Asian Mom Jenny and her son Chris Series 3: Part 5

Asian Mom Jenny and her son Chris Series 3: Part 5

I awoke to the soft lyrics of my phone’s alarm, my eyes quickly realizing that I was in in my son’s room. Because of the few bottles of beer, Charles’ snoring was louder than usual last night, and by 3:30 I had given up altogether, sneaking into Chris’ for some shut eye.

I had purposefully set the alarm for 7:45, just to make sure I woke up before my husband. I might’ve enjoyed cuckolding Charles by kissing and touching his son in front of him, but I didn’t quite want him to know Chris and I were doing far more than that. Besides, there was my daughter to worry about too. And as naïve as she is, it’d probably be hard to explain why mommy is leaving her brother’s room in nothing but a tank top and panties.

However, getting out of bed was proving quite challenging. I was so warm and cozy lying next to Chris, sharing a comforting blanket between us. And the fact that his room was much smaller than my master bedroom, really helped preserve the heat from the cold February air outside.

But after several minutes of further procrastination, I finally bit the bullet and got up in one quick motion.

“Huh? Mom?”

“Oh I’m sorry honey. I didn’t mean to wake you” I apologized.

“Uggh, it’s okay” he responded, still half asleep. “Are we making pancakes now?”

“Not yet, it’s only 7:45. Go back to sleep. I’ll wake you up in an hour or two!”

“Are you sure?”

My instincts told me to say “no, actually get up. Mommy wants to fool around!” but seeing the look of stupor on his face made me feel too guilty for the words those to come out.

“Yeah, go back to sleep. I still have a few things I need to get done beforehand”

“Thanks mom” he smiled, reaching out to delicately grab my hand, planting a soft kiss.

I sneakily left like a one night stand from a college dorm room. And surprisingly, it was actually exciting because I had never actually experienced it before. The only difference of course was instead of wanting to avoid other students and neighbors, I was just trying to avoid my daughter and husband; so same thing really.

There actually were a few chores I needed to do, which along with a yoga session, took up most of the early morning. By the time I wrapped, Jessie had woken up; carrying a backpack full of her new colored pencils and white paper, plopping herself down on the sofa in front of morning cartoons.

Surprisingly, Chris followed her down just a few minutes later, saving me a trip upstairs.

“Up already honey? I was just going to get you” I said, pulling out the ingredients we needed and laying them out on the kitchen counter.

“Yeah. Jessie kinda woke me up” he answered, taking a glance over at his sister before approaching me for a morning kiss.

“Should I just throw these in the laundry basket?” he asked, cradling my pair of pink running shorts. Only looking at them now did I remember slipping them off last night when I snuggled up against Chris in bed.

“Why didn’t you just throw it in your own hamper honey? I would’ve gotten it later!” I giggled.

“Well, just in case dad finds it”

“You think your father would actually be kind enough to do laundry? I’m not sure he even knows how the machine works!” I laughed.

“I mean just in case he goes snooping around. I don’t want him to think…you know –“

“that you’re fucking your mommy?!” I exclaimed, finishing his sentence.

I hadn’t told Chris that his dad actually was snooping around, spying on us making out last night. Part of me was afraid that Chris would start to act differently while a much bigger part simply felt it was so much hotter if he didn’t know. It had been so fun using Chris to tease my husband that I wanted to do it again.

“Or that I’m stealing your shorts to masturbate or something” he chuckled.

“Mmm” I nodded sarcastically. “Because that would be much worse for him than finding out that his wife spent the evening fucking the brains out of her son!”

“Pshh. With the way you’ve been acting I’m sure he’s already suspicious” he answered, once again showing how smart he is.

“You think so?!” I grinned.

He looked at me with slight astonishment, both surprised, yet at the same time, completely expecting my reaction.

“Jeez mom, do you ever turn off?! I’m supposed to be the irresponsible teenager here!” he laughed.

“Yeah, but because your weird and not, mommy gets to be!” I giggled, grabbing his shirt roughly and pulling him in for a deep kiss.

“But I think you’re starting to like fooling around in front of your dad!” I giggled.

“Eh. It’s – it’s more seeing how slutty you are that turns me on” he corrected.

“Oh is that it, honey?! You like seeing mommy act slutty in front of your dad?” I asked, massaging the tent in sweatpants.

“I mean that look in your eye whenever you use me to tease dad…it’s so hot!”

I was facing my daughter, actually hoping she would turn her head towards the kitchen and see us; it wouldn’t exactly be the first either. Chris and I kissed so much in the house that Jessie had gotten used to it, not even blinking when she saw it anymore.

But most of those were just short pecks, never lasting more than a few seconds. It was just that one time on vacation that she caught us making out. So naturally, I was curious to see how she’d react to seeing me and Chris straight up making out now. Because if she didn’t make a big deal out of it, then Chris and I could freely do so again in the future.

But the idea was all for naught; Jessie was so immersed in her own activities to pay any attention elsewhere.

“Did you want to fuck mommy before we start?”

“Jessie’s right behind us” he answered with a smile, his eyes widening.

“We can go somewhere else”

“No. it’s okay”

“You sure? How about a blowjob?”

I loved how casual this question had become. It was as if I asked him if he wanted a snack.

“Let’s just start with the pancakes. I’m actually pretty hungry” he smiled.

That came as no surprise considering all the energy he used last night. Plus, all the “fluids” he had lost as well.

“Sure!” I exclaimed.

“Ok let’s start by sifting through the flour” I said. “Here, I’ll show you first. We just hold the sieve with one hand, and gently tap the side with the other” I demonstrated.

“What’s the point of the sifter?”

“It makes the flour much lighter; better for mixing things in. So if we’re making a cake or batter, it’s very necessary” I answered.

Chris’ chuckling made me look up from what I was doing.

“What’s so funny?” I smiled.

“Nothing” he continued laughing. “You look so cute when you’re all serious!”

I could feel the red rushing right to my cheeks!

Chris must’ve picked up on it too.

“Awww! Mom, your blushing!” he exclaimed.

“Shush! Pay attention here! This is important!” I responded, but unable to hide my huge grin.

“Yes Ma’am!” Chris joked, saluting me like a drill sergeant.

“Is this how you act in school to with your teachers? It’s a miracle you’re as good of a student as you are!”

“What can I say, I’m just that smart!” he said sarcastically.

