I Work in a Doctor's Office III

I Work in a Doctor's Office III

If you followed my previous stories you will know I am a young, attractive medical assistant who works for an urologist. It is rare for women to be in the urology field but I chose it because I am fascinated with the penis. Unfortunately, most of our patients are older but enough young men come in to keep me interested. And even some of the older guys are a treat. Because of my abilities my doctor has become more and more confident that I can handle a great many examinations and procedures that he usually does himself. For example, I do nearly all of the prostate exams which involves inserting my gloved, lubed finger up the patient's anus and feeling his prostate gland to see if it is a normal size and consistency or if it is enlarged. One of the things I like about performing this exam is that quite often the patient achieves an erection and I really enjoy seeing a nice hard cock.

After the rest of the staff went home for the day, the doctor asked me to meet him in one of the examination rooms. He told me that we had a new patient coming in the next day complaining that he was losing sensitivity in his penis. The doctor wanted me to do the exam because he had a full schedule and the sensitivity exam procedure usually takes quite a bit of time. Since I had never done one of these exams before and it had only been briefly mentioned during my schooling, the doctor was going to give me a refresher course.

After telling me this, he quickly removed all his clothing and lay back on the examination table. Now my doctor is about 50 but is very fit with a toned body and a very impressive cock. By the time he had stripped off his clothes and lay on the table, his penis was already about half hard. He told me to please excuse his hard-on but it was necessary for this type of exam. He went on to take me through all the steps of the procedure in a very professional manner, maintaining a strict doctor/employee relationship throughout the entire period while I manipulated his now fully engorged member. After spending a good 20 minutes going through all the steps of the exam, his cock was nearly bursting. I knew he was right on the verge of ejaculating. He told me to stop the procedure as he had shown me everything that was needed.

"But doctor," I said, "I can't let you stop now. For sure you will have a severe case of epididymal hypertension. That will be very painful." (That's blue balls for the medically uninformed.) "Let me go ahead and finish things off for you," I offered.

"Well I think it's a bit unprofessional for me to allow you to masturbate me to completion but under the circumstances it's probably best that you do."

Once he gave me the ok, I proceeded to give him one of my very best handjobs. In no time flat a huge amount of semen was gushing out of his cock. It arched up in the air and came down splashing on his stomach. I continued to milk his cock to squeeze out every last drop of semen. While he lay there, totally wiped out, I cleaned everything up and then left the room so he could get dressed. When he came out of the exam room he told me that he felt I was adequately versed in how to handle the patient and otherwise he acted like nothing had happened.

The following day my patient arrived and was waiting for me in an examination room. When I walked in he was very obviously surprised to see a young, very attractive woman in the room with him. I introduced myself to him as the doctor's medical assistant and informed him that I would be performing today's exam. I could see a look of both doubt and panic on his face. The patient was young. About my age which now was mid-twenties. He was also a very nice looking guy. The exam was preceded by an interview, which would help me determine the cause of his problem.

"I need to get some background data from you. I know that this can be somewhat embarrassing but it's important that you are totally honest with me because we can't solve your problem unless we have all of the facts. Are you with me on this?"

"Yes," he replied. "Ask your questions."

"Let's start off with you telling me exactly what your problem seems to be?"

"Well, it's taking me longer and longer to achieve an orgasm. When I am rubbing my cock, it takes a while before I start getting any real feeling. When I was younger the very first couple of strokes felt really wonderful. Now I hardly feel anything when I first start jacking off."

"Do you masturbate regularly and if so, about how often? And what's the most number of times you have done it in one day?"

"I masturbate every day. Usually three or four times if I can find the time and privacy. I think the most might have been six or seven times. I probably have one of those marathon sessions about once a month."

"Do you currently have a girl friend, and if so, are you having sex regularly?"

"No girl friend at the moment. It's been a dry spell. I haven't had a regular girl for a couple of years."

"You say 'regular girl." Does that mean you have been dating during that period?"

"Yes, I date here and there but nothing serious. I am probably too particular about who I want to spend my time with and none of the girls I have dated have appealed that much to me."

"So I assume you also haven't had sex with any of these women?"


"So the only sex you have had the last couple of years is by self-provided masturbation?"


"Ok, now we are going to conduct a physical exam to try to determine the level of sensitivity in your penis. I am going to conduct a series of tests. For obvious reasons you will need to be erect during these tests. Additionally, in order for the proper amount of tactile sensation to take place, I won't be wearing any gloves. With each test I am going to ask you to rate the sensitivity on a scale of 1-5 with 1 being the least sensitive and 5 being the most. If at any time during these tests, if you feel you are close to having an orgasm you need to tell me to stop. I think it is best if you completely disrobe. Will you be comfortable with that or would you like one of the medical gowns we use? They are normally open in the back but for this test you will wear it backwards. OK?"

"I guess I can do without the gown."

"Ok, then please remove your clothing. You can hang it on the hangers on the back of the door."

