Older guy still has strong sexual desire

Older guy still has strong sexual desire

As a senior at my ‘advanced’ age perhaps I shouldn’t be quite so much into a sexual frenzy that I seem to find myself in these days.

But a doctor prescribed some testosterone and after applying it for a couple of months my libido increased, and actually seems now to have actually gone through the roof.

I still fantasize a lot and my wife seems to enjoy listening to my lurid thoughts while I’m fucking her. What I whisper into her ear excites her and also helps her fantasize too and makes us both really randy.

I love making her cum and I’ve told her how arousing it is to watch her in the throes of an orgasm. She’s become free to really let it go and knows how much it turns me on to watch her going off and it’s really actually a thrill for both of us.

When she’s excited her pussy gives me the slipperiest wettest juices that coat my cock and makes me feel so so good. I’ve told her that she has too much lubrication for just one man to enjoy and then suggested that she shares her hot slit with some other lucky guy.

At first I was very reluctant to suggest a threesome because I wasn’t sure how she might react.

But, as it turned out, happily, she became quite open to the thoughts of two guys playing with her at the same time.

No, It hasn’t actually happened yet, but if we pursue it, I’m of the thought that we could actually really make it happen.

The problem arises, naturally, of who we would include in our fun sex playing.

A known friend would be out of the question for her because she’s extremely cautious in the first place and wouldn’t want to damage a friendship with somebody that we’re already close to.

All of our male friends are married except for one, and that one doesn’t exactly make her boat float that way.

Girls are way more cautious than guys are…a ‘tale of the known…’

On the other hand, a stranger to us just might not end up being the perfect sex partner either.

I have a strict rule that my wife wouldn’t just be a cum deposit for the boys involved but rather that the boys would make love to her body in gentle massage, touch, and fondling to get her up and excited for even more fun.

It’s been my experience that once my wife is sufficiently excited, that she’ll turn it back around and make sure that the guy gets satisfied too.

I almost always make sure that my wife cums first because once that happens a switch goes on and she turns into the hottest fuck you can imagine.

So, how do we find a guy who would be up for that? Sex videos, are not reality. In the ‘real’ world there seems to be a lot of ‘rules’ that must apply for a ‘real’ sexual encounter.

Some of my sexual fantasies I have whispered to her during sex now have us both wanting to experience them in person.

My wife and I have a tent trailer now and it’s far more comfortable than a ‘tent’ by itself. Tent sex is, and always has been stimulating to me because it’s away from home and in a different place which gets us both rather aroused.

So, here’s my fantasy…

My wife and I set up camp near a secluded river area and we’re both enjoying cocktails in the late afternoon by a camp fire that I had started, enjoying the warmth, playing our guitars and singing together and an interested man on a walk approached us and asked if he could listen in.

So, friendly folks that we are, we invited him into our camp and introduced ourselves, Shari and Cal.

He introduced himself, Michael, and said he was camping alone because he was trying to get his head on straight due to a relationship breakup which had left him a bit melancholy for too long and he needed to get over it.

Our music seemed mellow and soothing to him and he said that he was drawn to us to find out where it was coming from.

My wife feels empathy for what most people go through, and she felt it for Michael as well.

She’s a nurturer and will always try to make somebody feel better about themselves when they’re feeling a bit low. I love my wife for having feelings like that for others and unfortunates.

Oh, and let me explain, too, that I have no jealousy towards my wife’s behavior around guys and if she lightly flirts with men I find that actually appealing to me. Is that strange?

So, we all enjoyed some late afternoon cocktails and got to know Michael a bit better.

It turned out that he was extremely comfortable to be around, kind of like an ‘old friend’ that we had just never met before.

Well, before too long my thoughts turned towards romantic, well, actually 'lust' because I guess my mind is sometimes just in the gutter. My mind turned towards….sex…

Shari had been relaxed in a recliner, and looked quite provocative laid back and comfortable so I kind of moseyed on over toward her and leaned down to kiss her, a short one at first, but then leaned in and kissed her much longer knowing that Michael was watching us kiss.