“Well mister. Let’s see how good your math skills are!” I shot back. “We’re making 10 flapjacks. I’ve written down the recipe for 4 on the counter. Now go adjust it!”

“Yes!” he saluted again, making me laugh.

I carefully watched as Chris did the next few steps of mixing in the sugar, salt and baking powder as the butter began melting on the griddle on the stove.

“What’s next?”

“Add in the butter, eggs, and milk” I instructed.

“This is easy!” he proclaimed.

“Relax honey, it’s just pancakes” I smiled, waiting for the batter to become smooth.

“Is it done?” I asked, sticking a finger on the edge and tasting the mixture.

“Mmm… nice and smooth” I moaned. “Want a sample?”

Chris nodded, parting his lips.

But instead of sticking my finger inside his waiting mouth, I playfully wiped it on his cheek.

“Mom!” he exclaimed, not expecting it.

I only responded by laughing deviously, sticking my tongue out to tease him more.

“Oh it’s on!” he chuckled.

He placed the bowl of batter down and scooped two fingerful himself, rushing after me. I made an attempt to run, but my positioning was awkward, caught in a corner.


“Auggh!” I shrieked, laughing at the same time as I felt the pancake mix smear across my face.

“How dare you?!” I asked, feigning anger.

Quickly I pushed Chris out of the way and went for some more myself, but Chris was fast, hugging me from behind and grabbing hold of both my wrists.

We laughed and giggled together, with me finally giving up and spinning around, kissing him hard on the lips.

“mmm. If I knew cooking was going to be this fun, I would’ve signed up for it much earlier” Chris said licking my cheek to clean off the mess.

“Then again, with you mom, I’m not sure how much we’d get done”

“Oh, we would all starve and have to order take out every night!” I smiled, acknowledging how true his statement was.

And as if to prove my point, I grabbed his right hand and moved it to my ass.

While Chris noticed nothing out of the ordinary, I had more deceitful intentions. In our little struggle, he had gotten more white flour on his right hand, a hand that now had a palm full of my ass. I couldn’t be sure, but I was hoping, maybe even praying, that it would leave a nice little hand print on my black yoga pants for my husband to see when he came down.

So as soon as I felt Chris give it a good squeeze, I slowly broke off our embrace, ensuring that he didn’t ruin the evidence.

“Ready to cook now?”

“Yeah” Chris nodded.

With everything set up, cooking the actual pancakes was quite easy, just taking a little patience since we had so much batter.

That turned out to be a surprising benefit. By the time we had three left, the aroma of the freshly cooked pancakes must’ve made their way upstairs, stirring my husband awake.

He lumbered down just as we were finishing up, having all the signs of a typical hangover. And after taking one quick look at as us, poured himself a mug of coffee and took a seat in the living room Barcalounger.

“Could you turn the volume down a bit sweetie?” I heard him ask.

“Sweetie, are you hungry? Come over and have some breakfast” I shouted, seeing it as a good time get my husband alone.

She came bolting over, but her smile quickly vanished upon seeing her brother by the stove.

“Did you make these?” she asked condescendingly.

“Yeah, extra special. Just for you!” Chris teased back, handing her a plate of 2 flapjacks.

“Mom! Did Chris put something gross in my pancakes?”

“Oh honey, stop teasing your sister!” I sighed. “And sweetie don’t be so gullible. They’re fine, mommy was watching him”

“Not the entire time!” Chris joked, faking an evil laugh at his sister.

“Oh my god!” I exclaimed with a smile, punching Chris on the arm.

“Ow!” he shrieked.

“Stop goofing around and finish up here” I said, leaving for the bathroom.

I was in and out very fast, staying just to check that the evidence of Chris groping my ass was still there; it was. Upon seeing it, I instantly grinned, walking out the door towards the living room.

“Breakfast is ready” I announced quietly, pretending to check up on the house plants I had on the TV counter.

I made sure to take my time, ensuring that my husband wouldn’t miss it. Only when I felt it was long enough did I turn around. And right away I got all the confirmation I needed; Charles’ eyes instantly went up from looking at my waist to my face, mouth gaped open from shock.

“You’re still here? Don’t want breakfast?” I asked.

“You made pancakes?”

“I made it with Chris” I answered, with just the smallest hint of a grin.

“Something wrong?” I asked innocently, almost daring him to say something.

“No” he managed to stammer out, leaving for the kitchen.

Fuck that felt so good! Seeing the complete look of dismay on his face was so worth it!

So after taking a few seconds to compose myself, I headed over to the breakfast table as well.

“ha ha haha!” My daughter laughed.

“Hmm?” I smiled, turning to look at her.

“Mom, you have a handprint on your butt!” she giggled.

“I do?” I said, playing along.

I pretended to look embarrassed, shooting a glance at my husband. Charles was drinking his cup of coffee and didn’t respond. Meanwhile, Chris was looking straight down at his plate of food, cheeks blushing red, both men knowing who was responsible.

“Oh…I guess we got a little messy when we cooked!” I said, laughing to play it off.

“Did Chris do that?! Did he touch your butt mom?!” she pressed further, oblivious to all the tension between the rest of us.

“I don’t know, maybe –“

“look there’s still flour on his hand!” she added, pointing at her brother.

“Eww Chris! You touched mommy’s butt! I hope you did that after you finished cooking!” she teased.

Chris was looking more and more uncomfortable, for once acting like his father, stuffing his mouth with a big bite of pancakes.

“Okay that’s enough teasing! I’m sure he didn’t mean to!” I said, trying to save the situation.

She grinned proudly at her brother, reveling that she one this exchange, leaving the rest of us to eat in awkward silence.

“Whoa, sweetie where are you going?”

“I’m finished. I’m going upstairs to draw more!” she announced, rushing off to grab her stuff and heading upstairs.

The three of us sat and ate quietly at the kitchen counter. And while the tension between Chris and Charles was responsible for their silence, mine was because my mind was on other things; wondering how I could cuckold my husband even more.

“Honey? After breakfast, you think you could give mommy a foot massage? I think I worked out a little too hard this morning and you’ve done such a good job before!” I smiled, turning to look at him.

“yeah , sure! I’m just about done anyways!” Chris declared, pushing his half-eaten plate aside, just happy to escape the awkward table.

“Great! Do you know where the bottle of-“

“massage oil? In the cupboard of the upstairs bathroom right? I’ll grab it!” he exclaimed, bolting out his seat.

