breast against him. He was hard as a rock and considering the beach shorts he was wearing, knew she had noticed. It was time to cut the crap

“I don’t want to talk right now” he said pulling her into my lap

“Mmm neither do I”

His mouth found hers the same time his fingers found her nipple. He heard her moan softly and the kiss turned wild. He was so hard he felt as if he could pound nails into a wooden board. They both fumbled; he trying to get her top out the way and she trying to untie his shorts. I lifted my hips helping her pull off both our bottoms. She scooted forward wiggling her ass against his dick. God I felt like I was going to explode. Shit…I want this to last he thought trying to calm his hormones and failing miserably.

Kaden dragged his mouth from hers planting kisses along her neck until he reached her breast. Gently he laid her down on the blanket taking one of her nipples in his mouth. His hand traveled down untying the strings that held her bikini bottoms together. Moving his mouth to the other breast he felt her hand circle his wrist and drag it down to her bald pussy lips.

“Oh God…that feels so good. Please don’t stop” she screamed

Looking at her face while he slowly fingered her nearly made him cum right then, watching as he brought her closer and closer to orgasm. Leaning forward he took her nipple between his teeth.

“Again” she gasped “Finger me again. Harder. Faster. Then I want to feel your cock inside me”

“I want to taste you first”

She gasped as she felt my tongue on her clit. He couldn’t believe how good she tasted…so freaking sweet. He started to insert his fingers inside her hot flesh as she said his name over and over again.
She’s so tight I couldn’t wait until my cock is inside her.


I swirled my tongue around her clit sucking ad gently biting it. He could feel her hands in his hair pushing his face further into her pussy. Her moans filled his ears making his cock ache. Slowly pulling back, he continued kissing every inch of her until his mouth settle on hers and his tongue was in her mouth. Moaning, he settled between her legs, rubbing his stiff cock against her wet hot pussy lips.

“I need you-Now” KJ grabbed her hips and thrust deeply inside of her. A part of him wanted to take this slow but she was so tight and hot that he couldn’t slow down to save his life. Her moans started getting louder as he rammed into her harder anchoring himself with one hand on her hip and the other on the blanket.

Lizzie moved her hand between her legs and found her clit with her fingers. Kaden knew she was close and started pounding into her, he knew she would have bruises later but he couldn’t bring himself to care.

“I’m cumming” she gasped. She wrapped her legs tightly around his waist driving him even further inside her.

“Ugh” He opened his mouth but couldn’t find the words as his cum started shooting deep within her pussy. He couldn’t remember a time when he had ever cum this hard. Launching his body into hers one final time, Kaden spent himself inside her, then collapsed against her, burying his face in hair.

Finally, Kaden rolled onto his back, bringing Lizzie with him

“That was amazing” she told him, pressing a kiss to his shoulder

“Oh my… what time is it” Kaden reached over to look at the time on his phone. “It’s 3:00”

Kaden watched as Liz jumped up trying to find her clothes. He felt his dick harden again as she struggled in her tight shorts.

“Please tell me we can get together later tonight” Kaden asked her while she tied her bikini top

“Was this more than sex? She asked him shyly

“It was to me”

Kaden jumped knowing he had to get home before his sister got there. He was more grateful to Lizzie than she would ever realize. For the last couple of hours she had made him forget all of his family problems.
She passed him her phone telling him that she expected him to call later.

He placed a quick kiss on her lips before taking off at a jog towards his house. He couldn’t wait for this to be over so that he could spend time more time with Lizzie. Maybe he could try his hand at the whole relationship thing.

He jumped in the shower knowing he only had 10 minutes before Kalina got there. God he wished this wasn’t happening.

“Cuttin it kinda close aren’t you?” his father asked.

Before he could say anything, there was a knock on the front door followed by the door bell. Richard watched his children sit down at the kitchen table as he went to answer the door. His breath caught in his throat as he laid eyes on the daughter he hadn’t seen in almost 12 years. She was beautiful; she looked so much like her mother he thought with a pang.

“Come in, come in. We’ve been waiting for you. I know this is going to be awkward at first but we’ll get over that soon enough and then we can be a family.” Said Richard, desperately hoping that it was true

“Yeah right” muttered Kael

“Alright everyone…this is your sister Ka-“

“Actually I go by my middle name, Lizabeth, now. Lizzie for short” she said quietly

Kaden slowly turned to look at his twin sister, the one he thought he hadn’t seen in 12 years, but instead had been less than an hour. He had sex with his sister. It felt as if the world had fallen on top of his head He watched with dread as a look of horror crossed her face as she came to the same realization…

If you want a second chapter let me know...

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