The Rape of Maya Chapter Three

The Rape of Maya Chapter Three

The Rape of Maya
Chapter Three

Mistress “M's” Slave Training, of Maya as a sex slave!

All three of these women are now in separate chambers and hanging upside down by their ankles,.. This has left them totally naked and helplessly swinging slowly back and forth! The next part will be getting them trained and ready. This is done by first letting them know who their boss is and who is in charge! Mistress “M” just loves to hang new arrivals up naked by their ankles, as this really gets their attention! She also likes to do this for a certain amount of time, as the longer they hang the more docile and receptive they become to being slave trained as a submissive's!

The Russians and women from the Ukraine are shipped to the complex hung up side down naked and bound inside a big wooden shipping crate as the Russian Slave traders love doing this as well to the women they send to Andheri to be sold!

This underground training complex in Andheri has some rather interesting and historical background along with the colorful and interesting way it currently came into being. It was originally used by the British Army when they first came to India, they found that slave trading was quite a useful endeavor and that they could easily use Indian women as sex slaves. The women would be raped bred, and sold for fun and sport. These men would then returned to England as brave conquering soldiers of the Crown. Not that this was a bad thing as at the time back in those days this sort of thing was perfectly acceptable,.. unlike the political correctness of today. But political correctness has no place in modern day slave trading.

This slave trading complex easily existed and continued to operate under British supervision through out the 19th and 20th century's. Most Europeans especially those that lived in the British commonwealth had no idea that such a place like this even existed! It was only after the second world war when India was grated independence that the British relinquished control of the country that left the place in control of the local slave traders, and government officials with the blessings of well paid politicians of India who chose to look the other way! So what really changed?

Mistress “M” with Maya hanging upside down has brought in several clinical assistants. One, it is their job to take cultures of her blood an urine to insure that she as well as other women are in good health. As to do this insures the buyer that as the time of sale she is ready for any type of submissive sex play! The other assistant is to record all of Maya's vital statistics, hair and eye color, height, bust size, hips and waist as well as throat size and vaginal depth!
This is so it can all be transferred to a bidders sheet, and this detailed information will provide all of the women's appealing finer points to prospective bidders at the upcoming sex slave auction!

This is also where traditions of the past and current meet in the way of medical pharmacology and sexually stimulating aphrodisiacs, those that can be given to these women in order to enhance their sexual interest and performance!

India once a third world country has now become very modern in many ways especially the medical profession and has produced some of the best doctors and medical minds in the world! Many of them have set up practices all over the world! This has not been lost on the slave traders. That in order to sell their women and get the best price for them have done every thing to insure that they are free of most all of the well known problems! They have also enlisted the help of these expert medical technicians to provide a number of sexual stimulants that can both be injected or taken orally with food they are given!

After this close inspection several young Nigerian women enter the room and under Mistress “M'” watchful eye expertly shave and wax removing all Maya's body hair completely, leaving her naked bare and cleaner than she has ever been in her life, especially her pubic area! This is an incredible sensation to have others while tied upside down naked and totally helpless, especially beautiful young black women do something like this. The thought alone to Maya is both tantalizing and erotically stimulating!

When these young women are finally finished one of the girls has easily grabbed Maya's bare buttocks, pulls her over and sticks her head in between Maya's thighs and tenderly french kisses her inviting vaginal mound paying close attention to her silt and clit! Then buries her face in Maya's cunt, as the well trained tongue of the young girl snakes its way in, ever so deep!

It is a most incredible sight to watch a naked woman's body, ass cheeks thighs and breasts that are hanging upside down subjected to gravity react by shuddering, and then tremble with stimulating sensations, not only from this pleasurable sexual stimulation. But also with the perverted sexual abuse from Mistress “M's” leather whip! This sexual attention has caused Maya's body to react with a pleasurable jerk, followed by several more sensual spasm's as she helplessly orgasms,.. now bare and left swinging slowly back and forth!
Before Maya is released from her pleasurable hanging ordeal Mistress “M” explains to her what will be required not only of Maya, but of the other women. This is what she needs, to learn as the nasty woven leather snake whip again accurately whips around in the thin air several time before striking first her nipples and then her soft tender clitoris!

Oh! No, no no no Maya cry's out! As the stinging lash has turned the pleasurable oral lovemaking into a painful stinging as her naked body, still hanging up side down reacts in the most erotic way as the bare skin and pubic muscles do a most sadistic dance as Maya squeals squirms and jerks around trying to alter her position from the whip and its stinging touch!
No sooner has this perverted display ended “M's” two big black male charges appear and have easily released her from the unnatural hanging bonds and placed her knees, on the stone floor of the punishment chamber.