My husband was left at the table alone as I began migrating over to the living room. I was just praying that he would stay there until Chris got back, and the real teasing could begin!

Luckily Chris was fast, taking just half a minute to race upstairs and return. I was already on the 3 person sofa, my back against the far end so that I could face my husband in the kitchen. Chris immediately took his seat on the other end, turned towards me so his back was to his father, and delicately grasped my feet in his palms.

Just as he was about to put on the oil, he paused, slowly bringing my feet near his nose, and inhaled.

“Uughh” he moaned, his body shuddering.

“Did you not shower after your workout, mom?” he whispered.

“mm-mm” I smiled, shaking my head no. “Does mommy’s feet stink? I bet they’re all covered in dried sweat!” I teased.

Chris gulped, moving his head to the side as if he wanted to glance back at his father, but stopped well short. I could see the conundrum he had; on one hand he wanted to grab both my feet and shove my toes towards his nose, taking big long whiffs of it. But on the other, with his dad watching, he couldn’t be so bold.

I was just grinning, waiting to see what would win; his brain or his penis!

And like most teenage boys, the penis quickly prevailed. Chris held my feet together and lowered his head forward, moaning as he inhaled by stench.

When he brought his head back up, he face looked like a drug addict that had finally got his fix after waiting for several hours. It made me so wet!

After a few more whiffs from Chris, the actual massage started. He began gently, just softly rubbing the massage oil on first, coating both feet liberally. Once he felt satisfied, Chris started working my soles and the top part of my foot, soothing the muscles with his fingers.

“Uuggh! That feels great honey!” I moaned softly.

“Thanks mom” Chris smiled.

“You don’t mind do you, honey? I hope mommy’s not interrupting your morning!” I asked sarcastically.

“Oh, no it’s fine mom”

“you sure?” I teased further.

“yeah” he smiled. “besides mom, you know I’ll never say no to massaging your feet” he whispered.

“Awww!” I exclaimed loudly.

I wasn’t staring at my husband, but from my peripheral vison I could tell he was watching us closely. He was still pretending to read his paper as he ate, and although he lowered his head, it didn’t help disguise the fact that his eyes were looking towards us. And because our conversation level wasn’t too high, Charles was straining his neck trying to hear.

“Do you like mommy’s pedicure? I just got it done recently” I asked sarcastically, at a louder volume. It was all for show. After all, Chris had been handpicking the color of my toes for months now. Almost like a puppy, he would wait restlessly at home for me to return from the salon, with a freshly painted set of toes to worship.

“Yeah! This shade of red looks really nice, kinda like a ripe watermelon” he smiled, playing along.

“You think so? How about you give it a lick and see if it tastes like one too!” I laughed playfully, pointing my right foot towards his mouth.

Chris, surprising me, showed no hesitation, immediately sucking the big toe in his mouth and twirling his tongue around. I think the fact that I didn’t shower after my workout had a lot to do with how horny he was!

“Ahhh! That tickles!” I giggled, making my voice sound extra flirty.

Chris played along, abandoning his hand on my left foot and grabbing my right with both. Then, as if we were alone, began kissing and licking the rest of my toes, one by one. I responded by squirming like a little schoolgirl, as if I wanted to get free from his “tickling.”

The whole time, I stared at Chris with a gigantic smile on my face. And in the background, I could see my husband sitting uneasily in his seat. It was like a car accident, where you want to look away but you can’t, that your eyes are just transfixed on the sight in front of you. My husband had the same look. And with Chris’ back blocking his view, he couldn’t actually tell if my feet really were in his son’s mouth or just in front of his face.

Along with my laughs, I slowly added sensual moans. They were subtle, mixing in with the soft slurping and sucking noise from Chris’ lips.

“So, what’s the verdict?” I giggled. “Or do you need more time?”

“well…” he answered, letting his voice trail off as he began lick between my toes.

Chris’ expression had changed from when we started. The playful smile had shifted to a much more passionate and lustful look. He was definitely enjoying himself fully now! Seeing the dark desires in Chris’ eyes, I flashed him a wicked grin. I moved my left foot, completely blocked from my husband’s view, right onto Chris’ crotch, rubbing smoothly on his cock. He responded by shifting his position, bringing his right knee up on the sofa, his body completely facing me now. I very quickly found the waistband of his sweats with my toes and pushed it lower, eventually freeing his cock.

I have to admit, it was a little surprising to see Chris let me go this far, but I sure wasn’t going to complain! He must’ve found the whole scenario as hot as I did, and with us doing more and more in front of his dad without a response, Chris had gotten used to it too.

Gently, I rubbed the head of his cock with the sole, smearing his pre-cum on the bottom of my foot. From there, I used my toes to play with his shaft, rubbing and stroking it gently. Chris’ attention never left my right foot though, as he caressed them more and more lewdly with his mouth.

Charles on the other hand, had actually started leaning to his left, trying to create an angle where he could see what was really going on. He looked completely taken back by our boldness, yet couldn’t leave. Well if he wanted to see that badly, then might as well give him an eyeful!

I so desperately wanted to push Chris back, making him lean enough so my husband could see the way I was teasing his son’s cock with my toes. But I knew that would be way too much. Charles might’ve been a wimp, but even he would react if he saw that. So instead, I decided on something else.

“You look uncomfortable sitting like that honey? Let’s make it a little easier!” I smiled, putting his cock back into its hideout, and swinging both my legs to the floor.

Before he could respond, I leaned forward and kissed him intensely on the mouth. Feeling confident from the fact that Charles had already seen us making out yesterday and said nothing, I kept my eyes closed, digging my tongue deep into Chris’ mouth, as my husband watched from the kitchen.

“Why don’t you sit back honey” I ensured, gently turning Chris until he was sitting normally on the couch, facing towards the TV. Quickly, so I could hide his raging hard on, I placed both my feet across his legs as I returned to my own seat.

Now, my husband had a clear view of everything. He was directly facing me still, and with Chris’ body no longer blocking his view, he could clearly see exactly where my feet were. Our eyes locked for a second, with me flashing him a grin and turning my attention back to Chris.

“Honey, could you add some more oil? It seems to have dried up!”

“Sure mom” Chris answered, completely under my control now.

Charles was leaning forward on the table, his plate of breakfast and newspaper pushed aside, watching as his son slowly dripped massage oil on my feet and then joined them with his fingers. Immediately I moaned.

