Eight - Part 2

Eight - Part 2

By now we felt absolutely no inhibitions among ourselves and had tried just about everything there was to try. Rene and Jane loved to perform in front of us and secretly had bets between them as to how long it would take before George and I could take no more and joined in.

For some reason there was one thing we had not done yet – neither George nor myself had penetrated each other. There was no particular reason as we didn’t find it unusual to touch each other and frequently guided our respective dicks into both the girls’ front or back passages as we felt fit. Not that we hadn’t been penetrated – the girls saw to that.

I’ll never forget the first time it happened. George was on top of Jane and treating us to a fantastic exhibition of how to have a conventional shag when suddenly Rene took up a small tapered dildo and without a word simply eased it into his bum. He stopped moving at once and Jane looked up at Rene and asked what she had done.

She seemed to think that George had suddenly grown about twice as big as normal. Rene still didn’t say anything and slowly turned the vibrator up to its maximum pitch while gently moving it in and out of George.

George made a sound I’d never heard him make before and Jane swore she could feel the back of her cervix being filled with the biggest load of cumm she’d ever received. He rolled off her and lay on his back breathing heavily while his cock flopped limply to one side with a trickle of cumm still oozing from its eye and he continued to grin as if something special had just happened to him. Jane kissed him and I could see her infatuation as she remembered what had just happened.

I had a sudden theory and said I thought I knew what had just happened and that if
George was willing could probably demonstrate to everyone how his sudden massive ejaculation had occurred. He just grinned and said that if it involved having his arse speared again he was willing but that he couldn’t possibly cumm again for at least two weeks or maybe two days – no, make that two hours.

Rene grabbed a cushion and asked him to raise his bum so that she could slide it under him while Jane gently pushed his feet towards his knees and spread his legs. He made no objection and lay completely exposed and vulnerable as I selected another dildo – slightly larger than the first.

I tried to ease it into him but he complained he wasn’t into pain and wanted to stop there and then. Jane to the rescue. She took the dildo from me and inserted it quickly into her still soaking wet fanny then handed it back to me all shiny and wet and smelling quite delicious.

Rene then told him to push out as I tried to put it in and this time it worked. Slowly at first, with just the head inside him, as his sphincter reluctantly accepted this new intruder. I waited a moment to see if he wanted to stop but he just grinned and grabbed Rene by her tit. Still he was as limp as a rag and I slid the dildo into him a further inch or so and bingo – instant erection.

Rene wasted no time at all and immediately straddled him as Jane guided him into Rene’s now very ready fanny. I turned the vibrator knob and Rene sighed as the vibrations ran through both of them.

While I was doing this I was on my knees and concentrating on what was happening when I suddenly felt a new sensation at my own backdoor and realized that Jane was about to give me a taste of what George had just experienced. I couldn’t possibly object so I took Rene’s earlier advice to George and pushed against the hard rubber and suddenly it was in me. I couldn’t believe the sensations I was feeling as she turned up the vibrations and I felt the dildo sliding deeper into me.

Somehow Jane and I managed to manoeuvre me into position so that I was behind Rene with George still buried deep inside her fanny. Jane pushed her dildo into me as far as it would go and when she was satisfied it would not slip out grabbed a handful of her own wetness and smeared my rock-hard erection with it. I almost came but she looked at me and said. “If you cumm yet I’ll kill you.” Then she guided my weapon into Rene’s arse and as soon as I was in returned to the vibrator which was still humming away in my own backside. As she turned it up to maximum I felt myself swelling even further and Rene yelled that she was going to split down the middle as George, Rene and I simultaneously came, and came, and came some more.

I don’t remember taking it out of Rene or of Jane gently removing the thing from my arse and George swears he didn’t feel himself slip out of Rene and didn’t feel the vibrator coming out of him. I think we were in a kind of trance and we all fell asleep there beside the spa.