I knew the exam was a waste of time because his decreasing sensitivity was due to too much jacking off with his own hand. Too much repetitive stimulation of his penis over time will result in loss of sensitivity. What this guy really needed was a girl friend. But I wasn't going to let the opportunity to handle his cock slip by. I already had determined I liked this guy and was looking forward to seeing his erect cock and giving it a nice workout.

"Now that you are undressed, please lay back on the examination table," I instructed him. I was already pleased that I had elected to continue the exam as he had a very attractive cock. It was a good five inches flaccid and had a large glans with a prominent coronal ridge.

"This is very embarrassing," he said.

"Don't concern yourself about it at all. As soon as the actual exam begins you will feel a lot more comfortable." I moved over to the table and took hold of his circumcised penis. I held the head with the thumb and forefinger of one hand while I took the thumb and two fingers of my other hand and stroked up and down the length of his penis. I pinched the head quite tight but not enough to hurt. I was a bit surprised, but pleased, that his penis began to harden almost immediately. "OK, on the scale of 1 to 5, how does that feel?"

"A definite 5," he gasped. "It feels wonderful."

"Not so embarrassed now, are we? OK, let me explain the procedure. I will test the sensitivity of the glans first and then take a short break. During the break I will lightly masturbate your penis to maintain your erection. Then we will test the penile shaft with a couple of procedures. With each test I want you to tell me your sensitivity rating. OK?"

His penis was pointing up to his face and lifted slightly off of his stomach. I grasped the shaft and attempted to pull it straight up but his erection was so powerful I could only pull it up slightly. He had to have the hardest erection I had ever experienced. I estimated it had grown to about 8-inches and the glans was swollen and red. The skin on the glans was stretched so tightly that it had a nice sheen to it. It was an extremely attractive cock and I was very much looking forward to the tests to come.

I held the shaft with one hand and began to massage the glans with the tips of all five fingers of the other hand. I swirled my fingertips all around the coronal ridge. My doctor had suggested only doing this for less than a minute but I gave it a full three or four minutes of stimulation. Finally I asked the patient for a sensitivity rating. He choked out “A five for sure." At that point I was afraid he might be close to ejaculating so I let go of his penis for about 30 seconds. Then I began to lightly masturbate him to maintain the erection although in reality I doubt if it would have gone down at all.

Now it was time to move on to his penile shaft sensitivity. This occurred in two stages. With stage one I allowed his penis to rest back on his stomach. I placed one hand with the heel of my palm on his balls and gripped the base of his shaft with two fingers of that hand to hold his penis steady. With the forefinger of the other hand I began to slowly rub his frenulum, which is the super sensitive area on the underside of the penis just below the glans. There is a slight raised ridge of skin there that I massaged. I slowly increased the speed of rubbing until he began to squirm around and finally cried out that he was about to cum. I stopped and asked him for a rating.

“Oh, it was a five for sure,” he gasped.

I then began to give him a rather conventional hand job by wrapping my hand around his shaft and forming a fist and jacking his cock up and down. I noticed that a thin stream of pre-cum was drooling from his penis. I looked at the patient. He had his eyes closed so I took one finger and dabbed up some pre-cum and then licked my finger. It had a great taste to it. After about three minutes of masturbating his rock hard penis, he grabbed my arm and stuttered "Doctor, I'm about to...cum." So I stopped. After a minute or two I again lightly masturbated him, just enough to keep him hard. "How would you rate the shaft sensitivity?" I enquired.

"Hard to say. It felt really wonderful but maybe not quite as sensitive as what you were doing to the head and that area right under the head. So maybe a 4.5."

"Ok," I replied. "That completes the manual sensitivity examination. Did the doctor tell you about the oral sensitivity exam?" I was making this up because as far as I knew there was no such thing but by now I wanted an excuse to get that magnificent cock in my mouth. "If you want to do it, there will be an additional charge of $300, but that's not covered by insurance."

"You mean you will give me a blowjob so that I can tell you how it feels?"

"Well, we don't call medical procedures 'blowjobs.' But yes, it would be similar to what you refer to as a blowjob."

"Ok, sign me up," he blurted.

I then explained that similar to the manual procedure there were two stages to the oral one. First I would just suck the glans and then I would suck his entire cock. I further explained that on the second procedure I would take his entire penis in my mouth and down my throat. The head of his penis would be pushing right into my throat and provide a totally different kind of stimulation than if I was sucking it. I didn't tell him this but I had a lot of practice doing this. Not only with a couple of well-endowed boyfriends but also on a few patients. I had gotten to where I could take even the largest cocks and suck them right to the balls.

All the while we were talking I continued to lightly masturbate him. His cock had maintained its incredible hardness the whole time we had been in the examination room, which now had been close to 30 minutes. That's 30 minutes of almost continual stimulation to the patient's penis.