Chris was so far under my spell that I’m not even sure if he remembered he had a father, much less that he was actually watching us. Taking advantage of this, I began subtly moving my left foot higher up.

“Work on this one more honey! It’s a little sorer!” I smiled.

Chris quickly obliged, and once his focus was there, I put my plan into action. Again, my other foot went to his crotch, but this time in plain view. Chris tried protesting and pulling away, but I pinched him hard on the thigh, letting him know who was in charge.

I let it gently sit on Chris’ rock hard cock, with just a thin layer of sweats between us. And at the same time, my own hand went between my legs, fingers gently circling my pussy outside my shorts. Charles was so focused on Chris’ massaging hands that it forced me to rub more deliberately, emphasizing the motion on my crotch.

At last, his eyes darted to the spot, bulged out in shock and immediately rushed up to meet mine.

I had no expression on my face, just staring right back at him, daring him to come and do something. It was my way of saying “and you thought your son grabbing my ass was bad!”

It wasn’t overly blatant; I wasn’t lewdly rubbing my hands in full circles as if I was alone, mostly just sliding my fingers up and down. Still, it should be more than enough for him to understand my intention. Yet Charles surprised me by staring back just as emotionless, not moving as well.

So to take it to the next level, I slowly added more wrist movement, middle finger rubbing against my clit. Charles gulped.

And as our stare down continued, I never stopped pleasuring myself or removed my foot from his son’s erection. The tension in the room was at its highest, everyone completely silent, save for the sound of the lubricating oil massaging my left foot.

I had already made up my mind; I was not going to break. If he was going to continue watching, I would take it farther, slipping my hand down my shorts and fingering myself. From there, I would pull my left foot away from Chris’ hand, joining it with the other one on his crotch. And instead of just lying on top of his cock, I would methodically give his son a footjob through his sweats. And if Charles was determined to keep staring, I would-


My thoughts were interrupted by my husband’s phone, immediately putting an end to our battle of wills. It took a few rings until Charles recognized what was going on, answering it and walking into the dining room, sliding the door shut.

Instantly, I grabbed Chris, dragging him on top of me for a kiss.

“Fuck me!” I commanded.

“What?! No! Dad could –“

“Shut up and give mommy that cock!” I exclaimed, pushing his hands away from protecting his prized possession.

“Mom, I want to too! Trust me!” he said, staring deep in my eyes. “But dad’ll be right back!”

My head was scrambling, hardly able to make any rational decision.

“Fine! Get that cock out! Mommy needs at least a taste!” I said, sounding possessed.

This time Chris didn’t put much of a fight, and I had had his cock out and jammed all the way down my throat in seconds.

“AUugghhh!!!” I moaned loudly, not caring if my husband were to walk back in and see us.

Chris at least had the sensibility to grab a pillow and block the view from the kitchen if my husband were to return, all the while trying his best not to scream.

But when I began to face fuck myself on his thick rod, he finally let out a moan of passion.

“Fucckk!! Mom!! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna – OH Fuckkk!!”

It had been months since he came this quick to a blowjob, catching me by complete surprise. He began shooting his load down my throat, causing me to choke and cough violently. But even still, I kept my mouth glued on his manhood, determined to milk him dry first.

When I finally came up for air, my mouth was a mess; dripping with saliva and jizz. There were strands of it, hanging from my cheek to my neck.

“Jesus mom! You look like a slut right now!” Chris exclaimed, frantically trying to grab tissue papers and wipe me clean.

I was just laughing the entire time, without a care in the world.

So of course, my husband’s timing was perfect, sliding open the dining room door and entering back into the kitchen. Chris had just managed to put his deflating cock away.

“Jason called” he said, looking at me. “I invited him and another partner at the firm, Gary, over to watch an NBA game. They’ll be here sometime in the late afternoon though for drinks”

I had a feeling that this was his way of sucking up to some of the other partners at his job as well as keeping my actions in check by introducing guests into the house; two birds with one stone.

“And you’re telling me this now? I assume they’re staying for dinner” I asked in frustration, wiping off some of the leftover cum off my face. I don’t think he could tell from where he stood, but honestly I didn’t care.

“Well you were busy last night, so…” he said sternly.

“Oh right! I was” I answered with a grin, quickly changing my husband’s demeanor.

“okay, I’ll fix something up” I said.

“Thanks for the massage, honey! It really helped mommy out!” I smiled, bending down and kissing Chris again on the lips, and unbeknownst to my husband, slipped some of my son’s own cum back into his mouth.

“As for now, I think I need a relaxing shower!” I giggled, walking in front of Charles and heading up the stairs.

I grabbed my ipad and drew myself a warm bath, emerging myself in the relaxing water. Unfortunately, it did little to the burning demands my pussy still had, screaming to be filled. I wanted so bad to text Chris, telling him to come and fuck his mommy silly.

But knowing it was impossible right now, I decided on the next best thing, grabbing my glass dildo and sending a video message over to my sister.

“How’s it going slut?” I jokingly greeted.

“Not bad. How about you? Fuck my nephew today?”

Her deadpan delivery made me giggle, bringing a warming sensation through my body.

“No, but I did give him a footjob in front of my husband” I said nonchalantly, embellishing the truth.

Lily immediately grabbed her phone, staring at me in confusion.

“What the fuck?!” she exclaimed.

The entire screen shook as she moved around her apartment, finally sitting still again when she climbed onto her bed.

“Are you serious? What the fuck happened?!”

I laughed instantly, loving that I could still surprise her.

“Ok, okay! It wasn’t a real footjob, Chris still had his sweats on. But I did touch him in front of his dad!”

“Oh my god sis, you’re officially the biggest slut in the world!” she exclaimed.

“Did he- when did – how’d it start?” she finally managed to ask.

“Well you know how I told you that Chris and I have been kissing in front of Charles?”


“Well this morning, since I didn’t get the chance to fuck Chris, I was feeling…adventurous”

“And Charles what, just stood there?!” she asked in shock.

“What’s he gonna do? His promotion is being announced in a week I think. Considering what he does, what do you thinks gonna happen if his company finds out that his perfect little family image is a complete lie; that his wife is fucking her own son because Charles himself is sleeping around with his 23 year old secretary?” I answered defiantly.

“I mean, I guess that makes sense” Lily stammered.

“So…he knows about you two?”

“He knows I’m purposefully flirting with Chris. And after today, he knows that kissing might not be the only thing I’m open to with my son” I giggled. “but he doesn’t know we’re fucking”

“Oh, and I forgot to tell you. He was actually spying on me yesterday!”

