Broken in-in the Bible Belt Complete

Broken in-in the Bible Belt Complete

I watched the young men play football every Saturday at the local recreation center. We were always there as long as I can remember. My dad had coached little league baseball for over ten years. He did his best with the young boys, and I would sit there and pretend to read, although I spent most of my time glancing over the top of my book at young men tossing the football. You had to be careful not to get caught, because almost anything was a sin in lower Alabama’s Bible belt.

Why, I do not know. Even my father had his secrets and, coming of age as I was, I spent all the time secretly looking at his pornographic magazines. It was a strange time, I was learning about my young body and all its desires. It was a struggle of conscience, to the point that I masturbated by never touching myself skin to skin. I would lie there gazing at the sex and rubbing my young sensitive clit through my panties. My first orgasms were exhilarating, and I had multiple.

My curiosity turned into addiction, and I spent every available opportunity sneaking a peak any erotic material I could get my hands on. And as soon as I could get my hands on that material, I got my hands on myself. My masturbation grew into rituals. Every time I bathed and without exception, before I slept. Soon, I invented reasons to be alone, and anyplace, public or private; I would play with my developing body. It was only a matter of time before something happened, I see that now, but at the time my desires were too powerful and my young body- too demanding.

It was a cool day in early march, the little league season was fresh and new and the football season was over, but the guys were still managing a game. I sat as usual with a magazine and even though it was just your typical teen read, the semi erotic pictures already had my mind and body wandering. I tried to listen to my mother and her rambunctious friend Melinda talk about everything but sports, yet I could only hear my young womanhood yearn and glimpse the boys run their plays in their jogging pants.

I had never had a man or boy inside of me, and the glimpses of their young virile cocks swaying with their movement, gave way to a flood of desire and dampness to the point I excused myself to the nearest restroom.

I had my usual method, check all the stalls, lock my door, and quickly pull my pants down and expose my soaked panties. It only took a moment. I had done this countless times in the past. I just closed my eyes and immediately went into my own erotic dream world. Having not experienced anything in reality, I played out the pictures of my fathers books mixed with the faces of the young men on the football field. It only took light gentle strokes on my young clit, still through my panties, to send my mind, knees, and firm nipples into an erotic dance. I came hard and quickly, I thought. As my mind was clearing, with my young pussy still quivering, I saw someone standing through the crack of my stall. It was our life-long family friend Melinda. I sat speechless and there was a long pause before she spoke. “Better clean up before your mother comes in,” she said with a slight smile. Embarrassed, I struggled with my pants and simultaneously with the latch. “Joan,” Melinda said. “Calm down, unlock the door and I will help.”

I reached for the latch with tears coming down my face. Unlocking the door I let my pants fall back down to my knees. Melinda gently reached and lifted my fallen chin and with a warm smile wiped my face. Again she pleaded with me to calm down as she knelt down to help with my pants. “You need a little cleaning up,” she said gently reaching for some tissue and wiping the inside of my thighs. I felt a warm feeling come over me, and I didn’t notice at first that she had paused on my drenched panties, feeling my overly warm young pussy with the back of her hand. I didn’t move, even though I was aware of the moment. It was at that time we heard my mother at the door asking about us. As though Melinda had experience in getting out of situations in the past, she without a hesitation or bobble zipped and buttoned my pants with ease, and quickly met my mother at the door.

I waited a few moments before leaving the restroom unsure of the situation outside. Nervously, I exited only to hear my mom thank Melinda for something my bewildered mind could not comprehend. Then she kissed my forehead telling me she would call me tomorrow.
Only after several minutes later, already in the car with Melinda, did I remember my parent’s engagement for the night and how I had begged to be excused from the affair.
It was several minutes, I think, before she broke the ice. “Don’t fret about today,” she said grabbing my hand and giving me a light squeeze “It is quite natural.” I relaxed a bit and leaned my head on her shoulder. “How long have you been masturbating in public,” she asked? I almost cried again, and I would have until she admitted she still did the same. I told her I thought I had a problem, but she just laughed and revealed the only problem I had was overly oppressive parents.