Mistress “M” then cracks the doubled up whip in the palm of her hand several times to accent her training requirements! The first position she goes on to say, that you need to learn and master as an obedieant and well trained slave, is the “Oral Position”! This is a position required in order to perform oral stimulation on a new master or anyone that has paid the price to own a well trained slave that you will become!

She then explains to Maya,.. you are to place your hands behind your back and tilt your head back and then open your mouth wide, the only exception is that one hand can be used to masturbate yourself while you are pleasuring your new master! If you can not keep your hands behind your back or on your privates they will be bound or chained so that you have no choice, do you understand? Well do you? I can't here you, you slutty little cunt face whore?

I know you are going to be a very good whore and slave slut,.. as women like you who have perverted sexual desires, and like you were stupid enough to have answered an invitation for sex with a stranger, thinking it would satisfy your innermost nasty cravings for brutal and abusive sex ! A woman that would do this will be perfect to use in the most harsh and sexually perverse way you could imagine! Maya, thinks to herself OMG? How could she know I did this?

Any command I give you must be followed by the words “Yes Mistress, or Yes “M”! Do you understand”! Now, and I mean now! As the leather whip zings around in the thin air several times and again stings her private's quite viciously,.. Maya a bit quicker this time then places her hands behind her back and quickly tilts her head!

Next is what I call the “Mating Position” and this is with you, down on all fours stretching and placing your arms out in front of you followed by touching your nipples to the ground in a way that leaves your bare bottom helplessly up in the air! Do it slut, do it now! As the stinging little whip again sails out and around hitting another part of Maya's exposed, naked body! Maya yelps and her goodies jiggle obscenely as the stinging whip hits her unprotected nakedness again and again! Thus, with this stinging attention it gets her in just the right position. This new found obedience pleases Mistress “M”!

The last is what Mistress calls the “Full Submission Position” it requires a submissive slave slut like you Maya,... to lay on your back put your hands out to each side palms up and spread your legs wide,... and I mean wide so wide it hurts! I want to see those toes of yours pointing out as far as you can get them!

This is the kind of training that gets the sweet little cunt hole of yours wide open so that a big black cock can easily bury its self deep into you! “Now Slut”, as the whip lashes out again to accent the training and reinforce Mistress “M's” words!

Maya rolls over on her back and tries to do as commanded by “M”, but is not nearly as quick or quite as wide as “M” wants, the nasty whip then strikes first her breasts then her thighs and finally Mistress's favorite part! Maya's bare well shaved pussy especially her now swelling cilt, that is responding to her own sadistic and masochist tendencies!
Maya's love starved body that has been so neglected of sexual attention is now starting to crave and respond to this perverted sexual abuse, and she do to the sadistic training is beginning to have little control over it!

All three of these required positions are commanded again and again as Maya's knees and bare bottom are starting to get sore and raw as she jumps around on her knees and then her back with the wicked nasty whip right behind her! She has give Mistress “M” several insolent dirty and rebellious looks! All this does is to add to “M's”pleasure in abusing her even harsher with the stinging leather whip! Zap, this is followed by several more stinging wraps that are accurately applied in just the right tender places!

Mistress “M” has assembled a half dozen or so black and several well endowed Indian men some old and some young. All are naked and with soft to semi hard and rip roaring hard cocks, and all are at Mistress “M's” disposal. They have been selected for their ability not only to provide different sized cocks, but most can hold off or release incredible amounts of cum on command!

Several are vying for the job as Mistress “M's” subservient assistants, “M” explains to Maya that she is required to crawl on her knees to each one holding her hands behind her back and without using them, is to pleasure these men orally and that she needs to show her ability to willingly do so!

The men have been placed accordingly, starting with a younger less experienced male, who has a soft penis and are arranged to train so that the last ones are the biggest and hardest! Maya as “M” explains is required to orally pleasure them and to get them hard,.. and off as quick as possible. Then she is to assume the mating position where by the next male is to hard fuck her to orgasm and if both get off, she then goes to the next man!

Mistress”M” with a quick off handed comment says this is how,.. I want you to do it! As she quickly and unexpectedly drops to her knees taking Maya's place in front of this young black male and pushes her aside. Then “M” at first with both hands behind her back easily deep throats the young mans entire half hard cock and has even sucked in both of his big hanging black hairy balls!
This is an incredible display of erotic female prowess as the young mans penis quickly come's to life, is getting harder and harder by the second!