Shari kissed me back and couldn’t help but add a little tongue to it which of course, is rather a more sensual thing than people might usually do in front of a ‘new friend’ but he actually didn’t seem to mind us at all and I could see a wanton look on his face watching us, and seemingly wanting too.

Michael was polite though, and not wanting to interrupt our display of affection asked us if he should maybe leave?

Shari smiled and said, “If you really feel uncomfortable around us you could leave, and maybe we’d see you again tomorrow.

But, actually we enjoy your being here with us this evening. We don’t want to scare you off in any way.

We’re just affectionate types so please; we don’t want you to feel uncomfortable around us.”

Michael decided that since it was OK for us, then he was very much OK too and actually enjoyed watching our affection towards each other and in his own mind missed having somebody to kiss and hold at that moment.

“OK, then, I’ll stay if I’m not in the way, and it’s nice to see two people being affectionate and not afraid to show it.

Actually, it’s quite arousing and if I can be a bit open about it, I’m a bit of a voyeur I guess.”

That opened a door for me to share a little more about myself being a bit of a voyeur too and that I thought it was just fine in my mind.

So I kissed Shari again which made us both moan a little bit by displaying ourselves in front of our new friend who didn’t seem to mind at all.

Michael took a long pull on his cocktail and slowly let it trickle down his throat while he watched me taking the kisses another step and I put my hand first on Shari’s shoulder.

Then slowly let it wander to her left breast which I then sensually squeezed and then touched her nipple which I know she loves.

When I play with her breasts her nipples become erect almost like a boy’s cock does when played with and her nipples will stick out erect just begging to be suckled.

Michael noticed my hand fondling my wife’s breast and caught on pretty quickly that this was going to get even more interesting because Shari wasn’t pushing me away, but rather enjoyed the feeling of being groped in front of Michael.

So, she just lay back and let me squeeze her breast gently and then she spread her legs out provocatively in a way that most men get extremely excited by watching.

She was wearing very loose terrycloth shorts and nothing else underneath and so with my mouth still tongue tickling her tongue and my right hand on her left breast I let the other hand trace its way to her spread legs and then snake its way up the loose leg of her shorts and eventually find its way to Shari’s hot slit.

That sent Shari into a very loud moan, both from her lust, but also to see whether she might give Michael a little thrill too.

We were now openly engaged in some heavy petting and became quite the exhibitionists in front of Michael.

He seemed to enjoy the show that we were putting on, partially for HIS benefit too, and quietly sat back and took another swig of his libation.

I thought, perhaps, that maybe he secretly was praying that we might invite him over to play with her too.

This is exactly what we did after a few minutes. Shari saw the question in my face and nodded to give me a go ahead and invite Michael over to play with her too.

I said to him, “Michael, we’re not being fair forcing you to watch us playing like this. I think that my wife would thrill to the taste of another man’s tongue. And, I’d love to watch that too. It's extremely arousing and I personally love to watch a little tongue kissing!”

Not wanting to miss the opportunity Michael sauntered on over, not wanting to seem too eager and scare off the moment although he was thrilled by the offer made to him.

So, not wanting to ruin anything, did his best to give Shari a sexual kiss that would thrill them both, and be a memorable one.

Shari got very excited too while kissing our new friend then took his hand warmly and then placed it on her other breast giving him a green light to now go ahead and play with her body.

I then lifted her shirt up, exposing her bra, but then quickly removed those restraints and pulled the bra away showing our guest her naked breasts, with nipples excited and turned erect exposing her obvious excitement to us.

Michael, now knowing that Shari wouldn’t any longer feel he was too bold, let his hand wander into the other leg of her shorts and then finally up to touch her excited quim and marveled at how warm and slippery wet she was.

What a thrill it was to touch a girl's pussy after so long and only an hour before he had never met this little hot wife of mine.

He touched her, explored and let his finger become familiar with this new territory and then began tickling her slit from her clitoris to her ass, and then back up again.

He tickled the clit some more causing her to moan out loud

Then she spread her legs even wider to show Michael how turned on she was.

Michael then started to place one finger lubricating it with her oily pussy, and then put a second finger into her hot hole and began to finger fuck her to her delight, and mine as well.