When I awoke a few hours later the girls were both as dressed as they ever got when we were at home and George was still asleep with a cover thrown over him. The girls were both grinning like cats with canaries and when I asked why they were so pleased with themselves they both replied that it was about time we got around to experiencing what they had both been receiving for a few years.

With that they turned away from me, bent over and flipped their skirts up to their waists. I was looking at four vibrators buried up to the hilts and heard their soft humming. As they walked away towards the bedroom they looked back over their shoulders and smiled.

The next morning saw us all at the breakfast table and for once being silent.

There was nothing wrong with the food – Jane had worked her usual magic when it as her turn to cook. We had a kind of unofficial roster and took turns at chores – which often got interrupted when the sight of a bare arse standing at the sink got too much for George or me.

It just seemed that we were all thinking about the previous night and it was Rene who finally broke the silence when she suddenly said very quietly. “How can it be possible to feel so strongly about three other people?”

As usual I was amazed at how she could use such formal language and still sound genuine and sincere. Genuine and sincere she was and I believe she would have done anything for all three of us.

I stood up and pulled her to her feet so I could hug her and felt such a strong feeling towards this beautiful creature who has given us all so much pleasure with her actions and words.

Jane and George also stood and for the longest time we just held each other tightly in a four way cuddle.

As usual we were all dressed in our birthday suits but for some reason neither George or I were erect.

We might have stood there forever – not knowing what to say except that George suddenly went tense and said. “Look at that fucking cat.” George rarely swore and we all turned to where he was looking to see our cat ploughing his way through our breakfasts.

“You freeloading, opportunistic arsehole!” I shouted, and the cat shot through the open doors.

We all laughed and the day was off to a beautiful start.

George cooked some more toast and I refilled everybody’s OJs as the girls cleared away the cat molested plates.
We were finishing our coffee and getting ready to go to work when Jane said something which surprised all of us.

She said. “I don’t quite know how to say this but seeing as how we all have an agreement to speak our minds well- here goes. We all know how we feel about each other and we don’t need to talk about it to know we are all sincere.

We all nodded and I wondered where the conversation was going.

She continued. “I’ve been trying to work out how all this happened and I know that mind-blowing sex is a big part of it but I think there is more to it than that.”

George cut in and said. “Probably the fact that we all trust each other helps.”

I said out loud what I was thinking. “Jane are you trying to tell us you want out?”

I looked at Rene and could see a fat tear rolling down her cheek.

Jane looked horrified and said. “No way! But I don’t know how to say what I’m trying to say.”

George looked at her and asked her if she had found someone else and she just shook her head then dropped the bombshell.

You all know how I feel about you – I just think we’ve done just about everything there is to do – sexually that is.”

We all nodded and George remarked that we hadn’t done it upside down and swinging from the rafters yet.

“I’d like to bring a few more people into our circle.”


Rene. “Who?”

Jane. “I don’t know.”

George. “The check-out chick at Woolies springs to mind.”

Rene. “George, she wouldn’t be more than nineteen – she’d kill you.”

Me. “At least he’d go smiling and with a bit of luck I’d get seconds.”

Rene. “I must admit I’ve had a few little naughty thoughts about some of the joggers in the park.”

Before we knew how to stop we were all discussing our fantasies until I asked them all if we were seriously discussing the possibility of letting a few more people into our
very exclusive club.

“They’d have to be as good as you two.” Rene.

“They’d have to be able to stay up as long as you two.” Jane.

“They’d have to be made like you two.” Me.

“We’d all have to agree before we let them in.” George.

“They’d have to be willing to get a vet’s certificate so we didn’t catch anything.” Me

The list went on until finally George said. “Let’s do it.”

“How?” Asked Jane.

I stood up and asked them to follow me into the office where I kept the computer.

Without saying anything I fired up the internet and logged onto an adult site.

I glanced up and Rene was looking really sad as she asked how I knew where to find the site. Confession time as I told her that before I met her I often looked at the site and occasionally made contact with one of the many thousands of women who advertised on it.