“What, really?!” Lily exclaimed.

“Yeah. Last night he was pretending to take a shower while actually peeking out from the bathroom, watching what I was doing!”

‘Oh my god! So what’d you do?”

I grinned right away.

“Well I pretended not to notice. And then, I uh…invited Chris over to help me “fix” something” I smiled. “We ended up making out for about a minute or so”

“Wait, like make out make out?! Like the way I caught you two do it?!”

‘Mhm” I giggled. “I even pulled Chris down to my neck and had him nearly give me a hickey.”

As the conversation began to heat up, I quietly slid the glass dildo in my pussy, trying to sound discrete. But the ripples of the bath water were betraying me.

“What is that? That sound?”

“What sound?” I feigned ignorance.

“Oh my god, are you fucking yourself right now?!”

I burst out laughing, pulling my glass dildo out of the water and showing it to the camera.

“I guess I’m not the only one!” my sister giggled, tilting the camera down and lifting the covers to show her own fingers jammed in her pussy.

“my, my Lily? Are you pleasuring yourself to the thought of your sister and nephew? What a naughty girl!” I joked.

“Yeah I’m the naughty one!” she shot back. “I’m surprised Chris isn’t there with you, slamming into your pussy as we talk”

“I wish!”

“Same!” Lily giggled.

“Yeah?” I asked in excitement.

My mind instantly raced to when that was a reality and I was dying to see it again. I had enjoyed our threesome before, but to be honest, it was almost hotter just sitting next to them, watching as my son made my sister scream in ecstasy.

“uh-huh! I miss that cock of his…especially after how much training you’ve put it through!”

“why don’t you come up and visit. I’m sure your nephew will be excited!” I giggled, trying to hide my own excitement.

“What about Charles? Isn’t he going to be there?”

“Mostly no. He’s been home late these last few weeks, usually coming back already eaten dinner with a certain, womanly fragrance on him. Plus he’ll be traveling more, that’s for sure”

“I’ve been meaning to ask you. What…what’s the situation like with you and him? Cuz you said he knows that you know about his affair, right?”

“Well I never deliberately said it aloud, so he’s never openly admitted it either. But…there’s been enough clues from me that he knows I’m aware”

“So…are you two-“

“getting divorced? No. I mean its not like it’s a super bad deal for him now” I said.

Lily responded with a perplexed look, not sure what I meant.

“I mean all he cares about right now is getting that promotion. And recently, I see why. His job is basically going to be socializing with clients- taking them to dinner, golfing, or clubs; making sure they have a good time before talking about business. And with that blond bimbo by his side, he’s got something to show off and play around with when he wants” I answered.

“He’s probably been dreaming of a life like that ever since he was a small pimply teenager” I scoffed.

My sister was slowly nodding her head.

“If we were to get divorced, it would jeopardize his job already, so there’s no way he would even think about calling out me and Chris publicly. So in that regard, he’d actually be paying us alimony anyways. Then there’s telling his parents…and it just gets really messy. As it is now, its much better for him. He keeps the image of a good father and husband to his company, can happily drink and party with his clients, and no longer fears me finding out about his affair”


“yeah, like honestly, I know I’ve done something that’s terrible and unforgivable, but he’s not getting the short end of the stick. Yes, I’ve completely abandoned our marriage vows, but he did the same long before me”

“Anyways, enough about that, how’s your own boy-toy” I asked.

“He’s learning” she nodded, making us both giggle. “He’s still young so just good, but not great in bed yet, but there’s time.”

“So not as good as Chris, huh?” I teased.

“maybe not, but the sex is undoubtedly hotter. You have no idea how it feels to be fucking a boy. I mean a boy, he’s younger than Chris!” she exclaimed.

“Yeah, tell me more?” I laughed, playing with myself again.

“Well he’s not the only one. You know my bitchy boss?”

I nodded yes.

“Well I kinda made her son my personal little sex slave for a few days and then from there…let’s just say I’ve experimented elsewhere, to varying degrees” she laughed.

“and you call me a slut?! How many virginities have you taken!”

“not that many! Most of them I just make out with or let them feel me up!” she added. “God, some of them were so naïve that just kissing me had them wetting their pants!”

“Sounds hot! And makes me feel bad for not starting things with Chris when he was a little younger!”

“Oh please, Sis! With how much you demand from his cock, I’d be surprised if it still works in a year or two much less starting earlier!” she joked.

“Oh, no worries there! My son’s an absolute stud in the bedroom. He puts his father to complete shame!” I proudly proclaimed.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe this is how you talk now! If I heard these words come out of your mouth just a year ago, I would’ve checked you into a psychiatric hospital for testing!”

“What?! It’s the truth and you know it!” I exclaimed. “I’m absolutely obsessed with his cock! Using it whenever I want, however I want!”

“You’re getting me excited too!” my sister laughed.

“So, come on up! I promise Chris’ll give you a proper fucking!”

“Oh that sounds hot! Ok let’s do it!”

“Great! Charles will be gone for a meeting sometime in the next week after his promotion. I”ll figure out the details and let you know when”

“A meeting or a “meeting?””

“who cares? He can fuck his secretary all he wants, as long as I’m getting the same with his son!”

“Ok, okay! You convinced me! Should it be just for a long weekend then?”

“Can you get off longer than that? Whatever it is, we can figure it out later!”

“Fuck! My pussy is dripping just thinking about it!”

“Should I let you go then?” I giggled.

“Yeah, we can talk tomorrow. I’m gonna go find Timmy and have him eat me out for the next hour! Bye slut!”

I always loved talking to my sister. It’s just that now the subjects have changed, that’s all.

I fought over telling Chris or not, but settled on waiting for another night to spring the good news. There were still some motherly errands and work I needed to complete before Charles’ guests arrived.

While I was busy cleaning the house, Charles was on his laptop most of the day, looking over basketball articles and stats. I found it a little odd until I realized that he was basically cramming for an exam, trying to look “educated’ on the subject for when his co-workers arrived. Just seeing his concentration only reconfirmed how much he wanted this promotion.

“You don’t have to get dressed up or anything. They’re just coming over for the game, nothing formal” my husband said, looking over at the attire I had on.

I giggled. “Actually, I have to go drop Jessie off. And the last thing I need is those mothers gossiping and judging her because I showed up in sweats”

“I’m sure you can imagine what a nasty rumor can do to a reputation” I grinned at him.