I pulled back so that I could enjoy watching my wife being pleasured by our new friend and was kind of thrilled as to where our evening was progressing.

I then took a swallow of my drink because this sex play had me suddenly a bit parched.

Now I just enjoyed the dim campfire light showing Michael playing with Shari’s spread legs and touching her intimately while they continued to sex kiss each other.

Wow…I got so excited that I dropped my own shorts and pulled my excited cock from it confines and stroked it in front of the two people engaged….

So Shari saw me exposing myself to her and suddenly made it clear to Michael that she wanted to view his hot prick too.

Michael undid his own belt, then unzipped himself but Shari took over and pulled his pants and underwear down exposing his nice shaft which she suddenly just had to taste.

Michael’s scent of aftershave and his clean body excited her to be able to sexually play with this man for the first time in her life and compared his scent to her husband of which she was totally familiar with.

She took his cock in her hand and it thrilled her to hold another man’s excited sex organ and then anticipate what he would be invited to do to her with it.

She took the tip of it in her mouth just to taste the mushroom head that was leaking his oil. Now, Shari LOVES a man’s essence coming from his excited penis and so she sucked on it and wanted to see how much of his oily cream he was secreting.

The feeling caused Michael to moan out loud and he looked at me causing me to smile broadly and just let him enjoy the head she was providing.

Michael, a little bit overcome by the feeling of her sucking his cock so nicely, had forgotten continued touching of her pussy.

He quickly recovered from the bliss and then continued to gently probe her wet slit with his fingers.

Now, I stopped, voyeur that I am, just observing the fun taking place in front of me and came close where Shari could also give me some of the head like she had been giving Michael.

Shari, became slightly overcome by this stranger’s fingers in the most intimate part of her body, and then sucked my cock hard to taste my pre-cum too.

Then because she knows how stimulating it is for me watching her handling two cocks stroked and jacked us both off in a purposeful show for my benefit.

I observed Michael's manipulating her pussy hotly, and Shari was grinding her hips and continued to vocally moan.

Suddenly she got ‘that look’ on her face that I know and love of knowing that a hot cum was coming.

Michael seemed to sense it too and so he fucked his fingers in and out while I reached down and tickled her clit.

The lewd thought of two boys touching her pussy like that sent Shari over the top and she orgasmed hard and loudly. Her orgasms always excite me and I just love to watch her cum hard.

When she had calmed down a little bit and we let her enjoy the afterglow she sighed, got up and then tongue kissed me hard, and then Michael too, and thanked us both for making her feel so good.

She said that was one of the best cums she ever had which may or may not be the truth because personally I think that almost every cum I have at the moment just feels like the best one I’ve ever had, too.

But, in any case, she’d had a great one and was still randy and wanted more.

Since she had stood up I took the opportunity to pull her shorts down. At first she just stood there and let me absorb that view because she knew that shorts or panties around a girl’s ankles is a turn on for me.

Then, she stepped out of the shorts and stood naked before us in the fire light.

Yum, she looked good like that. Her nipples still erect stood out, begging for attention so Michael and I both took one each and tongue kissed them to Shari’s delight.

She told us aloud, “God, I love both of my nipples being played with and kissed at the same time!”

With that, we carefully laid her down on an air mattress on the ground, and she squirmed around a little bit purposefully and also provocatively enticing us to play with her some more.

Michael feeling now just a bit more familiar with Shari’s body and, knowing that it was OK with us began caressing her all over, her entire body while I did the same and feeling our hands touching her all over got Shari excited all over again.

She loved being the object of desire by these two hot and horny boys and just reveled in the fondling she was receiving.

As she lay there on the air mattress, I removed the remaining clothes I had on which encouraged Michael to do the same and we then lay on either side of her.

The feeling of two men’s warm bodies made Shari’s pussy secrete wetness all over again.

Michael had more body hair than myself and Shari reveled in the feeling of his ‘man fur’ body rubbing up against her naked body.

“Who gets to fuck her first,” I asked Michael? I smiled and since I don’t mind being second guy in just asked him if he was prepared with a condom.

