Victoria's sex crazy

Victoria's sex crazy

This is honestly my first story ever it was inspired by a true event that happen last year I decided to give it a go and write about. Please comment your opinions and if I should continue to write and any tips on how to get better. Thank you

I was late to school again as I skated into the school I noticed the most beautiful girl I have ever seen get dropped off in front of me. She must have been knew since I has never seen her before she was beyond pretty she was perfect. She was about 5’6 a beautiful brunette with hazel eyes her black tights revealed an amazing ass, which was followed up by a nice pair of B or C cups and the sexiest lips ever. As I approached her on my way I noticed she dropped her chap stick I realized this was my chance to introduce myself. I caught up to her giving her her chap stick as she thanked me

I said, “Hey I’m Alex” “
I’m Victoria” she shook my hand “I’m new, you mind helping me find my classes”
“Sure” I said, “where are you from”
“I just moved in from New York my mom got a new job out here”
“If you still haven’t met anybody maybe you want to hangout during lunch” I said
“Sure” she smiled

As we hanged out during lunch we got to know each other better and I found out how her dad had passed away and how she use to be a dancer. That when I decided to ask her if she would like to see a movie this weekend the moment she agreed I felt as if the world had ended. I arrived at her house to pick her up she was wearing a black dress a little to short which was giving me an erection as her cleavage was peeking out a bit. When we arrived we decided to see iron man 3 we sat in the back where it was empty she sat close enough as where I could feel her body heat. She leaned over during the movie as she cuddled up against my arm giving me a clear view of perfect breast.

Throughout the movie she began rubbing her hand on my thy unintentionally but this was giving me an erection which I saw notice as it continued to grow under my pants. She slowly began rubbing the tent on my pants. She then looked up giving me a devilish smile and began to unzip my pants meanwhile I noticed she was rubbing herself as her dress began to rise up. She pulled up to give me a kiss as she began jacking me off I reached over to rub on her ass while she continued. Pre cum started oozing out as I felt her tongue licking my dick from bottom to top and playing with her tongue on my tip. She then gently began to bob her head up and down as I placed my hand over her head. Each time she would go deeper and deeper till she reached the bottom causing me to explode right down her throat causing her gag. Though she still managed swallowing except for a bit trailing down her chin.

We continued watching the rest of the movie while I continuously rubbed her pussy throughout the whole movie. She then told me her mom was out of town on a business meeting and how should come over and spend the night. As soon as she opened the door she hopped on me where I grabbed her by her ass as we made out her dress rose up revealing her sexy black thong. As I laid her down I began removing her dress revealing her matching black bra. I began kissing her neck leaving her a hickey causing her to moan as I moved on down to her breast where I removed her bra and began kissing her perfect areolas, she forced my head down to breast harder as she began to moan loudly. I began to gently nibble on one of her nipples as I squeezed the other one tightly all I was able to hear was her loud moaning. As I kissed down I reached her soaked pussy where I buried my head and began eating her out as she gently grinded her pussy up in my face. I slowly began pushing my fingers in her tight pussy as she began curse


I went in as deep as I could with my tongue causing her to cum she then began begging me to fuck her till she couldn’t walk. I spread her legs open as I kneeled down a bit to position my dick in her entrance as slowly began to thrust. Her moans making me go faster as she yelled “ HARDER FUCK ME FUUUUCK” as I continued fucking her watching her dig her nails in her breast out of pleasure. I continued slamming into her pussy furiously with her legs wrapped around me I picked her up moving me onto the bottom with her on top of me. She then began slowly bouncing as I held onto her ass firmly.

She then reached down for a kiss as she continued to grind roughly on top of me to the point where I couldn’t hold on any longer luckily she had reached her limit too, but when I was about to pull out she slammed her down causing me too explode inside her followed by her orgasm. She lay on top of me panting as she caught her breath she stepped off to lick my dick clean as she swallowed the remaining cum. We then went upstairs and fell asleep on her bed.
The next day I was awoken to a warm wet feeling as Victoria was swallowing my whole dick. Now im not that big im about 8 inches but im pretty wide I thought she would struggle but it would slide right down her throat. I brushed her hair out the way, which showed her beautiful hazel eyes, which were staring right at me.

She then got up and told me to join her in the shower I watched her amazing ass sway its way in the door which had a handprint from last night. As I got up she had already hopped into the shower the hot steam had filled up the bathroom pretty quick. As I stepped in the shower I placed my hands on her firm breast and began rubbing her nipples causing her to give a soft moan. I then pushed her up against the wall her ass facing towards me. I gave it a slap

“AAAHHH” she moaned
As I placed my tip in her butt hole while I spreaded her cheeks
“Please no, Not there” she begged

It was to late as I began to thrust into her the warm wet water making it smooth.
I then grabbed onto her hair pulling her head back as I reached in to kiss her lips where she whispered, “Cum inside my butt hole”
As I unloaded all my cum inside her we stood there for a couple minutes with me inside her as the water washed away the cum.
If you guys would like me to keep posting let me know I have a sequel in mind

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