“M's” lovely lips are now pressed firmly against the young mans pubic bone as she has easily engulfed his entire cock and balls! Then she pushes forcefully against him as she sucks, for well over a minute and then slowly retreats, as first one big black ball pops out of her oral grip followed by the other until she has just the head in her mouth!

Then with Maya and the others watching in wide eyed wonder!“M”works her mouth lips and throat expertly back and forth several times as her well trained tongue quickly finds the soft sensitive underside of his now rock hard penis! This is followed by Mistress “M” sensing with experience and at just the right time, quickly pulls her lips free of the young mans penis,... has grabbed it, and now with her in complete control, and him no longer! He, helplessly and uncontrollably lets loose I gigantic long squirt of cum, while Mistress “M” with knowing ability and experience has timed and pointed his ejaculating cock into Maya's startled face!

Maya like the young man is caught completely by surprise, and with her hands obediently behind her back is squirted with the warm gooey stuff, directly in her face, and with an incredible amount! At first she tries to raise her hands and protect herself. But her nasty whip training has started to subconsciously take effect, this has quickly kept her hands clinched tightly behind her back and helplessly lets the warm cum run down her face and drip onto her breasts!

The young man also surprised, is almost brought to his knees as he experiences an unexpected orgasm like no other! Mistress “M” with his dick still in her hand then pulls him to one side and motions for the next man. This one is harder than ever from watching, and Maya is to accommodate him with her now cum covered face has obediently tilted her head back and opened her mouth in anticipation of this new required task!

It takes time, and Mistress “M” is quite patient. Maya is getting better and better and the speed in which she does so also has become more to “M's” liking! But with her insolence and her occasionally rebellious looks, Mistress “M” has decided to speed things up by having these men rape and gang bang both her mouth and pussy! The waiting men are all very firm now and range from a hard 7” to the last, being a big Indian man nicknamed elephant meat is well over 10” and his cock is approximately 2 1/2” in diameter with a slightly larger penal head! These are the men that are going to rape and hard fuck Maya!

She is able to deep throat the first mans 7” and the next to just slightly over 8”! With her still down on her knees, one of the big Indian men has found her dripping pussy and with little warning, she is viciously impaled at both ends again just like in the back street of Chennai!

All that Maya has witnessed and experienced with these men has become an incredible turn on for her. She, to this perverted display has become quite aroused along with the time she has spent impaled on each end of these men and both of Mistress “M's” big black male escorts! But Mistress “M” has one more little sadistic treat for her, one that will literally terrify her to her wits end! Maya, by Mistress “M” is led off down the stone corridor and down deeper into another of her special Dungeon chambers one that will test Maya's urge for perverse kinky sex to its very limit?

Once down in “M's” special chamber it has a big steel door that will let nothing in or out, one place that has been appointed specifically for Mistress “M's” perverted and sadistic taste's. Then she walked Maya over to the middle of the room, and forced down in front of a short pipe that is anchored several inches above the floor. Where her neck is placed in a steel shackle and clamped tight then is told to stretch her arms out and move her knees as far apart as she can. “M's” stinging leather whip has again encouraged Maya to spread even wider!

Mistress “M” had keeled down next to her, and pulled her arms out just a little farther to each side before expertly placing heavy metal shackles on her wrists and then chaining them to rings that are anchored to the concrete floor. Then has painfully pulled Maya's knees even farther apart and shackles them and her ankles to similar rings with chains, this has left Maya unable to move at all. Her firm naked breasts with her nipples hanging straight down only several inches above the cold concrete floor. But this has left her pubic area spread wide and her bottom sticking up a bit higher helpless and vulnerable.

The juices from her previous orgasms along with the large amount of cum from the men is glistening in the dull light of the Dungeon as it leaks out of her well used cunt!. Mistress “M” with Maya naked spread and totally helpless has with a sadistic perverted smile on her face taken her leather snake whip and proceeded to briskly whip Maya's exposed and unprotected upper thighs and bottom directing most of the stinging blows at her wet wide open slit and clit!

She would stop occasionally to kneel down and rub some special ointment on Maya's big brown hanging nipples followed by her slit and then would sadistically twist her nipples and rose bud clit rubbing even more of the slick greasy chemical into her meaty swollen sensitive nipples and clitoris, this was done in between the harsh strokes of the whip.

