How I lost my virginity to my best friend Part 2

How I lost my virginity to my best friend Part 2

How I lost my virginity to my life long best friend.

DISCLAMER: This is a Fictional story based on a dream. It features preteens and young teens. So if your not into that stuff, just pass on this. Also if the grammar and vocabulary is not great, it's because it was written as if a 12 year old actually wrote it. As for spelling errors. I use a spell checker, and proof read it, but occasionally some miss spells get missed, sorry.If you don't like the way this story playes out tuff, I wrote it as it came to mind, and not how someone else want's it, as for the lack of paragraphs in part 1, that was a glich between my word prosessor softwear and the site format. it should be fixed now

Part 2

Timmy says “I know where there is some carpet and padding.”
“Where?” I ask.
Timmy points out the window openings to the barn behind the vacant house down the road, and says. “There is a pile of stuff in there, lets see what we can get.”
As we were climbing down the ladder I saw Jenny’s whole family loading luggage it their van. And as we made our way over to the barn I saw them drive by on their way out.
When we got into the barn, we found carpet, padding and even some tan paint. We started hauling the stuff back to the tree fort.
Dad is a general contractor and we have worked with him in the past so we had a good idea of what we were doing.

The fort is only about eight foot by ten foot, and the roof is only six feet high. Dad had installed sliding windows and put up paneling inside.
We cut and laid the pad and carpet. it came out quite well, we even made a hatch to close up the entrance. We made a couple of benches out of old 2x4's we found in the bard, and covered them with padding and carpet too. We painted the ceiling and walls. Then we left it to dry the rest of the day.
The next day I noticed Jenny family was still gone, so Timmy and I went out to the Tree fort to put up a bunch of nudie pictures Timmy had, along with a couple of throw pillows and two old blankets. We started putting the pictures up. The first few were pictures of a girl playing with another girl. Then there was a lot of them that were of guys and girls fucking. And there were some that just had naked girls on them.

We even put up some that had stories on them. By the time we were done the walls were covered with pictures, it looked like quite a sex den. We left the fort and went out in the woods and just fooled around the rest of the day.

The next day I noticed Jenny's family was back and I asked Tommy to come out to the fort with me.
We got up into the fort to check everything out, and talk about how we were going to share fucking Jenny with out getting caught, or getting her in trouble.
Then there was a knock on the hatch cover we had installed. “Who is it?” I asked.

“It’s me.” came the familiar voice of Jenny. I went and opened the hatch and as Jenny and Anna stepped up they said. “Hey James, Hey Timmy.”
They came into the fort and looking around Jenny says “Oh my god, you guys have been really busy in here.”
“Yea, we decided to fix it up and make it our new sex den.” I said. “What do you think of it?”
“It’s great, I looks comfy, private and the pictures really make you horny huh.” Jenny says.
Anna says. “So where did you guys get all this stuff anyway.”

I pointed out the window and said, In that barn, it’s full of stuff, even the pictures and stuff were in there.”
“Oh I see.” Anna said.

“So what have you guys been up to the last two days.” I asked Jenny. “Well Andrew has been getting into trouble back home lately. Typical stuff for a sixteen year old I guess. But my aunt and uncle put him in a military camp for teens. We had to drive him there which was a days drive to get to and a days drive back.” she replied.
“How long is he going to be there?” Timmy asked.

“Three months.” Anna replied.

“So what did you guys want to do today?” I asked.
“Well” Jenny starts. “Last night I heard Anna crying softly in her bed I turned the light on and asked her what was wrong. She told me she was just sad because Andrew is gone and she misses him, especially his long hard cock fucking her for such a long time, she loves how he makes her cum as many times as she needs to get off. Now she doesn't know what she is going to do. She hasn’t found another guy her age, who can last long enough to satisfy her.
I told her about you guys and how long you guys can fuck. She is extremely eager to try you. So we were hoping for some sex today.”
“Hell yea, I’m ready.” says Timmy. “Me too.” I say.

We all get undressed and pile our cloths in a pile by the hatch. We all looked each other over for a few minutes. I notice Anna has bigger tits and rounder legs then Jenny, and she has a shaved pussy too. Anna looks both Timmy and me over real good. Then Jenny takes my hand and leads me to a bench that is sitting against one wall. As we sit down, Anna and Timmy sit on the other bench across the room against the opposite wall.

We all spread our legs wide. The girls spit in their hands and Timmy follows my lead as I spit on my fingers. The girls take our cock in their hands and begin stroking them as Timmy follows my lead as I begin to rub Jenny pussy, he begins to rub Anna’s.
As the rubbing and stroking continues it feels so good that we soon begin breathing harder and the girls are moaning softly.
Then Anna gets up, still holding Timmy’s stiff cock as he gets up and she leads him to the middle of the floor. Anna lays down and spreads her legs so we can see her wet pussy. Timmy moves over her and positioning his cock over her pussy, she reaches down and guides him into her as he lays on her. Timmy looks at me and says. “Her pussy feels just as good as Jenny’s.”