“I’ll wait downstairs. They should be here soon” he mumbled, not wanting to continue this conversation.

After being satisfied with the result in the mirror, I left for my daughter’s room.

“Hey sweetheart, do you have everything you need for your sleepover“

“mom! You should knock first!” she pouted.

“Sorry!” I apologized, forgetting her newfound desire for privacy.

But as for getting dressed, I didn’t have to worry too much. Jessie already had most of her outfit done just lacking her socks and shoes, reminding me that I needed to pick a pair myself out.

“I’ll leave you to it then, young lady” I smiled.

With those two occupied, I decided to go check up on Chris, hoping for a little fun before I had to leave.

“How’s it going honey?” I greeted.

“Oh. Hey mom” he answered, turning around form a desk full of books. “Oh you’re going out?”

I had on a simple white blouse and a black pencil skirt that went just below the knee, along with matching black stockings. It wasn’t anything over the top, but I guess still noticeably different from my usual outfit at home.

“Yeah, I have to go drop off your sister. Does mommy look good?” I teased.

“Of course! You look like a sexy lawyer, mom” he smiled, hugging and kissing me.

“Really?!” I grinned. “Because mommy’s head’s filled with all types of illegal thoughts!” I smirked.

I was still horny from earlier in the morning.

“Should mommy take off her panties?” I joked.

Chris didn’t answer and just made a light chuckle at my joke. His hands however did reach for my ass, feeling me up over my skirt.

“Mom, I’m ready to - Blah!” My daughter joked, making a vial face when she saw us kissing.

In my own haste I had forgotten to close the door, marking the second time my daughter caught us making out.

“Are you going to touch mom’s butt again?!” she said bantering with her brother.

To keep it playful, I smiled right at Jessie, rotating my hips to show that her brother’s hand was already there.

“Eww! Mom! You’re letting him touch your butt!” she laughed.

“So? Maybe your brother likes it?!” I said, blowing a raspberry at her.

“Do you Chris?! Do you like touching mom’s butt?!”

“uh –“ he hesitated, leaving all the opening my daughter needed.

“You do! You do!” she exclaimed. “That’s gross Chris!”

“Well mommy likes when your brother does it” I said, smiling at Chris.

But before my daughter could ask too many questions, I quickly changed the subject.

“Are you ready to go?”


“Ok sweetie, why don’t you go wait downstairs for a bit while mommy picks out a pair of shoes”

“Is Chris going to help?!” she teased.

“maybe!” I smiled, walking over to her and booping her nose. “Now go wait downstairs, mommy’ll be there very soon”

Jessie rolled her eyes but followed my instructions, grabbed her backpack and sleeping bag, heading downstairs.

“Come on honey, let’s go pick out mommy a pair of heels!” I exclaimed, grabbing him and heading to my bedroom.

I tried a few on for Chris, modeling them for him. In the meantime, I could hear from the laughter downstairs that Charles’ guests had arrived.

“Don’t just stare at my feet honey! Which one?!” I giggled, seeing that familiar look of lust in his eyes.

“Sorry, mom. My mind keeps going elsewhere” he chuckled. “I think the pair you tried on before is the best”

“These?” I said, holding them up.

“Yeah. Nice and open to show off your pedicure, and not too high, the white matches your blouse too”

“Aww! How thoughtful!” I giggled, giving him a kiss. “Want to help mommy put them on?”

“What about -“

“it’s alright” I smirked, taking a seat on the ottoman seat.

“I don’t know mom. I don’t think we should. Dad’s friends are here, I think” he chuckled.

Despite his words, he did drop to one knee, carefully slipping my feet into the heels and buckling them tightly around my ankle. But as he got up, I quickly pulled him against my body, planting a deep kiss on his lips.

“Can you taste the flavor of mommy’s lipstick?” I teased.

“I’m gonna need more sampling” he shot back with a smile, pulling my left leg up, against his hip.

“mmm. Cherry” he answered, his hand sliding up and down my stocking covered thighs.

It didn’t take long until his palm found my ass again, kneading the flesh as his fingertips snuck underneath my panties. I could feel him digging into my crack, his middle finger quickly finding my asshole as he slid the first two inches inside.

“Oh, is that what my baby boy wants” I giggled. “Do you want to fuck mommy’s ass before I leave?!”

“I’d love to, but there’s not enough time” he panted.

“Okay then, but let’s at least take care of that bulge in your pants” I giggled. “I’m sure you wouldn’t want to walk downstairs with that thing!”

Not giving Chris much of an option, I instantly dropped to my knees, getting his cock out of his sweats in seconds. And true to my word, I didn’t look to tease or edge Chris, not this time, going straight for deepthroating.

“Auuggh!” he exclaimed, his body convulsing from the pleasure my mouth brought him.

“Fuck, mom!”

It was only hearing Chris’ attempt to be quiet that I remembered my husband was still waiting downstairs for us to leave, no doubt fearing that his guests would see something they shouldn’t.

And as if he read my mind, he began climbing up the stairs. I could tell from the squeaking of the hardwood that Charles was being deliberately slow. I don’t know if it was to give us ample warning to stop what we were doing or if he himself had no desire to catch us doing something he didn’t want to see.

Regardless, it allowed plenty of time for Chris and I to cover ourselves backup, with me stuffing Chris’ erection back into his pants. But just as Chris thought I was done and was about to walk out the closet, I surprised him by embracing him with another hug and kiss. Even as the sound of his father’s footsteps came into the bedroom, I stood my ground defiantly.

“Are you done Jen?” Charles asked, glaring at me.

There was no hint of surprise in his voice. Not this time. He undoubtedly knew that we would be making out and was probably hoping that the sternness of his words, combined with his head on approach, would deter us. Sorry, but not good enough.

I made him wait for a few seconds longer, continuing to moan into Chris’ mouth. And since he already knew, I had no intention of moving Chris’ hand from the top of my ass, leaving it there for my husband to see.

“Thanks for helping mommy pick out some shoes!” I smiled at Chris. “Why don’t you get back to your schoolwork, I’ll come and bring you a snack after dropping off your sister!”

Chris nodded his head before quietly walking past his father and exiting the closet.

With just the two of us again, I could feel the tension building. There was no doubt in my mind that I had definitely pushed it too far. But at the same time, that was always my intention. It not only tuned me on cuckolding my husband, but it was also humorous; with his guests downstairs, how much humiliation could he take before popping.