After I had reassured her that this was the first time in over a year that I had looked at it she relaxed and said. “Let’s have another look at that couple from Springfield.”

For the next month we trolled through hundreds of advertisements and Jane lost a long standing friend by asking her if she would be interested in bringing her husband along to a meeting with all of us. She said she thought her friend was going to faint when she found out the purpose of the meeting.

Finally we had narrowed our list down to six other couples and made contact with them.

The first couple were very nice but told us that they were only interested in very casual meetings and didn’t want anything other than casual, protected sex. We all thanked each other and that was that.

The third couple we contacted only lived about 10km from us and happily exchanged
photos with us over the net – albeit fully clothed. They told us that their names were Margaret and Pete and suggested that we meet somewhere neutral for a get-to-know-you coffee.

As soon as they walked into the garden restaurant we had all agreed on George and I exchanged nods and Rene and Jane reached under the table and squeezed our dicks. At least we all felt the same.
The first meeting was a bit awkward with none of us willing to bring up the reason we were meeting until finally Pete said that they were really pleased to meet us and did we mind if they went away and thought about everything.

I asked him if that was the way they were saying thank you but no thank you and by answer he handed me a business card. “Just being careful.” He replied and said that they had agreed to talk things through before committing themselves.

After they had left we all looked at each other and Jane nodded. George said. “Absolutely.” While Rene said that she’d like to get to know them better and I agreed while trying to picture Margaret without her clothes on.

We went home and spent the afternoon doing what we all enjoy best.

The phone rang.

Margaret spoke to Rene and said that they had talked things over and could we meet at a restaurant the next night. She also said that they were both quite nervousand did we mind taking things slowly.

We all agreed that things were beginning to look quite positive.

We went to a delightful seafood restaurant where we knew we could sit at a reasonably secluded table out of earshot of other diners.

We dressed carefully in smart casual clothes and the girls looked fabulous.

Rene with her long straight brown hair casually draped across her shoulders and a low cut dress that showed just enough to make George and I make a few rude remarks about how Pete would react.

Jane looked just as good with her blonde hair gleaming and a casual silk shirt that showed her off to the nth degree.

They assured George and me that we looked OK and that if they were Margaret they would grab us in the restaurant in case we got away.

Over a couple of bottles of chardonnay we realised that all six of us had a lot in common and conversation flowed easily over a whole range of topics until finally I couldn’t stand it any longer and brought up the subject we had all been trying to get around to.

Margaret blushed slightly when I suggested we talk about why we were here and Pete confessed that he hadn’t known how to start. George suggested that we move to one of our houses as the restaurant was about to close and after we agreed that nothing other than conversation would happen that night we all moved to my place.

We all sat in our lounge room and consumed another two bottles of wine without
touching on the subject again until Jane said that if we were going to talk about why we were here we should do it soon or the dawn would catch us. I looked at my watch and was amazed to discover that we had been talking for over three hours.

Margaret nodded and said quietly that she and Pete had discussed at great length what they were thinking of doing and that we were the only people they had met so far that they both liked.

That broke the ice and finally we were all talking about what was on our minds.

We talked about the obvious dangers of what we proposed to do and we all agreed that a trip to the doc was in order – just to be sure.

A short hiatus occurred when we ran out of all the obvious precautions we needed to take and I looked at Pete and asked him if it was ok for me to ask Margaret to dance to which he replied that he much preferred me to ask Margaret rather than him. We all laughed and so stood up and very formally asked Margaret if she would do me the honour of dancing with me.

We turned the lights down and the music up and everybody danced with everybody and everybody kissed everybody and Margaret felt just as good as I thought she would when she moved against me in a close slow dance.