Then he begins sucking her nipples as he begins rocking his hips, making his cock move in and out of her pussy. Jenny and I continue to play with each other as we watch Anna and Timmy slowly fucking on the floor. We watched them as they brought each other up higher and higher. Timmy tensed up and drove in deep, grunting as he had his orgasm first. I heard Anna softly say. “Oh shit, not yet, I’m not there yet.”

But once his orgasm subsided, to her relief, Timmy resumed his pace. And it wasn’t long before she finally arched up and shuddered hard as she came. Timmy looked at us and said. “Jesus she cums harder than Jenny did!”
Then Jenny squeezed my cock as she softly said. “Will you fuck me now.”
“Sure babe, any time.” I replied.

As she got up and laid next to Anna with her legs spread, I moved over her and positioned my self over her. She guided my cock to her entrance and I slid in easily. Jenny looked me in the eyes and softly said. “Be gentle, I’m still a little sore today.”
“Ok babe, I’ll be gentle. but stop me if it’s too much, and I’ll just get off in Anna this time. Ok?” I asked.
“That sounds fair.” Jenny says as we look at Anna, who is looking at us and nodding yes.
I begin slowly, and gently moving in and out of Jenny’s pussy. She doesn't show any signs of discomfort, so I pick up speed until I am moving at a nice pace, that feels good to both of us.

Then I hear a grunt and look at Timmy to see he has tensed up and is deep in Anna’s pussy as he is having another orgasm. Then after a minute he begins moving back and forth over her, now fucking her with a long moderate stroke. Anna is moaning again and soon she tenses up and begins shuddering as she cums again.
Then I hear a whimper from beneath me and I look at Jenny to see if she is in pain. Her eyes are closed her hips are bucking and she is panting. I then realize she is not in pain, but rather is about to cum herself. Then seconds later she cries out softly and begins shuddering as her pussy contracts around my cock, as she cums hard. I smile as I now realize she is loving this.

Now feeling my orgasm building, I continue moving at this pace a few more minutes until my orgasm hits and I grunt and go deep in her and continue moving in and out of her deeply as my cock pulses hard in her as my orgasm hits hard. Once my orgasm subsides I slow my pace to a very slow stroke and ask. “Are you ok. or should I stop.”
Jenny looks me in the eyes and says. “No don't stop, this feels so good I want more.”
So I smile at her and reassume the stroke I was giving her before. I leaned down and kissed her briefly as my movements made that difficult.
Then I heard the grunt beside me and looked at Timmy as he had his third orgasm in Anna’s pussy. “More, please” Anna cried. And Timmy went back to fucking her with the same long moderate stroke. Anna soon tensed up and came a third time too.
I looked back at Jenny as she looked me in the eyes. She slowly closed her eyes in ecstasy as her hips began bucking and she began moaning more. Then a few minutes later she bucked up and cried out again as her pussy contracted and her body shuddered as she came even harder and longer this time.
When her orgasm subsided and she settled down she looked at me and asked “Are you going to cum soon?”
“No I don’t think so.” I replied.
“Good, because I’m not hurting that much, and I want another one of those.” She added. So I picked up a little speed and length and was now fucking her at the same pace Timmy was fucking Anna. In fact I looked at Timmy and matched my movements to his exactly, so that we looked like we were joined together and moving as one.
Before long I felt my orgasm coming on as I felt Jenny rocking her hips and tensing up beneath me. Then she cried out and shuddered as she came a third time. The contractions of her pussy were enough to bring me to my orgasm and I kept up my pace since the sensation of fucking her intensified my orgasm, as my cock really pulsed hard with the intensity of my orgasm.

When our orgasm's subsided I stopped and pulled out of her, We get up and follow her to the bench. We sit side by side and,Timmy got up off of Anna and he helped her to her feet, they sat on the other bench and Anna said. “Wow that was the best fuck I have ever had. Thanks Timmy.”
Then Timmy says. “Well your very welcome, I loved it too.