The twenty-minute ride home was a turning point in my life. She confessed about her sexual exploits and answered my many questions about sex. She explained how in particular she loved a young black friend of her son, and how his enormous ten-inch cock made her feel my age again. I had already felt my primal urges rearing their selves again, but when she bought me my first taste of alcohol something changed in those urges. No longer did I want to fantasize about my exploits, I wanted to live them out.
When we got to her house, I had already downed my first wine-cooler, and Melinda continued her education by popping my first porn movie in the VCR. She disappeared somewhere in her house, and as the tape played, I began to want her to touch me again though I did not know how to initiate the play.

She returned on the phone involved a conversation she abruptly ended when I glanced in her direction. She just asked if I was enjoying the movie and sat down beside me.
This was my first live action viewing of sexual relations, and little good did the hasty cleanup do, as my panties were once again soaked. I sat in erotic amazement as two gorgeous women ate each other while a long cocked black man eased his amazing cock in and out- inch by inch.

I was dying to play again with my virgin pussy, and Melinda, the crafty veteran, must have realized my desire; she pulled her pants down and, to my lustful delight, began rub her swollen pussy. Not only was I seeing this for the first time on tape, but now, within a few feet of me, was a live, skin-to- skin showing! I did not know how to act at first, and I desperately wanted to touch myself, or better yet, have her touch me. Once again, she knew exactly what to do.

Melinda slowly reached over, leaving one hand on her pussy, and kissed me on the mouth. Try and imagine my emotion, I had never been kissed and now there was a woman kissing me softly just as I had dreamed of …only with a boy. When she gently slid her tongue in my mouth, I groaned. Not like a child, not like the actors on the tape, but as a woman yearning for her lose of virginity.

Melinda slid her finger out of her warm wet pussy and touched it to my mouth. Out of pure primal instinct I liked her finger, and my pussy contracted as I got my first taste of tangy hormone laden womanhood.

As easily as she had buttoned and lifted my pants earlier, I felt her quickly and effortlessly remove them. I had never touched my self directly, and I came the moment her tongue touched my virgin clit. In one flood of emotion, I released years of mental fantasies. The sensation was too great, and my mind relaxed into a semiconscious state only to be interrupted my orgasm after orgasm.

I barely even noticed the moment I lost my physical virginity. There was only a quick snap of pain that brought me back enough to realize she had her fingers amazingly deep into me. The instinct took over again, and I raised my young hips and rocked into another orgasm.

I don’t know how long I sat there shaking after she removed her fingers from me, time by now was nonexistent. I do remember a faint smile as she climbed up on top of me placing her pussy inches from my mouth. I gasped lightly as her juices dripped down onto my lips. It was as if I was born to do this, and eagerly I pulled on her hips enough to place her older bulging clit to my lips. Within moments, and only after some mild coaching to slow down, she came and I gulped on the flow that exited her eager pussy.

We sat a while motionless and once again she broke the ice with a smile, quickly followed by another drink. This time the alcohol was warm and invigorating, and I thought about placing the cool bottle between my legs to quench by burning, swollen, and freshly-first-time-fucked-pussy. Little did I know that my education had only begun… the doorbell rang!

When I heard the distinct “Ding-Dong” of the door, I immediately scrambled for the nearest bathroom ignoring Melinda’s pleas to relax. I found my sanctuary in the hall bathroom immediately around the corner, and when my hammering heartbeat slowed enough to allow another sound to enter my ear, I realized she was inviting someone casually inside while still completely naked. I remained frozen, trying to calm my breath as if it would be heard. When I finally created the courage to peer out the door, I was completely shocked! Standing in the den was Jamal, the nineteen year old quarterback whom I had spent a many Saturdays watching at the rec-center.

