The Club - Ch. 1, Welcome

The Club - Ch. 1, Welcome

The Club

Chapter 1 - Welcome

I was out on my own. I had moved away from my family and to a new town. Not earning enough to stay anywhere but a guest house where I could only afford to rent one bedroom. I was working two part-time jobs but it was a start. Eighteen and being out on my own felt good. I had a room on the second floor and there was a communal bathroom. The other people there were all long-term residents. They all seemed nice. They ranged in age and sex. There was a very elderly lady in her 80's I would have said. She had all these small terriers that she carried around in a basket and on little leashes. Her name was Mrs. Stein. There was a couple in their 70's. They were Mr. and Mrs. Johnson. A man who was about 50 who also had a dog, larger though. His name was Mr. Savage. And then the couple who ran the place, I thought they were in their 40's. They also had a dog. They were Mr. and Mrs. Black. Everyone had been very nice to me.

I had been there several weeks and had gotten used to the routine. The guest house offered group meals and I participated in the evening meal. There was also a TV lounge for the guests. I had traded in my two part-time jobs for one job with more regular hours so I was spending more evenings in the TV lounge and around the residents. I was often exhausted though from my work hours and would go to bed early. I was especially tired on weekends, several times needing to head to bed not long after dinner.

I didn't have friends of my own age in town. I didn't know anyone at all. I was lonely. It was Friday so I announced my intention to skip dinner and decided to go out to the local pub. I got hit on by a few of the men there. But I was too shy to take anyone up on their offers. It got me aroused though. I was desperate for some attention. There was a sex shop nearby and I popped in there on my way back to the guest house. I was browsing the toys and the comics, getting more turned on when I looked up and saw Mr. Savage in there and he saw me. He was heading to the register. I was embarrassed, blushing furiously. I was looking at some really kinky stuff. I would have been embarrassed just being in there but him seeing me look at that... He didn't say anything but made his purchase and left. I decided to make my purchase anyway; I only had enough cash for a simple vibrator. Mr. Savage was the 50-year-old resident. I liked him. I wasn't sure why exactly.

There was a curfew at the guest house and I made it back in time. I got upstairs, used the communal bathroom and headed back to my room. I had left my door open and found Mr. and Mrs. Black's dog in my room. This happened often. I had been told if I didn't mind, that I could let him sleep in the room. I liked dogs and it was nice to have the company, so I let him stay. I didn't want anyone to hear the vibrator so I put my music on softly and I started to masturbate. I had stripped naked and was lying spread eagle. The cold air hitting my wet pussy. Billy the dog immediately jumped up on the bed and started licking my thighs close to my pussy. It startled me. I pushed him back down off the bed. I started again, got a little further along, rubbing my clit and thrusting it in and out, and again he jumped up. I was ready for him this time so I wasn't startled and I couldn't help notice as weird as it was to have a dog lick me, that it felt good, really good. I pushed him back off but I knew it was with reluctance. Billy and I repeated this dance several times. But as I got closer to my orgasm, it got harder to stop him. And then I just couldn't, I couldn't stop him. I didn’t have the willpower. I was getting close to a climax and he jumped back up and his tongue lapped at me and it was a sensation like nothing I had ever felt and it pushed me over the edge. But not just over the edge, it pushed me to a greater climax than I had ever felt. I was at once elated and mortified. I didn't know what to think or do. I lay there panting. I had really had to suppress my desire to make a noise. After a while I just couldn't help myself, Billy was just lying there between my legs. I did it again. I started masturbating and he started licking me enthusiastically. This time actually getting his tongue on my clit and inside my pussy several times. I almost didn't need the vibrator. I had to cover my mouth with one of my hands it was so intense. I lay there exhausted when I was finished and had cum again. I nodded off like that with the dog between my legs and the vibrator still inside me.