After Margaret and I had danced for awhile – clung together and swayed would be a better description – I gently placed my hand on her tit and squeezed it through the material of her blouse. I was surprised to find that her nipples were quite hard and so I kissed her again just to see what her reaction would be. It was exactly what I had hoped for – our tongues had a dance of their own and she pushed her hips forward so that our bodies melded together. Her fanny was almost setting us alight it was so hot.

She whispered in my ear. “I thought nothing was going to happen tonight.”

I said. “Don’t worry, it won’t, but there’s nothing wrong with getting a small taste of what’s to come – is there?”

She pulled back and said. “I want to talk to Pete for a moment – do you mind?”

By way of reply I led her over to where Pete and Rene were engaged in a very intense bout of kissing and was pleased to see that he had also had a sample of what was to come by taking Rene’s tits in his mouth and sucking gently on them until her nipples stood up erect, proud and bright pink.

We gathered George and Jane into the circle and we all agreed that what was happening was fine but that no sex was going to happen between anyone except people who were already partners.

Without another word George picked Jane up and carried her to one of the floor
mattresses and proceeded to undress her on the spot. Margaret and Pete were fascinated and I could see Pete growing by the second as Jane’s not exactly unpleasant body was quickly revealed.

Jane lay on her back and put her feet on George’s shoulders but kept her legs together.

I looked at Margaret and she was almost drooling as I noticed that the buttons I had undone on her blouse previously were still undone and that her nipples were again upright and straining against the material of her bra. I reached out and gently pulled her to me as Rene and Pete sat on the couch where they could enjoy being spectators in comfort. I noticed that Pete had his hand in her slack pants and was busy enjoying the first feel of her fanny.

I whispered to Margaret. “How do you feel seeing Pete do that?”

She whispered back. “OK. Because it kinda gives me the right to do it too.”

I said that I thought I knew how she felt because the first time I saw George touch Rene I had a lot of mixed feelings.

I ran my hand up the inside of her leg and felt her opening up in anticipation as she whispered. “We have an agreement remember.”

I replied that she didn’t need to worry as Pete would be finishing anything we started. She smiled and relaxed as I gently entered her with first two, then three, then four fingers as she sighed and lay back on the other couch.

Meanwhile George was trying his famous “look Mum – no hands” trick and poking his weapon into Jane’s body in almost everywhere except the right place. Jane was giggling and enjoying every moment of the farce. Then I realised that they were performing purely for Pete and Margaret as I had seen them do this a hundred or more times and they’d never had any trouble finding the place they wanted.

“Why don’t you go down there and help the poor guy before Jane dies of frustration.” I said to Margaret.

She looked at me and shook her head. “No way! He’d be mad as hell if I touched him right now.”

“No – they’re playing with us – it’s what they want one of us to do and I think George will be absolutely delighted if you do it.”

She slid hesitantly off the couch and took hold of George as if she was handling a dangerous snake and guided him into Jane’s soaking hole.

“Thank you Ma’am.” Said George, and proceeded to sink into Jane until she had every inch of his quite considerable length in her.
“Yes, thank you Margaret.” Jane said. “The stupid bastard forgot where it is.” We all laughed and Margaret stood up and took off her dress and blouse. I took off her bra and panties while Rene undressed Pete then led him over to his wife and placed her hand on his enormous hard-on.

“Play time kids.” Rene said as she led Margaret across to Pete who looked at her with a smile as if it was their first time together.

Pete wasted no time. He picked Margaret up and laid her out on the couch where he proceeded to give her a very lengthy but somewhat conventional shag.

We all applauded and held up cards like diving judges – each card had 10 on it except mine which had 9.5.

“How come only 9.5?” Asked George.

“Because I wasn’t the lucky bugger doing the shagging.” I said.

It was our turn to be on display and Rene led me to the centre of the mattresses by the cock.

I’ve always thought that receiving head is a bit selfish on the man’s part because unless they use the 69 position the male is really the only one who gets the benefit. When I put that theory to Rene she scoffed and said that she got a huge buzz out of giving me pleasure and knowing that I trusted her not to bight me. She seemed to be sincere when she said it and as she has never lied to me about anything else I guess I’ll have to take her word for it.