Jamal was the athletic standout of the local flag-football games. He stood about 6’2” and had a natural muscular body that he had helped along with apparent workouts. He had caught my eye several times, as well as a few college scouts; although I doubted for the same reason as mine. I had watched his muscular thighs flex with every cut he made, which immediately made his obviously larger jock sway in poetic motion. This thought alone would have created sure rejection from my family, must less what I was beginning to watch.
Melinda had easily lured him into my hidden view as she kissed his sweaty chest while eagerly rubbing his growing manhood through his sweats. I am not sure whether he was aware of his audience, but I know she would not have carried out the act if I had rejected at all.
I watched as she eased down to her knees and smoothly urged his easily removable pants to his knees. From beneath his compressed underwear flopped the most beautiful creation I had ever witnessed. It swayed enticingly, only a breath away from her mouth.
Like the pro she was, she easily turned him into a more viewable position as she gently licked the length of his growing shaft. I quivered in amazement. Unlike the movies we were watching, we seemed to be apart from reality, I wondered what a woman could do with such a creation. And the more his manhood became engorged, the more I wanted to see the culmination of my still young-hearted question.

Melinda had Jamal at her whim. She licked his entire length from ball to head, only stopping to flick her tongue on the very end. With what I swear was a wink aimed only for me, she placed arm under his lovely shaft to give me some relation to what I was about to see. His magnificent specimen reached from the bend of her arm to the end of her wrist, and only lacked a little in girth to its final resting place. I let out an audible gasp which gave away my position. He looked at me and back at her and gave a slight smile. Melinda took advantage of the situation. She gave me a subtle nod to enter the room and arose, lying back on the couch.
I don’t even remember the steps I took to stand at the end of the couch. I only remember the wet warm pleasure that ran about six inches down my leg as she guided his cock to its target. And after some soft rubs lengthwise up and down her wet self, she guided his head inside, in one back arching moan.

I stood in disbelief at the master at work. She placed her palms firmly on his rock hard abs in order to control his young eagerness. Inch by inch she raised her ass off the couch, taking a stop every couple of inches to ease him almost out of her, only to slide up again to gain another delicious inch of the whole. Her moans and breathing were becoming unbearable, as I watched inch by inch get painted with her now thick excretions. I will never forget the sight, and how, almost like a brush, her pussy painted a thick wet shine farther and farther up his magnificent erection. As if it was a slight struggle, she gasped in erotic delight as she reached high enough to feel the outer most part of his swollen ball gently flick her dripping ass. Just as she had planned, both she and Jamal reached a climax as Melinda ass finally ground to halt firmly against his muscular body. To insure her power, she gently squeezed his throbbing balls which rocked him into a spasm, sending a flow of white steamy cum flooding around his now maximum girth. I stood in amazement as it ran out of her. I wonderer how it could escape as it seemed there was no more room for anything.

As with the footsteps, I don’t remember my fingers entering my pussy. But standing there looking as he withdrew all those inches of delight, I found them buried as deep as they could go. I watched him lay his pride onto her stomach, and thought of being almost like a dream as I watched it slowly slip into a semi hard shape. For the first time I had my pussy full of two fingers, and I realized I was grinding the palm of my hand on my swollen clit. Once again, her timing was impeccable. Melinda reached up and gently removed my hands from my pussy, and with a gentle tug, she guided me to my knees placing my head on her still heard breast.

With a slight push, she slid my head toward his cock, and my lips touched his sticky head. For the first time in my life, I tasted lustful sex. The mixture of hot cum and multiple orgasmic pussy had s distinct twang. It made my head spin more that the previous liquor. Instinctually I opened my mouth and let his massive, although somewhat smaller cock explore my mouth. I did not know how to treat this thing like Melinda, but a small amount of pressure I applied with my lips forced some cum onto my tongue my body tried to reject. “Easy,” she said. “Relax, let it just set for a moment.”
Melinda reached and easily pulled out the long cock that I barely had in my mouth, and it gently flopped between my young hard breast that heaved up in down with my growing excitement.