I must have had more to drink than I realized or I don't think they would have been able to restrain me as they did. I woke up because the vibrator had been turned back on, but when I tried to move I couldn't. I went to speak and a ball gag was roughly placed in my mouth. My legs were spread wide and tied to the bedposts and my arms were tied to the posts over my head. I was disoriented and scared. It was Mrs. Black who stepped forward, still dressed. Her eyes ran over my naked body. "We're all one nice big happy family here my dear. And we've made the decision to make you a member. Show her the photos my darling." It wasn't Mr. Black who responded to the "darling" but Mr. Savage. I knew he enjoyed photography. He had shown me some of his nature photographs, they were amazing. Now what he held in front of me were pictures of me. They were so candid and yet looked professional, almost posed. The mirrors must have been two-way or something else in my room and the bathroom, they were rigged somehow. Countless nude and semi-nude pictures. They had been watching me. I was humiliated. They had been watching me pee, everything! But it got worse. They had been watching me tonight with Billy. I might have been able to stand up in front of someone and say, they broke the law, they've been taking pictures of me without my permission, but not that. I could never let anyone see that I let a dog do that to me! And they knew it. That's why they were here. Maybe they had never planned on doing something like this and Billy had made it possible for them. I didn't know. But I was theirs now. She could see it in my eyes, they all could. She still asked. "Do you submit?" There were tears coming down my cheeks but I nodded my head. For the first time, I looked around the room completely. I realized they were all there. All of them. Even old Mrs. Stein. Except for Mrs. Stein, they all started stripping their clothes off. She just sat in the corner with a smile and watched. They pulled in some more chairs so everyone was comfortable.

Mr. Black and Mr. Savage put a bolster under me to raise my midsection up. "It isn't that we doubt your word my dear but we need to seal your commitment. Having your pussy licked by a dog is certainly taboo but actually being fucked by a dog, now that is really taboo, in many places illegal." Mrs. Black spoke so calmly. My eyes widened in fear but rising up in me too was a perverse sense of excitement. I noticed now that Mr. Savage's dog was in the room too. "He does like a nice juicy pussy. He also has been trained to go after his Master's cum so we are going to make you cum and George, Mr. Savage, will fuck you and cum over you and that will excite Rex and then we will get plenty of pictures of your first time with a dog. We are all very excited my dear. I think you will enjoy it. So please try and relax." Mr. and Mrs. Johnson came over and explored me for a moment. Grabbing my breasts. "You are going to like these, my dear," he told his elderly wife, she nodded pulling hard on my nipples. "She pushed her fingers inside my pussy. I couldn't help it; I knew I was really wet. "Oh, she's lovely and tight, oh yes; I think we are all going to enjoy having this young one join our group." She smiled down at me in such a kindly and everyday manner, I almost smiled back, although it would have been hard with the gag in my mouth. I didn't understand why I liked having them do this. What did this mean? They were so much older than me and they were forcing me to do this. Why did it feel so good? Why was my body so alive? My mind was spinning. I felt dizzy, confused. I had fantasies of being tied up and fucked. Is that why I was enjoying this? But those were fantasies, this was really happening? I felt my body yelling back at me to shut the fuck up!!!

While all these thoughts rushed through my head, I had paid no attention to what was happening. I suddenly felt the vibrator being pulled out. Mrs. Black and Johnson said they wanted the spreader bar. They wanted better access to her ass, my ass. Everyone seemed to agree and I was soon manipulated into the cuffs of the spreader. Then my legs were raised over my head and attached to a hook. The hook had seemed so innocent before now. Like the sort of thing you hang a light or a plant on. I didn't expect to be hung on it myself!

They started playing with my ass. I squirmed. I had never had anything in my ass before. The two women were kneeling on either side of me and focused on their task. First pushing their fingers into me slowly. It was a new sensation. Taking turns. I squirmed and moaned. They had me well lubricated. They told me to relax. After a while I did and it started to feel good, really good. Once they knew I was enjoying it, they moved on to something a little bigger. They started playing with a slender glass dildo. It wasn't very big but to me, it felt enormous. But once they had it in and were working me with it and got me to relax, again it felt amazing. Then they pushed a larger more powerful vibrator in my pussy. I wasn't used to anything like that. I had never been able to afford a vibrator that powerful. It was also high-quality silicone and it felt wonderful. I never understood that it would feel so different. I didn't ever want to be fucked with a regular vibrator again. Mrs. Johnson put another vibrator on my clit and said simply "Now you just cum when you are ready dear, that should feel very nice." The other two women were pounding me. I had never felt anything like it. My whole body was shaking; Mr. Savage put a firm hand on me to keep me in place. That only aroused me more. The orgasm ripped through me. I screamed and screamed around the gag. I was still cumming when they removed the vibrators and Mr. Savage thrust his cock into my pussy. He thrust with such force it hurt a little at first and almost knocked the wind out of me. The room was filled with the sound of him slapping hard against me. He put his hand on my throat. He applied a little pressure and I loved it. I thought he was going to cum inside me. I know I shouldn't have but I wanted him to but instead, when he was ready, he pulled out and shot his cum all over my pussy and ass. Then rubbed it in.