“What?!” I asked rhetorically. “I thought you asked me to behave in front of your co-workers. You didn’t say anything about before” I grinned.

With my husband’s attention focused on me, I casually began fixing my skirt and stockings, hoping that it would fill his thoughts with horror images of his son’s hands roaming up and down my body. I wanted him to envision Chris groping my ass freely, all while I whispered sweet words of encouragement.

The two of us slowly descended the stairs, and by the time we got to the bottom, were completely in sync, ready to fool anyone as a happy couple.

“Oh hello! I’m Charles wife, Jenny! Nice to meet you both!” I exclaimed with a huge fake smile.

Right away I could tell both of them were staring at me, their eyes filled with lustful intentions. And despite the fact that I had started getting used to these looks from other men, it was still surprising seeing it in my own home.

Jason’s eyes were slightly more acceptable, marveling at the beauty of my face and smile. His older friend Gary on the other hand was gawking at my legs and the hem of my skirt; imagining what I’d look like without them.

I had intended to give both men a polite hug, but seeing their hungry eyes grossed me out too much, and I settle for handshakes instead.

“And I was wondering where Jessie got her beauty from! Will you be joining us tonight?” Gary asked.

“Oh, no! I’m afraid I’m not much of a basketball fan” I responded.

“I have to drop off my daughter for a sleepover anyways and then start dinner. Make yourself comfortable!” I smiled.

“Ok, see you in a bit dear” my husband said.

And in an act that completely surprised me, Charles leaned over and planted a big kiss on my mouth. It wasn’t too long or anything, but had caught me completely off guard.

And when he broke it off, I could see the slight smirk on his face. I guess this was his way of getting back at me, now testing if I would do anything about it.

I responded with a stone cold expression and glare, holding it there for a few seconds. Slowly, that grin on Charles’ face began to disappear, his mind fully realizing the monumental fuck up he just made.

I still had no idea how I was going to punish him, but all the rage building inside was easily going to make it happen.

“Well have fun. I’ll be back in a bit to make dinner” I said, staring right at my husband, threatening him with my eyes.

He quickly looked away, ushering his guests into the living room sofa while I gathered Jessie and left for the garage.

“That fucking pig! I can’t believe he just kissed me!” I fumed to myself.

“Mom – mom!”

“Huh?” I asked, taking a second to register her question.

“Mom, how come you have to get dressed up to drop me off?”

“Oh” I said. “Well, you know how you want to look good in front of your friends? Not wear anything with princesses or flowers on them?” I said, half-teasing the fact that she wanted to dress more like a grown-up now.

“mhm” she nodded.

“Well I’m doing the same for when I meet Tina’s parents and the other mom’s that are dropping off your friends”

“oh! I get it!” she smiled, buckling herself up in the car.

“Yeah, good sweetie! You wouldn’t want me to wear just sweats when I drop you off, do you? Then the other girls will tease you about it!”

“hmm. Yeah! Thanks mom!” she exclaimed.

I looked over at her, relieved that her aptitude for conversation was helping me cool my head off.

“So, is that why Chris helped you pick out shoes? So you’ll look good?”

“Exactly!” I said, happy to spin it in a positive way.

“Your brother’s really popular with the girls so his eye for fashion is good!” I added. It was half true I suppose; Chris didn’t have much of a fashion sense but remembering the way the cheerleader the other night looked at him, he probably wouldn’t do too badly with the ladies at school if he was interested.

“Yeah” Jessie sighed.

“What?” I asked, confused. “What do you mean by that sweetie?”

“Oh, just that one of my friends thinks he’s cute. Don’t tell him though!” she quickly said.

“Really?!” I giggled.

“What about you sweetie?!” I grinned brightly, looking over at her.

“EWw, no! Chris’ is a dork!” she laughed.

“Yes! Mommy agrees!” I laughed loudly. “Your brother is very much a dork!”

The two of us enjoyed a rare moment together as girls, and not just mother/daughter.

“Mom, do you really like it when Chris touches your butt?” she asked curiously. “or were you just teasing me!”

“no, mommy likes it” I said, unable to hide a smile.

“Really? Why?”

“Well…remember how you were little and you liked mommy massaging your ears when you were scared of thunderstorms. And then it would make you feel calmer and better?”

“You mean it’s like that?!”

“sort of” I giggled.

“But how come you guys kiss too?”

This was the first time she had really started to ask these questions. Maybe it had to with her age and growing up, or maybe it was just simply because of the laugh we shared opened her up more.

“I kiss you too, sweetie!” I said, hoping it would satisfy her.

But as expected, Jessie was stubborn and pressed forward.

“It’s not the same mom! You and Chris kiss like people in the movies do!”

“Well that’s because your brother’s a good kisser” I smiled, trying to act normal. “Just like how sometimes mommy wants a hug from you, sometimes mommy will want kisses with your brother”

“But you never kiss dad like that?”

“That’s because” I whispered, motioning her to lean closer. “Daddy’s a bad kisser!”

Jessie instantly burst out laughing.


“Mhm!” I nodded. “Your brother’s much better at it!”

Jessie continued to giggled, too naïve and innocent to find the situation anything more than just funny; completely missing the possibility that something was very wrong with what I said.

“But just remember never to bring it up in front of daddy” I winked.


“Because he doesn’t like getting reminded that he’s a bad kisser. It’s embarrassing for him!”

“Okay!” she laughed.

The rest of the car ride over was short but equally joyous, with the conversation quickly turning towards what she and her friends had planned for the evening. Before we knew it, we had arrived at her friend’s house.

I made a few minutes of small talk as I dropped Jessie off but to be honest, my mind was still going back on my husband; or more specifically, how to get back at him.

Because if he honestly thought that I wouldn’t cause a scene or do anything outlandish on the account of his guests, then he severely underestimated how far I’ve come!

The entire drive back home was just my mind filling up with ways of teasing him; me inviting Chris down for dinner only to grab his collar and suck on my son’s lips and tongue in front of everyone. Or casually mention how his “mistress” had called and wanted to know if he was free tomorrow.

I had wanted to slowly reveal to Charles what Chris and I were up to, but seeing how he thought he could push back against me, maybe I should speed it up a bit. No, I won’t let him know every little secret, but at least enough to shock and suppress his newfound “confidence.” If seeing his son massage my feet while I subtly masturbated wasn’t enough, thank maybe he needed to see more!