'Hey cousin, I would love to have James fuck me too. I’d love to feel your boyfriend’s cock in me at least once. Oh I have an idea The boys can take turns fucking me while the other rubs your pussy, that way your pussy can heal. You know, if no one sticks their cock in you for a while it will heal quicker. How’s that sound?’Anna Says
“Sounds good to me.” Jenny says.
“I’d love to fuck you again.” Timmy says. “Ok I’ll agree as well. How about the day after tomorrow.” I say.
“So the plan is on then.” Anna says.
It is now getting late, so we all get dressed. The girls leave first, then Timmy and I leave closing the new hatch.
Two days later we all met in the tree fort as planned. Anna said. “Lets all get naked, before we decide what to do today.” So we all took our cloths off and piled them neatly in the four corners. Then we all sat on the two benches, with Jenny next to me. and Anna next to Timmy.
Jenny says. “Well lets start like usual.” so the girls spit on their hands as us guys spit on our fingers. I gently rubbed Jenny’s pussy while she stroked my cock. Timmy was rubbing Anna’s pussy while she stroked his cock.
While we were doing this, I looked at Anna, Timmy and Jenny, and saw that they were all looking around at the pictures on the walls. Finally Anna says. “Ok I have an idea. The two boys lay on their backs in the center of the room. Jenny lays by James’s head, with her legs up so he can rub her pussy. Then I will take turns riding the guys, sound good.” We all nod yes.

So we all move down onto the floor and as Timmy and I lay on our backs, Jenny lays near my head with her legs up and spread wide. Then she props her head up on some pillows. I reach over and begin rubbing her pussy.
As Anna moves over Timmy she guides his cock to her entrance and sinks down on it. Then she begins to slowly ride up and down on Timmy’s cock for a while. Then she gets off of him and moving over me, she guides my cock to her entrance, and sinks down onto me fully. I notice as she moves down on me that her pussy isn’t as slick as Jenny’s but is looser feeling. Then she begins moving slowly up and down on my cock, which feels just as good as Jenny's pussy.
“How does she feel.” Jenny asks.
“Well her pussy doesn't feel as slick as yours, but it feels looser, and just as good moving up and down on my cock as yours.” I replied.
After a few minutes, Anna is grunting and breathing hard. Then she tensed up and cried out softly as I feel her pussy contract even harder than Jenny pussy as she cums for the first time today. Then continues until her orgasm subsides.
Then she gets up and moves back to Timmy, guiding his cock to her pussy and sinking down on it.
When Anna begins moving up and down on Timmy’s cock, Jenny asks. “So how did you like her orgasm?”
“Well her pussy does contract harder than yours does, but she doesn't feel any better than you do just slightly different. Oh and not as wet as your orgasms either.” I reply
“That’s good as long as you like it enough.” she whispers back.
Just then I hear a grunt and look over at Timmy, who has arched his hips up into Anna’s pussy as he has his first orgasm. When it subsides she rides him until she has another orgasm, and it subsides. Then she gets off him and moves over to me.
She crouches over me and guides my cock back into her pussy and sinks down onto me. Then she begins riding me with a long moderate pace. It feels real good and I am enjoying it as I approach orgasm. I am still rubbing Jenny’s pussy and I can hear her moaning and her hips are rocking, I realize she is nearing her orgasm too.
Jenny cums first, as she cries out softly, her body shudders and her pussy gets wetter as she cums hard. This sight must have triggered Anna’s because at about the same time she tensed up, cried out and her pussy and body shuddered and contracted as she came hard. This was all I needed as I grunted and my cock pulsed with intense pleasure as I had my first orgasm in Anna’s convulsing pussy.
When our orgasms were over .And as Ana got up off me. I heard Timmy say. “Wow, you were all cumming at the same time, that looked so hot.”
“Yea, that was great, I hope we can do that again some day.” Anna replied
We sat around in the nude and talked and goofed around for several hours. Timmy’s cock and mine never went down so we both fucked Anna in the doggie position until we each had another orgasm.

Then we played around and played caressing feeling up games for a while. Then we got dressed. As it was near dinner time. the girls left for home as Timmy and I went into the house. We ate dinner, watched TV. Then I took a shower and went to bed.

The next morning after breakfast, I went out, and headed to Jenny’s house. On the way I saw her parents and relatives packing camping gear in the van. When I got over to Jenny’s house I Asked her where they were going. Jenny said. “Last night the adults decided it would be nice to go camping again, since they haven't gone in a long time.”
Can Timmy and I go too?” I asked. Jenny’s mom spoke up and said. “Not this time, dearie, just the family... OK?”
“Ok, well I’ll miss you!” I said to Jenny as she threw her suite case in the van.
“I’ll miss you too!” Jenny said as she turned around. I stood and watched them finish loading the van.
We all said our good byes, as they piled into the van, and I waved bye as they drove off.
I went back home and told Timmy about the camping trip. He wanted to know how long they were going to be gone. I said. “I don’t know, they didn’t say and I forgot to ask.... But I would guess they wouldn’t be gone longer than a week.”
Then Timmy says. “How about, we don’t masturbate while their gone. We’ll save our selves for a great fuck with the girls when they get back.”
“Sounds good to me.” I say.

Continued... Maybe

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