The dog was whining. I guess he had smelled his Master's cum. Mr. Savage spoke, glancing at his dog. "Yes, it was an interesting training experiment, getting Rex to fuck a bitch with my cum and not a bitch's scent. It took a while, patience, but it was satisfying and highly entertaining. I mixed my cum with the scent and slowly reduced the amount of bitch's scent present. In the end, he responded to my cum just as he would a bitch in heat. So you right now are our little bitch in heat and you are going to be fucked like one. I want you to know how sexy I think this is." He bent and kissed me. "Don't be scared. Enjoy it for me. Can you do that? I would like to remove the restraint so we can put you in the proper position. Will you be a good girl for me?" I couldn't help myself. Tears were streaming down my face but I was nodding in agreement. They removed the restraints but left the gag on me. "Get on all fours like a good little bitch, come on now. Now stick your pretty little ass up in the air. Good. Now arch your back a little more. Excellent." He slapped my breasts. Then forced his fingers into both my ass and my pussy. I moaned. "Let him up, Henry. I'm ready for him." He pulled his fingers out suddenly and I felt the dog’s wet nose and tongue probing my pussy. He was whining and he barked and let out a low growl. I felt the dog mounting me, his warm furry body against mine. Then I felt what I could only assume was the dog's cock probing me frantically. I felt the dog's breath on me. Its legs locked around me. It was overwhelming. Mr. Savage was there and he guided the cock into my pussy and as soon as it was inside me it started thrusting so hard and fast. It wasn't large but the speed... and the obscenity of it. My pussy was on fire. "That's it, boy, get her boy." Mr. Savage encouraged his dog. "Get your little bitch." I saw him take the camera from Mr. Black. I hadn't noticed he was already taking pictures of me. Now Mr. Savage took over. Snapping me from all angles. Close-ups and full body shots. I couldn't help looking right into the camera for him. I was losing myself.

I looked around. All the men had hard cocks. The women rubbing each other and watching me. I wasn't prepared for what happened next. I didn't know much about dogs. I felt his cock starting to swell up inside me. Its thrusts became less frantic. It swelled bigger and it pushed and pulled on me in unfamiliar ways. It felt huge. Then I felt cum shooting inside me but this wasn't like anything I had felt before. It was hot and there seemed to be so much of it. It went on for what seemed an age and it felt amazing. I closed my eyes and I came with the dog. I couldn't hold back any longer. I screamed and shook. For the moment not caring about the audience or the photos, just the incredible sensations, it felt so damned good. How could I not give into them? The dog had swelled up so much and my pussy was so tight it tried to pull free and quickly Mr. Savage stopped him. Holding him in place. Not wanting him to hurt me. I was relieved. I didn't really register how long it took. But eventually, we were separated. I thought I would have time to recover. Be left alone. I am not really sure what I thought. I had forgotten that I had seen them all so aroused. I hadn't realized that they intended to use me to sate their appetite.

Mr. Black came in with some kind of contraption. I was pulled off the bed and strapped into it. It was heavy with a wide base. It had a beam wide enough for my torso, two straps held me on there. There were arms to tie and spread wide my legs behind me. My breasts hung off the end. My hands were bound behind my back. It was not that comfortable. I felt exposed and helpless. The gag was removed and I was given something to drink. I needed to pee but I was too embarrassed to say. They replaced that gag with another that held my mouth open wide. There was no talking, they just used me. Taking turns. Taking more pictures. I had a cock rammed down my throat and one in my pussy. I had never experienced anything like it. Only in my fantasies. The cock in my mouth wasn't anything like the blowjobs I had given. The open mouth gag gave them complete access and they were just using my mouth the same way they would my pussy. Going deep into my throat. Cutting off my air at times. Spit was pouring out of my mouth. And my god I loved it. I absolutely loved it. I felt hands pulling on my breasts, pinching my nipples hard. Spanking my ass cheeks and pulling them apart. I wasn't even sure what was probing my ass, something was and I had no idea what. But it all felt amazing and I had another orgasm. I couldn't help it. It was Mr. Black who had his cock in my mouth and he fed me his cum, told me not to lose a drop and I found myself obeying him and not wanting to disappoint him. "You are a good little slut. We are very lucky to have found you." He stroked my head. Mr. Johnson fed me his cock next. I had never imagined enjoying a man so much older than me, but I did. I didn't just like it, I loved it. Something else was starting to thrust in and out of my pussy and Mr. Johnson saw the confused look on my face. "Relax my dear. That is Eleanor, she has a strap-on. Everyone is going to try you out tonight." I couldn't see her but now I knew Mrs. Black was thrusting some kind of dildo in and out of my pussy. It was driving me wild. I still couldn't tell what was in my ass but now it was vibrating and being pushed deeper. I could hardly stand it.