Anyway, 69 it was with my head against the wall and Rene’s delectable arse in the air for all to see.

Rene has a very beautiful cunt which she says is just an ordinary vagina and takes me to task every time I call it a cunt. Whatever you choose to call it – it is a beauty – and I do not believe the theory that humans do not react to pheromones because one tiny whiff of Rene’s fanny and I’m as hard as a rock. It could also have something to do with the way she keeps it – clean shaven and absolutely spotless.

Since we all started to live together and share each other we’ve all become very conscious of cleanliness and regularly shave and bathe together so that even after a really heavy bout of lovemaking the only scents are the normal ones. We also eat well and steer away from food which causes body odours.

We also use enemas whenever we know we are going to have anal sex so all-in-all we are pretty squeaky when it comes to being clean.

So there we were.

George had his arm draped across Margaret’s shoulders and Pete was gently caressing Jane’s clit while we enjoyed our leisurely 69.
After a short while it all became too much for Jane and she informed Pete that he’d better stop or our agreement not to shag anyone but our own partners on this first evening would go out the window. Reluctantly he agreed and sat back to enjoy the show.

Jane retrieved our box of toys ad invited Margaret to select whatever one she thought would feel good. Margaret hesitated because she thought Jane was going to use it on her and so selected what I thought was one of the bigger vibrators in our collection and nervously handed it to Jane who switched it on just to make sure everything was working.

Next she kneeled behind Rene and gently placed it at her back door. Rene giggled and wriggled indicating that she had no problem with somebody giving her a little extra something while she was dealing with me. She reached behind to find out what it was she was about to receive and when she found out what it was and felt how big it was she took me out of her mouth and looking back at Jane asked her to go slowly.

We have an agreement that we try anything that doesn’t involve pain and apart from the odd accidental twinge have never hurt each other so we are all conscious of being gentle. Nevertheless, I think Rene was a little nervous about taking such a monster in her arse.

Margaret was wide eyed with excitement and concern and said. “Oh Rene, I’m sorry if I’d known where it was going I would have picked a small one.

Rene reassured her that she trusted Jane not to hurt her and resumed eating me.

Jane then reached into her own fanny and smeared some more of her juice on Rene’s puckered little ring. Rene pushed back a little to let Jane know she was ready and Jane pushed the head of the dildo into her.

Rene gave a little groan as her sphincter protested and Jane stopped immediately and asked her if she was alright. Rene answered by pushing back against the monster which promptly sank a further half inch into her. She stopped eating me and I could feel her tensing and knew that it must be hurting her but she just asked Jane to rest awhile.

Jane stopped and turned the vibrator onto its lowest setting and I could feel Rene relaxing as her arse accepted this enormous invader.

Pete and George sat wide-eyed at this exhibition and both had their cocks in their hands gently stroking themselves as they watched. Margaret was breathless and kept whispering to Rene to stop if it was too much for her.

Rene replied to that by pushing back again and this time almost half the dildo slid into her as Jane turned up the rate of vibration while gently beginning to move it slightly in and out.

Rene groaned with what I recognised as her pre-cumming tremors and stopped sucking me as her own feelings took over. I went to work on her clit and Jane smoothly inserted the rest of the monster into her. I could feel it through the walls of her fanny and wondered fo the fiftieth time she could do it because she is not a big girl in any way.

Suddenly she began to moan and move her arse in little circles as she sank into that state that Rene reaches when she is having one of her better orgasms. She had such a tight grip of my cock that I thought she might snap it off.

Jane was plunging the dildo in and out of her at an increasing rate and Rene moaned again as she came and what seemed like gallons of juice came out of her fanny. She relaxed and flopped out across me as she let go of my cock and just breathed heavily for a minute or so.

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