With Maya wondering groaning and whimpering between her pain-filled screams from this abuse! This harsh treatment was tempered by Mistress “M's” lovingly rubbing this stuff all over her clit, the sounds and her reaction to this special whipping and perverse abuse has echoed throughout the stone walls of the Dungeon! Mistress “M” said to Maya after satisfying her fetish for abuse, has said you will love this as she walked to the big steel door?and closed it with a clank, then Maya heard it lock!

Maya was just left there nude and manacled helplessly to the concrete floor, to wonder?,..... as she heard the big steel door close and had only this sound to go by. It was now almost pitch black, she was scared, and very uncomfortable as to what might happen next? OMG What did Mistress “M” have in store for her? All was quiet as the sinful pain that “M” had inflected on her buttocks cunt lips and clit had turned into a rather warm glow!

The stuff she had rubbed on her nipples cunt and clit at first was wonderful, this had left her with a pleasurable sensual and very content feeling! But it slowly gave way to a desire for incredible sexual relief and as time went on this feeling needed to be attended to, but. OMG! She was unable to do anything to pleasure herself and being helplessly shackled was hoping that someone or something would touch her in the place that needed the most attention!......She squirmed around as best she could but could only feel the cool air caress her and in no way was able to touch herself! The feeling of just the air was maddening!

She had been there for what seemed like forever, and the burning desire for sexual attention was becoming more and more intense, when she heard what she thought was an unusual noise,... was it just her imagination? Or was it something else.? She was helpless and unable to move when she felt something furry brush the inside of her calf! This was followed by what felt like a tiny wet and warm raspy tongue start to lick her inner thigh!...OMG! What was doing this?.....

Apparently it was some sort of small animal?, a rodent? Oh gawd! What could it be, a rat?, she was now terrified at the thought, and was trying to lay there there and not move a muscle and be as still as possible! In hopes that what ever it was might go away, but whatever it was had no intention of going away!,

At about the same time she could see out in front of her the green glowing eyes of another? The indirect light from the air shafts left just enough to see these beady sadistic eyes and sharp teeth coming towards her as she helplessly watched they passed under her as apparently the little critters attention and interest was Maya's big brown hanging nipples and what ever Mistress “M” had rubbed on them!

She was chained helplessly at the perfect height the now burning sensation for some sort of stimulated release was overpowering! But to have it from some sort of nasty beady eyed varmint the thought was evermore terrifying! Now there were two of them and the one in front was licking first on one nipple and then the other as if trying to decide which was more appealing as Maya's soft hanging naked tender breasts and nipples moved erotically as the thing started nibbling on one?

Then she felt the one between her legs as it started licking farther and farther up the inside of her thigh. This little mammal or whatever it was had apparently been like the other one drawn by the smell and now the taste of the stuff and her cum juices, the fact that it had been leaking out of her slit and slowly running down onto her incredibly stimulated and swollen clitoris and then dripping down, leaving a small puddle of warm cum on the floor directly below her clit!....

This feeling was incredible,... she was torn between not moving a muscle or trying to arch her muff back and down enough so that this little gremlin could actually help her orgasm!...OMG! Did she really want that? The one in front had settled down and was feasting on only one of her nipples and had actually started suckling on what was to him a most gorgeous and gigantic nipple, again the perverse sensation was incredible only stimulating her to even higher and a more wanting fever pitch!

This thing between her legs was getting closer and closer to her clit!, as it licked away. It had paused for a moment and was taking its time to lap up the puddle. She could hear in the quiet chamber the lapping and had visions of razor sharp little teeth biting into her ripe and over swollen and incredibly sensitive clitoris!... The pause was maddening, when this little rodent finally raised up on his hind legs had grasped her clitoris with both of his paws and had slightly buried his little needle like claws into it, and started to,....... “lick” ,..her clit!

This is when Maya experienced the most unbelievable trembling orgasm, that had started from deep within her sexual being! This had brought about a blood curdling long screaming wail,...with what she thought would be the puncturing of her ripe swollen grape like clitoris! She could just imagine as the razor sharp teeth punctured her most tender sexual treasure and her throbbing heart beat would leave blood spurting out of it in all directions from being horribly bitten!.. At the same time all of this happened one's mind fearing a dreadful sadistic event was in store had passed her mind into unconsciousness as Maya blanked out!

Continued in Chapter Four

Next for Maya? Slave training and sold at auction!

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