“We don’t want it full hard right now Joany,” and she eased me onto my back.

As if entranced by his older lover, Jamal eased between my legs but did not touch me. Melinda gripped his cock about half way up his length allowing the head to touch my swollen clit. With practice beyond belief, she vibrated his head flicking my clit in sorted rapid directions that immediately sent me in a wrenching orgasm. For the first I moaned so loudly she placed her fingers to my mouth as if telling a child to hush. Sliding her fingers up to my forehead, she rubbed it lightly and beckoned me to relax.

Melinda placed her forearm completely across his chest to insure her pupil would comply with commands, and she eased his head midway into me. I felt pain in my pussy that seemed to run up the sides of my abdomen. But something strange happened to the pain during its journey. Somewhere at the end of its plight, it turned into multiple buzzes of pleasure that seem to grow in my spirit. I felt my pussy contract, confused at the varying sensations. This sudden spasm made Jamal exhale as I glanced down to see his head try to form to my semi defiant pussy.

Once again working her magic, Melinda guided his head into semi circles which relaxed my young womanhood. With a slight gesture she eased his head into me, and once again I moaned loudly gripping the soft couch.

With a couple of inches inside me, she squeezed his cock and I arched my back as a reaction to its expansion. Pain and pleasure were mixing throughout my body, and like the first taste of cum in my mouth, my head spun with exhilaration. Moans bellowed from somewhere inside of me as I felt a man for the fist time, and just like my teacher I raised my ass to feel more of this erotic intoxication. Melinda began gingerly easing her hand up and down Jamal’s cock and slightly released her lock with her forearm. I could feel the pulses of his heartbeat as he allowed his cock to slowly accept the blood flow now that he had been given some slight control. She guided him in another inch and I could feel the fiber of my pussy almost rip and with it my last bit of control, innocence, and grip on reality. I was no longer in control. The pain increased as did the pleasure, all the while I gripped the couched and arched my back inviting inch by inch.

By now, Jamal was ¾ hard and already I felt as though I may split wide open, yet somehow I managed to look down at his magnificent cock force its way into me. With ever slight push, it would actually bow a bit, only to be greeted by my pussy who would somehow give in. My moans became louder and all the more intense. Melinda once again placed her hand to my mouth, but one finger could not quell my erotic agony. I simply bit down on her hand and came.

My first orgasm with man was indescribable. I can only recount the physical nature of it. My pussy spasmed uncontrollably and with each contraction Jamal became harder, and with each relaxation he slid deeper in. This cycle only brought on another orgasm, at which I loss consciousness for a moment, only to be snapped into reality as I felt him become rock hard and slam into my cervix. The pain caused me to push in the opposite direction, but I only bounced off the couch and back deeper onto his full-erect cock. This pain laced cycle again brought forth a furious orgasm at which I succumbed, relaxed my thighs, and like my teacher before me felt his rock hard balls begin to slap my ass.

With one great heave, he forced my ass against his thighs and all the blood left my head and ran to my pain ridden-pleasure-filled-pussy. I drifted in and out of consciousness once again, and somewhere from within bore the most powerful stirring I have ever had. My teeth clinched, my nipples became so hard I thought they too would break off my body. My pussy clamped down on his rippled cock and I felt his balls swelling with all his mustering testosterone. My mouth opened, and out of my pussy grew a monstrous orgasm that only matched the monster that was preparing my pussy for a lifetime of such encounters. I felt his cock pulse one last time, and just as his hot cum poured into me, my beaten pussy swooned. Jamal collapsed onto me, I felt his cock spam and the hot fluid build in my pussy searching for an escape but there was no room. With one last grown, he released the last of his desire in me, and unable to take anymore my pussy exploded our mixture back onto him. The room fell silent.

When my eyes focused several minutes later, I found my teacher. She was masturbating, bewildered by her creation.

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