Michael suddenly got a look on his face of a small frown. But he didn’t realize that we already had some with us ‘just in case’ although condoms aren't nearly as much fun because skin on skin feels so much sexier.

I had gotten a vasectomy years before because I never cared for rubbers much and the vasectomy took the 'worry out of being close'.

“Michael, we’ve actually already have some with us and I know that Shari wants to feel your cock fucking her. We’re prepared so please don’t worry.” With that I moved hurriedly, erect cock swinging to the cab to get one for him.

I came back and Shari held out her hand to take the foil wrapper. “I’d just love to feel your hot cream inside me but we’ve just got to be safe so come on over here. You’ve got such a nice erection that I get excited just thinking about you fucking me with that.”

With that she tore the foil and took his stiff member and stroked it a few times to engorge it more and then sheathed it in the lubricated condom knowing that she had enough personal lube already.

She was squishy between her legs.

She lay back down and then said, “Come on now and put that thing where we both want it to be.”

She parted her legs, and then parted the lips of her pussy to be just a bit more lewd and show herself to us.

Shari when turned on, is just as hot as they come, and she knows how to entice a boy, both with showing herself and with some dirty talk.

It works every time for me I can tell you.

Michael, with a smile, got between her spread legs and then rubbed his dick up and down her spread pussy lips which thrilled them both and myself as well from the display. Shari groaned saying, “I can’t take any more of that so please put it inside me and fuck me hard!”

Michael took her ‘hint’ and did just that. With another groan from both of them he began fucking his cock in and out of her with long slow strokes.

The feeling delighted them both and Shari loved being watched by me as she fucked him back.

I came closer to them and Shari took the opportunity to put me in her mouth which she thought would be even more of a turn on for all of us.

Our new friend’s cock in her vagina, fucking her in and out while she sucked on my happy cock slurping it wetly and making it as naughty looking as possible.

We continued that way for a couple of minutes but then she wanted to try another position. She stopped sucking on me and Michael disengaged from her for a minute.

Shari rolled over to her hands and knees, a position that is and always will be my personal favorite, and crouched down exposing her butt in a ‘fuck me, please’ pose.

Before Michael could jump back in though, instead I came over behind her and stuck my hot prick into her and began fucking her which surprised her into a loud ‘oh’ so Michael then came around to the front and she took his member and sucked on it, condom and all but she knew that I loved watching her suck on boy’s cocks and that visual would stimulate me too.

Bareback fucking feels exquisite and I almost couldn’t hold back filling her with my cum.

But I was so excited by this whole scene I suddenly pulled back before I squirted and then let Michael take my place.

He also loved fucking girls from behind, and from personal years of experience I know that Shari loved being fucked this way too.

She always told me how exciting it was feeling a man’s testicles slapping against her clitoris while being fucked by his hot cock.

Before long they were both in ‘sync’ and in that erotic moment they both came in a flood of cum and orgasm.

Its tough making both partners cum simultaneously so this was memorable and one of the best sex sessions ever, actually for all of us.

Now, it was my turn so Michael dis-mounted and with my bare stiffy I pointed it at her and I plunged back into her causing her to groan again and appreciate the invasion of her hot hole.

Michael, exhausted from his orgasm, just lay back and let me finish inside of Shari. Multi orgasmic Shari was on fire at that point and quickly came to another hot cum as I was plunging inside her.

When she orgasmed again, it really sent me over the top and with a grunt I filled her with my seed painting her insides with sticky cum.

I held inside her as long as I could and then pulled out of her and Shari then straightened out her legs and then lay down on the mattress on her front.

She wiggled her butt a little and sighed saying, “Oh, my that was so nice! Thank you boys for making my pussy feel so good!”

Michael decided that it was time to go and certainly didn't want to wear out his welcome.

So pulling the condom off and showing how much cum was in the bag said, “Thanks for being prepared. This is a night I’ll never forget.”

He tossed the condom into the fire which sizzled and slowly destroyed itself.

“Shari, still in the throes of a second afterglow, said, “Damn, two boys to play with and yet I’ve still never been able to experience a double penetration!”

I chuckled and said, “Well, there’s always tomorrow ya know!”

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