I took the head of his cock in my mouth and began my expert sucking. I applied maximum suction as I bobbed my head up and down just on the glans. I continued this for as long as I thought he could stand it, which really wasn't that long. Even before I took his cock in my mouth I saw that it was bright red and throbbing. I knew he was nearly ready to blow. Finally I let it slip from my mouth and asked for his sensitivity rating. "If there was a 10, that would be my rating." So I wrote down 5. I let him rest a bit before going to the full deep throat treatment.

Then I took his entire 8-inches into my mouth and down my throat. I could feel the large head of his penis force its way into my throat. I was almost choking and I think it was the largest cockhead I had ever forced down that far. But despite almost choking, I loved the way it felt. I kept this up for several minutes.

"Doctor, doctor....you have to stop. I'm going to cum," his strangled voice blurted out. That just made me suck harder and faster and after about four more strokes up and down on his penis, I felt his semen blast into my throat. I kept up my ministrations with an almost manic vigor. I sucked and sucked and milked every last drop of semen out of his magnificent penis. Finally when I realized there was no more semen to be had, I let his still hard cock slip out of my mouth.

The patient had a look of wonder on his face mixed with complete satisfaction. It was probably the best orgasm he ever had or would likely to ever have in the future. I also knew he was somewhat concerned about what just happened.

I knew I had to set his mind at ease. "Don't worry about ejaculating down my throat. In medical school we are taught that under certain circumstances it's our responsibility to provide a release for our patients." This was all total bullshit of course. "It wouldn't be medically proper for me to send you home after over 30 minutes of concentrated stimulation to your penis without providing a release. Otherwise by the time you got home, your testicles would be extremely painful and even masturbating at that point would not relieve the pain. The release has to take place right after the stimulation."

"OK, I can understand that," he replied. "I hope I am not being too forthright but I have to tell you that was the best orgasm I have ever had in my life. The feeling was absolutely incredible when I started cumming. I didn't want it to ever stop. And I really appreciate you letting me cum down your throat."

“Some medical procedures can be quite enjoyable and I am glad you found these tests to be a positive experience,” I said with a straight face. "That brings up the main reason you are here. Obviously your penis has not lost sensitivity. Every reading was a five or close to it. There are several reasons that you thought you were losing sensitivity. First you are masturbating too frequently. Your penis actually learns from your hand and over time it needs more than your hand can provide. So the more you masturbate the less sensitive your penis becomes. The reason that everything we did today felt so good and was highly sensitive was because your penis got to experience sensations from a new source. From other than your own hand. Although I realize that what I am about so say promotes casual sex, one thing that would help is if you had sexual relations with some of these various girls you have been dating. That doesn't mean you have to turn any of those sessions into a long term relationship but your sex life would be much more satisfying if you could get a handjob or a blowjob, or even more, from some of these women."

"The other problem you will face if you continue on your present path, is that as stated before, you are training your penis to react to manual stimulation from your hand. Putting your penis in a girl's vagina may not provide enough tactile contact compared to what your hand delivers for you to achieve orgasm. Your penis has to experience tactile contact with a number of different sources so it is able to ejaculate from a variety of stimulations. A woman's hand or mouth or vagina."

"Thanks doctor, that's valuable information. I really appreciate your frank appraisal of my problem."

I let him call me 'doctor' even though I am not one yet. He was now sitting up on the examination table but still naked. His cock was still hard and jutting up from between his legs. It took every bit of will power to keep from bending over and slipping my mouth over it. I pointed out to him that he was still hard.

"Yes, despite that terrific orgasm I have a strong desire for another one. Do you think you could jack me off?"

"Unfortunately, that would be very unprofessional of me. Everything we did today were standard medical procedures but if I was to masturbate you to orgasm, as much as I would like to, that would be out of bounds. But I can do this for you." And with that I got a warm washcloth and cleaned him up although there was very little semen on his penis as I had sucked most of it out of him. Only a bit had dribbled out after I finished sucking him. I took my time tidying him up and managed to get a few strokes and squeezes in before I finished. But he was still very hard. I saw a look of sadness on his face and felt sorry for him. “Obviously, you need further release,” I said. “Why don’t you masturbate yourself and get rid of that erection. I’ll step out of the room and leave you alone.”

“Could you please stay and watch? It will help me get off.”

“OK, if you insist. From a medical standpoint it’s instructive to observe various practices.” I didn’t really think he would need any help “getting off.” Not the way his cock was throbbing.

He quickly started fisting his erect organ and in no time flat a surprisingly large amount of semen spurted from his penis and splattered onto the tile floor. I loved watching him jerk off.

“Sorry about the mess,” he said. “I’ll clean it up.” He mopped up the cum with some paper towels. He wiped off his now deflating organ and happily smiled at me. “This has been the best day of my life,” he said, while continuing to milk his cock.

Then he got dressed, thanked me profusely, and left.

Afterwards I related to the doctor that I had performed a "special procedure" that I had told the patient would cost $300 and was not covered by insurance. He just smiled.

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