When I got home, I went directly upstairs, not even saying hello again, my mind set on vengeance.

I immediately headed for my closet, scanning for what outfit would fit best. Part of me wanted to dress extra slutty, but knew I couldn’t go overboard. I wanted to embarrass Charles, not exactly seduce his co-workers. In the end, I settled for a pair of very tight black leggings and extra small T-shirt. Beneath the leggings, I made sure to wear a white G string, knowing full well that it would show whenever I bent over. Additionally, the leggings were skintight, showing off the perfect curves of my ass and legs. Beneath my T-shirt, I went with a silk bra. I knew for a fact that if I ever got “excited”, neither the fabric of the bra or the T-shirt would do anything to hide my perky nipples.

I confidently descended the steps and turned the corner, heading for the kitchen. Within seconds, the boisterous atmosphere of the living room died down a notch. I made sure not to directly look, pretending to be busy washing some vegetables by the sink, but from the corner of my eye I could see them; all three men were looking in my direction, no doubt stunned at the outfit I had on.

Once I felt they had enough of a preview, I decided to take the next step, heading towards the living room.

“I apologize but there’s not much time to cook a proper meal, so I hope some simple Italian pasta will be okay” I smiled.

I slowly bent forward, carefully gathering together the empty bottles of beer on the coffee table. Since my T-shirt didn’t leave enough of a gap to show any cleavage, I would have to make up with it on the other end. So gradually, I maneuvered myself around the couch area, cleaning up the table as I bent over. I made sure that both Jason and Gary each got a good look at my luscious ass, teasing their eyes just long enough without making it look intentional. And just to make sure my husband knew this was on purpose, I gave him a devilish grin as I passed by him.

He gulped, taking a big exhale of breath.

“Well guys, is that okay?” I asked again, standing in front of them.

“Yeah. Yeah, sure” Jason nodded.

“Pasta’s fine with me too” said Gary, unable to hide his lecherous grin.

“Great! Let me know if you guys need anything and I’ll come bring it to you!” I smiled, leaving back to the kitchen.

Slowly, the three of them started conversing again, trying to act as if they weren’t all staring at my ass. Every few minutes or so, my eyes would turn towards my husband, watching him squirm in his seat, terrified of what I would do next.

Over the next half hour, I quickly whipped up a Caesar salad and shrimp Alfredo with freshly boiled linguini pasta, enough to serve five before calling Chris down for dinner.

As soon as he stepped into the kitchen, he gave me the same look as the other men.

“Jenny, do you need any –“

“No, go ahead and take your seat at the dining table! What kind of host would I be if I let you help!” I smiled.

“Chris, do you mind helping mommy set the table?” I smiled.

Before he could answer, I moved in, planting a soft, gentle kiss on my son’s lips.

Charles’ heart nearly leapt out of his chest, terrified that I would let it linger. But luckily I still had enough reason to know not to, breaking it off after a quick smooch.

And as soon as I did, I smirked at my husband again, just leaving a friendly reminder that I could destroy his career at any second if I wished to.

“Sure…sure mom” Chris managed to mutter out, quickly grabbing the bowl of pasta and looking straight down, not making eye contact with anyone else.

I on the other hand, proudly kept my chin up, smiling at both guests as if nothing was out of the ordinary. Jason and Gary both quickly nodded their heads awkwardly and followed Chris into the dining room.

Normally, Chris and I would sit on the same side, him on my left. But with our guests present, it just so happened that we sat directly across each other, with Jason across from Gary, and my husband at the head of the table.

I hadn’t noticed before, but now so close together, it was quite clear that the men hadn’t exactly held off on the alcohol. While none of them seemed drunk, that familiar pungent smell of beer was easily noticeable. Fortunately, it came with the caveat that conversation was much smoother. Gary seemed to carry the brunt of it, with the rest of us adults chiming in from time to time depending on the topic.

And although I hadn’t intended to, I was really getting turn on. Most of it was from kissing Chris in front of my husband’s co-workers, but some of it, as much as I didn’t want to admit, was from me teasing them with my outfit. It wasn’t even anything too sexual, no flashing of my legs or cleavage. But still, just knowing that both these men, married men I should add, were taking glances at me made me feel hot.

I had zero intention of reciprocating any of this attention of course, yet, the effect it was having between my legs was undeniable; I felt so fucking slutty teasing them like this!

Soon, when the conversation turned towards sports, occupying all three of their attention, mine turned towards Chris. With what happened this morning still so fresh in my memory, I gently, without giving anything away, lifted my right foot up and extended it forward, onto his lap.

Chris, who was minding his own business, eating his pasta, all of a sudden twitched in his seat, his eyes rising immediately to meet mine.

I flashed him a devilish grin back, doing my best to cover it with my glass of wine.

He immediately took a look to his right, seeing everyone else temporarily preoccupied to pay attention to us before exhaling a sigh of relief.

Afraid that he would slap my foot away, I hastily pushed it forward more, pressing my toes against his groin. Through his sweats, I could feel that his cock wasn’t hard yet, my play toy still sleeping; but that would easily change.

Even as Chris fidgeted in his seat, I continued, gently massaging his crouch until I felt his cock beginning to harden. Having done this a few times already, I knew it would only be a few more seconds before he submitted to my will and cooperated.

And to help it along, whenever Chris’ eyes came back to me, I made sure to look extra sexy, extending my tongue out sexily as I ate my noodles. Even with my salad, I made sure to seductively lick off the creamy, white ranch dressing from my fork.

It didn’t take long before Chris’ libido won, too turned on from watching me. He sneakily dropped his left hand below the table, taking a hold of my foot.

I grinned wickedly at him, tongue slowly circling my lips to clean off any alfredo sauce.

He started by just putting more pressure on his cock, fingers sliding in between my toes at the same time. To compliment him, I slid further forward on my seat, allowing my toes to reach the waistband of his sweats.

Chris knew what I wanted and instantly complied, quietly snaking his hard cock out in the open so my foot could finally play with my prize. Immediately, I felt the moistness of his pre-cum on my sole, nearly making me gasp with joy.

“Ah speaking of which, Chris do you play any?” Jason asked all of a sudden, causing all their eyes to turn on him.

He sat silently for a second, unable to respond. I’m pretty sure if Chris was to open his mouth, the only sound that would come out would be a moan!

“Any sports?” Jason clarified.

“Not really” he stammered out.

I g

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