Mrs. Johnson came into my field of vision with a big vibrator, "this is a Magic Wand my dear and you will come to love it. It will take you places you never knew existed. It will be part of your daily regimen with a few exceptions. I am going to go easy on you tonight though my lovely sweet girl, don't worry." And she kissed me on my forehead and squeezed my breast.

I tensed. It had looked so powerful and I was already so overwhelmed. But then there were five pairs of hands stroking me and soothing me. Then even Mrs. Stein was up and gently rubbing one of my breasts. While Mrs. Johnson had been talking the vibrator in my ass was turned off, now it was turned back on. I wasn't quite sure what was happening around my pussy, it felt empty. I wanted something in it so badly. Mr. Johnson saw me trying to look back but he was gently but firmly holding my head and now pushing his cock back into my mouth and down my throat. Then to my relief, I felt a cock sliding into my pussy. I knew it must be Mr. Savage. It felt so wonderful.

My initiation continued for a while. I was exhausted. But they were all satisfied it seemed. I was removed from the restraints and led to the bathroom. It now made more sense to me that the bathroom was so large. It had seemed odd. They must enjoy group activities I thought. I was put in the large shower stall where they could all see and ordered to pee. I looked blankly back. Mr. Black spoke "Don't be silly now. You know we have been watching you. We have already seen you pee. Squat down and spread your legs properly, that's it, now your outer lips, perfect, good girl. Just relax. You don't want me to come in there and spank you, or do you?" He smiled down at me. I was breathing hard, trying hard to pee. They were all staring at me. Nothing happened. I was so desperate to pee. "Right George, give me a hand." They stepped in and bent me over between them. "You spank her George, I am going to apply some pressure." Mr. Savage started spanking me hard. Mr. Black started forcing his fingers into my wet sore pussy. He pressed down on my bladder from the inside and used his other hand to press up from the outside. "Come on you lovely little whore let it out, you can feel me squeeze you can't you. Give me what I want. You can't hold back, you know you have to let go. You're going to pee all over me slut, come on. NOW!!" I couldn't hold back, I didn't want to. I just let go. It was so humiliating but at the same time felt intensely satisfying. Like so many other things that night, I didn't understand it and didn't care. I just let it happen. "Lovely sweetheart, well done. You are a good girl. Let's get you cleaned up.

I was soaped up and cleaned thoroughly and dried off. Taken back to my room. I was made to drink a lot of water down.

Mrs. Black put a fresh sheet on the bed. The men headed off but the women stayed behind. "Just a little alone time for us girls my dear." Mrs. Black laid down at the top of the bed and pulled me to her. "I want you to nurse on my breasts." She pushed me to her. I had never sucked a woman's breasts but I had always wanted to. I pulled my head back in surprise, there was milk! She smiled at the look on my face. "Time for your feeding dear, come on." I settled down onto her breast and found myself suckling on her contently. Mrs. Johnson pushed my legs apart and started licking my pussy. It wasn't anything like the dogs. She was skilled, making me squirm as she did things to every part of my pussy. Leaving no part of it neglected. "That's enough for tonight I think. Now we need to get you ready for bed. They pulled out a diaper and some plugs. "You will be restrained tonight so we will put you in a diaper. The diaper is there to be used, don't be shy. We will clean you up when we get you in the morning." They stood and discussed the plugs.

Mr. Savage came in and looked at the scene. "You're being indecisive, hurry up and decide I am tired and want to go to bed." They continued to debate. He strode over. Give me those, I say leave them both in, she needs the practice and with that, he pushed them both inside me firmly. Kissing me on my pussy lips and then my cheek. Good night my dear. And off he went. The ladies finished my diaper covered me up and kissed me goodnight. I was almost asleep when Mr. Savage came in and said he just couldn't let me spend my first night alone. I thought he meant he was staying but he let the dogs in. They laid down beside me. One on each side. He smiled at me and left.

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